The Wish Come True Sweepstakes; win a $250,000 home makeover plus monthly $1000 and $100 winners.

Mar 25 12:45 pm
  • to good to fab to dream of winning

  • stephanie liganad

    stephanie Liganad, My GRANDEST,TRUE-LY DREAM COME TRUE.

  • joann hubbert


  • :bowdown: :bowdown: That would be the end of my bucket list.Nothing more to say or do

  • Tillie Snelgrooes

    I would love a Country Living Home. I am a country girl.

  • phyllis cole

    Iam 62 and hope to retire in four years to wIN would be my first big win and I COULD HAVE THE HOUSE OF MY DREAMS. THANK-YOU PHYLLIS COLE

  • Patricia Scott

    :love: A chance to win.

  • Madelyn Minehart

    :uh: OH, I hope I didn’t miss a chance to makeover my house. That would be tragic!

  • M. Sue Haston

    We moved in this house in 2001 hoping to remodel the inside but because of being on a fixed income and health issues we are not financially able to afford it. With only one bath it is trying at times.
    It would be devine to be able to improve the interior.

    Sue Haston

  • sallie

    After my husband kicked me out of the house when I was pregnant I raised three girls on my own. Now my house is in major need of help, the floor is starting to mold in places and there are lots of leaks. It would be great to be able to fix it and not have to worry about the floor caving in someday. LoL Never have won anything that in itself would be awesome.

  • Cynthia Sahli

    :love: to makeover our newly bought retirement home, my husband would love it even more! :kekeke: :kekeke:

  • Bettejane Wells

    It would be beyond a dream come true if I won. Thanks for the opportunity Hearst Magazine.

  • It would be beyond a dream come true if I won. Thanks Hearst magazines.

  • sandy hayes

    just got married in june and wpould love too have makeover as a wedding gift for my husband,he starts kemo august 15,and he wpould absolutely love it. thankyou so much

  • I need a makeover to change my tub shower into a walk-in shower for when I become more disabled with my degenerative disk disease.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    :wiggle: Doin the happy dance if I could remodel my retirement home.

  • Every time I try to enter the freemakeover contest it refers me to a PCH web site. What gives????