www.cameldissolvables.com, www.camel.com, www.camelsnus.com or www.cameldip.com (collectively the “Websites”), during the Game Period, and look for the “Camel Hump Day Game” link. Click on the Game link and follow the online instructions to play for a chance to win an Instant-Win Prize and to enter the random drawing for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

GRAND PRIZE/ODDS: Grand Prize (1): Grand Prize winner will receive $50,000 (awarded in the form of a wire transfer or check, payable to winner). Odds of winning the Grand Prize depend on the number of eligible entries received.

INSTANT-WIN PRIZES: First Prize (50): Each First Prize winner will receive a $1,000 Visa® Gift Card. Second Prize (45,000): Each Second Prize winner will receive a $20 Visa® Gift Card

Camel challenge:

Mar 30 2:14 pm
  • Bobb BMW

    Cool…Won a $20. Visa :wiggle:

  • vicki

    I won also on March31. Did you receive an email confirming your win? I haven’t yet

  • mike

    Where did u find the link? i cant find it :/

  • Bobb BMW

    No I haven’t…think I’ll call the co.

  • Bobb BMW

    No I haven’t…think I’ll call the co….I called and they told me they do not send an email confirmation…but all prizes will be sent 4 weeks after the contest ends

  • :run:

  • 😎 I love sweepstakesZ,


  • :love: happy love those prizes and cool stuff makes me h-a-p-p-y

  • melinda

    how do i enter i got a wallet of money

  • :wavey: gigisescape@twitter.com, hello~

  • Nerissa

    I got a wallet today and how do I enter

  • katrina

    i got a wallet today and i dont know how to enter

  • Linda

    I’d like to enter but how???

  • susan fritz

    just want to know how to Enter and sign back up with camel

  • camels best in the world!!!!!!!!!

  • how do i enter to win?

  • how do you enter????

  • How do you play the game

  • :noes: help me to find it .i want to win.

  • :uh: Cashier messed up. Please reinstate my Prize Mastercard 5114626025726260 expires on my birthday 11/28. Please advise to sheryl1128@gmai.com. Thank you camel.

  • lisa

    😡 where do i put id number mailed 2 me!!!! :dunno: 🙁 :wiggle:

  • lisa

    this sucks how do I enter the promo code?????Seize the Hump Day?with login id # HELP PLEASE!

  • where do you put login ID number???????

  • robert townsend

    Smoked camels for 40 years and had one point two million camel bucks and it quit and I just paid 7.50 for a pack. Go figger

  • Jonathan Collis

    Camal Blues only thing I smoke what I got to do to enter?

  • Gonzalo Martinez

    Camel menthol silver.. is by far the best menthol blend i have enjoyed smoking….Perfect !!!!