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Nov 29 12:03 am
  • Rebecca Crowder

    I would love to own a home. I’ve raised three daughters by myself and started a non profit foundation to grant the final wishes of the elderly in honor of my good mother. But never owned a home. I could have a place for my grandchildren to come play.

  • Penelope

    I filled out the information on this website – and selected [NO] for” a subscription to Country Living – and the sweepstakes entry automatically will send you the subscription & BILL YOU the subscription rate ( I think it was $9.98)

    I deactivated the account – and hopefully will not see a subscription arrive, or a BILL!

    Be warned, or advised… sneaky antics on this sweepstakes.

  • I would cry tears of joy because I could pay fo9r the protection of my home I am a victim of hate crimes and stalking,but the police in New haven Ct. are too busy to help me. There have being so many cases of hoax that no-one can imagine what I am going though There are people in this world who don’t fear going to jail or laws

  • Please call me @ 203 3142375 Thanks A plea for help.

  • I’m a single mother of 3.Raising them on my own and am interested in owning my own home

  • I am a widow with a mortgage strugling to pay on social security. I need a miracle.

  • Margie Parker

    We could all come up with a sad sob story for getting a home or paying off the mortgage. Therefore, I will simply say I would like to pay off my mortgage.

  • Nancy Goodrich

    Every one has a hard time right now.
    A lot of people have lost there homes.
    I lost mine to foreclosure just like others.
    We started building in 1999 and in 2 years
    we moved in part of the house.
    After about 8years things got tight the home went in to foreclosure and we lost every thing. I lost my home and My husband.
    I moved in to a trailer had to downsize a lot
    that was so hard. My dream is to pay off this trailer and land and be able to make it work.

  • It is interesting to submit this comment as to why I would like to win the pay off the mortgage contest. I am the single mother of a 37 year old man with moderate mental retardation and autism. He ives with me. I currently am buying a small home and would love to pay off the mortgage so I could use the money I have to upgrade the home, and welcome 2 other persons with disabilities to live with my son. The home is accessible to the community and COUNTRY LIVING would be providing a valuable service to those in the disability community. What a better investment than into the lives of society’s most fragile citizens. Thank you for this opportunity to submit my dream.

  • The website is the business that I am the director of. I am responsible to provide spiritual and social programs of nurture for those with disabilities in our coommunity.

  • jan hall

    my husband and i are on social security, trying to make ends meet.

  • barbara farrell

    . my husband got very sick last june,,and we had to close up our business.( flea market)..i am his care giver so i can’t work,,winning our mortage payment would be such a big help to us,,it would mean the difference between living in our home and practically on the streets.his ss doesn’t go very far with all the medical and hospital bills we have..

  • My wife,daughter,and I have been forced to move from our home that was paid off due to us having a series of home invasions, burglaries, and assaults, in our own home of 29 years. We hung on for 3 years then the situation got worse and my daughter was raped while she slept one night. The police failed to respond to any request we made for police protection. We wanted to get out of the bad situation and moved. We didn’t wait to sell our house either as we were afraid for our lives. My wife and I are elderly and we have to stuggle with my disabled daughter who lives with us to make the monthly payment since our house didn’t sell. The burglar and her gang would drug us and come in and assault us. It shut my daughter’s only kidney down and she has to go to the infusion center every other day for intravenious treatments. That is expensive do to driving 45 minutes each way not to mention the ware and tear on the car. We could use any help necessary to make that monthly house payment. The current house payment is more then our social security pensions put together. It is just terrible that we were forced to move from a house we loved and were set with for over 29 years due to crime. My daughter is volunteering one day a week with her spinal injury and kidney problem as a nurse, and making a little money but not enough to make the house payment, but to cover gasoline to and from the health clinic. That job is over in April or June of this year as it was a grant position. I admire her for picking up after a rape and taking her service dog to the clinic to volunteer with her spinal injury caused by a drunk driver and kidney problem caused by the burglar’s drugs. I would love nothing more then to see our mortage being paid off so we and she don’t have worry as much. We had to move to a house due to having two service dogs and couldn’t do an apartment. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Elayne Quartarolo

    My husband and I are in our mid sixity and bought are first home 10 years ago. That is when I got layoff from my job. My husband job currently is very shakie and at his age where do you go. I have had health problems and had cancer twice. Getting our home paid for would be a dream come true.

  • This would be a great home. My husband is disabled from the war and I would like to suprise him from Country Living.

  • brenda cotton

    I have never owned a home and with retirement nearing, my husband and I would love to have our home paid for. This would be a wonderful surprise for our retirement.

  • donna boocks

    I think times in America are about to get a whole lot worse. We are getting up there in years and it would be nice not to have to worry about losing our home in our old age. So, I will enter the contest, but put my trust in God that we will always have a home.

  • June Kemp

    My husband and I overcustomized our home to accomdate our wheelchair confined son,by mortgaging our home sixteen years ago. He died one year after we put ourselves in debt . We are now in our seventies. Tried to sell it 2 years ago, but had no offers – because of the changes we made.Tried to work with the bank (Citimortgage) to lower our rate, but they turned us down. We really like our home, but don’t know how long we can hold on. Paying the mortgage off would
    help a lot, allowing us to buy health insurance and live out the rest of our lives stress free.

  • Sherry Jurd

    I’m sure anyone who has a mortgage currently would celebrate having their home paid off. My husband and I are included in that group of folks. We built our home 30 years ago and refinanced it to make home improvements. We recently retired and find it difficult to make house payments on our newly limited income. It would be a blessing to have our mortgage paid. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • colleen young

    How can I enter the payoff your house, the form says only US residents, and I’m canadain, and I do get you mag. Help me. Thanks

  • colleen young

    I want to enter the payoff the house, but as I’m Canadian, it says US residents, help so I can enter, as I get your magazine. Thanks

  • James Recker

    The company I worked for has laid me off work and at my age decided to go on social sucurity.It would be a blessing to be able to have our home paid off.Thank you for considering us in this mortgage sweepstakes.

  • Toni Kramp

    I’ve had my mortgage for 25 years and the mortgage company changed hands and my interest went up to 12and a half percent and at this rate I will never be able to pay this off. There was a class action suit because I paid 8,000.00 too much one year (Washing D.C. got involved) but because there were so many people involved, we didn’t get a month’s payment back. My husband is disabled and we are trying to live on our small social security checks, it isn’t working. please choose us THANK YOU

  • My husband Dennis retired after 38 years with the Air Force. He was medically retired due to war acquired injuries. To have our home paid off would allow my husband and I to stop our worries day to day on how we will continue to maintain our home. Dennis served his country in the most honorable way including a bronze star. He is a good man and will probably have a short life span due to his service to his Country. Sincerely, Debby Woodbridge.

  • I am simply like everyone else, having problems with the soaring prices of everything.

  • Never won anything in my life but I always have hope.

  • Dina Maulucci

    A paid off house would be great, then I could go back to school.

  • Leticia Enquist

    i am simply like everyone else, having problems my husband company he work for 36 year close there doors.
    I know we are on our own. Hope ing to make the payment moth by moth house payment or food and gas.

  • Susan Vaughan

    Short and sweet I really work hard and would love to pay offmy home before I die. Thus far it does not look like I will ever make it. My home is very modest and I am not married. Please enter me in your sweepstakes.
    Thank you
    Susan Vaughan

  • Barbara Barrier

    After teaching 8th, 10th and 11th grade English for 35.5 years, my husband and I moved back home to the foothills of North Carolina. We have a lovely, modest home in a rural setting. My husband, Kim, works hard at Walmart and then comes home to tend to his 68 trees; yes, he planted and pampered each one. He also plants a small garden in our backyard. We can his vegetables each summer. I’m told my pickle relish is so good that my friends just eat it out of the jar.
    It makes me sad that neither of us will likely live long enough to pay off our 30 year mortage. We need a windfall to continue believing that our dream of owning our own piece of paradise can come true!

  • Barbara Barrier

    I just entered.

  • Paulette L. Pardun

    I would like to have a small home of my own; I have been widowed for >26 yrs. I have survived by living with family and friends for many years due to limited incomes through the years prior to Social Security. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Pam Cochran

    I am getting ready to retire hopefully. If my house was pay off, I could retire and take a breath after working since I have been 13 years.

  • Hello. i turned 62 end of feb. i want to retire because of arthritis but have to keep working to help my husband make our morgage payments on time. we still owe 13 yrs on our mort. my husband hopes to retire in another 8 yrs because hes worked for the last 50 yrs of his life.he is 55, we dont feel we can pay off our home in 8 yrs to be able to do this so were thinking about trying to sell our home that we still owe 90000 on so we can get out of dept. we pray every day and night that we could come into some money to pay off our home so we can keep what we worked so hard for to buy 10 yrs ago. we love reading country living magazines and will always continue to buy them. thanks for listening and have a great day.

  • Glenda Whittington

    :bowdown: I receive Country Living which was a gift from my sister, she likes Country Woman. I am hoping to have a chance to win in order to have a home to be near my sister again. I am cancer survivor which is great but illness(s) have left me disabled. I was let go on one job, hurt on another job that was part-time and tried working again but passed out in pain (it was physical work). If I win, of course I would be happy but I believe in charity too.
    :io: :wiggle: :wavey: :h5: :h5:

  • Martha C Branch

    My husband and I retired in 2006 and built our home on the Lake. Gosh would I love to give him an anniversary present of paying off our Mortgage. We will be married 50 years in 2013 what a wonderful gift. Its hard to give a gift to someone married that long. He’s worked so long and hard for what we have its time to give him something back. He’s a cancer survivor of Colon Cancer. Thanks

  • Barbara Garry

    I lost most all of my possessions after Herricane Ike. My then home was paid for. Now I am paying for a mortgage on my resent home. When disaster strikes insurance does not cover another home plus furnishings. I am 70 years of age and still work. It is not easy starting over.

  • Lynn Richker

    Paying off our home would be a tremendous blessing. My husband and I could devote more time ministering to the elderly in our community.

  • karen m nix

    I really dont have a comment to make except that I have been a single mother for over 20 years now. I have loved my family and now I am having to watch it go through hard times like everyone else. I have a son that was in an almost fatal car crash 5 yrs. ago and his wife left him during his recovery period with 3 children ages now 14 ,12, and 5 yrs. old. He has been a super Mr. Mom to these kids and he will continue to do so, however I have had to suppliment income to them and buy food, so indirectly I am having to raise 3 children from a distance and help my disabled son whenever I can. Please consider me in the contest to pay off my country home. I am a christian mother and I pray every day for the safety and the health of these children and son. I pray that if it be Gods will for me to be so fortunate in winning, then I will definitely be a testimony for him and many other I could help dail. thank you for considering my entry.

  • Melissa Jaques

    What a wonderful contest. My husband and I both retired unexpectantly due to him having insulin dependant diabetes and the after effects of my having pnemacaucal spinal menengitis and being on life support for 10 days. This definitely changed our financial outlook since we both had anticipated working until our home mortgage was paid off.Now we seem to have this dark cloud over us. We’ve considered trying to sell our home and move into an apartment – even though after 40 years of marriage we have always paid toward our own home and not rented. It seems we are caught in our “tween” years between employment and retirement and there is not financial plan to address this present dilema. Having our mortgage paid for would be wonderful since we can anticipate costly medical and phamacy bills in the future. It would be wonderful if you would consider this request and this dark cloud of doubt and uncertainty could be lifted.

  • I I am an elderly lady who lives alone in a small modest brick home. The house was purchased in 2007 at an inflated price with an inflated intrest rate. I live on funds I receive from social security and a small retirement. If I should be so fortunate as to have my mortgage paid words could not express my gratitude. Thank you for this oppornity to enter.

  • Rick Watts

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE We all need this!!!

  • irene prestenbach

    It would be nice to payoff our home with 2 small children every cent counts. Thank You.

  • Bertha m Hart

    dont know just where to start,i am 74&1/2 yrs old.have never had a house paid for.i first started out had 3 kids,my husband left me,i tryed to get by working no support.after afew yrs had another child,boy did iever make a mistake there.took my kids and lefthad to draw gov pay on them until i got a 1st husband came & took the 1st 3 kids to another state,couldn,t get them back.i worked for yrs got layed off,moved got another job met the man i am with today.with his child support we just scraped by with our house payment.we are retired now & are stillmaking house payments.would sure like to get a better home & not have any payments. it sure would be a blessing in our old age.[i am not well]

  • Bertha m Hart

    i forgot to say after a few yrs i got married again &had another child.

  • Arlene Albright

    I have received your magazine for years,
    and really enjoy the “hominess” of the ideas
    Country Living provides.
    As I am reaching “3/4 of a century” this
    year, it would be awesome to pay off two
    Your May (2011) issue has some wonderful
    ideas to save money. Thank you.

  • judith glessner

    entering 250000.00 sweepstakes thank you

  • R.H. Stapp

    I have built a small 3/2 farm style house on the Brazos River in the country near a small Texas town with “salt of the earth” folks.
    The house is to be left to Buckner International, a ministry serving abused, neglected and orphaned children. It will be used as a foster home for kids needing that type of environment out of the city of Dallas.

  • Judith Ann Huber

    Heven sent for sure

  • Anything will help.

  • Barbara Manka

    I could pay off my home and fix it up it needs help it is a older home it is all I could afford. I am a retired 70 yr old and I had to by another car and can not afford to fix up my house.

  • Mary Hoffman

    Aloha Friend:
    Thank-You For This Opportunity. I Have Raised 4 Children as a Single Mom. I’m Now 57, and Live On Disability. Owning a Home Would Mean That My Children Would Not Have To
    Worry or Support Me In The Future.I Would Have a Home That I Could Keep In The Family For My Children & Grand-Children.
    Mahalo (Thank-You)

  • Mz Debbie

    My husband and I are retired. It would be a blessing to have our mortgage paid off. Thank you.

  • Mz Debbie

    Thank you for the ability to enter this contest. We would be thrilled to have our mortgage paid off.

  • Rebecca

    After reading some of the previous sad stories (and assuming they are true) if I won, I would pay off someone else’s mortgage for them and continue to make my own monthly payments. We have been very blessed with jobs and the ability to pay our own way. I thank God for that daily, as well as for so many other blessings.

  • susann guglielmini

    Thank you for a chance to win- trying to sell my house for the past 3 yrs-no husband died right before we moved in and I have had to carry the mtg all by myself. I developed some health problems & trying to cope.Thank you again for this chance.

  • Vicky Ward

    40 years ago I lost my father and only son in a house fire. This tragedy consumed my family with a grief that thoroughly colored our lives. Because of an insurance settlement we were able to purchase a new home (my husband, myself, and our little girl), a chance to start over again. After some unexpected illnesses and the poor economy, these many years later our home is in jeopardy of foreclosure. My family and I would be grateful to have a chance to keep this home that means so much to us. Thank you

  • donald saviano

    recently retired, my wife had both hips replaced. it has not been easy

  • donald saviano

    lost my brother and my mother and had to move to another house , dad moved in and we needed more room and acess to handicapped issues we have a big mortgage and small savings.

  • Joanne Johnson

    Even though, at age 79, my home is heavily mortgaged, I would feel guilty if I won this contest and did not share with at least some of the people whose stories are above. I would use a small portion of it to ease my own burden, pay the taxes,and then divide the restamong the most needy from among those folks who have shared their desperate circumstances with you.

  • Sue Wright

    I have entered and entered sweepstakes with no luck. So way not enter another one. I have no luck at lotteries, scratch offs, raffles, little sweepstakes, big sweepstakes, dog races, horse races, but you know what, I got my health. So everyone out there that has entered another sweepstakes, best of luck on winning, I’m sure I won’t be in the running but I hope you are.

  • James Stavlo

    Would make retirement possible.

  • This would make retirement possible.

  • Sheryl Kadlec

    I read some of these replys and I think there are people in worse shape then me but you cannot win if you dont enter. Winning this contest would be such a blessing. We have had to file bankrupcy 2 times in our life. Once after some personal problems with our son and another time after I had breast cancer and could not work for a year. We cannot seem to catch up because now I am paying payments on several large medical bills and have more health issues.If our mortgage was paid we could catch up on everything and maybe the health issues would also improve. Thank you.

  • Anne

    Everyone is in need of any help they can get. Money is tight.

  • margaret neff


  • Caroline S Hash

    Thank you for the opportunity to pay off my home.

  • angela ayer

    It is hard to make ends meet. like the rest of the world, I would like to someday feel like i am not working ONLY to pay bills. A single income is scarey, anything happens everything is gone

  • James Dobbins

    Retired and only income is S.S. Would be nice to payoff my home.

  • I only wish to everybody good luck, and best wishes for all. :bigthumb:

  • bonnie melillo

    I,m a widow for 11years . I could use some help with my mortage .

  • I am 72yrs. old and in good health,but I live on social security only and with all the hikes in medicare, perscriptions,food and just all of the cost of living incresses it is too much to make ends meet. Paying off my home and having a little left over would let my golden years be a little bit golden.

  • no reply

  • carolyn tohey

    Entry to mortgage pay off sweepstakes? Caroly Toohey

  • Don Murray

    Would love to have a house big engough to have my mom live with us

  • Polly Moses

    My house paid off would be great! My sixteen year old daughter was in a boating accident onJuly 31, 2009. She just had her 38th surgery last Friday. Google Molly Moses. She is a miracle. While she is in the initial four month stay at hospital my 16 year old got pregnant. I am a proud grandmother and mother to Lily Jade Moses. I am a single mom too of course. God has blessed us in many ways but money is always a struggle. It would be nice to sleep just one night without worrying where the money will come from next. I am employed and have been all my life, but it is not enough. I will have to downsize soon. Volunteers remodeled our home to make it wheelchair accessible too. I dont want to leave our home but i must reduce our debt. I have a lifetime of medical bills now even with insurance. I am praying for one more miracle.

  • Michelle Cousineau

    I am a single mother with four children. Three years ago i moved into my sisters home so i could get back on my feet again and save some money. My plan was to stay with her for a year and save money to find a nice place for me and my children. My sister was unexpectedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was in and out of hospitals and passed away on June 25, 2009. She had one son (14) at the time of her passing. His father is not part of his life. The courts granted me custody of him. The last two years has been a struggle trying to raise my four and now my nephew on my own. I am now responsible to pay her mortgage every month on my income and support 5 children. I have thought about moving however the cost of an apartment for 6 would be the same as my mortgage payment, just with less space. I love all five of these children and will do anything possible to give them the best in life. Freeing up my mortgage payments would be a great way to start moving forward. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Susan Schuerman

    I’m a single mother and my youngest daughter suffered a massive stroke on her 21st birthday. That was May 29, 2004. We have spent the past 7 years trying to rehabilitate my daughter, and the costs have been astronomical. I pray that I am considered for this prize..because my daughter needs much more than I can give her at the moment.

  • kashamara kendrick

    I would love to have my mortgage paid off because it would mean more money put toward my daughters college, more breathing room for whatever comes up and completely having a home with no mortgage rent-free that’s awesome! Being a single is hard her father died a monthand 15 days before she was born even with his benefits in todays world is not enough.

  • Edna Lake

    I am 75 yrs old and guardian of my disabled son, David. Our sole income is dependent on social security and SSI. The government will soon be messing with Soc Sec and Medicare and we barely get by now. I have no faith in what the government (especially the Republicans) are doing. We do not own the trailor we live in. I need to find other avenues of income to support us. I do not wish to have my son committed to an institution when I can no longer care for him.

  • maryann vanderford

    We have recently retired and would love to continue living in our dream home, mortgage free ! Sincerely, maryann & dave

  • Our home is 80+ years and is in need of MANY repairs . We also need to add on a handicap bath and bedroom as our 2 bedrooms can never accomodate a wheelchair.We also need alive in covered porch and ramp. Other adjustments forthe house need work also. New roof, water heater, insulation, under carriage structural work and more. Cannot do on social security. However we feel blessed to be in a home when others are not, flaws and all.

  • Linda Allison

    I love my Country Living magazine subscription and look forward to receiving the magazine every month. Winning this contest would be an answer to prayer. My son Tom died in June of this year after a 5 year battle with cancer. We are left with trying to sell or rent his house with the proceeds,if any, to go to his children’s college fund ages 17,16, and 13.
    With such a bad housing market the house has been appraised for much less than is owed on his mortgage. We also, have had no luck
    renting it. My husband and I are a retired couple on a fixed income – our name is on his mortgage so we are liable for the payments. We need to see some light at the end of this tunnel.

  • connie ogle

    Hi my name is Connie I am a wife and a mother of three little girls. we live in a old farm house that is falling in on it self.It has no installation,old windows,and no heat. In the winter we close off most of the house and heat with space heaters. Our power bill goes from $80 in the summer to $450 in the winter and it is still like 50 degrees. we make $14,000 a year we would love to do something but we can’t afford to.We still have to pay 11 more years on our home. This money would change our lifes.

  • Bonnie Shifflet

    Hi my names is Bonnie I am a farmers wife and I work three jobs. And we still do not have the extra money to fix our over 100yrs old house. We have done some work. But most of our money goes to pay bills. And my daughter and her son could not keep there apt. So now they are living at home again. And we do not have the extra room. We work hard but never get ahead. The money would help us pay of bills and get the extra space.Thank you

  • Barb Hanson

    Because both me and my husband have worked two jobs each most of our married life and times are even more tough for us now, this would be the best thing that could ever happen to us. Thanks for this chance.

  • Nancy


  • Twila Anderson

    I am a 61 year old grandmother. I have my 2 grandchildren living with me due to the economy and their parents loosing their home, with the mortgage crisis. I work full time, but struggle to make ends meet. What a blessing it would be topay off my mortgage and help my children and grandchildren have their own home.

  • Gayle West

    After reading all the incredible stories…I’ll add mine. I have battled breast cancer and now have MS which has left me quite disabled 🙁 I must have home health come to help me…but still I consider myself ‘blessed’ in that I have a loving husband and two wonderful kids and 2 grandkids who love me and bring such joy to my life!

  • Linda Longhofer-Swarts

    Thank you for this opportunity to register for this generous gift. I am 60 yrs old. My husband and I were looking forward to a wonderful future and then he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease. We had been togehter for over 15 years. We have always worked. Diagnosis was June 16, 2010, we realized how much time we ahd wasted making a life together but never getting that peice of paper so we married June 25, 2010. June 27, 2011 he passed away after a courageous battle to attempt to extend his life and help others by being a subject in reasearch. We were the typical family wanting to leave our children something to enrich their lives when we were gone. It wasn’t until he passed away I realized he worked hard to enrich their lives, just not with items. He left them feeling so loved and taught them over the years how to always give to others in need no matter how little you may have,he taught them to live your live with dignity and pride no matter what hand you ahve been dealt. His daughter (step) and grandchildren lost their father and grandfather 8 years to a disease he fought for 2 years. Then to lose him has devasted us all. This gift would enable me to pay off my mortage and help my children, and other ALS families who have lost so much, yet have the memories of the one they love so much to help them continue on. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Sara A

    My husband and I have 4 children. Three were very sick as infants and we have medical bills we are paying. I had a daycare for over 8 years and my husband accomplished his dream of owning his own semi then the economy took a dive and we sold it and he was fortunate enough to get a job and I found other employment. We sold our home basically for what we owed and now live in a home my mother owns and helps us with the payment to the finance company. We have a piece of property and were going to build until the economy dealt us the same hand it has americans. It would be wonderful to have our home and help my mother with her mortage since my step father recently passed away and she is beginning to struggle too. We also would help a family that is living with a terminal disease as we did. Thank you

  • Bertha m Hart

    BERTHA. 9,28 ,11

  • We have lived in our home for five years and with the econimy the way it is the value of it has declined $200,000, and our payment has stayed the same. We tried to refinance to get a lower payment, but our credit is not good enough to do that. So, if we were to win your contest, that would help.

  • Sue Randle

    Like everyone else, a mortgage free home would be a blessing.

  • My husband and I have left our jobs in Las Vegas, NV to come back home to Montana to retire. We built a home in the country and we will be here for the rest of our lives. However, there is not alot of jobs available in Montana. We have used all our savings,and life insurance to pay our monthly mortgage. I would love to be able to payoff our mortgage and surprise my husband. My special neice has subscribed to Country Living Magazine for me as a gift and I LOVE IT!!!. I love,love,love my magazine and am excited every month for it to come.

    Patty Ordish

  • Gail Annette Rogers

    I am hearing inpaired and 65 years old, My husband of 45 years is 73. We raised five wonderful children and they are all well educated. We have lived in our home for over thirty years and it is over one hundred years old and needs so mcuh home improvement that we can not afford at our age to have all the work done that it needs. This would be a real blessing for us to be able to stay in our home in our old age. Thank you, and I look forward every month for my next Country Living Magazine.

  • Rosa Isabel Ferretiz

    It would be a blessing to win .

  • Gerilyn Brereton

    I went to my shrink and he started to cry… and that was before things got worse. I manage to laugh about and keep my sence of humor. If I won this would vastly improve my life… Thank you for your consideration.

  • Sharon

    Like everyone else, the economy has taken it’s toll on the what used to be budget. I too would have an improved life if I could pay off my mortgage, credit cards and buy a descent car. We used to have a little money in the bank to fall back on, but that is long gone.

  • S. Lewis

    I have poured over the pages of Country Living for many, many years. It has inspired my creativity and brought hours of pleasure to my soul. I have always known that I will have that old two story house that lives in my imagination with or without the sweepstakes. Thank you for such an awesome magazine and opportunity.

  • sharon riley

    Its always was a dream of mine, to have a home to call mine. I raised a son on my own for the last 18 years. With no help from anyone. It was a long hard road but I did it. I was just able to purchase my own home, and it would be great not to have to make a mortgage payment, and be able to some things with that money to enjoy life with, that never had the luxery to do. Take a great family vacation for starters.

  • I am writing for my sister who is 70 years old and still working while in poor health because she needs to. She has had a tough life and could use a break. When her husband passed away, she had to use a credit card to bury him. Winning this would be a blessing to her and would allow her to not have to work while being in such poor health. That is my wish for her.

  • gene austin

    God Bless each and every one of you…

  • Teresa

    I am a childcare provider ,retired spouse and mom. I live by a military post. I really would love to win to help the military families especially the single parents with their family. I would have extract money to help them.My husband gave the military 20 years,he retired11 years ago and still working it would be nice if he didn’t have to work. He could just help me focus to help the military families. you don’t have to be in the military to help you. We help anyone in need. Thank you, God Bless American 🙂

  • Teresa


  • Became disabled when I turned 48.Needless to say life has been a struggle since I am unable to work. It would alot if I didn’t have a morgage to pay.

  • Terri

    It would be fantastic to not have any worries or cares regarding how to pay the mortgage each month. :uh: Thanks!

  • Melanie Antoine

    I would love to win, because this will definitely be my first “big ticket item”.


  • Lorene

    Best of luck to everyone who is submitting. We all have good reasons for wanting to win the money.

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  • Rian LaFleur

    would love to win trying to sale my house and having a little trouble doing so.

  • Kathy Simon

    Since my husband and I have had so much bad luck in the past five years, I am hoping for something good to finally happen.

  • Fred and Barbara Jarrett

    If it’s in the Lord’s will, we will WIN!!!!!!

  • edward c. zeigler

    i have a reverse mortage and owe more on my house now than i did before. i would like to be able to pay it off, so my children do not have to worry about paying it off or losing it, before i die. i am 70, so i am running out of time.

  • :h5: :h5: i would love to win, me and husband on social security. never owned a home free and clear. what a blessing that would be

  • i would love to win, would be such a blessing ruby southern

  • Elizabeth Rossetti

    I am a 65 year old grandmother raising my three beautifull granddaughters Kayla 14, Isabella 8 and Ava 4, I have never been able to own a home with a nice backyard for them to play in and room for them not to have to share one bedroom….I would love to be able to give them this … It would give me such joy to do that…Thank you….

  • Jean Stahmer

    What a blessing it would be to have my mortgage payed off, my daughters would be able to go to college something that I never had the opportunity to do. God bless everyone.

  • 🙂 🙂 😉
    :love: we have so much troubles,owning our home would be a gift from GOD

  • cathy adams

    I would be able to help my friends ,

  • denny

    Winning this would allow my husband (67yrs old) to retire- after losing five children we adopted a child that had many problems- and he unselfishly provides for her health care and counseling expenses by working full time while I attend to her. He has worked all his life and deserves some rest as he has had two close health crises and has survived cancer.

  • beverlie

    After caring for my husband who had cancer for 14 years he died this April 2012 will be 10 years. I was left to care for our now 32 years old disabled Son who suffers from AUTISM,FOOD,MEDICATION and ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGIES.I have used up all my resources. I have put a new roof,energy efficient windows and doors,took up 90% of carpeting due to his allergies,some of the floors(bedrooms)sanded.I am trying to get CARE GIVERS for my Son and would use the money to pay off my mortgage and fix the lower level of the house to accomodate my Son so if I should die before him he would still be able to live and share the home with other people who are disabled.

  • teresa edmonds

    what a miracle if it really went to somebody like myself or some other poorer soul instead of some rich people.

  • :hs: i am getting so excited about winning, oh what a blessing that would be ruby

  • :love: hopeing for my mircle thank you ruby

  • Brenda Martin

    ould like to have our home paid for so we could travel to visit our grandchildren that live out of state!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pamela wilson

    Well to be honest I am a disabled vet…ptsd as I was going through therapy I overextended myself financially with credit cards… working through the mess I made of my credit during that period of my life….it would be like an american dream come true …………Thank You Pam

  • Colleen Murphy

    Retired teacher,had 5 surgeries in the last 3 years plus a heart attack and house payments are difficult to make. Fell in the donut hole and could not afford medications and a house payment so had let meds go.

  • jessie

    :uh: would be nice if I could see where to enter for payoff my mortgage. :fingersx:

  • Linda McCoy

    It is nice better yet a blessing from God to live mortage free and less worry & stress. Therefore being a (PW), First Lady some call me my husband & I believe that every great gift is from God above. I know that there are a lot of athies out there but not me. I am a God fearing Woman & love the Lord. I hope and believe that you are too. May God bless and keep you in 2012. Thank You.

  • Harry Allen

    I am over 70 yrs young and have 6 children and 11 Grandkids. Need help in taking care of my kids/Grandkids in the future. Tanks

  • Melissa Broyles

    I also would like to have my home payed off,it would be a true blessing for my family and myself.Thanks for the opportunity to be mortgage free.

  • Melissa Broyles

    To be mortgage free would be a blessing me.Dreams do come true

  • have a very old drafty house is very hard to heat…and i stay cold could really use this

  • LeeRoy R Blank

    I been married 56 years and would like to have my home paid off befor I die

  • Mary Mills

    I would love to win. This would help us to pay off our mortgage. My husband is a disable Veteran and this would take a great burden off of us. We are not complaining about him being totally disable because he loves this country and would serve again if he was able.

  • Julie Miller

    I certainly hope this is a legitimate website. I love Country Living magazine. If it is, thank you for this opportunity to enter this contest.
    It would be great to pay off our mortgage. My husband and I could help a lot of people with that extra money each month.

  • May the deserving person win

  • Carol Greene

    To win would the happiest day of my life since i have never won anything before and this would also give me a chance to send my daughter to college since i am a single parent.

  • My husband and I run a small two bedroom bed and breakfast to support ourselves as we only
    have our social security payments to live on.
    And those SS payments are very small amounts.
    If we could pay off our home, we would be in a
    more comfortable position financially and we
    would thank you profusely for this gift.

  • Judi

    Paying off our mortgage would allow us more money to help those in need

  • Joyce

    I have struggled for 30+ years while teaching and raising two children. Teachers don’t make much and I had to spend my own money to buy supplies. Now retired, it would be wonderful not to have a mortgage!

  • gail collier

    my husband and I have worked hard all our lives.40 of them married. We are now helping our son, who lost his job, and our daughter, who is now a single MOM of two.Her ex helps very little.Would love to do more for them and others.

  • Charryn L.

    From reading, it seems that everyone has a sad story. I am no different. We are mid seventies and victims of this economy also. All I can say is that I can put our experiences up to anyone elses. It’s been a long, tough, hard road. We are exhausted and pray daily for God to show us the way to help ourselves. We truly need his blessing.

  • Charlene L

    We are a single income family my husband works and I am full time student. We currently have one 2 year old little boy and another due March 19 2012. We currently live pay check to paycheck and are ineligible for food stamps so we struggle just to put a groceries on the table budget is $100 a month. I have a 18year old sister who is now pregnant with twins who I would love to help but financially we can barely keep ourselves a float. If my mortgage was payed off I could feed my family and not feel guilty that I potentially ate my sons dinner.

  • My husband Robert recently passed away suddenly without warning. Went to take a nap and didn’t wake. He leaves behind a wife, daughter, and 4 grandchildren (10, 7, 6, 4). He was the sole support for the family and unfortunately had no life insurance. The family is in need of financial support The financial support will pay the mortgage on the house, so the family home is not foreclosed.

  • kathleen butler

    Am I the only person who cannot find out who has won this sweepstakes? It is now March 19, 2012, and still NO winner has been announced.

    Is this just another scam foisted on the public to try and get more subscriptions for Hearst magazines?

    How many days/weeks does it take to come up with a winner?

    Are they counting the entries by hand or what?

    If someone has any idea what the hades is going on with this sweeps-please post a reasonable explanation.

  • Sunny

    I was looking for the winner, too!

  • minnie small-wilcox

    My husband is disable and can not work it would please us very much if you would help us to pay our home off.

  • Janice Short

    Within the last 2 years, I lost my Dad, and sister to cancer, followed by my Grandmother to a stroke. They all received wonderful hospice care at home. I would like to pay off my mortgage, to give me more free time to volunteer for hospice to help families in need like we were helped. I feel like I owe it to my families memories to help others in need, as well as satisfying a personal need as well.

  • Jill Kuhlman

    :bowdown: :kekeke: 😮 :wavey: We have had years of health issues Including my son having leukemia…3 1/2 years of chemo every day and radiation. We have so many medical expenses. Having our mortgage payed off would be a miracle!!!It would be so nice to breathe again.