-Email or phone# 888-415-2929

  • MiChie


  • Trish

    :dunno: :confused:
    Where are samples.Most of this weekends are a waste of time if not deceiving.

  • You have to email or call them trish.

  • VSLove

    I emailed them this morning and no reply yet :fingersx:

  • me

    I received my swag bag today. 2 movie tickets, one body lotion, one small sanitizing gel and a bag of popcorn. Nice but hardly worth the $ that they indicated it would be.

  • guest2

    Thanks for all the great samples you bring us! It’s very much appreciated! :bowdown:

  • Rachael

    Was that the peoples magazine swag bag? If so what the?

  • me

    Yes, Rachael, it was the Peoples Magazine swag bag. Very disappointing! Please post when you get yours if it’s different. Thanks

  • Janelle stensby

    Please send samples to. Janelle Stensby. 757 west shore tr. Sparta, nj 07871

  • VSLove

    Why would you put your address ?? :confused:

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