Save $2.00 off any ONE (1) KIWI® Shoe Cleaning Product

Save $2.00 off any ONE (1) KIWI® Protectors Product

  • gardengal

    using chrome. when I click link get a blank white page, with only header on it.

  • Sally

    They must have taken it down, because their own contact page has no place to contact them for anything now and it just has a few words on a white space. They must have been slammed and don’t have enough samples, but at least they didn’t leave it up to harvest email addresses.

  • William

    Utah and adjacent only.
    Plus ship and handle charge.

  • Carol

    just filled out a form-assumed it was still going-until I read the comments??

  • Ailile Felina

    From the website:

    Vivians Live Again by Wheat Free Nutrition
    Attention: Hunt4Freebies mistakenly listed this promotion as Free. The sample are FREE but we do ask you to cover the shipping costs. Which is still a great deal.

    Enter your name and email and we’ll send you a link to the free samples