-enter code: 494 -I FIXED THE LINK
They also have a free self check diary if you own a meter. It requires a serial number:

  • masterochicken


  • Krista

    Where do you put the 494 at? :dunno:

  • Krista

    Ok I give up, I’ve tried it like five times! 🙁

  • leigh

    not working for me either!!

  • Lisa Lee

    😥 Me too with no luck..

  • vicky

    not working :dunno:

  • Kathi

    Nope, not for me either, giving up on this one. :inout:

  • Melissa

    Yeah, no place for code. Hey Peeps. :wavey: So, I just received my thermaplex stuff and the lotions and oils were leaking. uckk. They are salvagable, but what a mess. I really don’t want to call and complain seein that I’m not really a doc, ya know? :eek3:

  • Juli

    Which freebie is this? Everyone keeps talking about it, but I couldn’t find where to sign up. Is it expired? :dunno:

  • sorry about that, just fixed the link

  • lilangel311

    Put the code where it says “* Message Code: “

  • Krista

    Thanks! I just ordered mine! :wiggle:

  • Krista

    Thank You! 🙂

  • leigh

    y9ou can go to google and enter in theraplex go to their site. then go to offers for medical professionals.

  • leigh

    cool ordered some for my dad! :h5:

  • Krista

    I ordered mine for my dad too! :h5:

  • Jamie


  • Jamie

    Thanks.. I like it!!

  • Melissa

    yeah, do what leigh said or go to the what I got section and use the link there, somebody already posted pics.

  • Juli

    Awesome. Thanks

  • Anon

    How long is taking everyone to get the Theraplex samples?

  • leigh

    :noes: :rofl:

  • leigh

    got mine in a WEEK :bigthumb:

  • Alicia

    :wiggle: Thanks I ordered sports!

  • Get your FREE ACCU-CHEK® Aviva System which includes the ACCU-CHEK Multiclix lancing device.

  • Terri1971

    darn it
    here is the addy for it Im new to this sorry

  • lilangel311

    Yeah mine took about a week also :wiggle:

  • Shellybean

    Thanks Chris, I ordered spots too. :wavey: :wavey:

  • :inout: No thx

  • Elizabeth

    thanks I just got the meter today ..I picked Groovy :kekeke:

  • masterochicken

    It’s exclamatory!

  • jennzz

    this is great!

    it’s ironic I’m new to checking my blood, and this is the exact one I got,, now I get cool free skins!
    thanks so much for this one,, I will have fun with this,, I picked flowers!

  • strawberrygal2007

    thank you for this…like jennzz said…now we can have fun with this 🙂

  • strawberrygal2007

    jennzz…did you ever receive your computer nerd shirt?

  • Tracy

    My GP noticed my blood sugar level escalated, and had to go for a CBC test. They pricked me 5x (1 every 1/2 hr) I’m bruised on both arms and look like a druggie! 🙁 I really appreciate this one Chris-you just never know :dunno: :bigthumb:

  • Tracy

    There was a line at the bottom of the form I was able to put the 494 in-I wanted to get this *see above :fingersx:

  • strawberrygal2007

    picked the flowers also 😉

  • strawberrygal2007

    Look for them to arrive by mail within the next three weeks


  • John R. Dye

    🙂 :kekeke: :h5: :run: :yum: :kiss:

  • jim clark

    Hi: I would like to receive the free skins for my accu-chek meter.

  • roger green

    i would apprecate it if i could get the free stuff two,,i need the diary books for my accu-chek meter,,thank you,,rog

  • jerrielynn cochrane

    i would like to get free meter skins could u please send me a few. at jerrielynn cochrane 5035 cedar lake rd. apt. 1 oscoda mich. 48750 thank u.

  • Kenneth Walker

    I too would appreciate the five free meter skis for my accu-chek Aviva. I would feel much better not having to look at a BLACK instrument for an illness that coul kill me. Thank you so much.

  • jane

    I have been trying to get my freeskins for abouta year.when I firstgot my meteri thought that i would have to pay for it.know i would like my 5 free skins and you tell me that I can not get them.
    I would really like it if you could please send me my free skins. I love my meterbut would also like the free skins.



  • bob k

    If the freeskins offer has expired take the add off the box still on thier 7/17/13

  • Sonja Dalton

    This JUST ISN’T FAIR!!!! I just did change to ACCU-Chek NANO and just did get my meter.
    a card said I would get FREE Skins now you say they have expired they isn’t an expiration date on my card. I also see that others are also upset. I don’t know about the others but unless I do get them I Will NOT buy your supplies for my NANO. I also
    know 3others that got the Nano and they feel the same were are going back to our other meter unless we get our Freeskins for it. I filled out my form above.