Grand Prizes: Ten (10) Grand Prizes will be awarded of $1,000 each.
 First Prizes: Ten (10) First Prizes will be awarded of a MacBook®. The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of the First Prize is $1,300 each.
 Second Prizes: Twenty (20) Second Prizes will be awarded of an iPod® Touch. ARV of the Second Prize is $299 each.

 Total ARV of all prizes available to be won: $28,980.

Aug 31 2:45 pm
  • Pearl

    suggest you review the rules

    before entering this one

    it appears you are pre-registering

    for the MONEY CARD or an account with ING

    since the rules link was not furnished on the entry form page, I’ve placed it below

    ingdirectmoney (dot) com (slash) fb (slash) rules

    entry is also available via FaceBook…

    if you win, you’ll have to create an account with ING

    see link in the rules

  • Pearl


    the promo with CompUSA or TigerDirect giving away 65 tablets has been extended from August 30 till September 30

    the original rules (7/05 – 8/30) were changed somewhere along the line and now indicate both promotions end on September 30

    if the site admin doesn’t post the promo…

    go to either CompUSA or TigerDirect and search for: sweepstakes

    and the entry forms will load…

    I still can’t figure out about the 65 tablets

    draw each business day
    between July 05 and August 30
    would giveaway 41 tablets

    draw each business day
    between July 05 and September 30
    will give away 64 tablets

  • duncan

    contest looks great, cool prizes and you have a chance to get your picture on a billboard in times sq. and pre-registration looks like entering your email for more info. which is fine with me looks like a great service!