-you have to be 50+ and unemployed.

  • lilibeth

    how awesome. i’ll sign up my mom. :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Vicky M

    cool, signed up my mom. :wiggle: :bigthumb: :bowdown:

  • kari

    DARN :dunno:

  • Jack

    Are there any downsides to joining AARP? Do they send you unwanted junk mail or sell your contact information? Has anyone ever joined AARP and then said they really wished they hadn’t?

    (Yes, I do examine the dental condition of equines given to me!)

  • Happytwo


  • matt p

    Signed up my retired mom for another year:) As for the previous poster, the only downside is political, they will send mailers on their views, but she loves the discounts and magazine.

  • ruth marcavage

    I got another free year for my husband, thanks


    I have been paying for this year after year for over ten years so getting it free it just “rapture” for me and my hubby. I had just gotten another renewal notice and was about to give in. Thank you a million CHRIS. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :fingersx: :fingersx:

  • Amanda

    Got my dad anothet year and to Jack, No there is no downside to it.You can save alot of money with. Most all stores,resturants and car rental agences give aarp discounts and they can add up. There are alot of stores I shop at in the mall and they give discounts for it( I take my dad with me…lol) and it saves alot of money and it can be used in conjuction with other discounts,coupons, sales etc. Thanks alot for bringing this deal to us and all the others you bring!!!

  • akbj

    I turned 50 last summer & had been debating joining AARP but hadn’t wanted to spend the $16.00 as I am on disability. This is great, thanks, Chris!

  • Sharron

    my membership had expired and was about to renew. wonderful not to have to shell out the bucks. thanks chris.

  • Jack

    Well, thank you for all the comments, but my big concern was getting junk mail (it is a hard trek to the mailbox for me in the winter, so I have one of those boxes that has a little flag that pops up when there is mail and if I don’t get any junk mail I don’t have to go out as often. And after searching on other sites (thank you Google) I’ve seen several comments from people saying they were deluged by junk mail after joining, and I’d really hate that. Plus, everything I have read about the discounts indicates that the best ones are for types of business I would never use (I never travel outside my local area and have no intention of doing so, I hardly ever eat out and never at anything more expensive than a fast food restaurant, etc.). So while many seniors in different circumstances may enjoy this, I think I’d feel very put out by the junk mail. So I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • Margaret Rushton

    Has this offer expired? I don’t see anything about being free.

  • Margaret Rushton

    Just got the free link to come up, but had to do it on my phone.

  • still works here :dunno:

  • james gatrel

    sign me up please

  • Florence Hodge

    I applied for this one-year free membership, in January and never heard back. Entered site again in February and the response after applying again was that it was being processed.

    My membership is due and I am pleased to think this is one time I won’t have to pay.

    Can you help me? Is it being processed and how long will it take to receive the card?

    Florence Hodge

  • Fancy

    :io: I also rcd the e-mail confirm that my membershup wb here is 4-8 weeks.
    I founhd out today that this offer is spam. the co that is offering this does not exsist & aarp does not know of them nor did aarp have any offers for a free membership.
    soooo, that stinks, my membership w have 2 b paid 4 & I have 2 wait another 4 weeks to get the info. errrr :uh:

  • catsinjax

    Your link is either broken or bad. It keeps coming up page not found. 404 error code.