Prize: Hunting gear package with set of Midland GTX series two-way radios, Gerber Kenai modular backpack, Gerber Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit, PSE X-Force Bow, pair of Lacrosse Alpha Burly boots and Mossy Oak Apparel Scent stop shirt and pants in Break-Up camo pattern (ARV $1,500).

Dec 29 2:13 pm
  • All set to go trekking with these things!

  • Being a pobo with hobo camo I sure could use some new gear for the new year. I could of swore I heard a deer laughing at me last year while sitting in my stand.

  • just a dad

    disable dad needing help for 16 yr old son and self cloths gear anything thanks

  • Chris Rollins

    I could really use some hunting gear i got shot this spring in a turkey hunting accident and some of my Close got damaged i know i may never be able to work again. But when Im able i will set in the woods and hunt again

  • andrew thorne

    Hi,my name is andrew and this year will be my first hunt other than hunting rabbit’s with a bbgun.But,I have nothing to hunt with,and without a doubt from what I’ve heard your gear might just make that deer come in for my first kill. by the way the sad thing is. is that I am 22 years old. thank you for this oppertunity.

  • tom shipes

    hay just retied needin to hide out need all the gear

  • tom shipes


  • Hi there ,Well First of all ,You are doying a good job for your Camoflage hunting close ,And the reason I aply for this contest ,I like your stuff.If I could win your contest that would be nice for sure .I am retired now for pass 6 years ,So it putty hard when you get a monthly check to buy stuff .So thanks again good job ,and have a nice day ,Mr Serge Girard ,56 years old .From Ontario. Canada .

  • Jessica Smith

    Hi i am trying to win this contest because i just got into hunting and i really need some gear to get into the tradition. Not to mention i love your jackets and it is getting cold. So thankyou very much for me geeting a chance to do this. Yall are doing such a GREAT JOB!!! Jessica Smith Waldo, FLorida.

  • josh

    i had recently lost my job and my passion is to hunt with my son. due to no income i cannot afford to buy me or him some hunting gear. anything is appreciated= please help us out. thank you

  • phillip foxx

    I would like to enter you sweep-stake

  • lucas

    i love to hunt and fish. im allways doing something outdores i hunt trap and or fish every day and my hunting stuf was stolen so now i have nothing so id realy appreacheate this

  • Brittany Michau

    I spend all my time in the woods. I love hunting more than anything. My dad has always had me hunting. I’m 15 now. I would really love to enter your sweepstakes.

  • Sam Meyer

    Hi i am sam meyer and i am needing new hunting cloths and i just broke both bones in my lower right leg not being able to work and to top it off i have a pile of medical bills hope you can sign me up thanks a lot

  • Earnie Adkins

    My name is Earnie, I have a strong passion for bow hunting. Im a hard worker but at this point in time I find it difficault to afford the hunting gear I need for the seasons to come. I would be thankfull and very appriciative for the chance to recieve this give away! Thank you!

  • Tom Ruggles

    Love ur stuff……………hunting in my blood

  • I.m look for new grear for hunting . hunting is my sport love it but I just start never kill a buck only doe . can afford to pay for lease.

  • this would be a dream come true



  • steven

    Would like to get my son into hunting and he doesnt have any hunting gear. he is only 12 years old ….. thanks

  • Jason

    This is a great opportunity to promote your website as well as the hunting gear that you are offering. As an avid hunter, I am always looking for products that will give me an advantage or an edge over fellow hunters. Most of the time the best way to promote your products are to simply be seen in them, word of mouth travels fast. Thanks for the chance for me to receive some of them.

  • IT would bring me great joy to own or win some great stuff just for once.

  • sandy brown

    thank you for the chance for a free gear give a way if i win i plain to give it to my husbeen
    he is a big fan of any thing mossy oak he said yesterday that they should start putting out mossy oak toilet paper ,ha thanks

  • entering your contest in hopes of winning ilove the hunt but the thrill is in the kill thank you MOSSY OAK

  • Craig Dietz

    I come from a NON hunting family and I’m trying to start hunting. I love the outdoors and love to fish but the thill of an Archery hunting has got my attention…I went out this year and killed a small doe and everyone told me I didnt have the right gear, but I cannot afford the gear….PLEASE HELP…GOD BLESSS our fellow hunters and the animals that god gives us…

  • Jimmy Alexander

    I have never been on a huntng trip because i could not aforde one.please help 55 and getting older!

  • I would love to win some free gear most of my resources goes into raising my two boys, and paying bills. My wife is in school and so most of my gear is… well lets face it old and worn out, and on the border of of Crap and Junk St. All of my free time that is not spent with my family or at work is in the woods scouting and hunting. This gear would give me that much needed edge to get those hard find shots off, and really give me back that confidence that comes from owning quality gear. I am 30 years old and those shots are getting more and more rare with the equipment i use. So please any gear would do me a world of good in the feild. Thanks for all you all do for the hunting community. Joseph Woodbine KY.

  • peter caloon

    lets say the free stuff is always welcome in my neck of the woods or waters, and i go hunt any place i can, and fishing is just a sickness we all love to have. can you tell me in todays world of crazy gas prices and high food prices,why not try to win free gear. i put food on my table by hunting and fishing

  • leroy cole

    i love to hunt and fish thats how i was raised and thats what i tech my kids. ever time i get the chance i take them out and tech them about the outdoors. its good for them they dont get in truble in school that way and they learn to respect the outdoors. i dont get alot of time with them with my job but come deer season i take vaction to spend with them and tech them what i now and love witch is the out doors. i am a member of nra and buckmaster and my kids will be some day to. that way we have young kids fighting for are rights as well.

  • leroy cole

    i would love for my son to win a treep of a life time it would make his day he is 12 and has not been able to get a nice buck in closenf to shoot.

  • kornbred

    well when u hunt like i do then u learn to appreciate ANYTHING free cause it gets quite spendy from time to time

  • eric

    thanks 🙂

  • Bobby Housley

    Since I grew up in the Natchez/Vidalia area, I’ve followed the development of your company with a great deal of interest through the years. I feel like I’ve been hunting with “Cuz” for a while. I’ve had my share of “gar hole” stands to endure over the years. Keep up the good work. I’ve always loved your camo patterns and your hunting programs. If I should win some hunting gear, that would be great, but never-the-less, thanks for the enjoyable programs and great gear throughout the years.

  • Bobby Housley

    If a trip of a lifetime is possible, I would like to take my younger sons age 9, age 12. They love to hunt and I love to see them enjoy it as much as myself.

  • ryan fisher

    thanks for giving me a chance to enter your gear give away

  • John Pounds

    Both my 10 year old son and 6 year daughter just loves the woods. They really enjoy watching the wildlife in our area. When we are driving through the woods they are always watching for deer and other wildlife.


  • Lee George

    I sure need some new Gear.

  • kelly holm

    My name is Kelly holm, I am 23 years of age, I was wounded in Afghanistan after hitting an improvised explosive device back in 09′. My father in law took me hunting for the first time and since than I have been hooked and in need of new hunting gear

  • Todd Murphy

    I am a 29 year old man who loves to hunt… i have only been in the woods about three times. I have never took a whit tail but dream of killing a big one. I want to shoot my first one with a bow. Every one tells me hat the first deer you get is awsome. then they tell me the first one woth a bow is awsome as well… I want to put the two together and kill my first deer with a bow and have a hell of a time.. but need bow, and everything.. dont have the money for it.. can some one please pretty please help …thank Todd Murphy :bowdown:

  • Daron

    Just got in to hunting a couple of years ago and I love it and I need some good hunting gear

  • i use to hunt all the time until i had my car wreck i can still gun hunt but my passion was bow hunting i cant pull a bow back now but i can always use some new hunting gear

  • Vance Haygood

    Hi my namne is Vance Haygood I need some new hunting gear i was working for a guy for a while who was with holding money from me and i was loosing my house had to sell my bow, stand, rifle and calls to make house payments and insurance so if u could help with anything to help me get back to the woods it would be greatly appreciated thank u….

  • Justin Kurtz

    Hey, I’m fairly new to hunting and like any sport I’ve found its expensive to get started. I work full time while also going to school full time. I can’t wait till my sons get old enough to take out in the woods and pass on the tradition. New gear would be an awesome blessing!

  • Ian Messick

    well my daughter was born 3 months ago and its taking alot of work. I dont get to go hunting much anymore, but when i do. all of my gear is out of date and getting worn down. fedded cammo, broken scope, starting to break 12 gauge shot gun. new gear will be amazing to have.

  • hello I no you ear this few hundred time about need some good closes to hunt.well yes it right ,because your stuff is the best on the market for camo and sent free ,it no bull .you guys make a good job .so if you like my story ,please enter me in your contest thanks and have a very nice day .Mr serge Girard .I hunt moose Deer ,caribou .and small game and fishing thank you .

  • Joe Sommerlund always hunted with mossy-oak camo by far my favorite.

  • Vince

    I want the prize pack in helping to be a more successful hunter! The best time of year is around the corner and I could use some new threads1

  • david piatt

    I would like to win some new gear cause we always hunt in hand me downs thanks

  • Shane Nutt

    I love testing out new gear and seeing how it works! Hunting is my life!!!

  • TJ

    I have never asked for anything in my life. Donations and prizes always welcome. Thank You. Lets go hunting.

  • james kehrer

    My favorite thing in life is hunting. It doesn’t matter what it is as Long as I can eat it I will hunt for it. If I could win this new gear, it could make all my hunts great even though I don’t see many animals. I would love to win this gear. I try to take care of everything I have. So with this being quality material I wouldn’t have to upgrade for a long time Maybe even forever.

  • roland l. mcguire

    im disabled so i have a very fixed income anything free helps

  • jacob k whintey

    :dunno: life sucks need somthing to make i worth while make me have one good day OVER AND OUT JAKE

  • Darrel

    I’ll try

  • Shaw

    I hope win some new gear

  • Gordon Dunson

    :uh: would love to enter for any and all links for the hunting giveaways. please n thank you….

  • Chris allbritton

    I’m a proud parent of two beautiful twin girls and most of my money is tied up with them. I could really use some new things to help me out. Also thank yaw I really admire the things yaw do to help people enjoy a little slice of heaven called the great outdoors.

  • Cecil Gilliland

    I love to hunt but lost all of my hunting gear when it was stolen last November, I cannot afford to replace it because I just barely support my family and it took me about 10 years to get what I had. It’s very discouraging, and I would love to take my 13 yr old son hunting to get him away from video games. I would greatly appreciate any help you might be able to offer. I truely appreciate all you do for the wildlife sports. Thank you very much.

  • Carl G Wiese

    I am 26yrs old… I live in northern Minnesota.. Hunting is a passion of mine… I am currently on disability for kidney failure… I currently doing kidney treatments to stay alive… I have been disabled for 2 1/2 yrs now, hopeing to get a transplant in the near future..

  • Christopher Smart

    thank you