The Kroger Co. Family of Stores “The Burger Bonanza” Instant Win Game

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The Instant Win prizes available to be awarded will be determined based on Game play received soonest after predetermined dates and times. If multiple Game plays are received at exactly the same time, at a winning time, the Website will randomly select which of the Game plays is the winning Game play for that winning time. Unless otherwise stated herein, once timely claimed, an electronic coupon for each Instant Win prize will be loaded directly to the winners’ Shopper’s Cards. The prize coupons and Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) are in the stated coupon denominations as follows:

Instant Win Prizes: (awarded as a digital coupon – in the size/portion as stated on the coupon – loaded to winners’ Shopper’s Cards):

ManufacturerNumber of PrizesOfferARVTotal Value
B&G Foods3,050FREE Weber BBQ Sauce or Seasoning, any size or variety.$3.29$10,034.50
Bai3,050FREE Bai (18 oz.) or Bai Bubbles (11.5 oz.)$1.67$5,093.50
Body Armor3,050FREE BODYARMOR Sports Drinks, all varieties including LYTE (16 oz.). Excludes (28 oz.)$1.49$4,544.50
Chobani3,050FREE Drink Chobani™ Yogurt Beverage, any variety, (10 oz.)$1.99$6,069.50
Clorox3,050FREE Kingsford Match Light Easy Light Charcoal Briquet (2.8 lb. Bag)$4.39$13,389.50
Coke (Powerade)3,050FREE Powerade® (32 oz.)$0.89$2,714.50
Coke (Smartwater)3,050FREE Smartwater® (1L)$1.99$6,069.50
Conagra3,050FREE Reddi-wip® (6.5 oz.).$2.79$8,509.50
Fiji Water3,050FREE FIJI Water (500 mL.) Single Bottle$1.59$4,849.50
Hershey’s3,050FREE Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz.)$1.29$3,934.50
Johnsonville3,050FREE Johnsonville Smoked Dinner Links$3.49$10,644.50
Kelloggs3,050FREE MorningStar Farms® OR Gardenburger® Veggie Food Product (5.25 oz. or Larger, Any Flavor)$3.99$12,169.50
Kraft3,050FREE HEINZ BBQ Sauce, any size$1.99$6,069.50
McCormick3,050FREE McCormick Grill Mates Bottle Blend Seasoning, (2.5 – 3.5 oz.)$1.99$6,069.50
McCormick3,050FREE Stubb’s BBQ Sauce, (18 oz.) or Stubb’s Marinades (12oz.)$2.99$9,119.50
Nestle3,050FREE Hostess® Frozen Dairy Dessert (5 pk.) and NESTLE® Frozen Treats (5-12 ct.)$3.99$12,169.50
Nestle-Nestea3,050FREE Nestea item (18.5 oz. or 23 oz.)$1.19$3,629.50
Pepperidge Farms3,050FREE Pepperidge Farm® COOKIES® (4.75 oz.-8.6 oz.)$3.49$10,644.50
PepsiCo3,050FREE Propel (24 oz.)$1.00$3,050.00
PepsiCo3,050FREE G-Organic (16.9 oz.)$1.69$5,154.50
PepsiCo – Doritos3,100FREE SIMPLY Organic DORITOS®
White Cheddar (7.5 oz.)
PepsiCo – Izze Drinks3,100FREE Izze (12 oz.) any flavor$1.29$3,999.00
PepsiCo Lipton3,100FREE Lipton Pure Leaf (18.5 oz.) any flavor$1.59$4,929.00
PepsiCo Mt. Dew3,050FREE Mountain Dew, DEW-S-A Flavor (20 oz.)$1.89$5,764.50
PepsiCo Pepsi Fire3,050FREE Pepsi, Pepsi Fire Flavor (20 oz.)$1.89$5,764.50
Pinnacle Foods3,050FREE Vlasic Purely Spear (24 oz.)$3.99$12,169.50
Pinnacle Foods3,050FREE Wish-Bone Italian Salad Dressing (15 oz.)$2.99$9,119.50
Snapple3,000FREE Snapple® Straight Up Tea (18.5 oz. bottles)$1.00$3,000.00
Tropicana3,050FREE Tropicana Premium Drinks, any flavor (59 oz.)$2.00$6,100.00
Tropicana3,050FREE Lipton Chilled Pure Leaf, any flavor (59 oz.)$2.00$6,100.00
Tyson3,050FREE Ball Park® Franks Product When you buy any ONE (1) Ball Park® Franks product**Excludes beef$2.99$9,119.50
Tyson3,050FREE Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage product$3.99$12,169.50
Tyson3,050FREE Tyson® Individually Frozen Chicken**Excludes wings$8.00$24,400.00
Unilever3,050FREE Hellmann’s® or Best Foods® Squeeze Mayonnaise (5.5 oz.)$1.97$6,008.50
Unilever3,050FREE I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter® Spray$2.99$9,119.50
Vita Coco3,050FREE Vita Coco (500 ml.)$2.00$6,100.00
Whitewave3,050FREE SToK Cold Brew Coffee (48 oz.)$3.99$12,169.50
Wrigley3,050FREE Skittles® single serve package (1.8 oz. – 2.17 oz.)$1.00$3,050.00
Yucatan3,050FREE Yucatan Single Serve Guacamole (6 ct.), Yucatan Mild (16 oz.), OR Authentic Guacamole (16 oz.)$5.99$18,269.50

Total ARV of all Instant Win Prizes: $313,650.50.

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Jun 5 11:45 pm

duraflame Gather ‘Round the Campfire Giveaway

One Entry | Expires June 26, 2017 | LoadingSave post |
Giveaway Prize Package Includes:
One (1) Family Camping Tent
Eight (8) Bundles of duraflame® Campfire Roasting Logs
Two (2) duraflame Camping Chairs
One (1) Coffee Percolator
Four (4) Coffee Mugs
One (1) Set of Roasting Sticks

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Jun 5 11:32 pm

Bassett “Bedroom” Giveaway

Daily | Expires July 4, 2017 | LoadingSave post |
PRIZE: One (1) prize of the Bedroom Suite featured in the 2017 HGTV Smart Home OR a $5,000 gift card to Bassett Home Furnishings store will be awarded to the Prize Winner. Prize Winner will need to select one option at the time of completing the Paperwork. The Bedroom Suite featured in the 2017 HGTV Smart Home will not exceed $5,000. If the Prize Winner selects the gift card, Prize Winner must redeem his/her Bassett Home Furnishings gift card at a Bassett Home Furnishings store by Sept. 24, 2017. Total ARV of the Prize to be awarded is $5,000.

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Jun 5 11:32 pm

Buydig LG E7 OLED Smart TV Giveaway

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Jun 5 7:41 pm

Veal Summer Grilling Sweepstakes

Daily | Expires September 5, 2017 | LoadingSave post | -thanks gigi
One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded. The Grand Prize winner will receive Five hundred dollars ($500) in gift cards to a grocery store that will be chosen at the Sponsor’s sole discretion.

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Jun 5 3:39 pm

Yugster Choose Your Apple Giveaway

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Winner’s choice of Apple product (ARV $99.99-$599)

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Jun 5 2:43 pm

Bass Musician Magazine Bass Guitar Giveaway

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Jun 5 12:06 pm

Penguin Random House Audio Transform Your Commute Sweepstakes

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win a 32GB iPad Air 2 and 24 audiobooks, arv $880.

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Jun 5 12:04 pm

Home Theater Review Martin Logan Speaker Sweepstakes

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win a pair of Martin Logan speakers, arv $499.

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Jun 5 12:03 pm
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