-login or register, then click enter your code and enter promo code: MUSIC1. Then go here and start your 30 day free trial. You’ll get a $10 credit in your account that’s good until October 31. Promotional credits are only valid on items shipped and sold by Make sure you go here and click the “do not continue after trial” link so you don’t get charged. –Update – working again

  • Sv

    When and where do I check my balance?

  • karen greenleaf

    did the money show up right away?

  • Rachel Greene

    Yes. I did all the steps above, quite quickly, and there was a $10 credit.

  • Biggus Disqus

    I got, “GC claim code is invalid
    We had a problem checking the value of your gift card. There’s something wrong with the claim code you entered. Please check for transposed digits, omitted digits, and similar errors. The input field is not case sensitive.”

  • Cara Ricci

    Where is the “do not contine” after trial button. I went to the page and didn’t see it. I don’t want to sign up until I know how to Un sign up😁

  • just add something sold by to your cart and at checkout you’ll see the promo applied

  • click your account, then click the music settings link

  • lenin1991

    Fine print: “Existing and former Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers are not eligible for this promotion”

    If you’ve done a trial before like I have, you’ll get “Something went wrong while applying your promotion code. Please try again.”

  • 123Tennesse

    I did all the steps and not seeing 10 credit ?? Maybe takes time.

  • rae

    Saw this after clicking to discontinue after free trial

    “The following promotion applies after your free trial: $10 to”

  • Lauzy

    i added an item to my account and there was no $10 discount.

    I noticed the note: “On October 28, 2017, your Unlimited subscription will not continue. The following promotion applies after your free trial: $10 to”

    that leads me to think that i won’t get the credit in my account until after the month ends. fyi for everyone.

  • lauzy

    never mind, the credit applies now. but the reason why it wasn’t working before was because of the fine print.

    Offer only applies to items sold by (look for “sold by” on the product detail page). Items sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer.

    so you have to be careful about what you put in your cart.

  • Tellinthetruth

    It says somewhere on there that you get the credit after trial period is over

  • Tellinthetruth
  • Jodi keener

    why did it charge me 999