• Tara

    :wiggle: Thanks got it

  • John F

    Wow they came down from a year to 6 months pretty quick

  • John

    I assume I have to have a special Sirius radio to listen to online?

  • bella

    yes. it’s called a computer :wavey:

  • Lynell

    There are also android and iOS apps.

  • Patricia

    It says & day trial when I clicked on link, not six months!

  • Brenda

    This offer for the free 6 month trial is over now and they’re only offering a 7 day trial only. 🙁

  • Brenda

    I got the same thing as you did.Real bummer too.They don’t give you enough time to be able to get in on this deal and it’s not fair.They need to give us more time since we only get the emails for these things late in the afternoon when it’s too late by then. 🙁

  • Viv


  • Dana

    Boo! Expire already! 🙁

  • Dana


  • el gato

    :mail: :mail: :mail: :mail: :mail:

  • Garth

    I signed up for this when it was saying it was a 6-month free trial. I just found out it’s only 7-days and not 6-months.

  • Frannie King

    I got the trial thinking it was for 6 months but today my trial has expired:( It was a week trial!!!!

  • Garth

    Yeah. That shit sucks. Sorry Ms King.

  • Dice

    Campaign is invalid or expired

    I got the 365 day trial, they cancelled my account, and I am unable to access their network, it was only on for about 5 days.


  • Angry EX Siruius Customer

    Signed up for 6 month trial and it stopped working after 7 days. Now I find out they do not stand behind their promotion. What a bunch of crooks. I wont be renewing my subscription, that’s for darn sure.

  • Debi H.

    I signed up for the 6 month promotion and it doesn’t work anymore. Won’t let me sign in…says I’m not using the correct username and password.

  • leanne

    yea i just tried with the sirius xm app on my phone & it said my free trial expired 😡

  • Amanda

    My boyfriend said I got a letter in the mail & he opened it & it said that I would have 3 months free starting Nov. 29. It only lasted one day. This makes me not ever want to have Sirius radio. Unreliable. That or my boyfriend is a d.a.

  • Dorris

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  • Catalina

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