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Apr 30 12:51 pm
  • anna geisler

    using my wheelcair I have scared all my lower cabinets appliances etc, totally destroyed my kitchen rachael I really need a new kitchen

  • anna geisler

    rach:need this and would be crazy good to prepare the meals you do in a new kitchen

  • anna geisler

    you make cooking fun with your chatting &cooking

  • Patricia Sak

    A kitchen make over would be really great for me and family my kitchen is so small and everything is so old the cabinets must of been built with the house. my kitchen is so old and tiny I can not put a table & chairs in there. It would be a blessing to up date my kitchen. Love your show my daughter and I watch it when were off & record it to watch it when we get home. Look forward to see your show this week. Thanks Rachael. P Sak

  • anna geisler

    we need kitchens to accomadate the aging baby boomer ei: wheel chair accessability,such as lowering counters to reach easily etc, if i were lucky enough to win this sweepstakes this is what i would do and make openings for a wheelchair under sinks etc.this may be something to think about if you ever go into this business in the future as some other celeberties have in the furniture business.

  • Kimberly Holtz

    I am so tired of having cabinets without doors, counter tops being in bad shape and seeing the kitchen floor with duct tape on it. I get very embarrassed when I have company over.

  • Patricia Sak

    my counter tops and cabinets have been here sense house was built in 1938. Would love new stove, refrigerator, cabinets, counter tops and a dish washer would be really nice.

  • Cari Socia

    I am a mom of 3 young children. I would love to have a functional kithen space to meet our needs. Nearly every element of my kitchen dates back to the 50’s. Tiny oven, limited counter space with the only ‘work area’ of counter being dangerously close to the cook top. Aside from a lack of function, I may have the ugliest kitchen in the history of kithens!

  • Linda Schutz

    Every inch of my kitchen is clean and tidy- from the faux brick linoleum floor, dark walnut cabinets, harvest gold Formica counter tops, to the gleaming chrome counter moldings. I live in my kitchen- I cook for many people around town as well as my family. But I am stuck in a Brady Bunch time warp circa 1975. Rachel my dear, please give me a new updated kitchen and send mine to the Smithsonian!

  • Kathy Oliver

    All I can say is I just need a new kitchen. Have been here for 22 years and my kitchen is embarrassing. Makes me sad. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hi Rachel,
    My husband and I moved 2 hrs. north of Pittsburgh to a small town on the Allegheny River 3 years ago. We found our dream house, an old farm house with some property, a real fixer-upper, built in the 1860s. We love our new life and new friends but have found that our fixer-upper has quite an “appetite” for money! I started a food blog to highlight all the great local restaurants and farmers markets and would really like to teach cooking classes using local ingredients. The kitchen as well as the rest of the house is a complete re-do. Could really use a new kitchen, it would be used in many delicous ways! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Erin Pamplin

    Please fix my 1969 kitchen. The cabinets and countertops are original. The cabinet doors only stay closed half of the time. When using dishes in the lower cabinets, they must be washed first or you will be eating wood shavings from the drawers up above. There is only two burners that work on the stove. When you cook in the oven the temperature must be set 10 degrees higher than what you want the temp to be because the oven door does not close properly. The dishwasher, well, at least it works. The freezer is rusting on the inside. And last but not least, it smells like something died under the kitchen sink. All I can say is I really need a new kitchen. Thank you for the opportunity. :bowdown:

  • Kim Minor

    Hi Rachel, I really need your help!
    My husband and I (with the help of family & friends) built our home from the ground up. I am sad to say twelve years later I still have the store display, mismatched, “temporary” kitchen cabinets that we installed back in 2000. The floor is painted concrete, patiently waiting for a facelift. This past June we built a “temporary” plywood island which we set on used cabinets taken from a recently torn down dilapidated house next door to us.
    I’m not one to ask for help, I had been saving up for a kitchen remodel project, anticipating completion in summer 2012. However, the state of Pennsylvania cut the education budget last year; as a result my teaching position was terminated. With one child in college and a second entering next fall, I was forced to begin using those funds to satisfy their education debts and our family living expenses.
    When I designed our floor plan I made the kitchen one of the largest rooms in the house because this is where guest always seem to gravitate and to accommodate my need for space to cook and bake for our family and friends.
    Now that I am unemployed I sit here each day and wonder if I will ever have a kitchen where the cabinets match each other in shape and color and don’t have large gaps between them. Ones that do have kick-boards at the base to block things from going in under them. An island surface that can easily be wiped clean when soiled. And a floor surface that will look clean after it’s been scrubbed; and not require regular applications of clear coat to make a sheen surface.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my request for a kitchen make-over.

  • Patty weber

    Finally ready to remodel our kitchen. We need to remove a wall to the formal dining room to enlarge the kitchen. We need a total redo with design help.

  • Amy12

    This is great! My kitchen has needed a makeover for as long as I can remember! Would you work in conjunction with Portland contractors if I were to win? This really gets me excited as this chance! :fingersx:

  • Patricia Sak

    Hi! Rachael my Birthday is just around the corner Feb.4th and would really love a kitchen make over plus really need one. My house was built in 1938 counters & cabinets are all the original & the sink. If I could afford a kitchen make over I would love to take the back porch off the kitchen and make the kitchen bigger ,replace cabinets & counter , sink refrig. stove floor and be able to put table & chairs in there that has been my biggest dream for a long time. I guess all I can do is to keep dreaming or win the lottery. Love your show and products. Best wishes in all you do . Pat sak

  • Our non-profit afterschool program has been cooking in a kitchen that is not suitable for preparing healthy meals for our 5-12 year olds. We have gone very “Green” this year, but alas our budget cannot afford the appliances, cooking wear, and most things needed to use our kitchen for the healthy meals we want to incorporate. Please help us!! Thanks for reading.

  • sherri herrick

    Hi Rachel,

    I saw your work at a Christian coffee shop in Wilmington that allows people to receive food and groceries. Beautiful kitchen! I am the meal maker for my family and host all the family holiday meals – family is the most important thing! I have so many dreams for my kitchen, which was nice 25 years ago, but life keeps happening. Most recently, my husband had a stoke and lost his right side. I am not very good with power tools and the project is to daunting to take on by myself. We have a very limited budget. I’d love to turn this dream into a reality!

  • Hey Rach:

    I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life (started in my early twenties). While I love to cook, there has yet to be a kitchen conducive to purely vegetarian cooking. I have a kitchen that was pretty much in-tact when I bought my Victorian home eight years ago – plenty of cabinets, wall pantry, hardwood floor, wainescoat – but if I had it my way it would be much different. For example, instead of a microwave, I’d have a juicer built into my cabinet. Rather than a broiler, I’d have a food dehydrator – wouldn’t that be awesome! Just the whole design of a kitchen lives and breathes for the culinary carnivores – and nothing wrong with that, but we vegetarians (particularly vegans and raw foodists) always seem to be left behind. While I can pretty much perform magic for veggie-heads and meat-heads alike, I’d become a miracle-worker if I had the right vegan tools at my 24/7 disposal. Just imagine!

  • Linda Gawyrs

    Have lived in my house for 25 years, have a great space, but a 1950’s kitchen! HELP! too much money spend raising three kids and working with special needs kids. Don’t have the money to fix it! A dream come true would be a new kitchen!

  • Michelle Caron

    Buying a house, the only house we can afford for our family of five. The house has NO kitchen appliances, cabinets, sink, well basically NO KITCHEN. This would be a godsend given we have only 60days to get a kitchen in place or loose the money we have into it. :dunno: :bowdown:

  • Sherri Booz

    After 20 years of living overseas, my understanding of what I “need” has changed. I have learned that I can do without many things that I once thought were a necessary. In China, we washed our dishes in our court yard because we did not have water in our home. I thought I couldn’t live without water in my house. Turns out, I could. In Madagascar, we could only use three kitchen appliances because of our limited electricity allowance. I thought I needed to use my fridge and washing machine at the same time, but turns out, I don’t. In Central Asia, I actually had an oven but the door had to be shut with a wooden spoon lodged between the door and the drawer next to it.

    We have recently returned to the States and are buying our first home. While I know that the kitchen in the home is adequate and all I “need,” it would be such a blessing to be able to makeover that original 44 year old kitchen. And, it would be such a joy to have my first “real” kitchen where our family can continue to make family memories . . . and actually wash the dishes in the same room. Thank you for an awesome opportunity.

  • Janet Arnold

    Hi, really need a new kitchen,

  • Elyse Dana

    I have the most phenomenal parents in the entire world. They are always supportive of my sister and me. My mother is the most generous woman I have ever met, and has so selflessly dedicated her time ( after her full day of work) to caring for my 100 year old grandfather ( who lives alone, and has celiacs disease, gluten free!). My dad is there to help as well, but they are exhausted- they drive a gazilion miles a day from my grandfathers to their home. They care soo much for everyone else, they rarely, if ever do, anything for themselves. I would love to see them be able to fully enjoy their space, when they finally get home at night.
    My parents own a beautiful old cottage style house on the coast of Maine. Throughout the years they have improved rooms throughout the house. The kitchen, however is the central gathering point, yet the worst space. It is very dated, and poor use of space. I know it is my mom’s dream to have a big beautiful ” smart” kitchen where she can create all of her amazing gluten free delights for my grandpa, and a comfortable place for us to all gather.
    This would be a dream come true for my parents, if i could give this to them without assistance, it would already be theirs- so It would be incredible if you could grant this wish!! Whatta’ ya say!?

  • Ron

    My wife and i just bought our new house and our kitchen is very out dated. It also has a green floor.

  • Emilee

    My family NEEDS a new kitchen! We are a growing family of 6, and I have a TINY u-shaped kitchen with total of 7 small cabinets, flooring has holes in it, and no dining room (we use a bedroom). PLEASE HELP!

  • Kimberly Holtz

    I really need a new kitchen. No cupboard doors, counter tops have cuts and chips, back splash separating from the wall, old appliances, fluorescent lighting, duct tape on the floor seams and no stove vent hood. Very unhappy room and owners. This is depressing. Previous owners trashed the place.

  • Kimberly Holtz

    I really need a new kitchen. No cupboard doors, counter tops have cuts and chips, back splash separating from the wall, old appliances, fluorescent lighting, duct tape on the floor seams and no stove vent hood. Very unhappy room and owners.

  • Sonja Cartee

    I’m a Mom of 3. I would love to have my kitchen updated unfortunately I dont have the money to do it alone. My Cabinets are old and out dated. Dont have enough room in them for storage. Floors look bad as well. Would love to be chosen in this contest.

  • Christine Stockford

    I need a kitchen makeover sooo bad!!! I have a 4 year old daughter and another daughter due in Septmeber. My fondest memories of my mother were the two of us spending time cooking together in our kitchen. My mom now has Alzheimer’s Disease (she was diagnosed at age 54) and requires 24/7 care. I want to pass on the wonderful tradition of making memories with my girls in our kitchen. But my kitchen is set up so bad it’s right now we just get in each others way if there is more than 1. Please pick me!!

  • Andrea Savoie

    My husband and I bought a real fixer upper 12 years ago that needed a complete remodel, but the kitchen is the worst. The cabinets are falling apart, previous renters left holes in the walls and the linoleum floor looks like someone fixed a rusty engine on it. We have worked hard, but one health issue after another has slowed our remodel down to a crawl. My husband has had two major open heart surgeries, I moved my disabled father in because he needed me to be his caretaker, and then I ended up having to have 3 major surgeries in just the last year and a half. My husband and I are both disabled and just physically can’t do the work anymore. Please we need a miracle.

  • Rhonda Allen

    I’m a Georgia resident and I’m in desperate need of a kitchen. I became a widow @ the age of 27 on Dec 25 2003 we have 4 kids. And on Jan 20 2010 my four children and I were burned out of our home without any insurance coverage it was devestating. With the help of my church family and the community we raised 10,000 and were able to restore the house and move back in. But that wasn’t enough to complete. We still do have a kitchen. The walls are painted and some trim started but no appliances and the burned bottom cabinets are still in. The top were totally burned up. PLEASE help us !!!

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  • Donna Allen

    My husband and I moved into out starter home over 20 years ago. Here we are still, in a small duplex and a family of five. One small kitchen, and one bathroom. We make due but for once in my life, I would like to be proud of my home. I keep it clean but it never looks good.

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  • Rachael,
    I have just gotten married. I have a 8 yr old and a 10 month old. We live on a poultry farm live is always busy, we also own a dog supply store here at our farm. We love to entertain but our kitchen is still the old kitchen that was in the house when it was built in the 70’s i believe when the house was built. It has the same kitchen cabinets, same flooring which is coming up, the floor is uneven. Its just not that safe with 2 little girls. When we have guest over half of us eat in the living room half in the dining room. Our dinning room is connected to the kitchen would love it to be one huge open area that i can prepare the meals i want and have the room. Please help!!!

  • Jessica cunningham

    Dear Rachel,
    i am 12 years old. we despratly need a new kitchen. It is always cramped in there and all year it so hot because of how small it is.Our counter tops are ruined by the people who lived there before us. And most of the tile is gone. And the panting is awful. :run: The house was built a long time ago witch makes it worse. But the kitchen is the worst room in the house. And our pantry is so small!!!!! We barley have enough room for our stuff to go in there. :eek3: And there is barley enough space for my mom to prepare meals because we dont have alot of counter space. Rachel, our kitchen needs a serious makeover…….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks 🙂