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Prize Quantity Approximate
 Retail Value Approximate Odds
 $100,000 1 $100,000 (US Dollars) 1:1,400,000
 XXL mugs + Coolbags 500 $15 (US Dollars) 1:2,800
 Kissing Kids cardboard box 900 $20 (US Dollars) 1:1,556
 NotePad, Mini-Mouse + Luggage Strap 1504 $10 (US Dollars) 1:924


Sep 27 7:55 pm
  • mike

    codes r too long?

    • admin

      make sure you dont copy paste with a space before or after?

      • admin

        let me know if that doesnt fix the issue

  • Carol

    still having problems with the save post thing-registered the first day and follow up w/ changing password, etc still not working for me

    • admin

      are you having an issue with the save post part, or issues logging in?