Link -enter coupon code: GRANDSHIP at checkout to get a free 8×10 collage and free shipping. -update-Register a new account from this link and you get 20 free prints as well.

  • leigh

    oh wow thanks chris! this came perfectly in time!

  • Diane

    Thanks Chris, now I have another christmas present.

  • frestu

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • toph

    pip was looking for this

  • me

    it wouldn’t go through with paypal ! ugh

  • Claire

    Be warned – when applying this code it now goes through with a credit card at $0.00 BUT then displays a receipt for an order total of $4.36!… Writing customer service now…

  • it gives you the final order total before you submit the order..

  • Claire

    Yes, the final order total was $0.00 before the credit card was submitted. The receipt page thereafter indicated $4.36.

  • weird, are you able to check your credit/debit card online? Check there to see what they charged if you can.

  • Claire


  • they’ll definitely refund you, snapfish has been really good about stuff like that with other promotions that have been posted here. not sure why you got charged, but I think they’ll fix it

  • Karen

    Thanks Chris!!! :h5:

  • Amy

    Why does it charge for shipping??

  • you need to have the 8×10 collage in your cart, is it there?

  • Amy

    yes, 20 prints + 8×10=5.21

  • yere

    I haven’t been able to get this link to work. I’ve tried 2 different browsers. :dunno:

  • brittney

    ugh my total was 36 cents and it wont let me use my visa gift card with 44 cents on it…stupid website.

  • Amanda

    AWESOME! Thanks so much. 🙂

  • UglySlowANDBadCheckout

    It’s “ugly slow” now and it’s a very poor
    checkout process. The checkout insists
    on PAYPAL or Credit Card (even if you have a small pickup order, it seems). And according to recent posts, the checkout docks
    your card with charges even though the coupon should make everything come to zero!
    So WHO Posted this fiasco?

  • only one person had that happen. Ill agree their checkout process leaves something to be desired, but they do some great free print offers sometimes

  • Claire

    No response nor refund from Snapfish as yet, but I’ll try them again in case my correspondence went to junk mail.

    Still, enjoying the freebie listings. Thank you for taking the time to respond as well.

  • yea keep me posted. Im stop optimistic that they’ll work with you, but its definitely a pain :hs:

  • Claire

    A pain it is. Two generic email replies received, one concerning the shipping of my 8X10 collage, and the other as follows:


    Thank you for contacting Snapfish Customer Support.

    If your question is about a coupon code, please first check that you are spelling the coupon code exactly correctly. Please also carefully read the disclaimers in the ad to find out exactly which items are included in the promotion and which are not included. Note that coupons cannot be combined with any other offers, including prepaid prints: if you have prepaid prints in your account, a coupon cannot be used for further discounts on prints.

    Based on your inquiry, here are our suggested answers:

    Help ordering
    Order late in arriving
    UPS tracking number for standard shipment
    Storage policy
    Making sure your order arrives on time
    About viewing your order status and order history
    Ordering prints from the Snapfish Photos menu on your mobile phone

    If you require further assistance, please visit our Knowledge Base here:

    Simply input your search terms in the search field, and our system will provide you the most relevant answer. Our Knowledge Base is constantly updated, and we are confident you will find what you are looking for there.

    If you do need to speak with an agent, you can contact us via Chat or Telephone. Please review the following FAQ for our hours of operation:

    Thank you,

    Snapfish Customer Support”

    Oh well. Will try contacting them via Chat or Telephone again tomorrow then.

  • Claire

    Success! :uh:

    “Thank you for contacting Snapfish Customer Support.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    I’d be happy to apply GRANDSHIP coupon to your order. I’ve issued a refund of $4.36 to your credit card.

    Please let me know if I can do anything else to assist you.


    Snapfish Customer Support”

    I will know better than to submit my credit card for a freebie next time though – lesson learned.

  • finally :hs: