One (1) Prize Winner will receive one (1) Factory Five Racing Mk 4 Roadster Complete Kit, which is composed of the following components: body, chassis, suspension and interior, plus one (1) Ford Racing 5.0L Coyote crate engine, one (1) Ford Racing 6 speed transmission and one (1) rear-end assembly, brakes, four (4) tires and four (4) Weld Racing forged wheels (collectively, the “Kit”). Prize also includes one (1) Matco Tool box with assorted hand and power tools, one (1) Summit Racing engine stand and one (1) engine lift, plus an assortment of Royal Purple synthetic motor oil, transmission fluid and radiator coolant. PRIZE DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL PARTS REQUIRED TO ASSEMBLE THE KIT. PRIZE WINNER MAY NEED TO ACQUIRE OTHER PARTS IN ORDER TO FULLY ASSEMBLE THE KIT. The approximate retail value of the prize is: $50,000 USD.

Jan 22 3:07 am
  • greg thinnes

    please install hand controls so i can drive im paralyzed

  • love to win that car

  • good luck to me

  • philip e, nicodemus


  • neil seamon

    i wouls love 2 win it and be able 2 pass it on 2 my son one day :bowdown:

  • :io: i love anything with a engine and wheels and this is not my first rodeo

  • joel tamayo

    i have yet to win anything. So here is hoping.

  • Bob Banister

    The AC Cobra and the old 58 through 62 Corvettes are my favorite body styles.”It must be the curves”, you think?

  • my 9year old daughter and i were in a car accedent 6years ago in a mustang we built she had a brain injury.she is doing a lot better now i would love to be able to build a car again for us to enjoy.this would be dream car for us. p.s we were rearended not cars fault.

  • Its one last chance before I’m to old to think about such a project.All my adult life I’ve always wanted to own or build a mean machine.I have been trying to save enough money to buy a Factory Five kit ever since I was introduced to their web site 10 years ago.Seems like there’s always something that comes up to deplete most of the funds when you think your finally getting close to calling and placing an order.Well good luck to me and all others that enter. Thank you for this chance.

  • Marc Richard Ballance

    :fingersx: :fingersx:

    hope I win….USMC Lcpl MR Ballance “90-93”

  • David Manning

    this would be a fun project for my brother and I.his daughter is 17 now and loves hot rods, she likes helping out whenever se can.good luck everyone.

  • It will be a dream building the Roadster. Thankou.

  • It will be a dreanm building the Roadster . Thankyou .

  • joe caughlin

    go ahead make my day please !!!!!!!

  • Danny Holmes

    I have never won anything. It would make me happy to win the Roadster. Thanks

  • stanley callahan

    i need to ride

  • Richard yeck

    I watch you guys every weekend and me and my wife have 7 adopted grand kids and we would love to do a project like this together i thank you guys for your time thank you Richard yeck

  • I have been looking at the Factory 5 Cobra for 6 years, now that I am retired, not enough money. I have the information pack from them. Winning this would be a dream come true.

  • Earl Millaud

    I would like to win the car . I always wanted to build a cobra and drive it on weekends & carshows .

  • that would look good in my driveway if i win.

  • Marisol

    Like to know if you can fix my truck the 2000 Lincoln navigator 4 x 4

  • Always wanted the fastest car on the block !