PRIZES: Twenty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Seventeen (27,617) prizes are available. The prize for which an entrant is eligible will depend on the order that the potential winner was randomly chosen. Accordingly, the first randomly chosen winner will be the Grand Prize winner, the second randomly chosen winner will be a Second Prize winner, and so on and so forth.

GRAND PRIZE: One (1) Grand Prize winner is available. The Grand Prize winner will receive:
Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) cash or Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) in Gift Cards 

SECOND PRIZE: Two (2) Second Prizes are available. Each Second Prize winner will receive:
One (1) Sony 55” LED HDTV (Approximate Retail Value: $2,600.00 each)

THIRD PRIZE: Two (2) Third Prizes are available. Each Third Prize winner will receive:
One (1) Sony Laptop (Approximate Retail Value: $600.00 each)

FOURTH PRIZE: Two (2) Fourth Prizes are available. Each Fourth Prize winner will receive:
One (1) RIM Playbook Tablet (Approximate Retail Value: $499.00 each)

FIFTH PRIZE: Two (2) Fifth Prizes are available. Each Fifth Prize winner will receive:
One (1) RIM Blackberry Torch Phone (Approximate Retail Value: $499.00 each)

SIXTH PRIZE: Six (6) Sixth Prizes are available. Each Sixth Prize winner will receive:
One (1) Blackberry Bold 9700  (Approximate Retail Value: $489.00 each)

SEVENTH PRIZE: Two (2) Seventh Prizes are available. Each Seventh Prize winner will receive:
One (1) Slingbox TV Device (Approximate Retail Value: $149.00 each)

EIGHTH PRIZE: Twenty-seven thousand, six-hundred (27,600) Eighth Prizes are available. Each Eighth Prize winner will receive:
One (1) 6-month license for Total Defense Internet Security Suite Software (Approximate Retail Value: $34.99 each)

Oct 13 10:15 am
  • Janet

    I registered for this one but did not get a thank you or anything. Has anyone else tried entering this one?

  • Pearl

    they send you a confirmation email…

    you have to click on that link or copy the link and paste it in your address bar…

    it’s an automatic email subscription…

    a few years ago, they didn’t accept email addresses from juno, netzero, hotmail and a few others…

    also… if your email address contained punctuations, they didn’t accept that…

    if you didn’t get an email from them (could be in spam folder)…

    try a different email address…

    you can also enter at

    compusa and circuitcity…

    though circuit city is not listed in the rules, the same company owns all three stores…

    in the URL, just substitute “tigerdirect” with compusa or circuitcity…

    though remember… only one entry per day…

    not one entry per day per website…

  • luis tamayo

    If I wuould take the prize .I help Sick childrens with cancer and orphana childrens.Thank luis

  • shannon macomber

    I would love to win this money to help my church and take care of my bills and put college money away for my twins.I would also help my parents get back on there feet.I would get a new car because my Jeep has 267000 miles on it.This would be a blessing from god!

  • ron rosene

    I want to win so I can live a normal life. and buy the things I need.

  • ivan scheu

    :wavey: i just want to say is i would like to win becuase for once in my life i can give to people that need help.

  • shannon macomber

    I would love this money but only if it’s in God’s will for meand my family to have it!I would use this for helping people in need catch up with all my bills and then take my kids to disney world and put money aside for my kids college what a blessing this would be for my family!