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Nov 27 8:16 pm
  • Travis Lander

    Why am I the biggest evil dead series fan? Let’s start with the facts. I have an entire room in my house dedicated to The Evil Dead series. Including thousands of dollars of memorabilia from comics to action figures, original movie posters, signed scripts and everything in between. Oh, by the way, my wife has allowed me to do this. So, yeah she is a fan too. When my daughter was born we brought her home in an S-mart onesie with a shotgun and a chainsaw on it. I have spent 4 years and countless hours on my back tattoo that Bruce showed on Attack of the Show on May 31, 2012. Now that is dedication to fandom of the evil dead series.
    It means allot to me from my deployments in Iraq. The fine line between horror and humor got me through some of the toughest times. If we had an exceptional bad day we just popped in one of the trilogy, which is the true trilogy (Sorry George). We tallied over 300 views during a 17 month deployment. I drove from Fort Sill, Oklahoma to Houston, Texas to meet the “CHIN” who got me though it all. But, as many a fan, I was so nervous to even get the words out of my mouth. Winning this would give me the chance to tell him so.
    I have seen Evil Dead the Musical twice. Once in full costume. They thought I was part of the show. I have pulled (kicking and screaming) many a family member to the splatter zone. Making my family instant fans of The Evil Dead universe. I gauge people I meet by asking if they have seen Evil Dead. If they have and I get the usual, “I like the first one better than number two. It was just a remake.” I stare at them in disbelief. “Obviously, you don’t know about the loss of rights to the original in a lawsuit. They had to make changes because they couldn’t show scenes from the original.” Then have to go into a full on description of what happened explaining each detail. Talking about the innovative ways they did different camera angles, and make-up on low budgets. Raimi and Tapert were geniuses and pioneers. Why was Bruce really limping when nothing has happened to his leg….yet? Who is Hal Delrich or Sarah York I can’t find them in any other movie. Why does possessed Cheryl look different in separate takes? If they don’t seem interested by my trivia I just laugh and walk on by. They will never get me.