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Mar 31 3:16 pm
  • Battiste Anthony

    I just love the talk keep the good work up.
    Love all of u unconditional.

  • Love the show . Love Cheryl she makes my day brighter.

  • giselle isaac

    :fingersx: :bigthumb: I just love u guys the show is fantastic. The lesson are realistic and funny. I can’t stop laughing while watching the show.

  • tammy

    Love the show.

  • christine dearborn

    :kekeke: you make my day girls.kelly i’m 63 years old and can relate to you sorry I KNOW you’re not my age but Sheri you always make me laugh wish you were my best friend for real

  • thelma colclough

    dear ladies i love the show keep up the good work i am 64 years old i enjoy watching you guys every day i live alone and dont laugh very often but you guys make me laugh thank you

  • :kiss:

  • i love all of you and hope you guys have a blessed and wonderful day. oyes i need that car :love:

  • :love: i love the talk, i watch it everyday!

  • Frances Lawley

    I welcome all of you ladies into my home everyday. I make sure I’m not doing a thing when you come on. I want to get into the giveaway for Mrs. Sharon b’day. I’ve never recieved anything from any TV Station but I pray I will receive somthing. Tell Mrs.O to have a wonderful b’day & may the Lord continue to bless her too. I don’t tweet but I do have an e-mail address, thank you very much.

  • How do I get Jackie Evanco’s Songs from the Silver Screen that was offered I’m not finding directions. I love to watch you Talk Girls.Great show!

  • :wiggle: :wavey: :h5: :kiss: :love: your show!!

  • :bowdown: :bigthumb: šŸ™‚ :yum: :wiggle: Lcould say so much more about your show!

  • Denise Hudiburg

    THE VIEW…was my favorite daytime show…not anymore…I LUV U GUYS..ur show is more personal ..u guys don’t talk over each other… And u guys make me laugh..!!! :love: :love:

  • bertha

    i LOVE the talk i watch it all the time its my favorite daytime show i love it šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ its really a great show want some of those prizes!

  • bertha

    i love the talk :love: :love: :love: :love: so much hope i win some of those prizes :fingersx: it would be nice they do such a great job on the show :bigthumb: and they really make me :kekeke: so :h5: highfive to everyone who helps with that show

  • nancy richardson

    i love you guys, you make me laugh when i;m having a depressed day. thanks keep up the good work.sure would like to win some free stuff since i cant afford to buy it. i,m single and on a fixed income, my birthday is november 22, i;ll be 52years old. be blessed.

  • :love: you all,. I love the show :love:

  • Hope Rowland

    I love your show I watch it all the time. It always makes me laugh.

  • sherry Myers

    I love the Talk!It is so Great!You all make me LOL alot!! especially Sheri you all are so blunt I like that! I need your laughts to get me thru the days I lost my daughter in 2004 she was 8yrs old prayer gets me thru everyday and watching your show .Thank You!!!

  • Mary Osuna

    Best Show Ever!!!! :wavey: :wiggle:I watch your Show every Day!!!!SO Merry Christmas To ALL!!! :wavey: :wiggle: :naughty: :love: have a Drink on ME And Pray For The HOULIGANS!!!!! :h5: :h5:

  • :rofl: :bowdown: šŸ˜€ :bowdown: :wiggle: :I just enjoy your show because it is’funny ‘and heart felt’and sad at time’s God BLess you all

  • :love: :love: :love: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :uh: :bigthumb: :kekeke:

  • As broke as I am,I would love to have my first winning on a show that I enjoy watching,laughing and being inform on.It’s nice how diverse you guys are. I’m always trying to see whose veiw I have each day.It’s always different from day to day. You all are great. keep up the good work!!!

  • As broke as I am,I would love to have my first winning on a show that I enjoy watching,laughing and being inform on.It’s nice how diverse you guys are. I’m always trying to see whose veiw I have each day.It’s always different from day to day. You all are great. keep up the good work!!!You are the first and only show I have ever written. I feel it is a great choice. :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Andrea Dry

    I love the show. You girls r great u make me keep watching 2 see what is going on . Some day I hope 2 see u all. Until than keep up the good work

  • Debbie Bossenmeyer

    šŸ˜‰ Really interesting and fun.

  • Rosalind Hamilton

    good show. It help keep me in tune of other events. Keep it coming

  • cindy cousins

    Hello girls I just super love your show!!! I can,t get enough of it, I just wish there were more time then just one(1) hour. You all need and all day show!! Keep up the super good work. One of your best fans ever!Cindy Cousins

  • mary cranmo

    I love tie talk they thelady keep it understandimg topic

  • jessica gipson

    U guys. R spoon funny and helpful u r all amazing I would live to win some thing from y’all but I don’t that’s ok to the joy of getting to watch y’all is also a great gift keep up the awesome stuff y’all do

  • linda farino

    Love your show.Better than the view

  • I wish to enter your contest for the HardRockBurger trip to the DominicanRepublic that you talked about on today’s The Talk )May 3, 2013)

  • :h5:

  • Pool is

    I love Cheryl, she is the best on the show

  • Dedra Taylor

    I love all the womens on the talk show they are just great

  • loris

    Love all the ladies,but Cheryl is my favorite she is sooo funny keep up the good works girls.

  • serinat.

    There’s no other’ the Talk rules. An i Pray their show has many many mooooooooore Seasons too come. I wish i could visit you young ladies an smile an laugh a day with you all; that would be so nice. Keep doing whatever it is you do-bacause you all are wearing it well. Smile I am

  • Stephanie

    I love this show the ladies on here so real and down to earth. keep up the good work ladies I really enjoy watching,

  • Coleen Strome


  • Louise, Laird

    God bless you all you really make my day,if I had something else to do I would have to watch your show before I would so I guess I’m hooked and dont mine saying so. But you guys keep it real bless you.

  • luv you lady every one is so good and special in there own way keep up the good work this show will be here for a long time

  • Linda east


  • Jamie Midgett

    Hey, ladies I love the show.. Yall make me wanna speak out about what I thank about something. Yall have made me a better person. I have a 2 year old daughter and I want her to be brave and stand up to what she believes in. Well, ladies I I would not change a thang about the show. Keep up the great work.. Yall are wonderful..

  • maxine easton

    i love your talk show/// and have never missed a day…its has humor, fun and facts of what we think of issues to talk it out about them and be able to give your opinions….also love the reveal your secret issues, and it gets also off your chest to share with us all….thanks for all you all do to make a wonderful afternoon show.

  • Guenevere Lord

    I have a secret to reveal that most people dnt know about .I have severe Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome . I just moved in with my mom because she has MS . I am now in a very bad situation . After I moved here I found out that my mother’s boyfriend who also lives here is on crack. My mother is hoarding cats . I live off of disability and dnt have any money to get a car or move out of this situation . If I won the money .I wd get a car and hopefully find a new place to live ! I love your show and look foward to watching it every day’s my escape !

  • maryrose silo


  • nikki ripplinger

    note to Cheryl I have really bad bladder problems, and there are times I cant make it to the bathroom your way to funny.

  • Mona L. Lee

    I alway,s enjoy the Talk with you girl,s you make me cry and laugh at the same time i love you all and Cheryl were can i get one of those wigs because i had radiation treatment after my operation and i’am losing my hair.

  • Doris Petersen

    I used to View the other show, but like yours more, you don’t talk over each other. This is new to do not even know if you will get it. Do not know how to get on the gift list. Love u all.

  • Doris Petersen

    Love the show, I really feel u all care about each other, I have breast cancer,and bladder cancer and try to work with the multi cancer group in Tullahoma, Tn. Have great respect for Sharon. One day at time!!!!

  • Your show picks me up on days that I’m feeling blue!!! I watch everyday, Sheryl brings good tears to my eyes and a big smile!!!! Keep up the good work. LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!

  • Benny Anthony

    Love the show watch ever day.

  • Priscilla Garcia Rivera

    Would like to receive the kiel body lotions and creams products that your giving away. I enjoy your show very much. You guys are so funny and you left up my spirits when I’m down. It’s the best hour I spend watching your show. Thank guys for being who you are.

  • Joanne mack

    I love the talk all the ladies bring so much to the show. I record the talk when I know I won’t be home in time. Each day after my daytime soaps the Talk is my no. 1 show. Sheryl I have followed you for years as a comedian girl you bring so much laughter to daytime tv . Thank you so much.

  • Joanne mack

    The Talk is #1. Sheryl thank you for bringing so much laughter to daytime tv.Ladies each one of you are special
    in my book.

  • Joanne mack

    Sheryl thank you for bringing so much laughter to daytime tv. The Ladies of the Talk are very special
    each one of you bring so much to the show . The guest you have each week are remarkable. Again I want to thank you.

  • kim schmillen

    16235 redwood cr w McKinney tx 75071

  • heddy rosenswie

    would love to win the gifts i have 10 grandchidren and i know they would love the gifts and i love the show you girls make me laugh and that is great medicine <3<3

  • Lonnie Goodwin

    I Love the talk. Each one of you bring so much to the show and you are for real. I really get a kick out of Cheryl she keeps me laughing and that is good for me at this time.

  • crystal Jamerson

    I really love the show you ladies have a big heart for the people.

  • Marsha Andrus

    I love the love on THE TALK ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„



  • Cathy Kuntz

    I love your show. I do have to record it normally. Today got to watch it live. I would love to learn. More about the perfume they was on today’s show 01/20/2014

  • Terri Trotter

    Avid fan. I watch every day. I think everyone on the show is absolutely wonderful

  • Juanita Atkins