-you have to make up a 19 digit code(which is usually on a receipt from safeway). Only certain zip codes qualify for the survey(and it’s kind of long).

  • :eek3: I guess I made up an alright code since it let me in but on the 1st page it says “The complete survey will take approximately 45 minutes to complete”… gosh, it’s too early in the morning for that.. ehhh…we’ll see what happens. LoL

  • Alison

    :eek3: wow that was looong!! I used to live in Houston and shopped there all the time so I used my old zip code & it worked :bigthumb: said it will send the check in 4-6 wks. Thanks Chris! :bowdown:

  • shae1smith

    OMG that was sooooo long! :eek3:

  • Wow. I just got to another blue screen that says “You are about half way done with this survey.”

    :eek3: – seems like that took forever. lol

  • :bigthumb: I’m done!

    “Thank you for completing this survey. We have successfully received your responses.”

  • eeesh… it was…

  • Cyndie

    ok i did it, not that bad for $15 :bigthumb:

  • CarinaJ

    Thank you for completing this survey. We have successfully received your responses.

    FINALLY!!! 🙂 thank you

  • AnnD.

    😥 I got in using the numbers off an old Home Depot receipt, answered some questions, but the blue screen said, I didn’t qualify or they had enough from my grouping.

  • AnnD.

    I tried again using another zipcode and a different age, still no go. :dunno:

  • Mellisa

    I guess they got enough people for this already. 🙁

  • Katie Rose

    Yeah, that was long, but worth $15 if it comes! :bigthumb:

  • Jamie

    OMG.. this IS long!!

  • xbox360sampler

    finished yay!

  • Jamie

    getting… painful…. hellllllppppp .lol

  • Jamie


  • Courtney

    :bigthumb: Not too bad…completed it in two sittings…..just take a break halfway through…survey is still intact when you return!
    We’ll see if the check arrives :fingersx: , seeing as I am nowhere near a Safeways :kekeke:

  • Naomi

    says do not qualify or they have all responses needed for the survey when I try to type in the 19 digit numbers.

  • Barbie

    😥 Cant get any codes to work 😥

  • Courtney

    I just made up any number Barbie….the survey may possibly have reached its quota? Sorry you couldn’t get in .. 🙁

  • CandyToo

    I think Safeway and Randall’s have something in common. I did the survey and neither one is in my town, but I live about 50 miles away from Austin, TX. There is Randall’s there and the survey kept asking questions about Randalls. Maybe I’ll get it? I can only hope for all that work. :fingersx:

  • Kris

    😡 I was not able to get into survey…Did anyone who qualify for the study for Starbucks GC a bit back get their $20 GC yet?

  • Donna P. Howard

    no, i was wondering that also.

  • Barb

    “Thank you for your interest, we have received all of the responses we need at this time”.

  • mattie louella jones

    :mail: I have a code to put in and I know that you still doing the 15dollars grift card and I shop at safeway and I’m going to tell them that you are not doing it and that you stop it july 5 of 2008.

  • UPSET!!!!!

    ALSO THE WEB SITE YOU SENT ME TO IS NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!