Prize list:

Non-electric water distiller from Waterwise.
Showerwise shower filter from Waterwise.
Canner that fits on top of two burners from DS Machine.
Small Mobile Chicken Coop.
Bee Keeping Kit from Brushy Mountain.
Two complete hives, each hive contains plastic hive stand with frame perch, Cypress hive stand with landing board, bottom board with monitoring board, four Cypress supers with all frames and foundation to fill them, metal queen excluder, inner cover, English garden copper top, plastic entrance feeder and entrance reducer.
Protective clothing
Harvesting and extracting equipment
Educational information
Choice between BCS 710 walk-behind tractor or Grillo G85 6hp tractor from Earth Tools.
Package of books from Storey Publishing.
Small log mill and the Mini-Mill from Granberg.
NutriMill from Urban Homemaker
Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Duo Pressure Cooker Set from Urban Homemaker
Homesteading package from Cottage Crafted
Mesquite Keepsake Box with Ground Turquoise by Mesquite Crafts
Bread Basket Set (Bread Basket, Bread Cloth, Spatula, Butter Spreader) by May Family Farms
Cheese Making Kit by Rebecca Nolan
Introduction to Beekeeping online course or DVD by Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture
Approximate value (including shipping): $7,500

Mar 12 5:48 pm