Different prizes daily

Nov 28 8:58 pm
  • lynette

    :love: your free giveaway even through i never received one

  • I am interesting in free giveway

  • I am interesting in free giveaway

  • lizzie byrd

    :love: :uh:

  • :love :love: :love: your show would like to attend! please select me.

  • Kathy Cullett

    How You doin’? :wavey:
    How to enter for the great free stuff you offer? Love you and your show :love:

  • debra m braswell

    i luv your show how you doing keep the good work up….. 🙂

  • marjorie vonstein

    iam soexcited with your xmas giveaway.i tried for weeks last year to get those jade earrings maybe this year,love your show.

  • marjorie vonstein

    keep hoping I will get luckythanks love your show

  • Pauline Anglin

    I love love your show.its a must wwatch in my house. But Wendy a gift is a gift. I think all those toys that Madonna gave 2 his “toy boy”I think he should keep them.I love the toy fish tank so if I dont win it where can I buy it.keep up the good work

  • Pauline Anglin

    I love love your show.its a must see in my house. But Wendy a gift is a gift. I think all those toys that Madonna gave 2 his “toy boy”I think he should keep them.I love the toy fish tank so if I cant win it where can I buy it.keep up the good work

  • Rta A Murray

    I watch the show every day. would love to be blessed with a Christmas gift

  • Rta A Murray

    I watch the show every day. I would love to be blessed with a christmas gift.

  • Sarah d stanback

    Hi Wendy,
    How you doing,
    i love you and your show,love how you tell it all.i get so excited about your christmas give a ways as if i were there,love to be chosen for one of your christmas giveways..
    love you WENDY!

  • Avis C. WHITE

    How you doin Wendy? Love your and I watch everyday.I would be apreciated to win one of your Cristmas giveaways.

  • lori stuehmeyer

    how u doin wendy? I love ur show and would love to be in ur audience. I would also like to win some christmas . God bless you:)

  • Eileen Gregorkiewicz

    How you doing? Watch your show faithfully. Hoping to win some of your Christmas gifts

  • nadina Bolton

    how you doin Wendy I’m here in California I watch your show everyday you’re the greatest

  • Cynthia prude

    How u doing love your show keep it real and would love to receive all your freebies they great

  • Roma Haile

    Windy I love you show .marry chrsimase.

  • Roma Haile

    Windy I love you show .i am interesting to get free gift for .

  • sueet williams

    :fingersx: how u doinggg I am interested in ur gifts for Christmas

  • Gladys Scruggs

    Hello Wendy! How U Doinggg! I love your show, because you tell it like it is, which I do believe in. I see no need to lie to make some one feel good. I also love your guess.

  • Pauletta Bowen

    Hi Wendy:

    How u doing! I really enjoy watching your show. I used to watch u at night, however, thank Fox 8 for bring u in the morning. If I miss you today it’s because I’m constantly going to the doctors. My Christmas in the past had been kind of awkward since my injury. Thanks to God for continue to give me believe, faith as I know he’s continuing to bless me. Have a bless Christmas to you and your family.

    I’m also interested in your free gifts shown on TV and would love to have them.

  • dottie MAXWELL


  • karin Moore

    hi Wendy. how you doing love your show love love love love love love love. now how you doing.

  • karin Moore

    hello Wendy enter me to win the Christmas giveaway I love love love love your show

  • Tracey Martin

    How you doing? Merry Christmas! I am disabled and dont get but $709 @month! I live alone & am from Hackensack, NJ. I moved to NC when my dear Mother died because i was 16 i moved here with my grandparents that are deseaslced.I have 2 kids & would love to get some of the free Christmas giveaways! I miss NJ so much but watch your show faithfully since u begun! I seen really nice giveaways and praying I can get something for myself. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and thank God everyday for my health witch isn’t very good. I hope you get this and I will keep on watching! Love the show! God Bless you and thank you for a great talk show! Sincerely, Tracey Martin

  • Tracey Martin

    how you doing?I watch your shows since you have started! I am originally from New Jersey but live in North Carolina now because my mother died when I was youngI had to move in with my grandparents and North Carolina. I miss New Jersey so muchwhat does like to have seen the show! I get only seven hundred and ninety dollars a month and live alone my kids are grown and I would love to have some of the Christmas giveaways! I hope you and your son and hhusband haven’t a wonderful Christmas! Your favorite fan! sinsearly Tracey Martin

  • Barbara Bain


    You always look good you have me wishing for a make over. Stay who you are, love your show you`re always real.

  • Beverly Brown

    Hi wendy, I have been on drugs for many years. I have been clean for a year.I feel really good . I have never won anything, I love u and ur show ,I wish I could visit ur show or win something. Thank u.

  • miriam taylor

    Have been a fan of yours since you have been able to be seen in the Greatest sweetest place on Earth “Hershey, Pa. Every day my sister and I reserve 5-6pm for ourselves in order to see your show uninterrupted we then call. Each other and discuss the show. :Dear Wendylove: Millie Taylor

  • miriam taylor

    Thank you for the opportunity of winning a prize for your Christmas Giveaway. Miriam Taylor, Hershey, Pa. :bowdown: