One (1) winner will receive a Burpee gift card, $200.00.

Mar 11 5:41 pm
  • Gloria

    :confused: Who won the Burpee $200 Gift Card through National Home Gardening Club?

  • How do I get my 3 free gifts (Fiskars Bypassd Pruner, Kneeling Cusion and Grocery Coupon)? The website I was directed to (through the mail) does not exist (

  • claire hastick

    How do I get my 3 free gifts (Fiskars Bypassd Pruner, Kneeling Cusion and Grocery Coupon)? The website I was directed to (through the mail) does not exist (

  • I receive the same letter for my four gift on sept.10,2011 and the website in the letter does not exist. So, just sent the gift to my address that you send the invoice. Here’s thanking you in advance. :uh:

  • Maurisa Tolbert

    I am registering for my free gift namely, free fiskars, bypass pruner, kneeling cushion and grocery coupon card. Please send to the address you sent the invoice that paid money order. Don’t let me down or you will hear more from me.

  • Please send me my free fiskars bypass pruner, kneeling cushion,and grocery coupon card as I can not find the website that the mail sent me to ( or was this just a scam to get everyone to sign up for the magazine

  • This website does not exist. Should have known it was a scam. Will try to get my money back for my membership.

  • Sandra Rayburn

    I am trying to recieve my 3 free gifts, like the others before me. I’ll try calling. Can you help?

  • The website that I was directed to via your mailing does not exist. I see no way to access this information from the home page or any other information. Please advise.

  • Claudia Simmons

    :dunno:I went to the web site in your letter to recieve my 3 free gifts and there was no site. So how do I get my Free Fiskars Bypass Pruner, Fre Kneeling Cushion, and Free $100 Grocery coupon card? :confused:

  • please send me my gifts dont dissapoint me is this club for real or not or should i call better buisness burea ill be waiting on my gifts please hurry

  • Maralyn Conway

    I got ripped off too. Cannot get free gifts, web site does not exist. I want my money back!!!!! $24 is way too much for 2 tiny packets of flower seeds :run: :run: :dunno: :dunno:

  • Pam Imbimbo

    I receive the same letter for my four gift on sept.10,2011 and the website in the letter does not exist. So, just sent the gift to my address that you send the invoice. Here’s thanking you in advance.

  • I too have had no success in finding this site. I have received plenty of solicitations, including a book I just returned. Has anyone had any success? Do i have to get my lawyer involved?


    Ref: Betty Bumgardner
    Member #: 85687796

    On August 31, 2011, I issued my check number 1766 for $24 for your Gardning Magazine which was to provide to me FREE GIFTS.

    It is now October 10.
    Where are the gifts?

    304 753-6377

  • Linda Hartman

    Please send me 3 free gifts in last dues request. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Allen Arnold

    I am also responding to the “scam” about the 3 free gifts. :uh: I have also contacted a lawyer about a class action suit and will be contacting the BBB and suggest everone else do the same. I will also be demanding my money back. My first issue of the magazine was from July 2011. They will not get away this!!! :noes:

  • Fred Rubison

    MY dues are paid. Please send my free gifts as promised!

  • Barbara J. Smith

    Why could the “free gifts” not be sent to the address that all the other materials were sent to? I paid my money, now I would like to get my so-called “free gifts” and not be sent to a nonexistant website to play ring-around the rosey with solicitations for timeshares and other crap. Please send the gifts ASAP to the address on the second statement for dues for $24.00 that has already been paid. Barbara J. Smith

  • /There is no web site as directed by mail after I paid $24.00. I thought the National Home Gardening Club was legit!. Is it a scam?
    Phyllis Willems

  • OK – So how do I find this website to get my free items. I can see that others have had the same problem. What’s the deal here? Is this a scam or is it real? Please send the gifts to the billing address. Not very happy about this.

  • Leslie Dyer-Kabbaz

    also cannot find the website for free gifts. this does not sound good. please send free gifts or refund my money.

  • send me my money back. this has all the ear marks as a scam. no web site for free gifts. 2 seed packs for 24.00 dollars you have a grate profit margin.your co should be stopped from such practice.and LEGAL ACTION TAKEN AGAINST EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR KATHLEEN CHILDERS FOR DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. 😡 :confused:

  • Did any of the others who posted about this site ever receive their free gifts? What was the outcome? I just recently joined and with Firefox the website seemed to exist, but crashed when trying to enter it. With Internet Explorer, the site did not appear to exist…. I too received an invoice, although I had already paid. Did I just get ripped off?

  • mary ann thomas

    i want my money back. what a rip off.

  • Darice Watson

    I also cant locate the web site for I also would like to know how to get my money back. Even when i log onto the main website which I have created an account logon, in it wont let me log and keeps bouncing me back to the log in page over and over. How do I get my money back???

  • kathleen thank you so much for the gas rebate coupon with the high price of gas it will come in handy and I found the grosery coupon that no one else took time to look for and i will be take advanage of them too.
    I hand a house plant a small catus it need something it not growng it stay limp if any one has any advice on how to help this catus grow please let me know thank again :bigthumb:

  • hey people the grocery coupn if you want them go to the top of this page and click on coupon box then you scroll down and see all of the grocery coupon learn to use your mouse not your mouth. :uh:

  • Donald W. Corman

    Would you please send my bypass pruner,kneeling cusion and Grocery coupon card. I want to tkank you in advance for taking care of this.

  • Shalom! I just signed up for this club and was looking also for my free gifts but wasnt able to get the website as stated in letter. So I was wondering why we I would have to sign up for something that is already promised. I am waiting for the other items stated in letter and will be expecting them to be mailed soon. Thank you



  • Candida Barnes

    I am also trying to claim my free gifts.I hope we all get our stuff.I have never had this problem with the club in the past.

  • i paid my dues and didn.t recieve a membership card a membership stamp to put on my card or any of my free gifts. please explain why. and send whatever I paid for.Thank you Walt

  • still waiting thank you

  • iris jackson

    I have not been able to get to the web site for free items.IT looks like a scam. Please refund by $24.00. Thank you

  • 😡 Aw, come on, another scam!! I really hoped this was legit, but after reading the other complaints, and getting no “free” items myself, I am truly disappointed and angry.

  • rosa steen

    :uh: 😮 :noes: :bowdown:
    i want free gree gift
    better bus is nixt

  • gari williams

    :uh: please send myFree gifts

  • debbie wanta

    waiting for my freebypass pruner, kneeling cushion & grocery coupon card – unable to access from website
    membership has been paid – please respond
    member #85747733

  • James H. Cowart

    I sent you a check #8815 for $24.00 dated 2/18/12 ,let me know what happened?

  • I’m really glad I looked at this site before I sent my payment….obviously you are not going to send the free gifts promised upon signing up. Luckily, I’ve not sent my payment yet. I’ll await your response.

  • cecile charette

    :io: i”am walking away from this one “scam maybe ” please send me my money back I”am cancelling my member ship, I will be waiting for my check Thankyou , cecile

  • I cannot find a way to obtain my three
    free gifts: bypass pruner, kneeling cushion.

  • nghia q. ngo

    I just want to claim my 3 free gifts, like most of your customers. Could you tell me when I can get them exactly? Otherwise have my membership cancelled and refund me $24.00.
    I really appreciate your fast consideration.

  • I received your letter, sent my check for payment. I would like to reguest the frdee Memberp `roducts listed in the letter.

  • Frank Goodpaster

    Are you kidding me. Is this really just a hoax. WOW

  • Dulce Estevez

    Send me my free gifts. Dulce M.

  • man i wish i would have saw all this before i tryed to pay with my credit card i hit cancel when i was trying to make my payment so i hope it didnt go thu cause when i go to the site it shows i didnt pay yet crap i thought this was real to i will call my credit card and tell them it was a scam and that im nt paying it

  • francis lagacy

    I signed up & paid my 2 year subscription to national Home gardenng club.I was assigned member no. 85787589 . I got a letter stating to visit to claim the free fiskars bypass pruner,kneeling cushion & grocery coupon card. Icould not find the web site to claim my free gifts. It look like fraud.

  • Mary McCann

    Well it looks like I am the next in a LONG line of people that got taken in on this scam.Or do we have to to the BBB to help you along,or maybe the state attorney general for a fraud check. Please respond to my letter. Mary

  • g herald

    Why can’t I find a place to request my free gifts my fiskars Bypass pruners,kneeling cushion and my $100.00 grocery coupon card.

  • christina dufresne

    :mad:i love to garden and thought this would be a great club, but i have gone to the top of this site also and still am not able to find the place to sign up for my free gifts. pleaase send them to 😡 the address you sent my membership info to. 😡

  • i got my first issue of the magazine but cannot locate the wesite either, maybe i will call the 1-800-324-8454 number on my benifits pamplet and give em hell!! perhaps you should all try it too.

  • linda mcb

    I called 1-800-324-8454 and got a hold of someone that they would send out the free gifts. So try that and maybe I hope that I get the stuf.

  • linda mcb

    call the 800 nunber and you might get someone to send it out to you. I’ll see if I get mine

  • jenny

    i found the website that evening i just went in requested at Website Informer.

    its weird i saved it to my favorites so i could come back at a later time and it saved it as me!

  • jenny

    now i went to their website and signed in and all and i see i have been charged $10 for a book they sent me on the 19th..not happy about this, i dont remember reading anything about being mailed books, but i have read several other reviews of this club and apparantly they sent you books to buy or send back..not cool.

  • jason goode

    i am alledged member# 85768528, i am also glad i paid my membership payment of $24 by moneyorder, rather than credit card. i do not want anything else sent to me from you. you will not get another dime from me. CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP IMMEDIATLY!!!!! and i pray you people get caught, and get what you deserve!!!! :uh:

  • wow I had my check in the mail slot ready to mail when Ichecked the website :uh: thank you for saving me a lot of anxiety. :wavey:



  • :uh: not at all happy with web site that DOES NOT EXIST….how do we get the free items???? working too hard for this gardening is suppose to be fun……

  • Ralph Romanis Esq, JD

    I am writing you on behalf of my wife Norma Romanis who sent you a $24.00 check which you cashed. She and I have been unable to access your website to get the free gifts promised. Please return our check in the amount of $24.00 immediately as this has all the appearance of being a scam. I am copying the Atlanta and Roswell BBBs to advise them of this and will contact Clark Howard to investigate and report his findings on national TV. Ralph Romanis, Esq.

  • R. Duncan

    I too wish to receive my $24.00 refund ASAP. No access to your “free gift” website. The transplanter that came with the original membership packet is terrible. Then you try to sell books and lifetime memberships on top of everything else.

  • hey I too have been trying to get my free stuff for paying my dues and being a member when do I get it ?

  • My future mother-in-law finally called the National Home Gardending Club toll free phone # 1-800-324-8454 to collect her free gifts .We will wait 2-3 weeks to receive them and we’ll let you know if we get them. GOOD LUCK !!! DN.



  • elizabeth morris

    I cannot request my Free Gift, because
    there is not a free address.
    Please send my bypass pruner, kneeling
    cushion and grocery coupon card to my home.
    My membership # is 85820670. Elizabeth Morris

  • elizabeth morris

    Please disregard the last email I sent to you. I was unable to view the proper website however after retrying I was able to request my gifts. Thank very much and I apologize for the mistake. -Elizabeth Morris

  • There seems to be a serious problem with this magazine. I also cannot find website for free gifts, and they also billed me twice for the magazine. Member no. 85869015.

  • I have tried the phone no. given above three times and just get drivel. This seems to be a scam. This website should be reported. Too many problems to be sincere business wise. Perhaps we should get a return on our subscription.

  • I was able to submit my free gift request at the
    It takes you to page called Website.Informer.Com then I clicked on
    We’ll see if I get my free gifts!! :fingersx:

  • how do I get my gifts

  • :uh:

  • Deon spann

    This site is bullshit

  • Please return my $24.OO Unable to request free gifts. Members #86862757. Do not send anything else and expect me to send money.

  • Please send the free gifts — by pass pruner, kneeling cushion, grocery coupons to my list address. If you do not send the free gifts then return my money and cancel the subscription. Thank you Donald Scholz
    I hava a copy of money order sent to you.

  • Eugene J. Gilbert

    Dear Sirs,
    As an attorney I wish to inform you that if items offered as free gifts do not arrive soon, that you will recieve a summons for trial in your city. I represent many clients in E-Mail fraud cases. You may be my next successful case. please respond.
    eugene gilbert

  • Just another person in this long line of ripped off people grrrrrr

  • jenny

    how sad so many of us fools & so many more to come what a ripoff 🙁

  • jenny

    Im putting what I just recieved back in the mail with return to sender on it & a don’t bother me note.

  • :confused: After reading all the negative responses above regarding the free gifts and I could not find the website either, you can keep your magazine and the free gifts NOT!

  • Alright guys…Thank goodness I hadn’t mailed the payment yet! Keep your “free” gifts as this is apparently a scam based on all the negative comments. Take my name off of all mailings and cancel me from ANY membership of any kind.

  • ken chase

    MY MEMBER NUMBER IS 85966722

  • Karen

    I have not paid my dues yet, happy about that. Not just trying to get free stuff, but they should not make a promise that they don’t intend on keeping. This association has been around for a long time, it astounds me that they have sunk this low to sell a magazine :dunno:

  • Karen

    Note: Oh yeah, I’ll buy my own pruning shears and keep your magazine. :wiggle:

  • Guy

    :uh: seems like a scam! Darn, they’ve been aaround a long time and thought they were real. Wish I’d read the posts before I sent the money in. I was looking forward to gardening tips and tricks…not BS!
    Well we should all contact our State Attorney Gen’l and the BBB to get rid of folks like this and a civil case to get our $ back. How rotten of them!!!!Good luck everyone. I hope they come arund.

  • I was unable to locate the website to request my free gifts so I called 1-800-324-8454 and spoke with a CSR. She put the order in for my fee gifts and said I should receive them in 7 – 21 days. We will see if I get them. If your having problems locating website try the 800 number.

  • mary

    how do I get my free gifts. It seems like
    everyone has the same problem. I thought the bill would be $12.00 not $24.00. the website does not display.

  • Ted Kupsky

    I have tried to follow the instructions in my effort to order the free gifts (pruning chears, kneeling pad, grocery coupons, etc.). I got the website, but there was no way to order the gifts. I called the 800 number (324-8454) and got only an automated reply with NO access to a human being and NO way to enter my name and address in order to get the free gifts. Now what do I do? My membership number is 85989185. Please reply.

  • Ted Kupsky

    How do I get a human being with whom to negotiate? The phone number I used resulted only in automated messages that were NOT satisfactory. My member number is: 85989185

  • bruce mulford

    it appears that i to ahave been scamed. i am unable to log on to receive my “free gifts” .my origanil subscription was to be $12.00 for one year, not for two years at $24.00. i should have not sent the money or aleast used a credit card to dispute the charge. i looks like that this senior citizen has been had. i request that a refund of my dues be returned to me at once, and my membership be cancelled. For $24.00 i will gladly send you two packs of outdated packets of membership number is 85984442. IAW with your ininal request to join i have one year to cancel for a full refund. hope to here from you soon, if not i’ll be contacting the better business bureau and my states consumer protection agency.

  • Noel Nelson

    :confused: We signed up and sent a check for $24 it was processed on july 3 2012. i can not find the web site, and we received no free gifts.

  • Mary Heider

    Please send the free gifts — Fiskars Bypass Pruner, Kneeling Cushion and Grocery Coupon Card. If you do not send the free gifts then return my money and cancel the subscription. Thank you. Mary Heider

  • Donna Benarey

    Member# 85990853. It took me awhile to send in my payment because I was skeptical. Wish I had not sent it now. Please send my free gifts, like thte other above, or else refund my money, which I know tht you will not do. In any case, you should be ashamed to rip honest people off in this economy. Instruct people where to look on the website to claim their gifts!!!!!

  • This might be so beneficial for myself thank you.

  • Not extended ago i found your web site and also started out out reading alongyour content. i produced the choice i’d personally depart my own quite initial opinion.

  • Dorothy Terry

    My member #86070540 I have paid for my membership I would like to receive my free gifts as advertised. Would like a reply from you or my free gifts shipped as promised.

    Thank you

  • like the others, i can’t find a way to get the gifts. if you don’t intend to keep your promise then cancle my membership and refund my money which i sent on 3/15/13. also if you don’t do the right thing i will report you as a scam.

  • Paula McCuen

    Guess like all the others this must be a scam ! LUCKY i hadnt sent my dues yet. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I CANT ACCESS YOUR WEBSITE !

  • I also cannot find the website…My Dad signed up for this….Please send a refund for the 24.00 he spent!

  • sandra parks

    hay where is my free stuff,,, we sent in our payment but did not get any thing.. is this a rip off or what