One (1) Grand Prize – A 2010 One-of-a-Kind custom American Idol-inspired / Ford Fusion Hybrid (ARV/MSRP $31,000) and a trip for two (2) to the American Idol finale in Los Angeles, CA on or about 5/18/09 through 5/21/09 (ARV $3,000). Grand Prize trip consists of round-trip, coach air travel from the major commercial airport nearest winners residence to Los Angeles, CA (or ground transportation if winner resides within a 200-mile radius of Los Angeles), three nights hotel accommodations (room & tax only, based on double occupancy), admission for two (2) to the American Idol finales, local ground transportation (between airport/hotel and to and from Sponsor-selected events) and $500 cash. Total ARV of Grand Prize is $34,000.

Eight (8) Weekly Prizes (one per Entry Period) – A 2010 custom American Idol-inspired / Ford Fusion Sport (ARV/MSRP $27,000) and a trip for two (2) to Los Angeles, CA for a Ford/American Idol ‘Experience’ (ARV $3,500). ‘Experience’ consists of round-trip, coach air travel from the major commercial airport nearest winners residence to Los Angeles, CA (or ground transportation if winner resides within a 200-mile radius of Los Angeles), four nights hotel accommodations (room & tax only, based on double occupancy), admission for two (2) to the set of a Ford Music Video shoot, admission for two (2) to an American Idol show, local ground transportation (between airport/hotel and to and from Sponsor selected events) and $500 cash. Total ARV of each Weekly Prize is $30,500.

Feb 26 11:55 pm
  • dearamericanidoliwanttoobeinthefordamericanidolsweepstakestoobeinthefordcommericalplasesmynameisdebbierebeio

  • iwanttoothefordamericnidolsweepstakesplasesmynameisdebbiereberio


  • Emma Pigues

    I need a car bad.

  • im the biggest american idol fan! i’ve watched every season, and have gotton many people hooked on it! i need a new car very badly! so i can get to work and help out my mom. thank you!

  • Paula Freeman

    enter my name in the american idol sweepstakes so I can bring my daughter
    to see Adam so she will quit freakin out every time he comes on tv.

  • gwendolyn allen

    i would like to own a new car i have never own a new car in my lifeand i would love to meet simon. i think he is great.

  • Linda Brooks

    I bought a 2008 Ford Fusion, and I love it, but things are kind of hard right now as my only income is social security and a small pension which only covers the necessities, so I might have to give it up. I watch AI all the time and would love to meet everyone.

  • jackie yorker

    I love ford cars,and ford are the best cars that ever been made.I never had a new car because I just don’t have the money.I really need this car.

  • gail sweezey

    To be a guest on this show would be the ultimate of watching as the seasons go by. To see Simon, Paula, and The Dog in person would be an unforgetable experience. I can feel the excitement. ADAM is my choice even though he is in the bottom two this week. When he combed his hair in a regular style and sang a serious song he presented himself with a charisma similar to the one and only ELVIS. He has that unique style that stands alone. Back to tv to see the results.

  • Me and my girlfriend watch american idol every tuesday and wensday we are definitely big fans a car would be very helpful to us especially because we are having a baby girl on september 16th very excited the both of us please choose us thanks josh and jaylene

  • melissa

    I have 3 children and no vehicle. It is very hard to get kids to doctors appointments, hospital if needed, to get groceries or to pay bills. I can’t have a job without a car. When my car that I had broke down, it was way too expensive to fix and I did not have the money to fix it, resulting in me not being able to keep my job. Having no vehicle is very disabling especially when I live in a town of 1,400 people. In my town, there are not many job choices, and people have to drive out of town for a job. But with no car, we are suffering, we really could use a break somehow, and hopefully win a car. It would fix most of our problems.
    Thanx! Your biggest American Idol fan, Melissa



  • First of all I would like to thank all of the Idols for allowing the American public to invade their private lives as we do all STARS!!! Thank god and the judges. You all are incredible and hard working. The Ford video is informative and hot. The Ford fusion is a beautiful automobile and It looks to be a good value something that we all look for in a car and company. I understand that the car industry is having and hard time like some of the American Idols, but at the same time I am sure that they both will find a way to win the hearts of Americans. The show is great and I would love to see it in person to see all the judges and the Finale. By the way I am disable and disable without a car and it would be nice to own a Ford. I have owed a Ford in the past and it took me and my now grown children to work and school. Those times are long gone and I am now walking or bumming a ride to all the important places like the doctors office and plenty others places. Please consider me in all of the drawings for the contest. It won’t fix everything but will make it a little easier. An American Idols Fan forever.
    May God Bless and Keep Everyone, Michelle

  • Marilee Schroeder

    I never miss a show and I tape it so I can watch it over. Also, my car is a 1991!! I really need a vehicle I can count on.

  • american idols’ rate, just like mustang’s in my book, i want to enter your american idol/
    mustang sweepstake

  • Kim Wilson

    Dear American Idol:
    I’ve been wathing the show since conception, keep up the good work. My son needs a car to comute to JC and I am unable to get him a car. I was diagno. W/COPD and unable to work.
    He’s good son just turned 20 yesterday and day before his car was totaled in an accident and the other driver fled. I and my son are blessed because he was not hurt. Thanks!

  • Kerri


  • Robert Penoyer

    Dear American Idol I want to enter your sweepstakes.I love show and the many talented individuals it represents.Truth is I really need a car.My old van has seen it’s better days.I do a lot of traveling in my work and it’s one thing after another.Non the less the show is wonderful! Will it be Danny or Adam?

  • Pleas enter my name or address into the contest Mail prize pick up to p.o. box 401 AC Athens, G.a 30603-401 Thank You!

  • sandy

    i am a ford person. right now i have a ford mustang convertable. and my late husband only beleived in ford vehicles. if i could win the ford fusion it would go to my son or he could have my mustang ! fat chance !!! love american idol and seeing young people acheive their dreams

  • denna buschkoetter

    I’m always sad when American Idol is over for the season. And I don’t know what to do. I know what will make me happy to win a new ford car, and I can drive it around and listen to my favorite American Idol’s. Pick Me……Pick Me.



  • I love watching American Idol. I think it is wonderful that you give people an opportunity for their dreams to come true. Please enter me in the American idol ford sweepstakes.
    Thank you so much,

  • June Wilkins

    I set aside every Tuesday and Wednesday night so I don’t miss American Idol. This year they are an exceptional group of contestents. I was so sad to see Allison leave tonight. What a talent for one so young. Danny is my favorite, he just has such a voice that goes straight to the heart. Please, enter me in the Ford Fusion contest. I am driving a 1996 vehicle that
    has no heat or a/c and is rusting out around me. I do a lot with my church and community and would love to someday own a more reliable vehicle. Thank you so much for the most awesome entertainment on TV.

    God Bless, June

  • Barbara Newman

    Hope this will enter me in the beautiful Ford Fusion give-away. Great show, love the commercials.
    Barbara Newman

  • Lawrence Nash

    Please enter me in the new Ford giveaway. Thanks, L. Nash P.S. Love your show!!

  • Chris Anderson

    My wife and I really enjoy your show. I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO WIN THE FORD FUSION FOR MY SON HE HAS NEVER HAD A DECENT CAR OR A DECENT JOB, MAYBE THIS WOULD HELP HIS SELF ASTEEM HE IS 27 YEARS OLD, My wife and I would really like to see Simon in person, I WOULD like to see Paula as well. My wife likes her too. Thanks, Chris and Teresa

  • I love fords! I have a ford but it is really
    beat up so I trust you to pick us we need the
    ford PLEASE.

  • i really want to be on american idol i will me there on wednesday prepared and ready for for my auditions.thak youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Donna Woods


  • joanne

    Would love to win a car and a trip to see idol.

  • Terrie P

    Would love to win I know who I would bring And she would have a blast.

  • Lisa

    I Love American Idol watched it since it started would love to go to the show. Also I had a bad luck streak and wrecked my durango really need a car so I can get back into the workforce I have written The ellen show many times but , I m sure she has millions of letters.HOw do I enter really want to win.And change my bad luck streak.I need a hand up not a hand out. winning the car would be the ulitmate prize for me.

  • thomas metzdirr

    my daughter molly just got her permit. and has little mony and no jo. this woul certanly help things all. pleeeeeeeeeeease

    Thnk you so very much in advance. she iss looking foward to oppertunity


  • Pam

    I would like to enter the sweepstakes to win a new Ford car. thank you.

  • Sandra Krieger

    I would like to enter into the sweepstakes to win a Ford Fusion for my daughter Stephanie Rollins and win tickets to see Lee Dewyze. My daughter and Lee were High School sweethearts in sophmore year and she would love to see him again. She needs a new car, her Ford has 130,000 miles and is on it’s last leg!! Please help!!! FORD.SOS.FORD.SOS.FORD.SOS.FORD.SOS.FORD.SOS

  • No sad stories, no begging, just want to win the car!!!!!!!

  • hey you are all great. love watching your show and seeing such talented young people. keep up the good work and may god bless you all. cant wait for tuesdays to get here for the show.
    ford company thanks agian for the great vehicles you all make, I have had a ford bronco full size for 24 years and still running, with the origanal motor. has over 600 hundred thousand miles on it. Its my baby. good job and good luck american idols.
    sincerly Lindora

  • good luck american idols, you are all doing so good, have faith, work hard , but most of all, Just have fun. may god bless you all. to the ford companys thankyou for building such reliable vehicles. I have had mine for 24 years and still going very strong. Its a full size bronco. has over 6oo thousand miles on the origanal motor. and still very trust worthie. agian god bless you all. Lindora

  • I would be soooo thrilled to win a new Ford!! I am on disability and will never have a chance to get a new car in life, so this is a one in a lifetime chance. Thanks!!

  • Jane Henry

    Dear American Idol, I got enjured on my job 2 wks before xmas, and still don’t have any income I’m fightig wrkmens comp yet I am sooo in debt noiw and I lost my car , I use my husb, but I feel so like a lowlife now Please help me with a new car , I need some kind of luck never won anything, by the way I and my kids watch yous all the time we schedule around american idol thank you, we love you!z!

  • Ronald Lowery

    Ford stands and the father of all auto companies. I am truly proud of this company. They have been with American Idol since season one KElly Clarkson. As American Idol is the #1 television show, the #1 star producer,Ford is the #1 auto company. Hats off to America because Ford is America.

  • American idol and ford are two things that are addictive.

  • im just trying to see if i can win this ford for my husband for our so we can give it to our son we are trying to adopt all i can do is try

  • Kathryn Ross

    Awesome, it would be if my family, could win the beautiful Ford and me and my husband could go on a very much needed vacation, I am a fan and plan my American Idol nights, never missing a show, it is my dream come true, to be chosen. THANK YOU,I.Love. American Idol, Simon Cowell

    Ellen, Cara,Randy, Ricky Miner Band

    Miner band,u Rock!

    Love, Kat Ross

  • Kathryn Ross

    I’m dreaming of winning….I see myself driving that Beautiful Ford Fusion with my two children in the back seat,with big smiles and hope for a bright future!

    Thank You, love Kathryn Ross

  • Tammie Jones


  • Leo Dsouza

    I have never own a Ford Card, I would like to have one, but to have one I need to win and own one. I heard very good comments on Ford cars, I wouldl like to see that.

  • Kathie Vespia-Hodges

    Idol is the best and FORD is the Best American car manufacturer..Buy American! Please enter me into the contest to win a car. I have 5 kids in college and myself with 17 year old needing a car and another 14 year old to follow. It would be awesome!

  • Mary Ann Schloop

    I have watched Idol from the beginning. I would love to see in person. Also a new Ford
    Fusion would not be hard to take.

  • Mary Ann Schloop

    My first car many years ago was a Ford.

  • Debbie

    i am an environmentalist who is always trying to get others to look for cars that not only make them feel good but are good for the planet – the odd part is i don’t own a car at all – i ride with co-workers to work or take a taxi to places i need to get to – but with a cool fusion i could make the point to save the earth as well as show a fun side to being environmentally smart too!

    so let me win your car!

  • Just got done watching Idol. I get so nervous on Wednesday that I record it while I’m watching just in case I can’t take watching the person being voted off. I can at least take a few minutes to catch my breath before watching the end. It is so, so tough now. I can never get thru to vote. They are all just so great. OK< now I'm going to go back and see who lost tonite.

    Well, I think people were getting tired of the high note every week. Poor Siobon, she was so good, but someone had to go.

    Anyway, I would EXTREMELY love to have a free vacation to see Idol!! Haven't really had one in years. I am on Social Security Disability, so my income is fixed (way too low). I've dreamed of having a Green car for years and an Idol car wolud make my sad life so much better.

  • jan harrington

    I would love to win this car, I need it sooo bad!! I,m 65 and can,t afford a new car, and I love am. idol!!! watch it every year.Thank you for a chance to win.I live on s.s.disabilityand as we all know that is not much! But I,m happy and proud to be an american,I could be alot worse off than just needing a car, so thank you again!!

    Jan Harrington..April 28,2010..11:30 pm

  • Eunice M. Smith

    I enjoy idol a lot. I watch every week Every season.I am on disablity so am on every limit income. I really need a car and a Fusion would be wonderful. Ford is a great car. I would love to own one.

  • Kathy Hale

    I have been looking at new cars for 3 weeks now. I’m holding off now in hopes of winning this one.

  • Joann Robinson

    I have watched all seasons of American Idol and I enjoy it very much.
    It would be great to win the Ford Fusion.

  • i wish upon a star every night that i could have a new car because i know the only way i could get one is to win one i could never afford to buy one due to my on going med bills and the meds that i have to take everyday for the rest of my i hope you can make my wish come true.

  • liz sherman

    Iam single mom, with four children,who would desire a car, a new car that is not an eye sore. My kids duck down when riding by friends. The car have transmission problems and sometimes won’t back up. I love the american idol every year i will not5 miss it or record when i am not home. I would love see the show in person! love ya!


    Iluv American idol ,Iam sad when it ends, but also happy to know that one of our young AMERICANS,will have a brighter future thanks to all of you, and us.thanks again.Love and Best

  • A Ford driver my whole life, my first car a 1964 Ford Cortina
    made in England and present 2002 Ford Mustang with many mustangs in between!! I Love American Idol and I love the Ford Fiesta, what better combination to celebrate an opportunity for the Greatest show on TV and the Best car on the road! Thank You!!!

  • Suzanne Lee

    Dreams do come true thanks to the sponsors of coke-cola beverages, The Ford Company & the American Idol Show.

  • luv idol

  • cathy mac dougall

    love to be entered into this contest…i’ve watched every season and enjoy the wonderful young talent..this is likely a long shot being from an island in canada but i think it worth a the show and the new season of judges it is really refreshing!goof luck to me!!!1

  • Alberto Berardinucci

    I DO,realy realy like the show AI. I would
    L O V E to see it in person and drive back to Montreal,Canada with the custom AI Ford Fusion hybrid car.WHAT AAAH TRIP!!!!!!!!!

  • Miz Renee

    I have alway’s wanted a ford, but had to settle for what i could. Now I would love for my mom who really need a car Badly to drive the car. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Miz Renee

  • Cinda Huelle

    I have driven a ford since 1992, and would love to have another ford, as my ford F150 is getting mileage on it. I really love my ford.

  • πŸ™‚ Just plain and simple I would love to win the car.

  • cathy o’malley


  • dorothy j lucas

    i am entering this contest to, hopefully, win a car for my grand daughter who is a single parent of 2 beautiful boys. she need transport for school.

  • I love watching America idol. It’s so hard to choose this year. They are all great. As for FORD they build a great car. They take care of there own. My Dad has been a FORD man all his life so I know what’s best. Good luck to everyone on the win.

  • I love watching your show its always hard to choose this year of for ford cars they are the best. i work at fords and i like the cars we build im a single mom who could really use use ather car so that i could drive myself to work and home my friends have been helping me and i thank god for there help.thank you.

  • I hope that someone who needs the car the most wins!

  • delores peaches

    I think that American idol is a great show which gives hard working people of many different walks of life a real chance for success and I watch it everyday and I vote to be a part of that process and it makes me feel so so good. thank you

  • elizabeth ellman

    hey, i just turned 59 and i love american idol, i know i dont know how many older people watch it but i love it. my dad use to work at fords and he stood by ford, and im like him i like the ford focus, its so nice and i could use a new car that my kids can use when they need to. thank you for the great show. hugssss to all

  • elizabeth ellman

    im sorry i also like the fusion and it would be nice to be able to efford to drive it with the price of gas, they are both nice cars, would settle for either one. again thank you for the great show

  • deborah broomhall {debbie}

    Hi,i really enjoy watching American idol,just think about all the talent we see week after week.this show gives people who seriously has talent to reach their dreams.i would love to be entered into your contest to win a new ford plus a trip to the finals would be a dream come true for me i have never even been to a concert so it would be a double whammy for me.also tell steven tyler he done a great job on the country music awards,thanks debbie

  • Bill Smith

    It would just be nice to win something for once,and i’m a big fan of American Idol since it began. Thank you. Go contestants, sing your hearts out.

  • Magdalena Kovacs

    I’m over 5o but the biggest fan of American Idol, I record every second possible and I really need a car because in December 2oo1 I almost died in NY having an accident that wasn’t my fault and my knees surgery did not help me recover fully, so I need the car to go around, do shopping, see friends, enjoy beautiful places, not to stay in the house only and cry my eyes! Please help me! Thank you !!! :bowdown: :kiss: Madlen

  • Toni Browning

    Watching American Idol has been amazing! Love the 2 new judges! Have always loved Randy!! Great talent,great music and entertainment! Would be awesome to attend the final show!! πŸ™‚

  • I would love to win a new car. I love Idol & predict Casey as the 2011 winner, although I want Scotty to win

  • :noes: I would love to win a new car. I love Idol & predict Casey as the 2011 winner, although I want Scotty to win

  • luis a munar

    i love to win a new car james, scotty or casey will be the next american idol they are all good

  • Linda

    I can say america idol is the only show I watch on tv. I love this show. I would love to have a new car. Then I can give my old car to my twin grandkids. They will be 18 in oct . They r working. Mom is single mom.she cant seem to get ahead to get them one

  • coral cooper

    please pick me for the new car and/or tickets for the show. i have been wching AI from the very first season until now … never missed a show. Would love to come to the show with my two kids Aiden and Taylor, 7 and 12. i am single mom. would love the new Ford.


  • Cheryl Eastburn

    I love American Idol…..Go Scotty !! And I love my Ford….built tough !!!! Stay true to your Ford !!!! 😎

  • Helen

    I drive a Ford pickup now and Love it. I watched every season of American idol love the show Love Lee. Never won anything in my life. Good Luck to me!

  • f.scott sutphin

    sold ford for years and love them grew up in michigan, ford country.retired cant afford the new ones any more. this woulde be a dream and can do a add for you,i hAVE IN MY YEARS THANKS SCOTT SUTPHIN

  • f.scott sutphin

    :run: :io: πŸ˜€ :wiggle:

  • Donna Furtado

    :yum: I love American Idol!! I watch it every season, This season is the best , all the singers are sooooo good.I’ve never won anything in my life! I’m on disablity, I could use a new car more then any one in the world!!This is the best season ever , it’s so hard to send anyone home!!Aloha!!

  • Deborah Roberts

    Im writeing to thank you for airing American idol, i have truely injoyed it over the years.I have nevered entered this contest, so im really excited to be alble to. I really need a car.My husband and I have an older model truck, he uses on the farm,I borrow my daughters car when i go see my son which is in a correctional facility, about 125 miles from my house. If I dont get to see him and visit him, to make sure he is ok, it nearly tears my heart out, I could go every other weekend visit if i had a new car. That would be my dream come true, I could also go back to work. What a blessing that would be, Please dont thank bad of me or my family,we are a very close family even though we had a terrible thing happen in our lives 12 years ago, we are still very blessed, and love our son very much, he is a very good person. He needs our support which he knows he has had from the start, he just needs more visits, which he could have if I had my own transportation. thanks again. This has been a great season on american idol,everyone has been great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan watkins

    Please enter my name into the sweepstakes for ford fusion hybrid and idol finale. It is my life long dream to be in both situations. :love:

  • Amanda Anderson

    I want to win the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the trip to the American Idol finale. Please enter my name into the contest. thank you.

  • :wavey:


    PONY EXPRESS RIDER needs FORD to deliver the USPS mail.!!!!!

  • Nicole Davis

    I’ve never entered a contest before and to have a chance like this is truly amazing! American Idol has really inspired me to pursue my dream as an artist mainly for my family because 2011 has been very difficult with many trials and tribulations that I have yet to over come. Singing has always been apart of me and to have a chance to visit the Idol Finale would only open my eyes to what I really want out of life and that’s success! Currently I don’t have a car because of financial situations so this would be a blessing if I had the chance to win this vehicle, please choose me for this contest. Thank you

  • lynn

    i’ve never won anything in my life and would love a new car for my son. I’ve heard great things about the Fusion. I’m a huge American Idol fan and so bummed Casey went home.

  • I now drive a ford five hundred and It is time to trade it in. I think I would enjoy a ford fusion in these times of extreme gasoline prices. Also I watch american idol and enjoy it very much. The contestants certainly do an excellent job.
    Thank you.

  • Would love to own a new ford

  • i have been a ford fan since 1959 and loved all my fords and could use a wonderfull new car by ford.

  • Mollie Hampton on May 4th, 2011 9:00 I drive a ford focus every day to work. I need a new ford focus.

    :io: over

  • marvin borth

    been driving fords for the last 12 years and am well pleased with the units. would love to win a focus. thank for a free prize

  • Patricia Steiger

    My daughter is getting married in june she has a old car 2children and a future husband that lost his job i am doing my best to still make her day a happy one but she makes only 8.50 per hour and is having a hard time this car would make her day and her kids would have a safe ride Thanks you for the chance to tell her story by the way my daughters name is Dawn Fletcher

  • 😎 I’d like to drive an american made car. I’ve driven a Toyota for about 10 years and it’s time to see if an American car can hold up as well as my toyota has. This is a challenge to Ford Motor Company .

  • :love: in december 2010 i lost just about every thing i had including my car i have been using my mothers old car, but they have recently put it up for sell,for they are in need of extra cash.i watch american idol each season and saw ford was going to give away a ford car,i thougth hey that could be me,some iucky dogs going to win,going to keep my eye on the prize.thank you american idol.donna



  • :h5:

  • maitland j. mccuen jr.

    i own a 2009 ford focus, it would be so nice to have one for my wife also. it is a hell of good car to drive and easy to take care of with our local dealership .

  • Patricia Steiger

    I know everyone has a story to tell I wish ford could answer everyones prayers but I know thats not going to happen so all I would like to say is I hope who ever they pick to win is someone who really is in need of a car not someone who just wants one thank you to ford for making someones dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bigthumb:

  • i am a 82 year old ford retiree. before i leave this earth i would like to own ford mustange.

  • Patricia Archer

    I love to watch American Idol. It gives people hope for their future. It teaches everyone that anyone can be on top with a lot of hard work. I really need a car and Ford is one of the top names in my book.

  • kay Gaines

    Dear American idol I have never beem lucky enough to win amything in my life and probably won’t now.but I figure what the heck It. Can’t be any worse losing than what I been through the past year I just got divorced from a 31. Yr marriage because the man I loved with all my heart and still do left me for a younger woman iwas forced to sell my home and live in my car until it tore up and I could not afford to fix nit. I finally got a rental apt. Then mhurt my knee and lost my job now my power was cut off 3 weeks ago my water was cut off today I can’t get help from any agency because I’m only. 51 and I’m probably about to lose my apt. So if anyone needs to win a car or anything I hope and pray the lord will see that I deserve it and its finally my turn. To WIN THANL YOU AND I LOVE. YOU AMERICAN IDOL

  • micho and gaby

    i want american idol tickets!!!!!!!!nowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!1 :fingersx: :fingersx: :love: we love american idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :h5: :love: :fingersx: :wavey: yay for american idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:

  • micho and gaby

    dear american idol,

    we love you guys!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: i hope we can win tickets!!!!!!!!!! :fingersx: my favorite is Lauren,Scotty,James,and Pia!!!!!!!!111

  • Always Love American Idol and the new Ford cars of all types are the most beautiful and sleek cars on the road. All are great at this point but Lauren is my Favorite for winner.

  • Love American Idol and love all the Ford Cars.Would be great to win one. Good Luck to Lauren. Atlanta Ga. Bobby Dennis

  • :wavey: :bowdown: :bigthumb: πŸ™ :io: :rofl: :wavey: :wavey: :run: :uh: :uh: :h5: :hs: :kiss: 😑 :noes: πŸ™ :confused: :eek3:


  • :love: Dear American Idol, i would like to be entered into the contest for a new vehicle. I love to watch your show, it is what dreams are made of. Thank You,

    Amy Shaffer

  • :io: :kekeke: Dear American Idol,
    Me and my daughter are big idol fans. And i would like to be entered in the ford contest. FORD is the only thing i drive. thank you so much,
    Bret Evans

  • G White

    What a wonderful company to offer this opportunity to win a car to so many people! Awesome!

  • Susan Cofer

    Please accept this request to enter the sweepstakes. I’ve never have had a new car and the ones I do have are ready for the junl yard. Their unsafe and half the time they don’t run.Please I have a new Goddaughter and I need a car to get back and forth to see her and when I have her if she gets ill I need transportation to the E.R.. Thank you for reading thin and God Bless. Sincerly Susan Cofer



  • Irma Villanueva

    Please submit me in your contest.

  • Lorraine boles

    Please submit me in the contest.thanks

  • Lawrence C. Ingram

    Please submit me in the contest :uh:

  • stephanie winter

    Idol fever forever

  • hunter Morgan

    My mom is the biggest amarican idol fan. She has a 2006 malibu, but she has been wanting a new car. Plus she Realtor has been saving money to go to one of the finales. So thanks for reading

  • Cynthia Levy

    Please submit me in the contest Thankyou

  • Ericka Holleman

    My baby girls and I love to watch the show every week! We could definatley use a new car in this time of need. Please submit us!! Thank you!

  • please pick me I need a new car the one I drive I keep having put money into that we dont have and I dont work have not for two years because of a illness and I drive my kids in the the car along with my grandson please help me

  • Neil Meisch Jr.

    Enter me in contest!! Please

  • Donna bennett

    Thank you American idol I am a big fan

  • stephanie winter

    Idol fever forever. Catch it.

  • hunter Morgan

    Really, so sorry

  • Neil Meisch Jr.

    Please enter me in contest!!!

  • Cynthia Levy

    I would love to win a trip and a car I’m 50 yrs old and all I do is work Thankyou America idol. P

  • Gale nelson

    I would love to win! It would be a dream come true!my husband has been sick and I would love to see him do very happy!our dream is to be able to see American idol

  • Donna Lachney

    Please enter me in the contest. I have never missed a season and love watching the amazing talent you bring to us. I really need a new car to help my family. My daughter lost her job and then her car broke down and cant be fixed.she has 2 small children to take carefully off. Thank you so much.

  • :confused: :confused: :bigthumb: :h5: :hs: ford :noes:

  • Barbara Danford

    :io: :io: Shut the door !!! Send my clothes to Goodwill mama I’ve died and gone to heaven!! Look at that Ford I tell ya! Barbie

  • Tara Chesley

    Please submit me in the contest, as a single mom, struggling, trying to give my daughter all I can is difficult and I do my best. But my car on the other hand is going part by part:( If its not one problem its another and not sure how much more of it I can take. Im not one to ask for any help in my life, but winning a new car would be a dream come true, for both me and my daughter. I don’t have much family that I can go to, I just need something to go right for my child and I, sometime, someday, it will be our time:) Thank you very much!

  • Connie Harris

    I sell Ford parts 6 days a week 47 hours away from my family. My daughter & I watch American Idol every season and would love to go to the season finale. Please enter me in the sweepstakes πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!!!

  • teresa augsburger

    I watch american idol every yr. So good to see all the talent on there they are so good this yr. Please submit me in the contest. Would like the chance to win something. Thank you so much

  • Loni M Feleti

    I watch American Idol & enjoy every week, seeing the upcoming next singing talent and its wonderful. Please enter me in the sweepstakes for my family of seven needs a car. I work and must travel across the bridge everyday from East Bay N. Calif. to Palo Alto.
    I greatly appreciate and would love to hear I’m a winner.

  • dylan hendricks

    me and my mom love american idol,we watch evry single season. It has been me and my moms dream to come to see you, the problem is we arent the kind of peeps with money so please give us tickets…………….thanks so much

  • I don’t need or want a new car,for myself. Would love to win this one to donate to Valley Childrens Hospital. They are the biggest AI fans in thee world. And just like they love you, I love them. What a prize the children could benefit from because they are truly the survivors, the winners

  • Fernand Tanedo

    Please enter us in the contest. We enjoy wathching the American Idol.

  • dylan hendricks

    oh and she doesnt Know i am writing this its a surprise for her b-day πŸ™‚

  • Fernand Tanedo

    :love: 😎

  • Marilyn Gist

    I love American Idol. I watch every season and have friends that also watch. Please enter me into the sweepstakes giveaway. Thanks so much.

  • charles a. mccorkle sr.

    we are a old couple and need a new car very bad

  • my cars 23 years old

  • my cars 23 years old and on its last leg lol

  • farah singh

    have no car….. it not working.. really need one,,

  • Linda Williams

    my 1st contest. I’m a senior and would love a new car and a trip. I hope I win.

  • Roelito Ortiz

    I want that car…

  • Sharon Adams

    Love American Idol they hae some of the be singers in years. also love Ford that is the only car i will own

  • james

    i own 2 fords a 96 ford ranger and a 2007 ford escape

  • I enjoy watching american idol each season and love the show. It will be so cool to own a brand new ford that
    made in America.

  • edwin

    I own a beat up Ford Windstar what can I say sure it has had It’s issues but I won’t give up my .american made Ford for no other its all American built tough and our American idols good luck to you all

  • Rachel Tanchez

    I would love to win a new focus. I am a ford motor fan.My focus is very old and i really could use a new one that won’t leave me straned on the expressway of Chicago. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you. Rachel

  • Laura la voie

    This is my request to enter for the Ford American Idol sweepstakes

  • Samuel Weber

    I amm an avid fan of American Idol (84) years old and catch all the sows and would like to see the Idol in person. A new car would make My day also.

  • Beverly Stone

    my name is Bev and I would like to have my name in the contest for the ford fusion. I have lost two children in the past two years plus my daughter. My daughter Karrieann was murder. I lost my son Mike ten days apart from my daugther being murdered. It would be nice to have something good to happen in my life.



  • I am 68 years old andIam on a fixed income and my car is 12 years old and falling apart I sure could use that new ford fusion and my wife and I would like to see american idol in the flesh. We don’t travel much and sure would like to see american idol.

  • Kennetha Robinson

    How Do You Enter This Contest? :io:

  • barbara morris

    would like to be able to have a ford.
    my favorite show is american idol.

  • cathy colonna

    Love ford and desperately need a new car for my new baby grandson to get back and forth to the doctors.He was born 6 weeks premature with a lot of physical challenges and really need the room for his oxygen tank and monitors!!!

  • WE Love ! The Americaidol Show … GO FORD Hybried ! ! ! We Need To Save GAS Today !

  • JoAnn Rice

    It would be so great to win and come to Ca.lived there at one time and miss it would be great to win the car too.

  • lisa varnam

    I watch American Idol every week, I really enjoy it.. I have a car that is 12 years old i have to used it to take my husband to take his cemo. treatment for mouth cancuer. I never had a new car. I never have been on a airplane. It would really be nice to go on one to American Idol that would really nice. We have been going to Duke hospital for about 8 years now. I really need a car.

  • jerry yorn

    :io: American Idol and Ford what a great combination. I could just see me, myself and Irene with a beautiful Ford.

  • Brenda McGregor

    It would be a blessing and a honor to be selected as the winner for the American Idol/Ford sweepstakes. I have been an avid fan of American Idol since the show first debuted. Even more so, I have been a member of the Ford Family since I was (3) years old and now I am a young 50 year old (smile)!! My father worked for Ford Motor Company for 37 years; my brother currently works for the company, and he has 31 years up to date.I would be honored and proud to represent Ford by driving that Fusion. I am forever indebted to Ford; who has always and continues to put a smile on my dad’s face; my dad is the epitome of a loyal employee/retiree of Ford Motor Company. Thank you American Idol for your consideration of me as the benefactor of your sweepstakes package.

  • Brenda McGregor

    Just to add, it would be an honor to be the winner of any Ford vehicle; the Fusion, the Focus, the Escape, etc.

  • Karen Vuich

    Ive had Fords All My LIfe!! Love Them.

  • “Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?”

  • l would love to win but it only 1 winner

    Thanks for the winning

  • kathy scales

    Thanks for the winnings

  • Margo Hamilton

    I’m a grandmother raising three of my grandsons ages 7,5,and4.I have a car but it breaks down all the time. It sure would be nice to be blessed with a new Ford but I’d be grateful to win anything. Thank you American Idol for this contest.

  • Cheryl stidham

    Hey American idol I love you, I watch every show and you guys are doing a great job, but I would love to win the ford my dad always bought a ford he wouldn’t have no other but now he is gone and I miss him so bad, but I hope to win,

    Love ya American idol

  • Angela asberry

    Please pick me I need a car badly iv never had a new car. I’m 44 years old with 3 grand children and would love to take them places . I’m single and work hard but about to be layed off work my job ends in may some time. Not sure on the date yet but I really really need the car also to get back and forth to my Dr. And to find another job job for heath inc. It’s hard being alone and struggling please I pray to god I’ll be gifted with the ford a big start to a new start thanks and good luck to every one on the idol πŸ™‚

  • Laura Jean Steele

    :love: This would be the best thing I could do for my mum..shes 82 and loves American Idol..she lives in Colorado and I am here in Tilton Ill..she loves to travel of course I would drive her around..I suprised her last summer. I drove from Tilton to Colorado stright thru..rested 1 day and I drove her to New Mexico to see her sister (my god -mother) she was in a nursing home..wot a lovely suprise for them both..they hadn’t seen each other in 5 was a blessing to see them embrace one another..a few months later my aunt passed mom is wanting to see my sisters who live in car is on its last run but I am thankful my mum is still here with us..she has been a blessin to our family.I dont know wot I would do with out my mum..time to call her now so we can discuse American Idol..God Bless and thank you for taking the time out to read all the entrys..Good Night :wavey:

  • Please give mea,chanceto dothis. I love themall dearly,It,s just me and my dog, Maggie.My caris a1999 mazda. it,s falling total income a month isless than 700.00i can,t afford to live. and buy a car, or a trip to see Beautiful California. please pick me.

  • I love a/ Idol

  • :uh: :uh: :uh: please give me this opertunity, to visit california.

  • joshua smith

    need a new car bad 2 plz hook me up

  • joshua smith

    need a new car :fingersx:

  • joshua smith

    :io: :uh: new car would be nice have a truck wastes 2 much gas

  • Pat

    :love: :love: :kiss: :h5: :h5:
    Plain & simple….I love American Idol 7 would love to win the ford.

  • Andrea Evers

    I love American Idol! I look forward every week to watching the show. Can’t believe the season is almost over. I wish everyone on Idol the very best. We have a very difficult competition this year. Can’t wait to see who America votes as the American Idol πŸ™‚ I would love to win the Ford Escape because as a mother of three little ones with no vehicle makes it really hard. I would love to be able to make doctor appointments and not have to worry how I’m going to get them there. My youngest has a corrective helmit for a type of Plagiocephaly and has to be seen periodically during the treatment and its really difficult getting her to the doctor with no car. My fiance works hard almost seven days a week but makes very little money to pay bills much less get me a car. We would really love to win it. The first thing I would do if I won it is take my kids to the park and library πŸ™‚

  • Andrea Evers

    I love American Idol! I look forward every week to watching the show. Can’t believe the season is almost over. I wish everyone on Idol the very best. We have a very difficult competition this year. Can’t wait to see who America votes as the American Idol πŸ™‚ I would love to win the Ford Escape because as a mother of three little ones with no vehicle makes it really hard. I would love to be able to make doctor appointments and not have to worry how I’m going to get them there. My youngest has a corrective helmit for a type of Plagiocephaly and has to be seen periodically during the treatment and its really difficult getting her to the doctor with no car. My fiance works hard almost seven days a week but makes very little money to pay bills much less get me a car. We would really love to win it. The first thing I would do if I won it is take my kids to the park and library πŸ™‚
    Praying to God and hoping I win this sweepstakes πŸ™‚ Good luck to all American Idols. America loves you <3 :love:

  • I love american idol…never miss a show……!!!!

  • Kelli Hilfiker

    I love American Idol. The judges are awesome. The contestants are great this time. I was so emotional when Cotton left and will be when the rest also leave.

  • Angela asberry

    The girl that was voted off Thursday I loved her so much. She was the one I prayed to win it all. I really hope to here her on the radio one day soon .

  • margarett

    i watch the amer.idol every time -but this one is extra extra talented group of young people -on whole (and all are wel behaved,manerley -great to sea that ) show most enjoyable -so little on tv this days to sea the entertaining and clean -bravo to young people they are all a winners ‘. o yes woul d love to win the car -need it ps;and judges are fun too

  • Robert Southard

    My wife and I enjoy American Idol. She is recovering from major surgery. Soon she will be able to drive again. Would love to have a new Ford. Please enter me to win. Sincerely

  • Songul Hinton


  • Kay Page

    Hello, my nabe is Kay and I’ll begin by saying my husband, Terry & I love watching American Idol.
    As for the sweepstakes you have going on, we would
    consider it a HUGE BLESSING, SHOULD WE WIN!
    Terry worked for Gwinnett Co. (GA) BOC, for 24 yrs
    & the last 101/2 of those he Pastored a small church near our home. We tried to plan for our retirement yrs. but sometimes life can throw us a curve ball. Terry had accident followed by several surgeries. So, this changed our plans for Terry’s retirement. His age at his eligible retirement was only 51 yrs. old. This is why, as we tried over the yrs. to plan as wisely as we could and we thought due to Terry’s age that he would cont. to work on sev. yrs. past his eligible ret. date. Unfortunately a few mo. prior to his ret. date the doc. put him on 4hrs/day so we had about 1 mo. notice that he would be forced to retire on his ret. date. At this time our income went to little less than 1/2. So much has happened since this but the one thing I want to tell is about our vehicle. It is a 1992 Olds. We have 3 children & 6 GC. Our daughter, the middle child along with her family, live in Tn. Our 2 boys & their fam. live in Ga. where we live. So to wrap this up, WE WOULD LOVE YO WIN THE VEHICLE & AGAIN, IT WOULD BE SUCH A BLESSING. IT WOULD GIVE US PEACE IF MIND SHOULD WE WANT TO HIT THE ROAD FOR A TRIP TO TN. TO SEE DAUGHTER & HER FAM. (3 of our Beautiful GC). While I’ve shared a bit of our story with you & how we have had some unfortunate events happen, we also realize that there are people in more need than we are. Thank You fir taking the time to read my comment!

  • Bonnie Jean Contreras

    I have loved and watched Idol for the 11 years and especially love how much I love Phillip Phillips!!!!!! OMG…

  • gimme gimme

  • Belinda Bustamante

    : :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: You American Idol And the Ford Fusion Hybrid What a cool car Go Ford :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Rita Garcia

    The commercial on American Idol looked great on the Fusion Hybrid.

  • Rita Garcia

    I was really impressed with the fantastic Ford Fusion Hybrid and I would love to win it and it really looks great.

  • Kari Guzman

    I :love: American Idol and would :love: To Win the beautiful Ford Fusion Hybrid Ford Your Car Rocks :kiss:

  • Florence Schmidt

    I love watching American idol with my two boys, and I love the ford car but I can’t afford and i hope to win this one my old car has more that hundred and seventy miles. I hope to win this one. Overall I love American idol more than any other show.

  • Thanks , I’ve just been looking for info approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. However, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the supply?|What i do not understood is in reality how you’re no longer actually a lot more well-appreciated than you may be now. You’re very intelligent.

  • Patricia Reyes

    Love the show ! My daughter needs a car , her car is falling apart.My grandson is 3 and I do worry about them in that junky car.So, I wish me luck ! Byeeee

  • This is my request to enter the sweepstakes so I can bring my son.

  • Well i have ben Watching Americal Idol every since it first came live on TV.And i enjoy watching every week,Just too see who in the Running.And let me say this Anerican Idol has some pretty good Sings too.And i have never Won Anything in my life,I would not be that lucky.but i said i try anyway.U can,t win if u doin,t enter.I really need a Car Bad .I have ben Married 4 30 years.And my Husband walk out on me after 30 years and let me tell i have had mt cher of Car problems.And i said i doin,t need a Man around,But that not true.My Car broke down Many time and no Husband around too help. So i had too get help on my owe.So a new Car would make my like alot Easly let tell u.But I know i want win,But at least i enter the Contest.And i keep in fingers Across.Who knows maybe some luck come my way. 4/02/2013 6.18pm Wake forest NC 919 576-5499 Wish me luck Barbara



  • Connie Good

    Oh love to watch American Idol. . . would love to own a Ford. πŸ™‚

  • Carrlene Scherr

    Love American Idol, have not missed a season some of my friends think I’m crazy:) Really would love to win a new car! Keep up the great work. Love the show n Ryan!

  • marie lazaro

    I have custody of my two grandchildren and can not afford to take them on vacation. The girls would love to be there. And I have a very old car and can not afford a new one.l need that car

  • Stacy Leonard

    American Idol makes me smile! I enjoy watching the growth and success of each contestant. Music is a way of escape when all seems to be taking a bad turn. I am a mother of three boys and married for 17 years and we have giving all our to make life good, but it has been nothing but struggles. I love the Ford Fusion cause I drive a ton for my boys, and I smile the whole time I watch American Idol!!!!

  • Arielle Barrie

    i love american idol so much i watch every season . i just got into a accident a truck crashed my car and now i dont have one . I want to go to college in the fall but now i have no way to get there πŸ™

  • Janet

    The Ford Fusion is a fantastic car and I really could use a new car

  • Carlene Scherr

    Watching since the frist show, Love Idol n Ryan n of course all the judges! Would love to win, my son needs a better n tougher car he has a wonderful women n a great little 5 month old boy his car is old n not that big I worry….. Good Luck to all of the idol’s 2013.

  • I love American and would to win the Ford OR the the trip to idol this would be the best thing that ever happen to me never on anything in my life and never been any where so it would truly a blessing from GOD. :kiss:

  • Chimene

    I’ve been BLESSED with my life. Thank GOD and hard work. I’ve never been to California,My daughter and son would love,love,love,to join me when I win(power of prayer) along with a whole lot of faith and positive thoughts “A NEW FORD WAHOO” being a single mom of two we’ve only ever went on one vacation to Vagina and Washington. Wining this would Absolutely Awesome I would like to Thank GOD In Advance AMEN!!!

  • leisa smith

    My husband and I have watch every episode from the beginning. We have never missed one. (Thank goodness for recording). He has been diagnosed with a liver disease and has been put on a transplant list at UAB. My husband has dreamed of seeing idol and I would love to surprise him. We have been married 25 years this year. He also needs a hip replacement so he has to walk with a cane. About 5 years he was diagnosed with a rare stomach disease called gastroparesis. This is a eating disorder. He had to have a pacemaker put in his stomach. He is in the hospital regularly. With all the medical bills we haven’t bought a new car in years and just recently had to let our a vehicle go back because he hasn’t worked in a year. He stays pretty down because he can’t work and I can hardly get him to go anywhere. He loves to travel and it would be a blessing for us to be able to enjoy some fun and excitement and he would be so excited. He is only 50 and he mentally this would be so great for him not to mention how much we need a vehicle. Thanks so much for the opportunity….. :

  • i really need a new car i got 9 grandkids and one on the way and mine ain’t big enough for all of us at the same time so please please pick me i’m disable i can’t work i got a nerve got in my left foot and 6 ligmets torn in my right knee i really need something so i can have all my grandkids at once thank you so much Dorthy

  • keith sorensen

    Pick me

  • keith sorensen

    Thanks for the car and trip in advanc.

  • Linda Moore

    I would love to have a new ford

  • Patricia Hardaway-Russell

    It will truly be a blessing to win a ford vehicle

    Thank you,


  • Gail

    I’ll be very grateful if I’m chosen to win the Ford Fiesta. I am a very very big fan of American Idol play all the success in the coming years God bless

  • Sarah Martinez

    I have two little girls plus myself who absolutely love your show, my little girl dreams of one day being on the show so her being able to come watch the show would be a dream come true. Having the chance to win a car is a dream of mine. I’m unable to afford one on my own so we walk every where we go.

  • alice morris

    Luv idol. What a great bunch of girls….keep getting better every year. Please sign me up for any good prizes. Thanks

  • Danial

    Love AI can’t wait to get my daughter on the show!!!!

  • Glenn Nelson

    Please enter my name for the contest. Thank you

  • Gayle Daily

    I have 4 granddaughters that live outside Seattle, Wa. a granddaughter in Montana and also a granddaughter and great grandson in Post Falls, Idaho. There parents all work and can’t take off time just to satisfy grandmas need to beable to see them and show them all the love I have butsting to give all of them. My car is not reliable enough to beable to safely do this.

  • peggy partaker-minnis

    I am a grandmother of 2 young children trying to take care of them and my boys. I have sacraficed for many years for my family. My van is on its last leg and would love to win a newer car to b able to get them around. Thank you for allowing me to enter.

  • glenda magouirk

    Watch Idol in Phoenix, Az. πŸ™‚

  • Gayle Daily

    I and my sister are faithful watchers of Idol. When it comes on I either call her or she calls me…making sure one doe’s not miss it. I really need a car. I got into an
    accident (rear-ended) at a stop light. Car
    steers funny and makes a weird noise.

  • :wavey: Hello and welcome to American Idol contest. Just a seasoned person on medical disability but I can still drive. I would like to enter the contest as this most likely at my age will be the last car I will ever own and drive and all because I was a want to be winner with American Idol…salute!

  • Sharon Hurst

    Would love to come for the finality of American idol and would like to own a ford fiesta

  • Sharon Hurst

    I would like to go to the final episode of American idol. I want to own a new ford fiesta.

  • Yvonne

    :kekeke: I would Really love to win.. Never WON Anything b4 Please Pick Me..

  • Marjorie Lewis

    I will like to win the care I really need one so that I can get around

  • Patsy Richmond

    I have never owned a Ford but would love to have one.

  • Delma A. Moss

    I would just love to win it,Ford has been Number 1 in my family for over 60 years and it still remines,that way.So I would love to be the proud winner and thanks for sponsoring the best show on t.v. Thank You Celma!

  • hilerine dyer

    i wish to win that car for my 16 year old son.

  • Rhonda Flahive

    Hello, I love American Idol. I wish to win a car also.

  • Cathy McCaslin

    I have not missed a season of American Idol!!!! my Ford is getting up there with years like me!!! Please give me a new one!

  • Behind Cable

    My husband and I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL !!! We love Ford products and hope that we win anything you want to award to us as longtime Ford and AMERICAN IDOL fans…yes, we are 60 and 61 years old in years , we are only 19 when it comes to music !!! πŸ˜€

  • I am 75 years old never miss Idol, I am a widow,live alone and have to get a taxi which is very costly.
    I need a car so much that it hurts. Thanks for considering my entry………..Anna

  • willieredick

    Me and my wife watched american idol since it started and we bet a back rub,who ever wins,and that is me. :bowdown:

  • kimberly

    first of all i would like to say we are big american idol fan!!! Iam a single mother of three boys ages 13, almost 15 1/2 and 17. The boys father passed away 5 years ago. It would be a blessing to have a FORD for my oldest two boys to share. It would be awesome to have such a dependable car to get them to school, and their sports. Thanks for cosidering my boys and me.

  • i am a really big american idol fan. i have a car but its falling apart and im on a monthly income and i could really use a better car to get me to and from my doctors and my dauther works and has two grandchildren shes trying to raise so a new car would be a blessing for the both of us.thanks for giving me the chance to win this car.please keep us in mind.

  • carmen santiago

    I love American Idol.
    I’ve been a fan since season #1 when Kelly Clarkson won.

  • I’ve always been a fan of AmericanIdol since it’s begginning.
    I’m 76 years old and would be glad to win any kind of prize.

  • Would love to have tickets to the American Idol finale. Have a classmate I would like to reconnect with in LA and this would be a great opportunity. She loves American Idol too and what a surprise for her as she has had a very difficult couple of yrs fighting cancer.
    Thank You.

  • :wavey: over here! pick me!

  • Leola Vanderbilt

    I would love to bring my grandkids to the show.A would love the car. Thanks Thanks Thank You Very Much.

  • I know that this year was in intresting year for judgement of who is the best. Next year when you judge please make sure that they do not tell “TALL TALES” right Lorenzo in referance to have the willness to learn a song and be flexable . It would be of such great delight if you would do a tribute to John Wayne and for what he stood for and for the legacy that is still lived on til this day in referance to people who are unable to pay for their medical and how his orginazition helps pay . I know cause my medical bills was paid for by it through mutal of omaha I was dignosed with endrometrioses and my meds, hospital stay, and testing was all taken care of.

  • :io: :io: pick me me em me :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Amanda Bartley

    It would be Amazing!! What a gift to have the ability to enter a contest like this, Good Luck to Everyone!

  • we have shopped around for a car. we are retired and have limited finances. we truly love AMERICAN IDOL. they are such talented youth.

  • lorene bishop

    All I can do is make a wish and dream. I’ll miss Randy. He will be hard to replace.

  • we need a car to go to the doctor and grocery store. great show

  • Selena lundy

    Hope I win need a car

  • David Russell

    Third generation Ford lover! Driving a 1993 Ford on it’s last miles. American Idol! :love:

  • Teresa Whitney

    :wavey: Thanks for another great season of American Idol and thank you Ford for a great production of automobiles!

  • Elizabeth Seavey

    I will admit, I have only watched this show a couple times, but if your given away cars, I ‘ll take it! Thanks!

  • denise williams

    I would love a car so i can get around,me and my two kids single mom working a job that is satfish with the hours been looking and putting in apps no calls yet but hoping it will come soon.

  • emma sanders

    I really need a car.Having other people taking me places really is irritating.It would be such a blessing,to my whole family.

  • I have been told that time is passing me buy.Not this time I love Ford cars and need one.

  • Vickie Brown

    I need a car my parents were in bad car wreck a drunk driver total their car I hoping win give them a car
    ive try to sign in want let me hope this ok
    tried want take it thabk you

  • Vickie Brown

    I hope to win car and free stuff

  • Vickie Brown

    Thank you

  • Brenda Kirby

    I wouls love to win this car for my neighbor aho is diabled and is really in need of a car …If I win I would give this car to her as she needs it more than I do…..I love American Idol God blesses those who give back as Idol does …God Bless :love:

  • Cindy

    Love American idol. I really need a car

  • Thanks Ford it has been a wonderful season!

  • Dear Ford,

    I love American Idol, if by some mirical I could sure use a car.
    I am 75 and have to beg for transporation or pay outrages prices for a taxi.

    I would be ever so THANKFUL

  • Just give me a chance to own a car!

  • Thanks Ford and American Idol. Good Luck Everyone. :wiggle: :fingersx: :io: :hs:

  • Just need a car so bad. I am 75 and no transporation

  • I have one I can depend on for trnsporation.
    I so need a Ford car.

  • Please consider me for one of the new Fords

  • Mary Anne

    :wiggle: I really need a new car mine is dying and I can’t afford one at this time. I need to get to work every day to support myself. I just love American Idol, I’ve been a faithful viewer since the very first Idol was on Fox. Love you all :love:

  • I have on car and I am desperate to have a way to go.

  • greta donaldson

    I would love a new car. I have had my ford focus since 2001. but it really needs to be replaced. my income is such that I can’t afford to buy a new car. I have watched American idol since the beginning, and hope to watch many more, but sure will miss randy.

  • Novella George

    I truly need a car I am going to be 60 in August and never had a new car I have always worked since I was 16 years of age and worked until I became disabled in 2009 so I know that I will never get one now but if I am chosen to win I promise I will always think of others as I do now :love:

  • Carolee tucker

    I have a special needs son who is 6 yrs. and was just diagnosed with autism and between my self and my hubby we are sharing one car. It gets very difficult at times and because of living from paycheck to paycheck we Connor afford another car. This would really be a blessing to us. Thank you.

  • Theresa Tognozzi

    Hi!!! I just turned 60 and have a 20 yr old daughter in college,and Mama needs a car to visit. She has 2 yrs left and then on to a 4yr graduate college. we are both fans of American Idol. You do such great things for these young,middle age and semi old people who want to sing. You give them a chance!!!❀i can’t sing but I do anyway-in the shower. I would love a chance to win a FORD! Please enter me in sweepstakes. Thank you and Thank you for American IDOL!❀❀❀

  • Mary Gurrola

    American Idol is one of our favorite family shows that we all watch together and all the American Idol contestants are so talented. I am praying and hoping we win for my 23 year old daughter who is also talented who volunteers working with @30 children choreographing talent shows for our local church. Her car is so old and barely runs. She needs a reliable, safe car so she can continue this passion in helping so many children build self esteem and learning how to have fun and stay off the streets. Thank you American Idol.

  • mimi bollman

    I have been a single mom since 1981 and worked 3 jobs to support my wonderful 3 children. I watch American idol every year and love it. My favorite was when Scotty won. Best show ever!!! Anyway, my children are grown and doing wonderful now so it would be so nice to finally have a car that runs good so I could go visit with them and watch American idol with them. Please keep the show going. We love it!!
    And if I couldn’t win a car , I would love to put in for a coworkers of mine, stacy. She is raising 3 kids herself and her oldest daughter is pregnant. Stacy has epilepsy but never gives up. BTW her daughter is 14 and she is opening her heart up to do what it takes to help her. She’s the best!!!

  • I really need a car! I am 75 and walk to walmart for all my needs. On my fixed income it is getting impossible to pay for a taxi, I can’t bother my family.

    Will miss AI during the summer and ofcourse RANDY next year.

  • lissa

    Any time something good and positive happens to Alabamians it is time to support and cheer!!

  • Barbara Killough

    have been watching american idol every since it 1st aired this is myld and i love the contestant and the judges are awesome i love you american idol