you can get a free code here

6. EARN CODE(S) INTO YOUR ACCOUNT: To enter a Code into your Account, follow the instructions on screen to
enter the Code exactly as it appears and then click “submit”. Each time you enter a valid Code during the Promotion
Period your Account will automatically be credited with an icon(s) (the “Icon or Icon” Each code found under the cap will
be worth one (1) icon and codes found within on-pack stickers will be worth three (3) icons.
• 20oz, 2L, 1L and 16oz = 1 icon
• 6-Pack (24oz, 16.9 oz, 16oz) = 6 icons
• 8-Pack (16.9 oz) = 8 icons
• Select 12-Packs & 24-Packs = 3 icons
• Fountain = 1 icon via Pongr
Limit ten (10) Code entries per day during the Promotion Period. Icons have no cash value, may not be transferred to athird party(ies) and may not be aggregated from multiple Accounts. Any unused Icons remaining in an Account after the
end of the Second Chance Sweepstakes Period will be void. The “Account History” section of the Website is designed
to record all transactions within your Account, including the all code entries and Icons received. Sponsor assumes no
liability for discrepancies, delays, omissions, inconsistencies or errors in the number of Codes entered or the number
of Icons acquired as a result thereof as reported on the Website. The decisions of Sponsor with respect to Code entry,
Icons collected and Icon transactions are final and binding and non-appealable in all respects. Standard text messaging
charges will apply for all text messages received in connection with the Promotion.
7. ICONS: Every user that enters a Code will get at least 1 or 3 common Icons and a chance at winning a rare Icon. The
rare Icon odds are dependent on how many users play the promotion as these are seeded from start to finish.
8. REDEMPTION OF ICONS: Any Icons in your My Icons can be used to redeem for merchandise provided that
Participant has the sufficient number of Icons and/or the proper combination of Icons for that item. Icons in your My Icons
can be redeemed during the Promotion Period or during the Second Chance Sweepstakes Period (see Rule 9 below).
Limit one (1) merchandise redemption in Prize Vault 1 and one (1) merchandise redemption in Prize Vault 2 per person/
household as explained on the Website. Visit Website to view available merchandise.
9. SECOND CHANCE SWEEPSTAKES: From 12:00:01 am ET on August 11, 2013 through 11:59:59 pm ET on August
31, 2013, participants who have Icons remaining in their Account History will be able to deposit their Icon or Icons into
one or more (depending on the number of Icons they have remaining) Second Chance Sweepstakes categories. Each
Icon is worth one (1) entry . Pepsi Icons can only be deposited into the Second Chance Sweepstakes for brand Pepsi
items. Mountain Dew Icons can only be deposited into the Second Chance Sweepstakes for brand Mountain Dew
items. There will be one (1) Second Chance Sweepstakes for brand Pepsi items and one (1) Second Chance
Sweepstakes for brand Mountain Dew items. The Prizes for the Second Chance Sweepstakes will be awarded vi a
random drawing which will be held on or about September 3, 2013 by an independent judging organization, whose
decisions are final. For Second Chance Sweepstakes Prizes: Winner must accept the prize as stated or prize may
be forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner. Total ARV of all prizes is $59,425.00. Odds of winning a Second
Chance Sweepstakes Prize depend on the number of eligible Icons deposited throughout the entire Second Chance
Sweepstakes Period. Limit one (1) Second Chance Sweepstakes Prize per person/household
BRAND PEPSI SECOND CHANCE SWEEPSTAKES PRIZES: The following prizes will be awarded in the brand Pepsi
Second Chance Sweepstakes drawing.
iHeartRadio Music
Festival Experience
Two (2) Tickets (winner and guest) to the iHeartRadio Music
Festival in Las Vegas in September 2013. Includes roundtrip
airfare, two (2) nights hotel, and ground transportation.t
One (1) $4000.00
2013 World Series
Two (2) Tickets (winner and guest) to one (1) game of the
2013 World Series (as determined by Sponsor). Includes
round trip airfare, two (2) nights hotel, ground transportation
and a baseball lover’s gift bag.
One (1) $7000.00
Ultimate Racing
Two (2) Tickets (winner and guest) to the races in Phoenix,
AZ on November 9 and November 10, 2013. Meet and
Greet with Jeff Gordon. Includes round-trip airfare, ground
transportation, three (3) nights hotel, and a Jeff Gordon gift
One (1) $4000.00
Attend Super Bowl
Two (2) Tickets (winner and guest) to Super Bowl XLVIII in
New Jersey (February 2014). Includes round-trip airfare,
four (4) nights hotel, ground transportation, and access to
an exclusive Super Bowl event.
One (1) $14,425.00
Hard Rock Experience Trip for winner and guest to Hard Rock Live in Orlando,
Florida for total rock and roll experience. Includes round-trip
airfare, two (2) nights hotel ground transportation, two (2)
tickets to attend a live performance at Hard Rock LIVE, and
$200 in Hard Rock dining credits. Concert and date to be
determined by Sponsor.t
One (1) $5000.00
BRAND MOUNTAIN DEW SECOND CHANCE SWEEPSTAKES PRIZES: The following prizes will be awarded in the
brand Mountain Dew Second Chance Sweepstakes drawing.
Applicable to Second Chance Drawing Prizes: Unless specified, travel dates to be determined by Sponsor at a later
Dale Jr. Meet & Greet Two (2) Tickets (winner and guest) to the race in Charlotte,
NC on October 12, 2013. Meet and greet with Dale Jr.
and two (2) tickets to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Includes
round-trip airfare, ground transportation, and two (2) nights
One (1) $5000.00
Brantley Gilbert Meet
& Greet
Two (2) Tickets (winner and guest) to the Gulf Coast
Jam in Panama City Beach, FL on September 27, 2013.
Includes round trip airfare, two (2) nights hotel, and ground
One (1) $5000.00
Snowboard Trip to
Jackson Hole
Trip for two (2) to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Includes round
trip airfare on United Airlines, seven (7) nights hotel, ground
transportation, and two (2) 5-day lift passes at Jackson Hole
Mountain Resort. Trip must be booked by February 7, 2014
and travel must be taken between January 5, 2014 and April
6, 2014.
One (1) $5000.00
Attend the 2013
Winter DEW Tour
Trip for two (2) to Winter DEW Tour December 12-15, 2013.
Includes round trip airfare, four (4) nights hotel, two (2)
three-day lift tickets and reserved seats at every DEW Tour
One (1) $5000.00
Bassmaster All-Star
Fishing Experience
Trip for two (2) to Michigan for the Bassmaster Elite Series
All Star Fishing Experience September 26-.29, 2013. Meet
& greet and fishing excursion with professional angler
Gerald Swindle. Includes round-trip airfare, three (3) nights
hotel, and ground transportation.
One (1) $5000.00
date, in Sponsor’s sole discretion. No alternative travel dates will be available. Additional prize details will be provided
to winner at the time of prize notification. All trips consist of round-trip coach air transportation for winner and guest
(from an airport nearest the winner’s U.S. home), one (1) double-occupancy standard hotel room for specified number
of nights (from prize descriptions above), ground transportation (varies by prize). Selection of airline, hotel, and seating
assignments at events are at Sponsor’s sole discretion. All other expenses not specifically mentioned herein are solely
the responsibility of winner and guest. All travel subject to availability, blackout dates and restrictions. Winner and guest
must travel on same itinerary. Minor child may accompany winner as travel guest only if minor’s parent or legal guardian
is the winner, dependent on prize, at Sponsor’s sole discretion. Minor must be accompanied at all times during the trip
(including, but not limited to, in-flight, hotel stay and all prize-related events) by minor’s parent or legal guardian. Sponsor
assumes no responsibility for cancelled, delayed, suspended or rescheduled events (including the concert and/or airline
flights) beyond its control. Winner and guest must have all necessary identification and/or travel documents (e.g. a valid
U.S. driver’s license) required for travel within the United States

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