Prize: (1 winner) Apple iPad (ARV $599)

Jul 28 12:45 am
  • lisa

    gotta be 45+ yrs to enter

  • I am entering on-line to have a chance to win the ipod touch-screen tablet computer from apple


  • I am ready to win a free iPad from Apple. Thanks!!

  • karen overrein

    I would love to have a free ipad from apple. thanks

  • carol mierendorf

    would love to win a ipad, thanks

  • Dennis Kurtz

    An ipad is out of my price rang, would like to win one.

  • jeanette lucas

    I would love to win It would make a nice gift

  • jeanette lucas

    would really be a nice gift

  • Karana

    I have wanted and Ipad and am saving for 1 but winning one would be FABULOUS!

  • i am 68 would love to on an ipad for the first.

  • Elaine Banks

    I am 62 ye old with some vision problems that make it hard for me to read printed type anymore, I would love to have an Ipad because I am able to read from those easily. My husband, Dave & I are both avid readers and we would both get plenty of use out of an I pad.

  • Dave Thissell

    Send me an IPAD.

  • Steve Kovach

    I’d love to win it. So I could trash this dinosaur.

  • olga leavitt

    me gustaria ganarme esta computadora ,para mi hijo de 15 anos porque el nesecita algo bueno para sus trabajos de la escuela como es aplle.pad ,gracias por darme la oportunidad de entrar en este concurso,sus revista ,nos alludan mucho con las informaciones para nuestra edad ,mi esposo y yo estamos complacidos con ser miembros de AARP. muchas gracias olga leavitt

  • Sharon Schafer

    The IPad is this generation’s new revolution made for our generation with the finger tip touch screen and an on screen keyboard that eliminates typing for our stiff fingers. It has a 9.7 in back lite screen making viewing easier for us and weighing only 1.5 lb is easy to for us to carry and the battery lasts up to 10 hrs. I have placed Apple’s New IPad at the top of my “Wish List”.

  • Gypsy Perry

    Being a voracious reader, I would enjoy an IPad very much!

  • Ellie Bartlett

    I would like to enter the sweepstakes for the I pod but don’t know how ????????

  • Roger Fruge

    I would like to win the I pod in the sweepstakes you now have going on. Thank You

  • Lillian Green

    I have loads of reading to catch up on. I’d
    love to do it on a new iPad!

  • Carol Sheehan

    I would love a chance to win the iPod. Thanks for the offer.

  • Donna

    I would like to use this as a wedding gift for my son and his wife who is still in school. It would help them greatly with their book budget.

  • Phyllis Comins

    What a marvelous tech prize.

  • Mara A Simon

    I really would like to win the apple ipad. my sight is going and I also need to have some one to take me out to stores, and the library. I have been an avid reader of books and hope by winning the ipad I’ll be able to read books again.

  • I know that everyone that joined this contest have one wish in mind: to win the Apple iPad. The same as others, that is also my wish in my mind. I wish I could afford to buy it, so don’t have to compete with the rest & let somebody, who is really in dire need wins it. But because I lost my job & can’t find one untill now due to my age. I am 64 now. I love to read history, geography but most of all – The Bible. More power.

  • Really would love to have apple ipad. This would be an excellent way to have portable access to our family.

  • Donna Morrissette

    My daughters feel this would be a much easier way for me to learn to use, as I am mentally challenged trying to learn the computer. Thank you for considering me.

  • Bob McMackin

    As an active 82 year old supporting my wife in an Alzheimers unit I could REALLY use the tech help. Thank you

  • Daniel Kelley

    I need to get more tech knowledge. Thanks DJK

  • Joseph Kuhn

    I’m almost 69 and would like to get into the 2010 “mind set”. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • LuckySchierl

    Maybe this time I’ll live up to my name. Thanks Lucky Schierl

  • Phyllis

    We would love to win, the iPad. Maybe we’ll be lucky. Thanks, P & R

  • Colleen MacPhee

    Would love to win. It’s a great tech prize.

  • I would love to win the Apple IPad. These new devices open up a whole new approach to reading and keeping in touch with friends and family!