Hillspet.com/wearehills-print coupon-also gives option to be mailed

  • could not get 3.00$ coupon to print,we use the feline f/x for our little male cat Ringo could you please mail me one,thanks reno

  • Helen Young

    Please email me the $3.00 off coupon.Thank you:)

  • I cannot get the &3.00 coupon that I got with my food bag. I have 2 dog that I feed your dog food to.

  • Can’t find any coupon to print Feed 2 dog with your dog food. :uh:

  • Ken Coffelt

    Hello, I have been feeding my dog Sophie Science Diet food for almost 3 years now. She is a wonderful, healthy, and active dog. She eats about 44 lbs. of food a month. A coupon would be very helpful. Thanks, Ken

  • WHAT A JOKE! No printable coupon!!!!!

  • Bernice Sweeney

    Please send me any coupons you have for Hill,s Science c/d cat food, it is the only cat food the vet said my cat Chester can have. Thank You Bernice Sweeney

  • Clinton David

    I cannot find the coupon to print either. Never have had this type of trouble before. I am disappointed in your company. It feels like you are just trying to get email addresses. We have bought your product for years.

  • mary fickerson

    agree with majority of above people–impossible to find coupon that your rep told me about at Petco–if it does exist, please e-mail to me–I have been using your vet reccomended product for 13 years!!

  • theodore dietzler

    .ted dietzler on march 8 2010 413 pm

  • shirley valentine

    please mail me some coupons for feline cd dry foodthank thank you

  • Jennifer Bates

    I feed all my pets Hills and would greatly appreciate any coupons I can get! I have two dogs on adult active science diet dry and canned; and one cat on feline c/d dry and canned.
    My mailing address is 41276 Medley’s Neck Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650
    Thank you!
    Jennifer Bates

  • Teri Paisley

    Hello everyone, I understand that some people are having trouble printing the Hills Prescription Diet $3.00 coupon. If your computer is old you may not be able to download the coupon printer. You must have this to print the coupon from the internet. I found a $7.00 off coupon at www.hillspet.com Go to site map (at the very bottom of the web page) then choose “bladder health” under “conditions” (or whatever health condition your pet has)scroll down and on the right side it will say “Save $7 Now” click on that and then click “print coupon” It will automatically tell you if you need the coupon printer and give instructions how to download it. If you are not able to download it ask if you can borrow a friends pc to do it. I’d give you my address to send SASE and send you the coupon but I can only print it so many times before it won’t give me anymore AND I don’t have time to be bombarded with letters.
    Hope this helps

  • Teri Paisley

    Follow up to previous reply: I am in no way associated with Hill’s Pet food co. I also feed my 3 cats the Prescription C/D. I need all the coupons I can get too. I found someone selling a coupon on eBay for up to $82.49 in free prescription dog OR cat food. they are asking for $24.99 plus $1.41 shipping for the coupon. the item # is 220638451966 and has 3 days left b/4 it ends as of this posting. they have 2 of them available. I wish I knew where they got it. The seller is in NY so who knows. Will keep you all posted if I find anything else.

  • Kim Harrison

    unable to print coupon please help…

  • Alona

    Hello –

    I was also unable to print the coupon. Please mail to:
    3830 9th St. N. # 705W
    Arlington VA 22203

  • michelle mortazavi

    I am unable to print coupon also. Pls.mail one. Address: 1818 s.e. Jo ct. Oak grove, or. 97267. Thank you.