Prizes: Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize Winner will win the following: (i) $20,000 (ii) a selection of Electrolux appliances (determined by Main Sponsor) with a value up to $10,000; and (iii) a personalized consultation with Vern Yip including a customized sketch for the makeover. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of Grand Prize: $30,000.

Jun 12 12:06 am
  • Peggy Acheson


  • My kitchen is like caboose on a train
    the stove is shoved up next to the back door that goes into the garage it is impossible for two people to be in the kitchen.
    Please consider me!!

  • brit cummings stansfield

    my kitchen is soooooooo horrible everyone who comes in my house makes a comment on the kitchen, even if i dont know them very well.I have no storage. It’s so bad i can’t even cook in it, its just so horribly unfunctional the way it is laid out, and my stove is right next to my front door its so embarrassing. pleeeeease im begging please redo my kitchen. If you saw pictures i know you would love to makeover my kitchen. And where i have 2 little boys i would love to be able to cook every meal for them.

    thank you brit cummings stansfield

  • lori callihan

    My kitchen is not user friendly. It is narrow and everything is in the wrong place. Oak was very popular but now is so outdated. An addition to the house left the kitchen without a window and because of poor lighting placement its like a dungeon. It has a fire place and that gives it a warm feeling. But, it is so dysfunctional that i totally avoid using it. HGTV shows so many organizational and space saving ideas, that i just know there is help for my kitchen. Thank you, Lori

  • my is oldly shaped and does not have enough counter space and draws. also,the laudry romm is hard to monuever in and need some cabinet space and at least a small utility closet. thanking you in advance for choosing us. hi vern you are the best.

  • Gloria J. ODOM

    Mr.Yip,Iam writing this because I have always liked your show and Mrs.candace Olsen Divine Design. Mr. Yip I would like nothing better to have my kitchen dining area done by you but I have no monies after being ripped off by fly by night contractors and later they stop coming to the job sight and later move,I have being in this situation since 2005, when hurricane wilma hit my home and right after that my mother passed away whom I love and miss very deeply.Now I try to keep my family together my sons and grands whom so dear to my heart.Iam hoping to win a sweepstakes for this if your is sponsoring one I do really do need help,I don’t know the last time that my family were able to just sit and have a family meal around the kitchen table,I really miss this,this what happen when folks rips you would think this wouldn’t to some who work for the Police Department,Iam a Crime Scene Investigator in other word a real CSI person.I didn’t tell anyone at work because I didn’t want to be looked at as a stupid individual so I didn’t let anyone know but my family. Mr.Yip,all the Designers they have great shows,but my favorites are you of course is #1,then Candace Olsen,and Mr.Mike Holmes and his show Holmes on Homes, because I do beleive that this man is a honest man like you and Candance.Really do need help,I took monies I had saved up to help send my neice off to College because her didn’t mom didn’t the monies and the other the daughter in the military in Iraq. .

  • Laurie Delley

    Dear Mr. Yip,
    The Lord has blessed me with a small (small)but quaint patio home in Houston Texas. The entire house could use an update in one aspect or another… However, it is mostly my dream to makeover the kitchen. Of course, like many people, I don’t have the money. So, because I am a hugh HGTV and Vern Yip fan I am appealing for your assistance.
    A couple of issues from a long list are: it currently has very little counter and cabnet space, and I would like to open it up to be suitable for entertaining by knocking out a portion of a wall and building in a bar.

  • Jean Oliver

    Dear Mr. Yip,
    I have watched your show for many years and admire your passion and extordinary talent for design. I am taking a big chance on writing to you with the hopes you could make a long awaited dream come true for two of the hardest working and most dedicated coule I know. My daughter and son-in-law purchased their first home right out of college 8 years ago in Lakeland, FL. With no money except what they both worked to save during school(not much) they were able to crawl into a bank foreclosure. They were thrilled! It was your average nightmare but they were so excited to have their first home they didn’t care. So they rolled up their sleeves and started in. They painted the entire little home (1300 sq ft.)and pulled up all the nasty carpet to find beautiful wood floors. (SCORE!). The garage(3 ft below the rest of the home) had been converted into a livingroom and the steep narrow concrete steps were carpeted and this still remains. The first thing they could afford was paint so everything got a coat of clean color. After saving the first few years they could afford to resurface the natural wood floors throughout and what a difference. 🙂 They are beautiful! But the real eyesore and unhealthy room remains untouched. The Kitchen. This room has been on the next to do list for the past 5 years. Everytime they add to their kitchen fund something else snatches the money away (car repair, roof, baby needs, etc.). But they never complain, they just say it will have to wait again. Between child care for two and no family in the area they are always saving a little at a time but their badly needed kitchen fund gets overlooked. This couple is so amazing, they both love to cook and in their little kitchen they cook a Thanksgiving meal for any students at the local college that don’t have a family to spend Thanksgiving with every year. They also feel the strong need to participate in local charities and fund raisers whenever needed. I hope that you can see that this is an amazing young family that is willing to wait as many years as necessary for their kitchen so that others can come first. Believe me they need a kitchen makeover despriately! Their kitchen is small but they have always dreamed of knocking out a wall and enlarging the kitchen for some badley needed space. But again, this always seems to have to wait. My husband and I live in southern Utah but we are willing to come and help roll up our sleeves to help if need be. I hope you will have the chance to meet these wonderfully giving people and help design a new kitchen. Thank you for your consideration. A loving mom and grandmother, Jean Oliver

  • lula lawrence

    Dear Mr. Yip,
    In 1998 my four year-old grandson and I was hit headon by a drunk driver. my grandson died and I was left disabled. I moved in with my mom and she died in 2009. I was not able to go back to my home for nine years, my kitchen has went down completely and I need to move back in my home. The entire house can use some help however a kitchen makeover would really be a biggggg help.
    Thank you for your time

  • Carolyn Craig

    Hi Mr. Yip I love the shows you are on . the Urbasn Oasis design you did and your show ond others you judge ect. I am writing to you because I would like to get rid of the partical board splitting refaced cabinithsthe old split formica counters and dropped celings (very ugly) I trust your judgement. I live in a small house and my grandsons and daughter live with me,we would all benefitif you decide to to do our house. Thanks for taking the time to read this Carolyn Craig

  • lisa

    Would love a kitchen redo. I am in the real estate buisness and have been for 10 years I love ya’lls redos and would love to to redo mine. Mine is very limited in space and need help in maximinzing its limited space and turning it in to the focal point of the house!!!

  • Melodie A. English

    Dear Mr. Yip, I am a single woman living in a house that my mother will to me. I have a job but it still doesn’t pay enough to keep up with the repairs in my house. I’ve been praying that I can definetly find a way to fix my kitchen. It is an eat-in kitchen and it would cost me an arm and a leg to give it a face lift. I guess my pride kept me for asking for help but sometimes you have to swallow your pride and say Hellllp. I realize a lot of people are competing in this sweepstake and you have a choice you have to make but I hope it be directed towards my 100yr old kitchen 10/14/2010 11:29pm Melody

  • Nadin Noman

    Hi mr yip, i am a mom of 3 kids that want be in my kitchen all the time, i love to invited people for dinners all the time, but my kitchen is so small. i would love to remodel it but my husband lost his job and i am a staying home mom. i wish to win this sweepstake cause i reall neve won anything ever before.

  • Jan Zarefoss

    I always watch the home and kitchen makeover shows on HGTV, and would love to have one for my home. I am a registered nurse and currently in school to get my masters degree in nursing. I live in a tri-level built in 1974,which needs alot of updates, especially the kitchen. I have a son in middle school that keeps me very busy with his school and schedule. If I did not win the makeover, I would love to have free professional decorating advice from the experts at HGTV. All the design shows are informative and upbeat. They leave you with a sense of, I could do that! Thank you for reading my comment.

  • shelia jolly

    It would be a dream come true to get an updated kitchen. My house is 21 years old, and my kids constantly remind me that it is outdated. I refinished my cabinets a couple of years ago, but I was not pleased with the outcome. I have fibromyalgia and it is now difficult for me to get down to pull large items out from the bottom cabinets. I would love to have the large pull out drawers. I have no where to store my baking pans and would love to have a walk-in pantry. I love to cook and bake, and my kitchen is not as functional as it could be.
    My son’s friends asked me if I live in the kitchen. I really do spend most of my time there. I have been cooking since I was only four years old. When my principal came to my house to register me for kindergarten I was making cornbread. He told this at my highschool graduation 12 years later as he presented me with the home economics award. Talk about being schocked that my principal would remember me cooking when I was only four.
    I watch only HGTV and love to watch your makeovers. I don’t know if you guys would ever consider coming to TN and way out in the sticks, but I would greatly appreciate any ideas that you could give me.
    Thank you,

  • My home is like 90 yrs old. Ihave painted the kitchenin fact that goes for every room in the house. I do my best but it still needs more. You would like my home it has character alot of luv but it needs more expertize than I have. We”d feed you good. Thanks from the Buckeye St.

  • Hello, i have watched some amazing things you do on your show, with kitchens. My kitchen is in shambles. My husband is a 100% Disabled Veteran, and we are on a fixed income. I have tried to figure out how to get my kitchen done, but it just doesn’t fit anywhere in the budget. My cabinet doors are actually falling off, and drawers are all falling apart. My countertop is warped, and not enough of either cabinets or countertop. HELP!!! We could use a miricle right now!!!

  • sharon fontes

    I could use a new kitchen, my is kinda old and I did the best I could fixing it up.
    But my town was placing in the sewer pipes along the road, when they got to my house they had to use some dyamite. When they did
    it cracked my tiles on the floor, some of the sheet rock and the ceiling. In these tough times I am unable to get the money to fix up my kithen. My sink, counter tops, cabinets, some of the drawns are warped. the cat has scratched the cabinets, and the dog has scratched the cabinets.
    My kitchen is a very small space, I don’t like the design of the kitchen. I have seem some kitchens redone, if my kitchen could look half as good as they do on television I would feel like a millionaire. My home is 51 years old, I could really use a nice fresh up to date kitchen.

    Sincerely Sharon Fontes :bowdown:

  • Peter DeMichele

    We recently purchased a home with a totally disfunctional kitchen. I have a lot of ideas but my wife and I live on a fixed income, and we are retired. It would take a miracle to get it done so that’s the reason I thought I would enter this contest, maybe somehow you can help make this dream come true for my wife and I.
    Sincerely Peter DeMichele

  • Cindy Faulkner

    Wow could I use HGTV’s help with a 1973 homemade kitchen that just has to be remodeled. The cabinets appear to be homemade from plywood. I had the edges cut down so they would close but that isn’t saying much. There is a narrow choke point between a kitchen peninsula and the refrigerator to get into the kitchen from the dining room. There are cabinets over the top of that peninsula which make the kitchen look small and cut off the light from the sliding doors at the back of the dining room. The dishwasher only cleans dishes on the pots and pans mode and then it is very noisy. Brass hardware, ugly beige painted cabinets, old white appliances and a really ugly floral wallpaper in the adjoining dining area just beg for a remodel. I am working on a 6’x8′ master bathroom remodel but I have just retired and I don’t think I can fix this ugly, in accessible and dis-functional kitchen without a really talented designer and some additional funds to go with $10,000 – $15,000 I have to contribute. Help me make my kitchen/dining area functional and beautiful, Please!

  • Darlene Kulinski

    I am a retired teacher and wasn’t able to work long enough to afford to have my kitchen remodeled. Boy could I use a kitchen make over. I have drawers that fall down and end up hurting me if I’m not careful when pulling them open. I have alot of spices that I have difficulty finding because there’s not enough space for them. The wallpaper,lighting and countertops are all outdated. I have a side island that I can’t fit all of the chairs underneath on one side. I have a very big kitchen that I know you could do so much with but I can’t because I’m retired. I sure could use your help!

  • I am begging you for help for my daughter and son-in law. They don’t really have a kitchen its an 6 by 8 space with no storage or counter space ,I mean this is truely awful. They are Stephen and Nicole Briggs at 2710 w Ave.P Temple,Texas. Please we put the downpayment on this horrible house as a wedding gift and I am so so sorry we did this.
    Thank you for reading this,
    Randy Norton I have written before.

  • jody cooper

    my husband and myself are empty nesters and our kitchen and dining should really be one room very small – i can’t imagine how nice it would be to have a functional kitchen jody

  • Carole Greene

    I bought my current home for my mother. She dearly loved this home, and she felt safe in it. Unfortunately, she passed away in December a year ago,and I want to fix up my house so I can sell it. The house was built in the 70’s, and it was good back then, but it is in dire need of some help. My husband and I have done a lot of work in the other rooms but have no knowledge of where or how to start with the kitchen. Would you please consider me for a kitchen,den,laundry room makeover???????? Carole Greene

  • Randle Fleming

    My wife and I recently purchased a 1953 house in a small town in East Texas. We are wanting several renovations in the house but two areas that have concerned us the most are the kitchen and bathroom. I am some what of a do it yourself type person but recently after reaching my 60th birthday have slowed down some. I have taken in my mother-in-law which required renovation of a bedroom and bath on the back of our home. I have many ideas about the kithen remodel but am limited in the amount of work I can do each day and the lack of muscle that I can produce. I would realy appreciate if there were some way the many things I watch on HGTV could be done in person on the kitchen area of our home.

  • Reun Louk

    My husband & I watch HGTV religously hoping one day our home can one day look as beautiful as they do on the shows. My husband and I have been together for 11 years and have two young kids, who are 3 and 1 years old. We just bought our first home a year ago and have found out that its a lot of work owning a home. However we are up to that challenge as this is the home we would like to raise our children in. We seem to utilize every room in our small home except the kitchen & dining room. I wish they can be one room instead the two rooms are separated by a wall leaving two small spaces that are not functional. I would love some help in renovating our kitchen. I don’t know where to start. I have no sense of style or direction. PLEASE Help! Please, please consider us as a candidate! This would mean so much to us and our children.

  • Beth Pepitone

    My husband Joe and I love our home! We live in a beautiful old neighborhood in Omaha Ne. We have two daughters Bella, 14 and Elena,12. We all have a passion for cooking. The problem is our kitchen is so outdated! We would love a kitchen makeover! It would be a dream come true!

  • Sandra


    My Hub and I are going to be moving into our 1st home with our 3 teenage boys. We are very very excited. My kitchen is not granite and would love to have that. We are on a buget and cannot think of remodelling our kitchen. I love cooking and kitchen is where I spend all my time. I hope there is someone who could surprise me with a free kitchen upgrade. That would be really awesome.

  • michelle p.

    Please help we have a kitchen nightmare, i am a mother of 4 daughters, my husband and i always cook way to expensive to eat out with such a big fam. when we purchased our home i was a nurse, since then i had a severe accident my husband fell on me in our shower playing a prank on me and i wound up in thomas jefferson university hiospital in philly ever since then i have been unable to work i have a 5 level fusion in my neck (which failed to heal)i went paralyzed it was a nightmare thank god the surgeon saved the use of my legs but now im left with PAIN rheumatoid arthritus, fibromyalgia and a slew of other problems. SO we tried to fix the kitchen ourselfs the kitchen was too small so we knocked down 2 walls Bought used cabinets which are very nice and thank god they almost fit we ran out of money to finish and now we have been living since april without countertops, back splash , flooring and with broken open cielings, hoping that when we go to home depot or lowes we would meet the guy who would say can i come home with you and help…..but that never happened….now we are living with slugs that we do not niow where they are coming from on the counters that are cut up old pieces just sitting on the cabinets its actually a nightmare seriously we need help. :uh: :bowdown:

  • Gary Benz


    I have a home that may be designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is a cool contemporary home and I am doing it no justice. I was just trying to figure out how to redesign a 16 by 16 kitchen on a budget that supports 3 kids in Catholic school and I am coming up short of my inspiration. I think that my home is very interesting; interesting enough to be on one of your shows.
    Thank you in advance for any consideration.

  • Augustine Melgar

    My husband and I purchased our home in 2002. I just recently retired (not my choice, I was laid-off) and because of the economy there are no jobs for my age group. Our house was built in 1980. The kitchen was never updated and is in very bad condition. The tiles are all cracked and falling apart from the counter top. The floor makes crackling sounds when you walk. The whole kitchen is just falling apart and in dire need of renovation. My husband works long hours and is not too handy at home improvements. I feel sorry for him because he tries hard to keep our house in good shape. Because of our age and current financial situation, we are not able to fulfill our dream of having a functional kitchen. Since we always cook at home, our kitchen is the busiest place in our home; especially since two of our daughters and 4 grandchildren are staying more often with us due to economic reasons. I hope you will consider taking a look at our situation. Thank for your time and consideration. Please, Please help us!

  • Teri Birkland

    My house was built in the forties. My ex and I divorced he had the house but abondoned it, left it wide open. I’m trying to fix all of it. If you want pictures or can help fix it at all my family and I would be most grateful. We do the best we have with what we have.

  • My husband and I have done so much work in our home,and now my husband can’t do as much as he used to.I can”t do it alone. Our kitchen and or bathroom needs a make over, We are a really fun couple and would be great on one of the shows.

    Thank You

  • Shannon Hendricks

    Wow, after reading some of these posts… I can’t say I’m any more deserving of a kitchen makeover. I am just a wife and mother and have a full time job outside of the home. My husband has always wanted to live in this house since he was a kid, it has always been owned by family, so when it came up for sale it was his ultimate dream… Me on the other hand I wasn’t sold on the idea. The kitchen literally was an add on so the ceiling goes from six to eight feet on a slant. Paneling and mix match cabinets. They had also put on entrance to the front of the house which gives us two front doors. Not cool. We don’t even have a bathtub in this house. Their is a full bath upstairs with a shower, and the rest are only half baths. There could be a way to put in a bathtub downstairs, but not as of yet. Since we are on acreage, my husband is more into farming and not really worried about the inside of our home as far as updates. Back to the kitchen, the measurements are roughly 91/2 by 22 feet. So as you can tell is narrow and long. I am not high maintenance that I need a dishwasher, would be nice but I would like to have a kitchen that I didn’t have paneling and that all my cabinets matched. I do have an older two double oven stove that I love. It has the griddle in the middle, It’s black and stainless. The fridge is white however. A lot of issues to mention. We live at the Lake of the Ozarks, but we live very modest, my husband thinks I’m silly for even bothering writing this has these kinds of things never happen to people like us… I’m hoping to prove him wrong… Sincerely hopeless in the Ozarks…

  • Brigitte Barba

    I’m writing a response for the most important person in my life, my mom. She was born and raised in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. She migrated to the U.S. with my dad for a better opportunity. They started off in a 1 bedroom apt, then was able to purchase a home in San Francisco, CA, which they continue to live in for 35 years. She is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 1. My mom is 62 years old and is a hard worker. She was laid off from her previous full time job that supported our entire family 3 years ago and was recently hired for a part time job. Honestly, my moms entire house needs a makeover because it is very old fashion, its cluttered, not efficient and the environment is very draining. However, we can not expect anything, just be blessed for what we have. I’m working hard to one day be able remodel her kitchen at the least, but with this economy, time is beating me. I would love to give my mom a new kitchen because she is the chef in our family. She always cooks even if no one is home and spends the most time there because she enjoys providing for everyone and anyone. “service to many, leads to greatness.” It would be a huge appreciation if my mom was blessed with a new kitchen

    Thank you for taking the time to read this response :fingersx:

  • April Hardy

    I would love to be privileged enough to get a kitchen makeover. I am always the one to help everybody else but never to receive anything in return. It would be a honor to win a kitchen makeover from you and your show. I love everything you do on your show with the makeovers. Not going to go into details about the kitchen just want to say be ready!!! Awaiting your call.
    Thanks in advance April

  • April Hardy

    Awaiting your call!!!!

  • Sabrine Bohannon

    My kitchen has so much potential right now but is a major eyesore and not functional. The counters are yellow and the cabinets are falling apart. I have a stovetop that is built into the counter top but only two burners work so I had to buy another stove that has an oven and burners that work. My fridge is in a separate room, not because I don’t have room but because my cabinets are randomly spaced and at different heights so I can’t get my fridge under them. I love to cook and it’s really inconvenient in this kitchen. Please consider me.

  • Mallori Lucas

    Just a request from from a teacher from the Midwest who would love and appreciate a new kitchen. I made an attempt start on my kitchen floor myself and put in tile. It is an improvement, but mistakes were made. I have long admired the quality of Mr. Yip’s work and couldn’t even imagine having his help. I would love to replace the old appliances and the old counter tops. I tell my students to go after what they want and their dreams. So this is mine: a new kitchen for myself and my two children.

  • Angie Gardner

    I would soooooooooo appreciate a kitchen redo. My kitchen is dark an very boring. Please help brighten my world. 😀

  • Hello there, I found your web site by the use of Google while looking for a comparable subject, your website got here up, it appears to be like good. I have added to my favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  • Wow!, I, just as all the others here would love to have a kitchen makeover for all the great reasons listed. I am no diffent than all the rest-I am thnakful that I have a kitchen. I need the entire room restored: ceiling, floor, and walls-cabinets-shelves.
    I enjoy cooking for others, I love organization and clean lines. It is a dream! To have a new-beautiful kitchen- that says, cook me something wonderful!
    Thank you for your consideration in this event.

  • davin ng

    I never win anythings in my life,but i really need help! Few year ago, we invent some money buying our home, We thought we can resale after few years and gain some money for our children’s future study, but we were so wrong,no body want to buy our house because our home need a lot of remodel,We are not able to move closer with our children near school, so we can save some travel time and money,I hope my dream can come true!and save our money problem. can HGTV help us? Thank you.

  • my kitchen sucks…..
    It looks like something out of 1965.Iam single and have two adult children and a grand child living with me.I work full time and I am paying all the bills with nothing really left over for anything.A dream makeover kitchen would be just that a dream come true.

  • Monette Louissaint says:

    My kitchen its horrible
    After I had my triplet I had brought a small home for me and my family, special for the triplets to grew in a little but now my kitchen it out of age when I brought the house I didnt relize that the kitchen back splash its a shower plastic back splash also the cabinet not matches with the others the ceiling getting a lot of crack also its small for us its out date , I already spend a lot of money to fix the backyard for my kids all I want now its to have a nice kitchen also provide my boys a better room , please help my family with a better kitchen , I am a beauty advisor my kids father his a cable man we can keep fixing this home in our little income please help the louissaint family make they dream come true , i’ ve in my house going to 4 years please us fix our kitchen and our kids room I nerver win any thing in my life please make my dream come true and make it to a dream for me not to ever forget , help me and my family , sincerely monette louissaint

  • Greetings. Our family happily just bought our very own first home and love every feature of the house. We would love a permanent change and update with the existing kitchen. The kitchen is in its own room and needs to be brightened and joined in with the rest of the home to make it functional and cozy. A makeover would be astonishing and forever grateful. We would love to be able to entertain and make the kitchen come to life as it would be the focal point of the home. With two wonderful boys as well as my husband and myself it would be a wonderful space for us all to get together and have family fun and entertainment. As for now a table would not be able to fit properly, along with some changes we can make this happen. This would be a dream come true and graciously more than I ever could ask for. Please consider us as a possible candidate for this memorable kitchen makeover. Thank you for your consideration. -Melissa Millhouse

  • roger

    Hey vern. This plea is not for me but for my mother and father in law. Their kitchen is a complete mess meaning very outdated and non functional. The fridge is leaking, the stove is used as storage, they really only cook with a toaster oven or bhai. For the most part they eat out because my father in law works so much and so hard he ‘s usually out for days at a time so he doesn’t even eat at home. My mother in law works just as hard but I know she really wants a kitchen she can actually use. They have four daughters, one of them being my wife. They have helped us out so much financially as well as my wifes sisters and their families. They deserve a kitchen they can be proud of and actually be able to cook in. Thank you for your time.

  • Mary Ann Rhodes

    Dear Vern, I truly have watched you & your designs with great admiration for years. We bought our home in 1969 and raised 3 children. Later our 2 daughters came back with their children ,briefly to get back on their feet. Thank heavens, not at the same time. I still love to have all my family together for meals whenever I can and cook every favoriate food I can. My kitchen is 45 yrs. outdated. Actually it is an “L” shaped den/kitchen combination. In my kitchen I have 2 countertop spaces approximately 40″ wide. I use a rectangle shaped table in the kitchen as it gives me more useable counter space. In my old age I shamefully have it piled with a few pantry items that I use daily. My husband is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and he requires constant care. It is like caring for a 170lb. 3yr. old. Every day I wake-up and say morning prayers that I am still alive and ask for strength to make it through another day. But I also pray that all my appliances still work, too. We have no savings and our annual income combined is under $24.000. There is no hope now for me to be able to renovate my kitchen or to even replace the flooring of the combined 2 rooms. I’m well eduated in design principales and know how to do much of the work. Any money I tried to save for a renevation always went for other necessary family things. If I could renevate my kitchen & I could make badly needed additional income. Like what? Wedding Cakes better than Martha Stewart, my special New York Cheese Cake & many other deserts. I even have a Kentucky Whisky Fruit Cake made with 1/2 bottle used in the batter and the rest of the whisky sprinkled on the cake daily for 30 days or more. I have casserole recipes better than Paula Deen. I could prepare these items and take-out meals fresh or frozen, all the while caring for my ailing husband. The econamy put me out of a lucerative custom drapery business and now my husband’s disease has me trapped.
    Being a Care-giver without money or help is truly overwhelming. Thank you for this opportunity and a “dream come true” to win.

  • Catalina Colon

    We have lived in our home 8 years, but our house is over 100 years old. I only have 2 cabinets for food and pots. I use a book shelf for my dishes and some of the other pans.I have a old built in that I use for some of the other kitchen items. I only have 2 small counters, so I use the kitchen table a lot to prep the food. I have another small table for the toaster and toaster oven. The kitchen is just so old, it really needs some love. Can you please help us?

  • Terry Berry

    I was recently diagnoised with a terminal brain disease called Frontal Temporal Degeneration and had to leave my home and move in with my daughter, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren.
    They put a lot of work into building an area for me to live instead of remolding their very old and needy kitchen.
    My daughter and son-in-law live in the home is mother and siblings were raised in, after helping with his grandparents, who are now passed away, they bought the home. They are trying to raise 4 children, one with juvenile diabetes and now taking care of me. :uh: They really deserve a new and functining kitchen and I want to know if you have any shows that their kitchen could be a part of.
    Thank you for considering helping.

  • Peggy Sheldon

    Dear Mr. Yip,

    I am a fan from back when you did trading spaces. I love to cook and have always been frustrated in my kitchen. It is not functional both in planning and in space. It would be the first room I would try to fix if I could but one I don’t know where to begin and two of course is the money. I am just back to work after being out of work for two years which was a challenge, we went on assistance and almost lost our house. We were not sure if we were going to bring the pay our mortagage up to date or just let it go into forclosure. We wanted to make sure my new job was stable first before doing that. Needless to say we have not invested anything in our house during that time since we were just trying to deal with Day to day needs. Now we are trying to dig out of the two year financial hole we were in and so
    I really would love your help to redesign our kitchen and to give us a little oasis of newness in our house. I would love to have a kitchen that functioned well that I would enjoy cooking in all the time. I hope that you will consider my note. It would really mean so much to me after these hard times to have this for myself and my family, Husband and two kids Sean, 7 and Zoey 3.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Peggy Sheldon

  • Sandy Heaverin

    :uh: My kitchen is like a closet. It is dark dark no window. I quit cooking at home so depressing. It is about twenty years old. There is a room on the other side of the wall with five windows like a sunroom that would be great to have as part of my kitchen. That wall would have to come out. The rest of the house is nice the kitchen is the only room that is ugly. I was single for fifteen years. Finally met my man. We both purchase this house together and remodled everything except for the kitchen. We have no idea what to do with it. We need help. OUt of ideas and money. Im thankful for what we have but it would be nice to have a sunny kitchen for the family to share and for the holidays as well. Thank you for this opertunity. 🙂

  • Jacquenetta Wright

    Hi Vern: please pick me and my family! I’ve recently retired from the Army in Feb. We settled for this house because I thought watching tips.from HGTV, I could fix the house up on my own. NOT! Half of the kitchen decided it no longer needs electricity. If anyone every retired out of the Armed Services, they quickly realized that your three-fourth of your pay check will vanish. So these kind of hiccups are very unfortunate. Not only that only I can fit in the kitchen by myself and I have a four yr old who believes she’s the chef of the house. I have a pantry that isn’t being used especially in the winters. It’s freezing in there. If I.don’t have to cook in the winters I don’t. Now that I have

  • Jacquenetta Wright

    Okay that was unfortunate. Let me pick up where the storm cut me off. Two yrs ago, I was diagnosed with complete heart blockage. Bad medications that I took in order to go to overseas! My little one is diagnosed with diabetes but its controlled by what I feed her. So you see why its so important for me to get my kitchen in a working state. With my oldest two children being out of the house. Managing money and time has gotten tougher, especially since the government believe that after serving 22 yrs is double dipping, if you get retirements and disabilities benefits. I would send pics but it probably will make you run away!:'(

  • Amber Esposito

    Hi Mr.Yip 🙂 I am replying to this contest beacause my moms kitchen is in desperet need of a makeover…I am 18 years old and just graduated from college…my mom is a single mother who has worked hard all her life to give me what i want and need and now i would like to give somthing back to her…our kithcen is a total disaster..appliances are dieing left and right,cabinets peeling and countertops have cracked in it.We have dealt with it for a long time beacause cooking is somthing that my mother, brother and i have always bonded over…giving her a kitchen would make her the happiest mother in the world!!!!!!

  • Judy Wheeler

    :wavey: Good Morning Mr. Yip. I have a kitchen that the Feng Shui is all wrong. From over the counter cabinets to a wall blocking the full swing of the refrigerator door. I don’t love my kitchen and I can’t find anyone to take on the job. As soon as the enter :io: they leave. Leaving me :noes: frustrated. Help me :love: my kitchen and giving me a new feng shui.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Jessica Del Pino

    It would be a dream come true for me to have a kitchen makeover. My tiny house is 750 square feet and was built in 1924. I live alone, so it is just the right size for me. I live in an old area called “Atwater Village” located across from Los Feliz and Silverlake in Los Angeles. The kitchen has never been remodeled(I bought it in 2001)and face quite a few challenges in storage and layout. It is so small that I have no idea how to design anything for it. I am a teacher for the LAUSD and received a RIF (reduction in force)and will not have the financial means to have the kitchen remodeled. HELP!!! Thanks.

  • wow this is interesting, win a kitchen makeover. I have seen this on tv and thought you always needed some money to put up but i guess you do in some cases. Well me and my wife of seven months just recently aquired a house from my mom in noevember of 2011. The house has been in the family for approxiamately 25 yrs. It was in very poor condidtion due to very poor maintenance but, by the grace of god we where able to get a loan to do some repairs, such as a new roof, gutters, furnace, hot water heater, amongst other things. Due to the budget we where allowed, we couldnt include the kitchen, which is definately in need of an upgrade. I mean it has no kitchen cabinets(at all), the floor has old tiles, the kitchen sink is out dates, as well as the stove and the refridge leaks. It has no paint, ceiling is damaged and the light fixture hangs. I would love to have a kitchen make over, not only for me but so my wife can breathe a sigh of releaf. 😥

  • Brock Battaglia

    Dear Vern Vip,

    It would be amazing for you to give my family a kitchen makeover! I have seen many of your designs and I love every one of them! We have lived in our house for about 14 years and the kitchen is literally falling apart! The dishwasher is broken, the fridge is about to brake and the oven is completely out unless we go to the fuse box and turn it on everytime we need to use it; our kitchen is so inconvienent! Having 2 other siblings, our kitchen is being used constantly and it would be so amazing if you could suprise my hardworking and deserving parents with a new kitchen, because it would finally give my parents a stress relief knowing that everything in the kitchen is working and useable! It would be such a wonderful present, and would put a great big smile on both of my parents faces!

    With all my love,
    Brock Battaglia

  • Sarah Reigel

    I am looking to help a great friend of mine who is pregnant with twins! She and her husband have two young children already and are excited to be doubling their children, however their home will not be doubling with them! They have upgraded many areas of the 1980s era colonial they purchased in 2005, but the kitchen is still outdated and worn out. It would be an amazing gift to give them a kitchen space to enjoy for many years to come. I look forward to hearing from you, this family would make a great TV presentation too!

  • Ann Erb

    Mr. Yip

    I am writing on behalf of my youngest sister Barbie. She is a hard working wonderful mom and sister. She and her husband have an old farmhouse in need of many repairs. Her kitchen is old, the stove is ancient and does not work properly, cabinets are falling apart. Dishwasher is broken, fridge is starting to fail and they really do not have the money to replace and repair everything. I hate seeing my baby sister living this way, I want to help her and this is the only thing I could come up with. Please help her.! Ann Erb

  • Kimberly Cook

    Hello Mr.Yep. I writing in regards of my parents kitchen. It’s old and very outdated. My mother has been wanting a makeover sooo badly. They just couldn’t afford any renovations at the time. My father felt like keeping a roof over our heads, food, water,lights etc, were more important. I tried fixing it up to make it a little decent. It brought a little joy for the effortwas made. :kiss: I know he would have loved to see his kitchen fixed before his passing July 4th 2012. 😥 “bless his soul” My mother is here and strong at heart. I would love to surprise her with this makeover. :bowdown: My father will be looking down with a pretty bright smile. 😀 I know it will truly make her day. :wiggle: She’ll fill comfortable with inviting family and friends to eat over the holidays. :bigthumb: Thank You; Kimberly Cook

  • Lynn Noun

    Dear Vern,
    I love your design style! I am in a big mess. My kithen is right out of the early 80’s and I am so unispired to do anything in it! There cabinets without handles and lower cabinets without pullouts. I am almost 50 and it is really difficult to get down on my knees to look for something in the back of the cabinets. There are florescent lights covered by that ugly plasitic sheets. One broke and we never replaced it. The grout in the floors can’t be cleaned. Trust me, I tried everything!!! If you want a challenge and want to make one MOM in Arizona really, really, happy, please find a way to come and do my kitchen for free! :io:

  • Michele

    Hi, I have been a city girl forever an then met a man and moved in with him out in the country. The farm house I moved into was my sweeties Grandparents. Brian has done some remodeling but won’t change something’s. the carpet in the kitchen is from the 70 s, the wallpaper is a mess with wood on the bottom. The kitchen sink is the green metal Sears factory one with cabinets and drawers. Which is rusting and everyone says don’t paint it its antique. The cupboards are nice wood but don’t store pot ad pans well. Would love a better floor with tile, kitchen island and just more lighting. It’s small crowded and stuck in the 70s.

  • Michele

    Also the farm was built in 1920s in Nebraska.


    Hello, My kitchen is a mess. I have old ugly cabinets about six of them on top and 4 on bottom. Old fridge, gas oven, big old wooden cutting board table. I have family that come over and we like to intertain and we have a wall that we would love to knock down, so we can see another. Its an old 1930s kitchen, Old chandelier, Messy kitchen door, the floor is old and dirty looking. Long radiator. I fou return my email I can send pictures. Thanks

  • Nyoka Mollick-Ryan

    Hello, my kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover. I bought my home from the original owners back in 2001, since then my husband and I did the necessary changes needed at the time. The home needed a lot of work and my husband being handy did most of it. We did not get to the kitchen bc we ran out of money and was bless with a new baby, all at the same time.My husband past in 2007 and my kitchen still has not been touch.The tiles on the floor is coming up, the walls are so cold, the cabinets are rotted and the jealousies window ( i think that what they are called) you have to turn the knob and hope one of the glass doesn’t slide off, the air comes through the seams,the window is definitely not energy savers and belongs in the islands. I really need your help I cannot afford to renovate it myself being a single mom and just trying to keep up with bills and household expense can be challenging. Please keep me in mind for a chance to win a free kitchen makeover. Thx!

  • Well im not going to go on with a big story on how bad my kitchen really is, I’ve been reading some of the stories on here and that’s nothing to what and how ugly my kitchen really is. im ashamed to have friends and family over cause everything is just mismatched nothing flows right and to top it off my house is like 40 years old. my kitchen cabinets don’t line up I cant even fit in a new sink cause they cut the counter top to wide, the door in my kitchen doesn’t even open, the whole thing is just a mess so im asking for help please from HGTV, this house was passed down to me from my grandfather when I was 16 years old and i’m just looking to make him happy and finish what he wasn’t able to while he was with me :'( im 28 years old asking HGTV for help please and thank you

  • MR. YIP Im in a deep dark and small kitchen that is so small that only one one side is there room for two people. I am blessed with two drawers and three coubords mabe there is room for improvements,but its going to take a Yip to help it. I could go on and on like some of the letters i have read ,about their kitchens but words cant help this mess,but im sure you could, thank you. :fingersx:

  • Shawn Pugliese

    Dear Mr. Yip, I hope you would consider my kitchen for one of your kitchen makeover shows. We have tried very hard to make use of every little inch of the weird layout of the space. Where no cabinets could be hung our answer was to build a counter tressel. Well it’s all we could do. The space allows only three people at a time to do anything in it, so the holidays are a nightmare!!!! An old pass through we tried to add some cabinets into the very high opening,and as you can guess. It is just a bit more useful than before.PLEASE…HELP US!!! We have watched all your shows and know how great your work is; and we love the Hgtv makeover shows. We hope to hear from you. Thanks for considering us

  • please help I have a small 1957 kitchen. I really need your help. :bowdown: begging.

  • Justin Ferrel

    I bought my first home about 20 months ago its a real fixer, I have been spending lots of long hours working on it and have ran out of money but still need a kitchen redo. Please help :run:

    thanks Justin

  • Renee powell

    Please please helppppp! My kitchen is very large and although that doesn’t sound like a problem- it is!! I need help with trying to not make my kitchen look like an apartment! The way my refrigerator and the rest of the appliances are set up in my house along with my kitchen table!! Please help me !! Aahhh

  • HGTV is my life, I watch them all the time when I have time, I work 2 jobs and still live from one paycheck to another. I have so many repairs to be done on my house it was built in 1945 and I think the cabinets are orginial. It needs to be re-designed to function better. plus updated. But no money, I could greatly use your help with design and I am very capable of doing some of the work also, I am very handy and willing to help with demo and rebuild. Love hands on work when it comes to fixing things. Please pick me I need it bad.

  • brian torkelson

    a new kitchen would bring commfort and joy to our lives. It is the gathering point for our family get togethers but lacks so much. We need more cabinet space, better appliances, a more flowing and efficient layout and most importantly a pantry of some sort. We work hard to save for it but it is a long time coming. hopefully you can help so we can use our savings to tackle another much needed renovation in our home.

  • Sheryl Stepanenko

    Hi Vern I watched your shows and your amazing designs and adore your design style. I am so excited for the opportunity to have a kitchen makeover designed by you. I have been in my home for over ten years and have not been able to work on my kitchen. I know that you and your team would transform my kitchen into a place where we can spent time and make meals for my family and friends. It would truly be a place for others to enjoy. I am so excited about this opportunity to have my kitchen transformed. Thank you again for all your beautiful designs and look forward to hearing from you. Sheryl Stepanenko

  • Carissa Barger

    Wow, would our family of five love a new kitchen? We have live in our house, built in ’82, for almost two years. My husband and I are both teachers, so THERE WILL NEVER be money to redo a kitchen. My husband does love to cook but was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and its me in there now. Our plywood cabinets over our range often fall into our food. Our oven has stopped baking but will still broil. I would love for my husband to have a new kitchen. He has one chemo treatment left and we are hoping and praying for the best. And also for a little luck to come our way!

  • Joe Meyer

    I can guarantee that I have the worst kitchen in my house. It is a tiny room. Counters are all bowed. Yellow trim moulding. Blue and white flowered wall paper. All drawers do not work and some don’t even have fronts. And I have 4 children There is barely room to walk around. When I cook, there is absolutely no counterspace. I am in need of a kitchen renovation!!

  • Michele Carr

    When we had our house build 13 years ago, we opted for the builder grade kitchen assuming a new kitchen would be at the top of our “to do” list…. 2 kids later and pealing up linoleum I’m desperate for a new kitchen. Please help!