Prize: 5-day all-expenses paid elk rifle hunt in October 2011 with Jackie Bushman and Fred Eichler in Colorado

Dec 29 4:34 pm
  • Louis Rhodes

    watch your show as often as possible would like to win this hunt for our son he is always doing for others which leaves little time for himself can only imagine the chaos if he was with Mr. Eichler Jokes and laughterwould make the mountains sing

  • Louis Rhodes

    Watch your show as often as possible would like to win this trip for our son who is always doing something for others!!!!

  • Louis Rhodes

    watch your show as often as possible would like to win this trip for our son who is always doing something for others!!!


  • My mother an father worked so hard for my sisters an maysilf,I did not get a chance to hunt much.I will be 55 yrs old an would love a chance of a life time b e for I,pass a way.

  • i would to have my son go on a elk tripagain. his last hunt was over 10 years ago. since then he got divorced. he has raised his kids from young years till high school now. he has sacrificed alot to raise the children,some years not being able the. hunt because of his working several jobs. he is a great son and father

  • My Dad watches your show all the time and I would love for him to be able to go hunting with you. He has taken by brother and me hunting every year since we were 5 yrs. old and was told yesterday he had stage 4 cancer and may live a year or less. A hunt with you would be the best to happen to him this year. Due to loss in income and high expenses, he would never be able to pay for another hunting hunt.

    Thank you.

  • william D. mills

    this hunt is all for the love of family my family lives forChrist and is always closer to him when we are out hunting as a Christian Family my two sons love to hunt even at the ages of nine and seven yrs old.My oldest killed a43LB turkey in2010 in Tenn. awesome bird.

  • dan tabbert

    been watching your show when it first started on tnt. i beleive always have good info and tips. keep up the good work.

  • Curtis Daves

    I have never been able to afford to go on a Elk hunting trip but I am fortunate to be able to pay all my bills and keep my kids and wife happy.To be able to go on a hunting trip for Elk once in my Lifetime would be a dream come true. Thanks Curtis Daves

  • I watch your show and enter contest as often as I can, enjoy your catfish hogin shows to! would love to hunt with Jackie,I have the gun and all the stuff I need just need the chance to do it.I’am 60,lots of arthritis but I can still hold my own.I have been bow hunting for 20+ years,I have to thank my son , he got me started, now getting grandsons in the great sport,have small timber45+ acres surrounded by crops + foodplots have 160 + deerin Illinois, you are invited to hunt at my place. Lots of huge turkeys to. Mayby we can hunt together someday, Thanks for your time,just another old hunter loveing every minute.

  • Jackie I have read some of the other articles, I would love to hunt with you but, There are others who want it also,and mayby dont have much time so you take them, mayby I can win someday,God willing

  • Jeffery Turner

    I’ve been watching your show for years, I love to hunt, but have never been able to afford a trip like this, this trip would be a trip of a life time Thank you an keep up the good work Jeffery Turner

  • Jason Cradduck

    I just love hunting Would be great to get to hunt with buckmasters :bowdown:

  • thomas l. carroll

    Elk hunting is something i have always wanted to do but could never afford to do it.

  • Wayne Hogan

    I’ve watch Buckmasters for 15 years.I have always wanted to hunt with Jackie and fish With Bill Dance.I could never afford to hunt or to take a trip like this on my on. So I will keep watching you on the big screen.I think it would be great to just be in the woods a listen to Elk.Getting to shoot one would be a honer.Thanks for the time another old time friend.

  • Maurice Boisjolie

    Im 57 a father of seven and a grandfather of 17, never could afford to hunt in colorado, Its expensive enough to hunt in texas,It would be an honor to win this hunt,I cant think of anything more exciting then that, thank you for your time

  • Wade Lyles

    I love to hunt and want to win this prize! :bigthumb:

  • Wade Hancock

    I recently lost all my hunting gear and deer heads in a Tornado that came through our area on April 27th. It would be a blessing to receive anything. Thanks and God bless!

  • joe kelly

    that would be so neat to hunt with the buckmaster

  • daniel leonard

    i hunted since i was 8 years old but this year i wont be looking not hunting this year but my friends is still going deer hunting i lost my job 1 month ago so i wont have the funds this year

  • steve hanson

    i am a disabled vet i have always wonted to hunt elk moose or any big game. my health has gone down hill the lase few years,finding the funs is also been a problem as well.

  • Eric Reisdorph

    I wood very much like to go and hunt with you.
    thanks For Your Time

  • Joe Woods

    I would like to win because i lost my dad at a youg age he took me hunting when he was able to take me he was sick with cancer an it would be a honor to hunt with Jack Bushman i watch he’s show an he has give me a lot of pointer’s for hunting white tail deer it make’s it when you loose your hunting buddy

  • Phillp kerr

    I hv always wanted to go on a elk hunt love the show

  • I would love to go and hunt out in colorado with yall I hunt i alabama but dont ever kill anything so i would love so much to go this hunt PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider me as a cotestant.

  • Jacob Petterson

    I’m a U.S. Army disabled veteran and have never killed a deer bigger than a 150 class whitetail buck and just got done with a do it yourself Colorado elk hunt no I never got to kill anything or even get close enough. It was a dream hunt and has me really hooked on it even though I haven’t killed anything! I still will do it again even if I knew I wouldn’t kill anything! It’s all about the adventure right? And it’s hunting and not grocery shopping right?
    I also have a different way of turkey hunting in the spring here in Wisconsin on the Wisconsin river. I really like to take first time hunters out and video type them on there first turkey hunt too! It’s on a bunch of high ground islands!
    The public land hunting here in Wisconsin is over populated during the 9 day gun deer season! It is really dangerous too as you may have heard of the shootings here with a hunter trespassing and shooting 5 or 6 other hunters it really has me up tight about the hunting here!
    My dream job would be to video or even to hunt as a pro! LOL ! thank you Jake

  • I sure would love to win a hunt. Never have gotten a good guided hunt. All of the hunting I have done, I have done on my own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love Archery and Black Powder !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it all up in the Mountain Wilderness !!!!!!!!!!!!! Would be nice especially since I am facing a third major spinal surgery. This would be a trip of a lifetime. :bowdown:

  • Don Padgertt

    i love to hunt but my job keps me working
    all the time go when i can.
    love to hunt with buckmasters and meet the

  • Robert Watts

    Dear Mr. Bushman,
    My husband and son watch your show all the time. We have visited Colorado a couple of times on vacation and seen a few big elk. but never could afford to hunt. It has been a passion for my husband and son to elk hunt. They hunt often by themselves but we could never afford a guided hunt. He would love to hunt like like and with the pros. Thank you.

  • gary b ronshausen

    I have never hunted out of thre state of texas. I would love to go with buckmasters on a hunt,I watch buckmasters all most every weekend.I injoy your shows.

  • Joseph Puleo

    At 76 I am still in good shape not like I used to be but stii good shape. I am a minister and still active as a full time head pastor of a UCC church. Like everyone else I sure would like to win this hunt. I am a life time member of buck masters.


  • Christy Whitman

    My husband has never taken an elk but has been with me on both my hunts. I would love to see him get his first elk in Colorado. He would enjoy a guided hunt more than I would in spite of the fact that I’d love to hunt in Colorado someday. He makes alot of good sausages in our own smokehouse, utilizing as much of the meat possible. Thanks for you consideration.

  • Larry Reedy jr

    I have never hunted anything but deer and turkey even though I have taken plenty of deer nothing big,i still push on for a big buck I havr shot 2 lonv beards,but have never hunted elk nor do we have ne here in new york.I have told friends and family that is one thing I would like to winning this elk hunt would b a dream come true.

  • Randolph Head

    Would like to enter elk rifle hunt for
    2012, is there one?

  • I would love to win this elk hunting trip. I watch your show.wishing I could win a trip like this. Will keep watching and hoping for a call from you.

  • frank moebius

    I have never been on an elk or muley hunt, not even harvested a large white tail….being disabled ended my chance for those.

  • lloyd abbott

    : :beinng 77 years old and never won anything in my life I WISH I DO :uh:

  • JamesM. Chastain Sr.

    :wavey: I would like to win a hunt but I am in a wheelchair. I am a Vet. Thank you very much.

  • Urell Fontenot

    I would love to win a hunt with Buckmasters. I hunt whitetailevery year. But never hunted ELK out of state. :noes:

  • william burchianti

    i am 73 and i would really love to hunt deer elk or any available hunt one wish on my bucketlist with god help keep me in mind iwell be waiting mr b

  • kevin.hiller

    i live in ks south centerl hunt big white tail bucks .im a taxidermistso ive seen alot of whitetail im a hunting / fishing fool

  • Jared Doxey

    I would love to hunt with buckmasters I’m a disabled vet and would like the chance to bag my first Elk.

  • Doug Walker

    I WOULD LIKE TO GO ELK HUNTING iHUNT WHITETAIL DEER IN MICHIGAN WHERE I live Iwould like to be considered for the the hunt that you advertised on your program on 7/8/2012 Iwould enjoy the thrill of a elk hunt Iam 48yrd old and like challenges

  • Doug Walker

    first time I wrote to you

  • robert watts

    i have been a member of buckmasters for three years and would love to win a hunt i have the first stage of leg problems that will only get worse & then i will not be able to get the chance to hunt with you if i did win my time to hunt on my feet is running out fast please give me that hunt of a lifetime to remember i watch your tv show all the time. thank you for your time.

  • joe

    :io: :h5: 😉 😮 😮 :naughty: :kiss: :kiss: :io: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: 🙁 :noes: :uh: :wavey: 😉 😉 :wiggle: :fingersx: :h5: :dunno: :bowdown: :rofl: :yum: :confused:

  • Ronnie Hairel

    I would love to elk hunt. I have hunted deer in my home town in Alabama but never went and hunted on any hunting trips…never had the chance or money to go please consider me to go hunting with you.

  • Kaili James

    I’m a 11 year old girl that is almost 12 and my dad is a wounded warrior.I have got my first turky but unfortunaly never have got a deer. PLEASE take me and my dad for the hunt of a life time. My dad and I will appretiate it SO much. All he needs is a little help getting set up. My dad says he would LOVE me to get my first deer with you AND him. I have been hunting since I was 9 years old and so far Ive only nicked a deer. I would love more than anyone or anything to hunt with you and my dad and see the big smile on my dads face if I get a deer with you and him. We have been working SO hard on trying and tring to get a deer and somtimes close but never a clear shot or to far away. So thats how much it would mean to me and my dad to go on a awesome and nonforgetable hunt with you. So please pick me and my dad tohunt with you. Thanks for reading.

  • Gerald W LESTER

    Would love to be able to go on one of your hunts in La.Been huntin all my life, and hadnt killed a deer over 124.Ilive in northern part of Louisiana at Bastrop.Hadnt been able to go anywhere off to hunt due to BAD CAR ACCIDENT, BUT I’M well now.Thanks for your consideration.

  • :wavey: :wiggle:

  • dakota

    why does deer move at night

  • dakota

    i dont get to hunt a lot i really love to go hunting what u please maake my wish com terw

  • Melinda Meyers

    My better half and I have been watching your show and love it. And up pops a hunting package for NM.. I try to log on to your page and get some other pagethat has nothing to do with Is there another web page for you guys?
    I’d like to enter my better half (Dean) for your contest. HE has lung cancer and I thought I would enter him and keep my fingers crossed that his name would be plucked as a winner. HE is doing a lot better and I am sure he’d just LOVE to win the trip. He has been an avid outdoorsman. HE used to trap, hunt with hounds (when it was legal here) and go out hunting for deer etc.. IF you guys do have a contest please email me how to get to your page to sign him up please. Thank you :bigthumb:

  • Shela tormanen

    I’m a new hunter,started hunting with my husband last year and fell in love with it.
    My husband has been trying many different strategies for me to shoot a boomer so he calls them mature bucks. We just got a new camera system and are very eager to capture my first kill on video.well wish us luck will keep posted

  • Eric m

    I haven’t got a long drawn out story I just find peace in the woods and hunting is what I belong doing!