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Feb 9 8:39 pm
  • arlene

    chocolat gelato brioche with whipped cream

  • Hank Holsten

    Chocolate Buffalo Dung Sliders on th Hoof

  • Betty Henderson

    Naming the dish for JULY/august 2011 Issue
    Sweet potatoe Fries Fiesta

  • Susan Bailey

    I think you should name the dish for the july/august 2011 issue:
    “Fries With Benefits”

  • Judie Caudill

    dolce caliente fries

  • I entered the Sweet Potato fries contest also, but I don’t see my entry above??

  • The name II selectrdfor the cookies is

    Nancy Johnson

  • Hazel P. Rhodes

    Name the cookie recipe on page 190 of Sept 2011 Vol. 4 No.7 Food Network Magazine:

    –Hazel P. Rhodes

  • HOney Puff Chip Cookies

  • Name the cookies contest on Page 190 Chucky Spice Cookies

  • Sara Borkowksi

    Name this cookie
    Almond-Butter Sugar puffed cookie

  • Marilyn DeBritton

    Cobblestone Cookies!

  • Kim wyvel

    Name this cookie

    Mountain Rush Cluster Cookies

  • Almond Kixing coco-chip cookies

  • Deborah Righter

    I dreamt up a clever name for those cookies

  • ana maria soto


  • ana maria soto

    love your magazine.

  • sharon mattas

    cookies in the September 2011 issue:

    Knutty Knockouts

  • Phyllis Dorsey

    Name for cookies in September issue Almond Chocopuffs

  • i name the dish nutty qyacker

  • pat mcdonald

    Island meltaways

  • Carol Rothfeld

    Almond Popups

  • Carol Rothfeld


  • September 13 issue
    “I call it squash-a-liscous”

  • Jeanie

    Romeo kala plate

  • Jeanie

    Olive Pan squash

  • Jeanie

    Italian squash surprise

  • Jeanie

    Kala squash stew

  • Kay Currier


  • Name This Dish contest from Food Network Magazine, Fall Favorites, October 2011 page 182

    my creative name for the featured squash dish is
    The Spaghetti Caper

  • Verna Boudreau

    “Wiggaly, Squiggaly” Squash

  • Malinda Vetrano

    Awsome Veggi Sketti

  • My name for the receipe in the Octoner 2011 issue is, Snowcap Veggies

  • Miroslawa McCormack

    How about “Squashetti Italiano”

  • sherre feller

    squishie squashie spaghetti

  • sherre feller

    is this where we post our vote

  • i have been trying to submit a neme for your mushrooms with crabs.
    1st try was on the 20th of october and you were not taking any names try again was your response. so i tried today and low and behold you are featuring a 9 mile high sandwich which was not featured in your magazine which was suppose to start on the 18th of this month.
    what is going on is this a hoax that you guys are playing. i would like an answer.

  • Bonnie Montoya

    Trying to submit entry for your name the dish contest in Nov 2011 issue-very confusing site-don’t know if this is where you want the name,please advise.My name is crab stuffrooms

  • tara chierico


  • Kathy Adams


  • sue slodowski

    trying to enter contest for the mushroom recipe. I think you should call them crabby caps

  • This is the second month I have tried to enter this contest, with no luck!!! I think the following would be a cute idea:


  • Seth Post

    I think these should be called CRABBY SHROOMS

  • I think this dish should be called Crabby Shrooms

  • Michelle Opie

    Nov. 2011 issue Name this Dish:


  • cynthia wardell-thorpe

    I think it should called crab o’ listous shrooms!

  • I think this dish should be called: Lumpy Crab Mush



  • donna mabry

    itsnoturmomas french toast

  • angie schisler

    stocking stuffed french toast

  • Pansy Curtis

    French Toast Twist

  • Will Thurman

    My vote is for “French Fig Jig” as the name of this months mystery food. It looks great, can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Claire Frew

    My name for this dish is “Fig-lious French Toast.

  • I think the name of the dish for the Dec. 2011 issue in Food Net Work magazine on page 208 should be……

    Figgy Pudding Toast


    Geralyn Segedi

  • Diane Edoff

    sunny side up buisquits and gravy

  • Diane Edoff

    sanded eggs and bisquits

  • Shirey Mulherin

    Name that dish for January
    BE’GS pronounced (Bee – Gees)for
    Bisquit, Eggs, Gravey, Sausage.

  • jennifer jeannette


  • Phil Hiebing

    Name This Dish for Jan/Feb 2012

    “Son-In-Laws in the Sawmill”

  • eyeballing the gravy.

  • grace coverdale

    name the dish for january 2012 it should be
    “Island eggs and gravy”

  • Meghan Andrews

    Name the dish: January
    Up The Eggy River!

  • Meghan Andrews

    Up The Eggy River!!

  • Caroline Bush

    For the over the top breakfast name? Looks like a combo of 2 separate brkfst but a good name for it would be…..SCOTTISH S.O.S. (scottish eggs on shit on shingles, wht Army used to call it but to be politically correct, abbreviate! Hence the name, …..Scottish S.O.S.

  • Joe Hernandez

    The name I choose for this breakfast is:

  • Rayetta Schindel

    I liked the name Onks and Clooks

  • Henry Doerge

    the name I suggest for this dish is
    Crunchy Brunch

  • norma brossette

    the name i pick for the dish jan.3-jan24 is
    eggs on a shingle.

  • janet newman

    I submit January22 at6:00 pm

    Ranch Hand Grub

  • Jane Law

    Tried to submit a name for the egg/biscuit dish featured in Jan./Feb.2012Food Network magazine and a different picture appeared. You could vote on the egg dish until 01/24/12. I submit “Sunny spots on a cloudy biscuit!”

  • I had a lot of trouble finding where to submit my Name This Dish for January 3 through January 24, 2012. My name for the egg dish is Scrappled Eggs.

  • My name for the Name this Dish dated January 3 through January 24, 2012 is:

  • Loretta

    I think this dish should be called:

    Yolkers on top of B&G or

    Yolkers Breakfast Bash

  • Robert Williams

    How about “Turtles-in-the-nest”?



  • Margaret WelchUpton

    I would name the dish Scottish Egg Mud Pie

  • Jane Armstrong

    Banana Bama for the over-the-top sundae
    March 2012 issue. :dunno:

  • Julie Pluemer

    Banana Palooza for the banana split dessert.

  • June Dobbins

    Monkey Sundae for the banana split

  • cecelia yonick

    The magazine directs you to “go to dish and complete and submit entry form,” but that doesn’t get you anything more than this site. I see others have had the same problem. How does one get to the entry forms?

  • :uh: I can’t find an entry form for name this dish February 7 to February 28,2012 my name for the over the top sundae is:NUTTY NANA

  • Char Gustafson

    I can not find an entry form for the Feb./12 dish as well. My name for the sundae is – TOWER OF SPLITS!
    Char Gustafson

  • John Schofield

    No entry form found to fill out.
    My name for the Feb. sundae is:

  • Nancy Labahnangelsun

    Name for egg dish in April 2012 issue:
    Nested Egg!

  • janet newman

    My entry was for Ranch Hand Grub

  • Robert E. Lane

    “here’s egg in your eye”

  • Patty Wisner

    Sunny bacon tart

  • The name for the breakfast dish should be
    “Tarty Havarti Egg Nester”.

  • April 2012 issue showing an egg tart should be named: Cheesy Egg Circle of Yum

  • BTW, April issue is packed with goodies and lots of great info. Thank you

  • Cheesey eye of the round

  • Mary bowman

    Re-Tarted hen and pig

  • It’s (The Eye of the Tartlet)

  • connie Roberts

    Chocolate Dream Cloud

  • Tawna Hanks

    May issue 2012
    “Spring Bliss”

  • My entry for May is Rhuby Reds.

  • June 2012 issue entry:

    Mile High Doggie Club

  • Terry Faylor

    June 2012 entry:

    Weinerwich Grande

  • Sharon Black

    I can’t seem to find a place to register for the contest, but the May/June dish should be named «, The Dagwood Dog»

  • Jaci crispi nine years old

    I think you should name it the king dog sandwrich

  • Patricia Benson June 17th, 2012 05:16 pm

    Bacon, hotdog Highrise Buns

  • ballpark button buster

  • june entry; ballpark button buster

  • Denise sokel

    This sandwich should be called “Mans Best Friend”

  • cheryl metcalf

    Dog GONE Bacon Stack

  • can’t find entry to contest hope you get this

  • Tamera holbrook

    Cant find entry form. hope u get my entry. i think hot dog should be called dawgs gone wild club

  • Tamera holbrook

    Cant find entry form. hope u get my entry. i think hot dog should be called dawgz and pigz gone wild club

  • Tamera holbrook

    I entered a name last week for the name that dish hot dog. dont know if it went thru. i didnt see it on your list. i think
    it should be called beware of da dawg club!

  • Tamera holbrook

    A see alot of people are having problems with entering your name this dish contest. i found the other site with entries. i want to know if this page will be eligible in the contest? time is up june 12th and would like 2 entry correctly

  • Gail Laraba

    June issue :


  • deb berg

    Eating High on the Dog

  • Payton

    Colossal dogwich

  • Star SpangledSpud Medley for potato salad contest

  • marilyn l wren

    :h5: looking for form forjune july 2012 name the dish

  • Dona Cole

    Spiffy Spuds

  • Barb Fuchs

    The patriotic potato salad contest:

    Celebration Spuds

  • trying to leave a name for OCT,2012 FOOD MAGAZINE CONTEST IE: WRAP-O-LEAN

  • Debbie Marinelli

    cornicopia wrap

  • Elia Rodriguez

    Autumn Surprise Wrap

  • Marilyn Dieckman

    Autumn wrap name should be…….








  • Janice Hardie

    My name for the “Name This Dish” in the November 2012 issue is: TOPS OFF TO CHOCOLATE.

  • Name This Dish.(November 2012)


  • aime torres

    October 16 to November 6: dish i would like to call “cup of joy “

  • My name for the dish is:
    Cheezy Noel

  • Arthur SAMUEL

    :yum: :yum: Cheese uff Tower:Dec issue

    ,Chwwz, a tower of YUM’

  • Arthur SAMUEL

    Dec issue. First submission had a spelling error I didn’t catch.

    “Cheez, a tower of YUM”

  • Laura Fitch

    My name for the Nov 20th to Dec. 11. 2012 is.. Tower of Creams….if you bake it they will come-eat it! :yum:

  • “Puff the Yule Thyme Tower”

  • :uh: or “Yule-Thyme Tower Puffs”

  • Lana James for ‘cheese tower”, my guess is Heaven Sent Cheese Tower Suprise….

  • Tawnya

    Deck the balls with cheese

  • Tawnya

    :wiggle: deck the balls with cheese

  • strawberry surprise

  • the cupcake look yummy and I would call them

  • Roz Puleo

    I would name it “Strawberry Choco mountain surprize” jumbo cupcake :yum:

  • Sandra Caldwell

    I would like to name the cupcakes,

    Plant City Top Hats

  • Sandra Caldwell

    Thank you for a great food magazine.

  • Ok

  • Sharon Andermahr

    Berry Deep in my Heart Cupcakes

  • franella lantier

    february 12 to march 5, 2013

    Over Stuffed Tater Pie

  • Mary Miller

    I cant find the entry for the Feb 12-March 5,2013 issue…name for the dish is…Waffle Fry Nachos.

  • My entry for the Feb-March dish is “Waffle Good Spuds”

  • I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and amusing, and without
    a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy I came across this in my hunt
    for something relating to this.

  • My name for the Feb./Mar.entry is

  • I had the entry form for “name this dish” contest and then computer “crashed” and I cannot find the form anywhere on Food Network

  • Robert chiko

    Corny crabby deviltaters

  • Kelly McKenzie

    Name this dish with the deviled eggs:

    “Crabby eggs and taters”

  • Sue Floyd

    Name for deviled eggs; ” The devil wore potada.

    Entry for name that dish-deviled eggs. “The devil wore potada ” ‘

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  • :h5: green mountain on salada

  • :h5: green mountain an salada

  • tobyshukin

    Cannot find entry form for June dessert name this dish. WHERE IS IT?

  • Its: pretzels’smore

    I add also…where is the entry form for June dessert????

    I ‘d like to say: is it cookies…is it creamy…is it carmel./..
    Name:” i’ts : c…c..c.. pretzels
    Its : Pretzels’smore

    • Its: pretzels’smore

      not sure of entry form for June desert…

  • Connie

    Why can I never find the currant Name This Dish Contest entry?

  • Elcee

    I share your pain. After the long trudge to find the entry form and filling it out, up pops the message that “entries are not being accepted at this time”. This is well within the time parameters described in the magazine. What gives? Discussing and disgusted!