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Feb 9 8:39 pm
  • arlene

    chocolat gelato brioche with whipped cream

  • Hank Holsten

    Chocolate Buffalo Dung Sliders on th Hoof

  • Betty Henderson

    Naming the dish for JULY/august 2011 Issue
    Sweet potatoe Fries Fiesta

  • Susan Bailey

    I think you should name the dish for the july/august 2011 issue:
    “Fries With Benefits”

  • Judie Caudill

    dolce caliente fries

  • http://foodnetwork/namethisdish darlene McCravy

    I entered the Sweet Potato fries contest also, but I don’t see my entry above??

  • http://InternetExplorerThename Nancy R. Johnson

    The name II selectrdfor the cookies is

    Nancy Johnson

  • Hazel P. Rhodes

    Name the cookie recipe on page 190 of Sept 2011 Vol. 4 No.7 Food Network Magazine:

    –Hazel P. Rhodes

  • suzy LIddell

    HOney Puff Chip Cookies

  • Kim Liddell

    Name the cookies contest on Page 190 Chucky Spice Cookies

  • Sara Borkowksi

    Name this cookie
    Almond-Butter Sugar puffed cookie

  • Marilyn DeBritton

    Cobblestone Cookies!

  • Kim wyvel

    Name this cookie

    Mountain Rush Cluster Cookies

  • http://Namethiscookie Leslie Segarra

    Almond Kixing coco-chip cookies

  • Deborah Righter

    I dreamt up a clever name for those cookies

  • ana maria soto


  • ana maria soto

    love your magazine.

  • sharon mattas

    cookies in the September 2011 issue:

    Knutty Knockouts

  • Phyllis Dorsey

    Name for cookies in September issue Almond Chocopuffs

  • http://foodnetwork genevieve halstead

    i name the dish nutty qyacker

  • pat mcdonald

    Island meltaways

  • Carol Rothfeld

    Almond Popups

  • Carol Rothfeld


  • Martha Aiken

    September 13 issue
    “I call it squash-a-liscous”

  • Jeanie

    Romeo kala plate

  • Jeanie

    Olive Pan squash

  • Jeanie

    Italian squash surprise

  • Jeanie

    Kala squash stew

  • Kay Currier


  • bev dana

    Name This Dish contest from Food Network Magazine, Fall Favorites, October 2011 page 182

    my creative name for the featured squash dish is
    The Spaghetti Caper

  • Verna Boudreau

    “Wiggaly, Squiggaly” Squash

  • Malinda Vetrano

    Awsome Veggi Sketti

  • Alice Wallace

    My name for the receipe in the Octoner 2011 issue is, Snowcap Veggies

  • Miroslawa McCormack

    How about “Squashetti Italiano”

  • sherre feller

    squishie squashie spaghetti

  • sherre feller

    is this where we post our vote

  • elizabeth hoffman

    i have been trying to submit a neme for your mushrooms with crabs.
    1st try was on the 20th of october and you were not taking any names try again was your response. so i tried today and low and behold you are featuring a 9 mile high sandwich which was not featured in your magazine which was suppose to start on the 18th of this month.
    what is going on is this a hoax that you guys are playing. i would like an answer.

  • Bonnie Montoya

    Trying to submit entry for your name the dish contest in Nov 2011 issue-very confusing site-don’t know if this is where you want the name,please advise.My name is crab stuffrooms

  • tara chierico


  • Kathy Adams


  • sue slodowski

    trying to enter contest for the mushroom recipe. I think you should call them crabby caps

  • Rae Layton

    This is the second month I have tried to enter this contest, with no luck!!! I think the following would be a cute idea:


  • Seth Post

    I think these should be called CRABBY SHROOMS

  • http://foodnetwork,com/namethisdish Seth Post

    I think this dish should be called Crabby Shrooms

  • Michelle Opie

    Nov. 2011 issue Name this Dish:


  • cynthia wardell-thorpe

    I think it should called crab o’ listous shrooms!

  • Martha Wilson

    I think this dish should be called: Lumpy Crab Mush



  • donna mabry

    itsnoturmomas french toast

  • angie schisler

    stocking stuffed french toast

  • Pansy Curtis

    French Toast Twist

  • Will Thurman

    My vote is for “French Fig Jig” as the name of this months mystery food. It looks great, can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Claire Frew

    My name for this dish is “Fig-lious French Toast.

  • Geralyn

    I think the name of the dish for the Dec. 2011 issue in Food Net Work magazine on page 208 should be……

    Figgy Pudding Toast


    Geralyn Segedi

  • Diane Edoff

    sunny side up buisquits and gravy

  • Diane Edoff

    sanded eggs and bisquits

  • Shirey Mulherin

    Name that dish for January
    BE’GS pronounced (Bee – Gees)for
    Bisquit, Eggs, Gravey, Sausage.

  • jennifer jeannette


  • Phil Hiebing

    Name This Dish for Jan/Feb 2012

    “Son-In-Laws in the Sawmill”

  • http://FoodNETWORK Virginia Patenaude

    eyeballing the gravy.

  • grace coverdale

    name the dish for january 2012 it should be
    “Island eggs and gravy”

  • Meghan Andrews

    Name the dish: January
    Up The Eggy River!

  • Meghan Andrews

    Up The Eggy River!!

  • Caroline Bush

    For the over the top breakfast name? Looks like a combo of 2 separate brkfst but a good name for it would be…..SCOTTISH S.O.S. (scottish eggs on shit on shingles, wht Army used to call it but to be politically correct, abbreviate! Hence the name, …..Scottish S.O.S.

  • Joe Hernandez

    The name I choose for this breakfast is:

  • Rayetta Schindel

    I liked the name Onks and Clooks

  • Henry Doerge

    the name I suggest for this dish is
    Crunchy Brunch

  • norma brossette

    the name i pick for the dish jan.3-jan24 is
    eggs on a shingle.

  • janet newman

    I submit January22 at6:00 pm

    Ranch Hand Grub

  • Jane Law

    Tried to submit a name for the egg/biscuit dish featured in Jan./Feb.2012Food Network magazine and a different picture appeared. You could vote on the egg dish until 01/24/12. I submit “Sunny spots on a cloudy biscuit!”

  • Lillian Mueller

    I had a lot of trouble finding where to submit my Name This Dish for January 3 through January 24, 2012. My name for the egg dish is Scrappled Eggs.

  • Lillian Mueller

    My name for the Name this Dish dated January 3 through January 24, 2012 is:

  • Loretta

    I think this dish should be called:

    Yolkers on top of B&G or

    Yolkers Breakfast Bash

  • Robert Williams

    How about “Turtles-in-the-nest”?



  • Margaret WelchUpton

    I would name the dish Scottish Egg Mud Pie

  • Jane Armstrong

    Banana Bama for the over-the-top sundae
    March 2012 issue. :dunno:

  • Julie Pluemer

    Banana Palooza for the banana split dessert.

  • June Dobbins

    Monkey Sundae for the banana split

  • cecelia yonick

    The magazine directs you to “go to dish and complete and submit entry form,” but that doesn’t get you anything more than this site. I see others have had the same problem. How does one get to the entry forms?

  • Irene Ritchie

    :uh: I can’t find an entry form for name this dish February 7 to February 28,2012 my name for the over the top sundae is:NUTTY NANA

  • Char Gustafson

    I can not find an entry form for the Feb./12 dish as well. My name for the sundae is – TOWER OF SPLITS!
    Char Gustafson

  • John Schofield

    No entry form found to fill out.
    My name for the Feb. sundae is:

  • Nancy Labahnangelsun

    Name for egg dish in April 2012 issue:
    Nested Egg!

  • janet newman

    My entry was for Ranch Hand Grub

  • Robert E. Lane

    “here’s egg in your eye”

  • Patty Wisner

    Sunny bacon tart

  • Janet Swiatek on March 17, 2012 3:04PM

    The name for the breakfast dish should be
    “Tarty Havarti Egg Nester”.

  • http://foodnetwork Linda Eppley

    April 2012 issue showing an egg tart should be named: Cheesy Egg Circle of Yum

  • http://foodnetwork Linda Eppley

    BTW, April issue is packed with goodies and lots of great info. Thank you

  • http://freestufftimes Bob Mac Evitt

    Cheesey eye of the round

  • Mary bowman

    Re-Tarted hen and pig

  • marie babica

    It’s (The Eye of the Tartlet)

  • connie Roberts

    Chocolate Dream Cloud

  • Tawna Hanks

    May issue 2012
    “Spring Bliss”

  • http://Foodnetwork Nancy Gattis

    My entry for May is Rhuby Reds.

  • Anne Ormsby

    June 2012 issue entry:

    Mile High Doggie Club

  • Terry Faylor

    June 2012 entry:

    Weinerwich Grande

  • Sharon Black

    I can’t seem to find a place to register for the contest, but the May/June dish should be named «, The Dagwood Dog»

  • Jaci crispi nine years old

    I think you should name it the king dog sandwrich

  • Patricia Benson June 17th, 2012 05:16 pm

    Bacon, hotdog Highrise Buns

  • http://none cynthia byford

    ballpark button buster

  • http://none cynthia byford

    june entry; ballpark button buster

  • Denise sokel

    This sandwich should be called “Mans Best Friend”

  • cheryl metcalf

    Dog GONE Bacon Stack

  • http://doggiehighrise carol

    can’t find entry to contest hope you get this

  • Tamera holbrook

    Cant find entry form. hope u get my entry. i think hot dog should be called dawgs gone wild club

  • Tamera holbrook

    Cant find entry form. hope u get my entry. i think hot dog should be called dawgz and pigz gone wild club

  • Tamera holbrook

    I entered a name last week for the name that dish hot dog. dont know if it went thru. i didnt see it on your list. i think
    it should be called beware of da dawg club!

  • Tamera holbrook

    A see alot of people are having problems with entering your name this dish contest. i found the other site with entries. i want to know if this page will be eligible in the contest? time is up june 12th and would like 2 entry correctly

  • Gail Laraba

    June issue :


  • deb berg

    Eating High on the Dog

  • Payton

    Colossal dogwich

  • http://StarSpangledSpudMedleyforpotatosaladcontest pam moore “Star Spangled Spud Medley” for Potato Salad Contest

    Star SpangledSpud Medley for potato salad contest

  • marilyn l wren

    :h5: looking for form forjune july 2012 name the dish

  • Dona Cole

    Spiffy Spuds

  • Barb Fuchs

    The patriotic potato salad contest:

    Celebration Spuds

  • http://gramma ann mikell

    trying to leave a name for OCT,2012 FOOD MAGAZINE CONTEST IE: WRAP-O-LEAN

  • Debbie Marinelli

    cornicopia wrap

  • Elia Rodriguez

    Autumn Surprise Wrap

  • Marilyn Dieckman

    Autumn wrap name should be…….








  • Janice Hardie

    My name for the “Name This Dish” in the November 2012 issue is: TOPS OFF TO CHOCOLATE.

  • Clara I Remolina

    Name This Dish.(November 2012)


  • aime torres

    October 16 to November 6: dish i would like to call “cup of joy “

  • Mrs. Marlene Willis

    My name for the dish is:
    Cheezy Noel

  • Arthur SAMUEL

    :yum: :yum: Cheese uff Tower:Dec issue

    ,Chwwz, a tower of YUM’

  • Arthur SAMUEL

    Dec issue. First submission had a spelling error I didn’t catch.

    “Cheez, a tower of YUM”

  • Laura Fitch

    My name for the Nov 20th to Dec. 11. 2012 is.. Tower of Creams….if you bake it they will come-eat it! :yum:

  • http://recipehub Sue Forrest

    “Puff the Yule Thyme Tower”

  • http://recipehub Sue Forrest

    :uh: or “Yule-Thyme Tower Puffs”

  • Lana James

    Lana James for ‘cheese tower”, my guess is Heaven Sent Cheese Tower Suprise….

  • Tawnya

    Deck the balls with cheese

  • Tawnya

    :wiggle: deck the balls with cheese

  • http://foodnetwork Janeth Medved

    strawberry surprise

  • http://foodnetwork Janeth Medved

    the cupcake look yummy and I would call them

  • Roz Puleo

    I would name it “Strawberry Choco mountain surprize” jumbo cupcake :yum:

  • Sandra Caldwell

    I would like to name the cupcakes,

    Plant City Top Hats

  • Sandra Caldwell

    Thank you for a great food magazine.

  • Sandra Caldwell


  • Sharon Andermahr

    Berry Deep in my Heart Cupcakes

  • franella lantier

    february 12 to march 5, 2013

    Over Stuffed Tater Pie

  • Mary Miller

    I cant find the entry for the Feb 12-March 5,2013 issue…name for the dish is…Waffle Fry Nachos.

  • http://foodnetworknamethatdish Mary Murino

    My entry for the Feb-March dish is “Waffle Good Spuds”

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  • http://namethisdish Paula Hare

    My name for the Feb./Mar.entry is

  • http://namethisdishcontestform mary medeci

    I had the entry form for “name this dish” contest and then computer “crashed” and I cannot find the form anywhere on Food Network

  • Robert chiko

    Corny crabby deviltaters

  • Kelly McKenzie

    Name this dish with the deviled eggs:

    “Crabby eggs and taters”

  • Sue Floyd

    Name for deviled eggs; ” The devil wore potada.

    Entry for name that dish-deviled eggs. “The devil wore potada ” ‘

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    he/she wants to be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained over here.

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  • anthony mirasola

    :h5: green mountain on salada

  • anthony mirasola

    :h5: green mountain an salada

  • tobyshukin

    Cannot find entry form for June dessert name this dish. WHERE IS IT?

  • Its: pretzels’smore

    I add also…where is the entry form for June dessert????

    I ‘d like to say: is it cookies…is it creamy…is it carmel./..
    Name:” i’ts : c…c..c.. pretzels
    Its : Pretzels’smore

    • Its: pretzels’smore

      not sure of entry form for June desert…

  • Connie

    Why can I never find the currant Name This Dish Contest entry?