-download this workout app and open it. Go through the steps of the workout, and at the end you should see an offer from Bengay to get a $2 Amazon credit. This seems to show up for everyone right now but probably won’t last long. -update- make sure you let the app go through the steps, it doesnt seem to give you the reward if you skip.

While you’re in the app store don’t forget to check out the Free Stuff Times iPhone and iPad apps!

  • jenni

    did as told and it didnt work. nothing showed up at the end, just repeat and share

  • Katrina

    Didn’t work for me…. :(

  • Chris

    Heres my code for the first person that wants it: Q7F9-HMLPE9-RRYPQJ

  • Somedaybaby

    tried, already used… :( if anyone has one they won’t use, email me caymanmonkey[at] :fingersx:

  • Lynell C

    I use FST app every day! :)