-pass -tokens

  • Dellia

    OH! I’m so excited! I just ordered a 3.4 oz bottle of Paris Hilton’s perfume for FREE!! (Used amazon gift cards)

    Before you people burn her, just remember. It’s not the person on the bottle that counts, but rather, the smell of the perfume. :kekeke:

  • Mollyzog

    I agree! I really like that perfume! But Paris Hilton, well… :rofl:

  • me

    did not work

  • hmm, worked fine here :dunno:

  • “You applied:

    Woman’s World Magazine Guest Pass — 1 month access to Club Pogo features!”

    :h5: Woohoo thx. I needed a pass too.. mine expired loooong ago :kekeke:

  • Becky

    I have passes to give out if anyone needs one after this one expires! 🙂 I think they’re only for a week though…?

  • flyingeagle2007

    :wiggle: hope you getit flyingeagle2007 please from kevin

  • flyingeagle2007

    :h5: your cool man the greats tyvm kevin :bowdown: :yum:

  • flyingeagle2008

    😥 because i can’t play with my true friends that are in 🙁 am so sad,

  • flyingeagle2008

    thank you so very for the free pass for 1 month club pogo now i can play with my friends at pogo again thankyou very much,

  • foxdl64

    ty so much,i just love pogo.

  • eagle477

    i love pogo eagle477

  • loveubaby304640

    did not work for me, whats the problem?

  • eagle477

    pogo&yahoo.c are the best ever,from kevinlivingston :h5:

  • eagle477

    pogo& are the best ppl ever in the world. 😎 :wavey:

  • eagle477
  • treedoc


  • eagle477


  • eagle477

    yahoo and pogo are the best team ever in this world,from eagle477, :naughty: 😎 :wiggle:

  • eagle477
  • mike robien

    need a free club pogo pass please

  • krys

    please send me a free club pogo pass to my e mail my grandma loves to play and my grandpa just passed away a couple of days ago and she’ll need this to keep her busy so she doesn’t think about it to much. Thankyou krys24play

  • chris

    i would love a pass the name is ilovemydog68 thanks 🙂

  • greyandbrown

    I would like a free one month pass. am a shut in due to a disability and this passes the time thank you greyandbrown

  • roadchick44

    i am very sick and little income. I enjoy playing pogo games every day. with me in and out of the hospital i am not sure if i would get much use of a yearly pass but i would get a lot of use out of on for the month. So if you could may i please have monthly pass to work on the badges. Thank you

  • Angel Schrader

    I am looking for a free week club pogo pass. Can anyone help me. On springkbreak need some relaxion.

    Thanks Angel

  • choppers883

    ty vm pogo for the free 1 month club pogo guest pass and 1000 tokens,from choppers883 i’m the one who fell from the roof 45 feet to the ground an broke my left leg, 😥

  • mamapit

    i would like a month pass to pogo. thanks

  • sommer

    me 2 please summerfun21

  • graffetti21

    hi could i please have a 30 day pass to club pogo plzzzzzzzzz

  • graffetti21

    :wavey: :wavey:
    hello i would lova a pass to clubpogo plzz
    tyvm if you could do this for me .

  • sean dentith

    would love a pass for my better half club pogo name lisamden3
    and if another 1 spare

  • sean dentith

    email 4 above post seancreole@

  • graffetti21

    hi can i get a reply please i askedb4 if you could give me a 30 day club pogo pass have you any please

  • its16

    I would love a club pogo pass as well, I am now laid off with not a lot to do.

  • its16

    my name on pogo is its16

  • winnie

    i wo uld like to have a guest pass please

  • carla

    i would love a pass if you have one, thanks in advance

  • melinda

    does anyone have a free club pogo pass i can have!!! im addicted to it but cant pay for it!! i have a 15 mth old n a baby on the way.. s they take all my money hahah please and thanks

    my pogo name is MelindyParsh

  • grandmaf1266

    I would love a 30 day pass ty.

  • Di

    I would love to have a 30 day guest pass, being disabled, and the way the economy is right now, I had to let my pogo go, and I miss it alot !
    My pogo name is CuriousWines

  • bryanna

    can i plz have a free 1 month pass for club pogo i would really appreciate it

    my name on pogo is popprincess789

  • newyorkman333

    please can i have a 30 day free pogo pass

  • katie

    how do you get them :confused: i have looked on everyone website :dunno:

  • renae

    hey I love pogo games can I get a free pass please

  • renae

    my e-mail is

  • julie

    looking for a one month free game pass please

  • stonety45

    i lovepogogames

  • stonety45

    yes yes

  • leeann

    :bowdown: please i need one :x:

  • trzzaANN


  • trzzaANN

    hi people :uh:

  • stacy

    worked fine for me also!! :wiggle:

  • playerplayer53

    lost pogo gust pass by loggin out

  • playerplayer53

    lost my club pogo guest pass by loggin out

  • playerplayer53

    lost pogo guest pass

  • Addison

    Can somone send me a 1 month subscription of club pogo?

  • Tameless2001

    I would love to have a one month club pogo pass please.

  • carrie

    i would like a free club pogo pass i have had surgery and cant do anything but play on the computer and it helps with the bordem so if someone has a monthly pass i would greatly appreciat it :uh: :kekeke: :io: :wavey:

  • carrie


  • carrie

    my pogo name is wacky4tweety0 and my email is :drool:

  • WinniePuuh29

    my pogo nameWinniePuuh29
    nd my email is


  • nikeya

    hi i really realy realy need a pass please please please with suger on top

  • nikeya

    i need a pass please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown:

  • nikeya

    :mail: hi thank you very much if u give me this pass thakyou very much :kiss: :bowdown: :x: :x: :x: :x: :x: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • nikeya

    i would thankyou very much whoever gave me the pass and to prove it i would do this to them :kiss: :kiss: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • tammy

    I would love a free pass please anyone :kiss:

  • tammy

    i would really like to have a pogo pass if anyone can help username is tammyg2 email ty so much

  • nikeya

    :mail: tammy u seem nice i dont :dunno: if u are but u seem nice any way hi hope we could be friends :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5:

    anyway i really need a pass please somebody thanku very much :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

  • ztammyg

    nikeye u seem very nice and friendly also :h5: :h5: 🙂 😉 :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :dunno: :dunno: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :io: :io: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

  • marla

    If you have any more passes I would like one please. My screen name is daddys girl1957

  • draconia47

    if you have anymore club pogo passes may i have 1 plz? i have been playing pogo for like 2 years now and have only ever recieved 1 free pass from pogo :dunno:
    if you still have any i would like 1 plz i would be very grateful :bowdown:
    pogo name draconia47

  • angelxxxx411

    how do i get free month pogo pass

  • playerplayer53

    i would love free guest pass for sades pogo club

  • love it


  • davey

    i would love a free pass if anyone can give me one!

  • carrie

    i would love a monthly pass or any pass for that matter if anyone could send me one my email is thank you in advance :wiggle: :kiss: :kekeke: :bigthumb: 😀 🙂 :h5:

  • nikeya

    hi ztammy u semm nice to :wavey: :wavey: :h5: :h5: :h5: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: 🙂 🙂 are u a girl or a boy or girl any way hi :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: 😀 😀 😀 :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :io: :io:

  • ztammyg

    hi nikeya how r u im good we sure can be friends if u want 2 add me 2 ur friends :bigthumb: at pogo its ztammyg and im a girl nice tty :x: :wavey:

  • carrie

    hi there and thank you for the club pogo pass but i cant seem to get it to work for me can someone please help

  • Lorraine

    :wiggle: hello i am currently seeking a club pogo 1 month guest pass. if you can help me out id appreciate it. my sn is darkangels89

  • Tammy

    Hi Ev1 If Any 1 Knows Were I Can A 1Month Free Pogo Pass Please Let Me Know Thanks Alot
    My Email Is My Pogo Name Is Ztammyg

  • nikeya

    ok tammy add me to on pogo it is player975nikki ill see u there :wavey: :wavey: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trisha

    If anyone knows where I can find 1 month free club pogo pass. Please let me know. My email is and my s/n rebelgirl55. Thanks :wavey:

  • nikeya

    🙁 🙁 🙁 tammy are u here maybe u are write back plzzzzzzz :io: :io:

  • breanna

    how come when iclick the link i can’t get one

  • breanna

    my user name is thai19910

  • ztammyg

    Hi Nikeya how have you been good here just been very busy sorry couldnt write back sooner well ttyl :uh: :h5:

  • rne330_aol

    i like to have a pogo pass if u can give me one that will b nices

  • julie

    nedd a club pogo pass please

  • gngrgrl06

    May i have a 1month free club pogo pass, would be very greatfull, if its possible :kiss:

  • Lisa

    may i have a one month club pogo pass please

  • nikeya

    :mail: tammy are u gonna add me to friends ???????? :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: 🙁 🙁 🙁 any way please add me i added u any way plzzz write back nikeya :mail:

  • nikeya

    :mail: hi tammy ty for wanting to be my friend :bigthumb: 😀 🙂 anyway ill see u there and guess what everybody who needs a guest pass just go tto pogos homepage and find a 14 day guest pass and youll have a 14 day guest pass like me any way see on pogo tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bigthumb: :mail:

  • nikeya

    :mail: everyone u can get a reall guest pass at pog so dont worry about this website go to pogo and get it good luck :bigthumb: 😀 :bigthumb: 😀 :bigthumb: 😀 🙂 :h5: :mail:

  • lynn peters

    would luv a club pogo pass 1 month please if possible….thx

  • lets pogo pass

    I have 7 free pogo passes if you still want one. I think you have to send me your email address and I can send you one. Please make sure to put pogo pass in subject line if I dont know who it is I dont open the mail.
    Thank you. 🙂

  • ztammyg

    If Any 1 Has Any Pogo Guest Pass Can U Please Send Me One Thank You

  • ztammyg

    whats your pogo name so i can add u

  • gngrgrl06

    also here is my pogo name gngrgrl06 sure would appreciate amonths pass and anything else you can give :kiss:

  • gngrgrl06

    here is my pogo name gngrgrl06 would appreciate it and anything else if possible thank you :kiss: :kiss:

  • ellen levac

    :kiss: :kiss: may i please have a pogo pass so would be greatfull my pogo name is gngrgrl06 thank you , will be waiting patiently for reply

  • ellen levac

    may i have a club pogo guest pass for a month and anything else you can give. Sure would appreciate it if possible, thank you. and my pogo name is gngrgrl06 :kiss:

  • cecila

    pleas give me on of your club pogo pass i am new at this thank you

  • Ellen Levac

    may i please have a guest pass for a month my Pogo user name is gngrgrl06 and my Email is and my name is Ellen Levac i would be waiting patiently for your reply ty again

  • thiboulplayer

    love to ave 1 month free pass

  • shariss

    pogo pass please thanks

  • shariss

    may i have a pogo free pass ty

  • jeannie

    hi, i’d like to get one of your pogo passes, please. my pogo name is lnybgplyr. thank you :bigthumb:

  • cassandra

    Hello! I’d like to receive pogo pass pls thank you!

  • Claudia Mayfield

    if anyone has a guest pass could i have one please

  • Claudia Mayfield

    if u still have any pogo passes could i have one my e-mail address is

  • oscarsmomtoo

    oh wow i would love to get a pass for pogo..i got laid off so alls i got to do is school work now and play games..i love pogo but cant afford to pay.sure would appr. a pass….thanks in advance.sherry :x:

  • Jo

    Does anyone have any free pogo guest pass. I would really like to have one please. Thanks

  • jan

    looking for a club pogo pass anyone please :wavey:

  • tracy

    could i please get a pogo pass? thank u! my email address is

  • tammyg

    does any1 have a free pogo pass i can get i would really like to have 1 ty

  • raymark

    may i please get a club pogo pass i dont get paid till the 14th thank u alot

  • meankitty13


    Not going to snivel or beg, but I could really use a pogo guest pass. Ive been a member since 2001 (before club pogo) back when it was really free. Over the years Ive paid tons of money for the club pogo, and truth b told I just cannot afford it right now. I miss some of my favorite games and this is the only relief I get with a new baby and full school schedule. Any lenth of time would be most appreciated.

    Thank you,



  • ladydjpitts1126_may

    If you still have a pogo guest pass may I please have one. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    please send me a club pogo pass

  • jordan keough

    hey can i please get one of those guest passes i would be very appreciated

  • i would like a free pogo pass please

    I LOVE POGO I LOVE POGO I LOVE POGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i would like a free pogo pass please

    PLEASE…..SEND ME A FREE POGO PASS!!!!!!!! :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

  • ann

    I would love a club pogo pass please. ty.

  • PAnaher1

    Does anyone have a guest pass for me pleeeeeeeeze

  • Felischa

    PLS. Have you a Pass for me? :bowdown:

  • barbara

    felisha do ypu still need a 5 day guest pass
    i need your pogo screen name

  • Claudia aka Diddy101449

    Barbara I would still like to have a pass if u have one left my screen name is Diddy101449

  • barbara

    sent a 5 day guest pass check email

  • Condec64

    Please send a 30-day club pogo pass.

  • debhra

    could i please get a pass i love canasta and canonly play it in club pogo and my man love tpeak…so if you a one month i would love to have it if not a week week sure do
    thanks a bunch

  • kim

    i would loce a free pogo pass thank you :kiss:

  • debhra

    could u please send me one at ty

  • carlton stickman

    i like to hav a free1 month pogo pass cant seem to find 1 so if somebody can help thanks :kiss: 😉

  • Tammy Groves

    i would love to have a pogo free pass tyvm :wavey: :x:

  • Felischa

    My Name on Pogo is Felischa :noes:

  • julie

    thanks much

  • kim

    hi i would love a pogo pass my screen name is betterwine thank you very much

  • justsarah2

    love to have a fee pogo pass to try thanks in advance

  • cajuanlady53

    would love to have a free pass to club pogo if u can help much appreciated thanks

  • Crissy

    Hey I would love a free pass PLZ!!!!! :x: :x: :x: :run: :run:

  • Kalvin

    :h5: could i get a pass think you so much.

  • james

    i need a pass if u still have any thank u


    may i get a free pogo pass please.

  • J. Player

    How do I go about getting a free 1 month Pogo pass?
    Thank you so much,

  • betterwine

    i would love to have a pogo pass ty very much 😉

  • marsha

    hey just wanted to tell u that you can buy a year of club pogo on ebay for like 2.00 and it is real i hvae used it for awahile now just type in club pogo in the search bar on ebay

  • angie

    please send me a club pogo pass thank you

  • Jen

    I would really like a free guest pass if any one has one please send me one 😉

  • marvae hughes

    hi i love pogo but cannot offord the bill every month please please please send me one a month guest pass so i can also enjoy the fun and entertainment that pogo has to offer!!!!!!! :dunno: :uh: :uh: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

  • tony2shawty ismy pogo screenname

    please send me a guest passes for one month
    thank you in advance

  • betterwine

    could i please get a pogo pass. i have been writing on here for 2 months and all these people with free pass to give away i dont think they are for real because i not heard from none so if you for real could you send me one at my e-mail thank you.

  • rachel

    :dunno: id realy like one month free all i got was a 5 day pass from my aunt and i joined there leauge

  • elsie washington


  • boco12003

    plz could i have a club pogo pass. thank you. Rose

  • boco12003 for club pogo pass

    thank you if i could have a club pogo

  • lora

    if anyone has a extra pogo dying to get back to monopoly slots lol

  • lora
  • Debbie Borgerson

    Thank You in advance for the 30 day pass and pogo keep up the good work on your site….

  • Donna rodgers

    i would like to recive a 1month free pass

  • chuck

    i would like to recive a 1month free pass

  • Jerry

    i would like to recive a 1month free pass

  • grandma64

    i would like a pogo pass. thank you very much

  • rose

    pogo pass

  • sweetlady382002

    i would like a pogo month free pass

  • maggie

    i need free club pogo. If anyone has a guest pass i would appreciate to have one. Thanks.

  • russnora33

    free pogo pass plz

  • kaughtat3am

    i would like a free 30 day pass please. Thank you ! :fingersx:

  • hesawthebestinme

    :run: would someone please send me a day guest pass i’ve have other’s to say they have sent me one but i’am nother receiving theme i can’t afford to subcribe to the club because i’am diable and not working who ever can make this possible i’am truely grateful.

  • laronrtte

    :kiss: i would love too get a month pass

  • larinerre

    i would love a month free pass ty very much. :uh:

  • pcguy30747

    send me a freepass please, thanks in advance


  • JustMe
  • JustMe

    Opps sorry, forgot to add the one above is for a free month of Club Pogo.

  • brian


  • dusty

    hey man please can i have a pogo membership

  • jonboy1958

    i need a pogo pass please

  • imallyours0824

    may i get a free month pogo pass

  • ccryder448

    i can use a free 30day pogo pass ty

  • derbyboy48

    i need a 30day free pogo pass

  • kevindonald

    can i get a free pogo pass please

  • sweeetberries

    i can use a 30 day pass for pogo

  • imallyours0824

    may i have a free 30 day pogo pass

  • jalp11499

    i need a 30 day free pass for pogo

  • onesweetmixx

    i would like a free30 day pogo pass

  • debhra

    i dont no why im getting email asking me for a free pass sorry but i do not have any sorry

  • Rick

    I would appericate a 1 month pogo pass. thank you.

  • hada

    free guess pass

  • outlawteddybear

    You should have at least 3 free pass to give out if not then uve used them all up but still when i give away all of mine they set me up with another 5 pass :rofl:

  • outlawteddybear

    have u noticed that Paris Hilton hasnt been in the news lately mmmmmmm grandma grounded her :rofl:

  • kelly

    if you have a pass please send ty

  • Heather (Club Pogo Pass)

    Hi,if you happen to have a Club Pogo Pass that you can spare, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Heather (Club Pogo Pass)

    I need a pass please, and I would greatly appreciate it

  • bob mcginley

    Have any free one month club pogo pass,would really appreciate it. Gerry Mcginley

  • kelly

    i would love a club pogo pass

  • eaak41196

    would you please send me a pass to play pogo

  • eaak41196

    could you please send me a pass please

  • jimmi51player

    I would love to receive a pass

    thank you

  • vicki

    can i get a free pass please and thank-you so much :wiggle: :bowdown: :bigthumb: 🙂 lol

  • dustin


  • squirrel

    I am new to games. May I please have a pass to try it out. thank you :v: :wiggle: :run: :rofl: :kiss:

  • sandi

    would u have a free pass to pogo i wrecked my kia truck and out of work so can not rennew thank u

  • fiestyangel38

    hi there im searching for a club pogo pass …if you still have some available please let me know…

    thank you


  • raymark

    if you all have any pogo passes left id sure like to get one thank you very much

  • Tammy Groves

    I Would Love A Free Pogo Pass TYVM :kiss:

  • RV003

    any one with free pass may i have one plz

  • Doreatha J. Watkins

    iam on a fixed income,so when the specials around,i don’t have the this past month,it was for 29.00can i still get that deal?if not i sure would like to have a free pass.thank you.

  • evelyn

    do you have a free club pogo guest pass i woul like to have one

  • bambam102380

    i was wonderen if anyone had a 30 day pass i could get i left my email tnk u to however does it. :fingersx:

  • sarah

    I would really appreciate a club pogo pass…..thanks

    userame: jadansmommy

  • sarah

    i have been earchin for free codes for club pogo but have been unable to locate any. If someone could send me a guest pass i would really appreciate it…thX!!! 😉

    screen name: jadansmommy

  • Logan

    can i have one :hs:

  • Logan


  • Barbara

    I just signed up for this game and someone told me to come here and see if anyone could please send me a guest pass so i could try it out first before i start paying for it. I would really apreciate it. TYVM in advance.

  • Barbara

    i totally forgot to add my e-mail address, sorry new to this also but here is my e-mail address

  • stephanie

    I would really be grateful if anyone with a 30 day free pass to club pogo would let me have it. my e-mail is

  • jhonjack

    hi there..if u need a guess pass ,plz add me my screename jhonlovesdi..i have 7 guess passes to give..see u there..on pogo

  • jhonjack

    yes i have..7 more g.pass to give..plz add me .my screename jhonlovesdi ok..see u there.and iam ready to give to everyone who need….have a gr8 day..everyone!!!!!!

  • jhonjack

    yes i can give a pass for 5 days add screename jhonlovesdi..see u there..or send me off mess from my guestbook

  • jhonjack

    i have 5 days pass only ..if u like i send u one.but i dont know ur screename

  • jhonjack

    i can give u one week pass..but i dont know ur email or screename

  • jhonjack

    open another screename then u can use it..cause g.pass can use only for one screename

  • jhonjack

    ok .plz add me on ur friend list i give u a 1week screename jhonlovesdi

  • mjg71

    Hi! If anyone has a guest pass that they can spare I would really appreciate it. Thank you to anyone who can help. My name is mjg71 and my email is Thanks again !!!!!

  • marlene

    Hi if anyone has a pass I would love one please my screen is mlsh186 thank you.

  • amy

    would like a month free pass to pogo cant play with friends on pogo please

  • amy

    sorri didnt put my screen name it is alohaprincess1 :v: :run: going crazy because i cant play

  • Heather

    Please If someone could send me a free pogo guest pass I would appreciate it.

  • jill

    can i get a free pogo pass

  • Renee

    :fingersx: :h5: :h5: :v: may i have s guest pass please. i love club pogo

  • jeffery

    please send me a 30 day club pogo pass

  • rosie

    can u send me a free pogo quest pass my screen name is lightbeamer94

  • rose

    please send me a free pogo pass so i can play pogo game i miss playing them

  • Holly

    I need a guest pass… my membership expired and I don’t get my new debit card for a few more days! **SUPER SAD FACE**

    If someone could please help me out, username is thunderbaby04. THANKS!!!

  • serena hawkins

    I would like a club pogo pass to try out pogo thank you

  • Tim Voos

    If anyone got any extra passes not used, Ill take one definitely. need something to do while at classes lol :kekeke:


  • grandma64




  • cheryl

    please can i have a free pass anyone please :wavey: :wavey: :dunno:


    pogo thank you

  • michelle ragsdale

    Hello, could someone please send me a free pogo guest pass? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • michelle ragsdale

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could send me a free club pogo pass of any kind, I love the club games, and just cannot afford to buy. Would be much appreciated.:)Thanks

  • brandy george

    will you please send me a free pass to podo thank you

  • sabrina

    cool :wiggle: :yum: :bowdown: :uh: :io:

  • Rachael

    am looking for a club pogo guest pass if ny1 knows where i can get one can u please let me know ty :fingersx:

  • rose

    do u know the website to get 30 days free for club pogo

  • amy barney

    :uh: :noes: :fingersx:

  • Keri

    I would be happy with a free pass if you can help me out here.
    Thanks. :wavey:

  • JOH M


  • newfiegal4uhun

    i would love to try a pogo pass .before i decide to become a member.

  • sunflwrsu79

    hope u recieve this pass…and gl in the games

  • sunflwrsu79

    i still have a couple passes left…but need ur email addy to send them to me thru my email above….

  • sunflwrsu79

    sorry, contact me thru for a free pogo pass with ur email addy..i will send u one…

  • The rock3467

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