•Sunward Solar Hot Water Two-Collector System – System includes: (2) 4’ x 8’ solar collectors, 80-gallon water storage tank, external heat exchanger, photovoltaic solar panel, micro-tubing, stainless steel flex connectors, all necessary hardware. (Approximate Retail Value: $6,149.00)
•Choice of roof or ground mount – Winner will have choice of (1) of the mount options: roof mount, steel frame ground mount or timber frame ground mount. (Approximate Retail Value: $699.00 to $1,499.00)
•Standard Installation – Winner will receive $2,000 towards installation costs. (Approximate Retail Value: $2,000.00)

Nov 23 4:19 pm
  • i need to save more on energy and to be a green parson this is a good item and would like to win t.walton russell .ks

  • When we built our new handicap home 5 years ago we installed a Bosh diesel hot water heater that heats our 2,000 sq ft home as well as our ho9t water. It is becoming more difficult to pay for the diesel. please help us. Thanks Marie Michelon

  • Rebecca Sowers

    My husband and I built our home 3yrs. ago. We wanted to build a green home but money was an issue. Needless to say, we did not get our dream home. We are trying our hand a organic gardening and raising chickens. With rising cost and a falling econamy we would some day love to live off the grid. Please help us all be better stewarts of the earth and due our part. We would love to have solar power to contribute. Thanks

  • I enjoy Mother Earth very much!!