-click get started under the neon studio section and rate a design. Return for 10 days and vote to get the $25 e-code. Void in MA and MI.

  • Curie Sellers

    I don’t see anywhere that anyone will get any sort of $25 e-gift? Grand prize is $595 gift certificate to have your neon sign made and other prize is a Zippo. Is there something I’m missing?

  • twistedcarrot05

    It says it on the first page after you click on the contest.

  • LA

    Is it Visa or iTunes etc…

  • Anji Hollowell Nolan

    It’s a $25 iTunes ecode…

  • JohnnyB

    I heard it was Visa but, got iTunes

  • LA

    Humm, I got Visa, r u sure the I tunes wasn’t from the the Vinal Vibe? I heard I Tunes was for that one and Visa was for Neon.

  • Jennifer Batchelor

    You got Visa?? I got itunes, and was under the i pression it was visa

  • LA

    Visa should have been for Neon (10 days voting) and ITunes for post on V. Vibes link in email or posted on the V. Vibes page. They may have substituted the ITunes…

  • KB

    how long after you completed the ten days did you get the card? i still havent received anything

  • Jennifer Batchelor

    Yes, that’s how i understood it. 10 days and itunes, bah.

  • Jennifer Dittmeier

    I got visa

  • JohnnyB

    About 24 hours later

  • Carol

    I see some received this but has everyone? I still haven’t gotten mine.

  • Judy Gregory

    I had to contact Marlboro directly. They verified and got it to me.

  • gigi

    I’m getting a little ticked off. I’m sure the NEON contest said $25 Ecode and never said anything about it being an itunes code! I thought it was very odd to just say ecode and not anything else. Now I’m starting to think they didn’t want to say itunes cause many would not do it for that prize. Whats ticking me off is some people are saying they got a $25 VISA for the neon and other did not and got the substitute. Is there really anybody who has an actual email that they can read AGAIN to make sure, and report back that they actually have an email that says NEON in it and then $25 VISA????? It’s easy to make a mistake in the emails because they all look alike.

  • gigi

    there’s a rectangle thing there that says to vote on other peoples signs and thats what you had to click every day or enough to get 10 clicks (there were more than 10 days so you can miss a day) and then you get the $25 ecode (how it was worded). Making the sign wasn’t even mandatory to get the ecode for the votes, as I didn’t take the time to make a sign, just vote every day.