Legal residents of the 50 United States, and the District of Columbia, 21 years of age or older, who own a home with a kitchen to upgrade, are eligible to enter

One (1) grand prize winner will receive a prize package including an in-home kitchen design consultation with a Better Homes and Gardens design consultant, approximate retail value (“ARV”) $1,500; a Formica 180FX counter top package which consists of up to sixty (60) square feet of laminate counter top materials, RV up to $1,200, and costs of professional installation of counter top materials by installers chosen and provided by Formica 180FX, up to $1,500; tabletop items, dinnerware and kitchen accessories, ARV $800; total prize package ARV $5,000. Installation must be completed by November 1, 2010.

Dec 9 4:56 pm
  • Very cool kitchen upgrade

  • Carol Tauriello Floral Park, NY

    What a great idea from Formica, a countertop that looks like granite. Definitely need it!!!

  • Danielle Latore

    We are moving into a new home soon, but won’t have the $ to upgrade the kitchen. Formica 180FX gives us some hope that we don’t have to wait.

  • Marilyn Bernie

    My husband and I need to upgrade the counter tops in our home but cannot afford granite. I was looking for formica that looks like granite, but could not find anything looking granite like. I am delighted that you have created it!

  • Heather Fowlie

    My fiance and I just bought a house which has very unappealing formica in blue and purple…I really want granite but we can’t afford it. When I saw the Formicafx I couldn’t believe it. I am so excited. I want it installed NOW. My mother has said that there is nothing as easy to live with as formica. She has a great home, has been on home tours, and she has used formica on the counters of my old bedroom, the computer office and her hobby room. They don’t really look dated but I know she will want this granite look alike too.

  • Nancy Haugen

    We definately need an upgrade for our kitchen We had our home built in 1968, raised our family here and are retiring here. Our formica has never worn out and still looks good.

  • Katie M. Brown

    We built out home in the 70’s and the formical we used then has held up well, but it is definitely time for an upgrade and would love to try the newer versin.

  • Debbie

    Saw a brochure at Lowes, not available without special ordering and how can you order something that you can’t see first? I don’t live in a tiny town either, large metropolitan city. Wish it were more readily available, looks like a great product, now just need to find it to actually see it, could only find a brochure.

  • Glenda

    Hey, I was looking thru BH&G magazine when I saw the Formica 180fx picture. Immedietly I fell in love with the laminate pictured there. I can’t wait to find it in the stores to see a realistic touch and feel of the product. This is soooooo beautiful. I am scared of the really pricey marbles but loved the look. I am familiar with laminate, and know how well it holds up to kids and stains. Can’t wait to go shopping.

  • Carol Dooley

    Am in desperate need of an updated kitchen for sure. Have been in my home for 11 yrs. which was built in 1965. I keep painting & trying new things with the cabinets & countertops but nothing really has a ” wow” factor. Can’t wait to see the new formica!

  • been living w/ a kitchen from the 60’s counter are all cut and marked discolor of white, do not have a lot of money would loike to see what you offer , sure would like to see a new counter in my kitchen

  • Janie Dewberry

    I am 62 years old. I am too old too deal with sub contractors to upgrade my kitchen. I would love to have the formica 180fx installed in my kitchen. When looking at my old counters, I can only wish. I hope I am a winner.

  • mary e sanders

    I am 89 years and would love to have my
    16 year old kitchen updated. I can’t afford
    granite but would love to have my formica upgraded to your new formica that looks like granite

  • Beverly Grant

    The counter tops in my kitchen are from 1975
    and need to be replaced. I’ve looked at
    the granite tops but can not afford to change. I would love to have a new look for
    my kitchen to add value and beauty.

  • donna montgomery

    All my appliances are ancient. The dishwasher does not work at all. The gas oven makes baking impossible. The gas range top takes forever to cook anything. We have been married almost 56 years and have raised our own children, a grandson, and for a couple years, a great-gandson. We are now supporting ourselves and a family of four who do not have jobs. We are unable to replace any of our appliances. If they quit working, we will do without. A new kitchen would be wonderful. Thanks for a chance.

  • Ann Abshier

    A new countertop in the home we recently purchased after ours and most contents were destroyed by Hurricane Ike would be most welcome. However, the “new house” does have FOrmica countertops, circa 1950s, in white, which is a great improvement over the mud-covered destruction/mess left by Ike!

  • Charlotte E. Gilbert

    An update on my kitchen would be most appreciated. MY house was built in september of 1978, I am the second owner.
    Single parent/Women Marine (ret)/I would like a counter top in my 1970’s kitchen.I still have a parttime job. I have always been at least a 3 job person (smile). My generation (if you don’t receive enough money on one job find another one to go along with the one you have. At the age of 68 I would like any kind of help that I can

  • Rita Cetrone

    We could use a great new countertop as the Formica one we now have is 49 years old and definately needs replacing.

  • We are retired and have downsized for the
    2nd and last time and have been looking at granite kitchen counter tops but are not truly “sold” on the granite…there is more upkeep to the granite and you still have to be fairly careful with this product. We have also looked at Corian and the “granite/marble chip” tops but have always gravitated back to the formica. We have had formica before and have been very pleased with the way it holds up under daily use–especially when we had a home full of “kids”–ours and all the extras that were always at our home;the counters always cleaned up great! It was very exciting to see the new formica 180FX that you have developed–especially the look of granite that truly LOOKS like the real McCoy and is much less expensive than real granite! It will be most interesting not only to read about the “NEW” Formica 180FX but to HOPEFULLY Win the Kitchen upgrade which includes your Great New Formica!

  • susie hruska

    How do I enter the contest for formica 180fx

  • EdITH Phillis

    What a great sweepstakes! My kitchen needs a make over.

  • Betty Glatfelter

    We’ve always wanted a granite countertop, but price has always been the problem. This would be great, something my husband would go for. This sweepstakes would finish off my kitchen.

  • My wife and I jsut read your ad in Better Homes and since we just finished upgradeing our bathroom, it would be wonderfull if you helped us upgrade our kitchen.

  • 5 years ago, we upgraded our kitchen and the only thing left to do was the counter tops. When I saw your add I had to enter. We have the old formica which is white with gold flecks in it. This would complete our kitchen.

  • holly ellis

    since my home was built in 1927 and a small guest house on the rear of the property upgrading is an ongoing project – i’ve made many improvements in and around my house myself – but to install new counter tops isn’t something i want to try and handle – my kitchen floors have been sanded and new hardware on the cabinets – but the counter tops are dated and new formica tops would give my kitchens a great new look and last for many years to come

  • Is this the place to enter ???
    Just what I need & cant afford !

  • Help..I have way too much oak….cabinets..trim, and floor. would like to break it up abit with some dark countertops but cant aford granite.

  • We have original counters installed in 1973. Would really like to have the formica 180fx.

  • Carolyn Klostermeier

    Would love to have a new counter top installed in our kitchen. I love to cook for our family and it would be a blessing to have a new up dated look in the place I love to be. Carolyn

  • Joan N. Murray

    Please enter me in the Win a Kitchen upgrade.
    Thank you.

  • Ruthie Maguire

    Saw the beautiful spread in the BHG magazine. We are planning a kitchen update and would love to use the Formica180FX! Please enter me in the Win A Kitchen Upgrade. Thanks, Ruthie

  • Ronda Silbermann

    Saw the pages in BHG magazine and wish to be entered into the Win a Kitchen Upgrade for our mountain house in Pennsylvania.
    Thanks, Ronda

  • Saw the pages in BHG magazine. Want to be entered in the Kitchen Upgrade contest to redo our mountain house kitchen.
    Thanks, Ronda

  • Gloria Walterhouse

    My house was built in 1965 with white formica countertops and we moved in that same year. They no longer have a sheen and are chipped and burned. I want new counters so badly, but just could not decide on what
    color to live with for another 40 years.
    The 180fx looks perfect. I want it now, now,
    now because I want to enjoy being in my
    kitchen. Please enter me in the contest.
    Thank you.

  • Anna Monson

    I noted your ad in B H & Garden. Please enter me in your contest. My home was built in the early 70′ and I am the 3d owner & needless to say it needs to be updated.

    Anna Monson

  • Betty N. Jordan

    Saw the ad in the bhg magazine and knew I had to try for it. I am in desperate need of an upgrade. Please enter me in the contest.
    Thank you

  • JudithMurray

    Please enter me in the kitchen update contest.
    Thank you

  • JudithMurray

    Bring in a winner!

  • JudithMurray

    Enter me in the kitchen update

  • Martha Flora

    The kitchen you featured in the January issue of BHG is beautiful and what a blessing to someone! We recently moved to a home in need of some upgrade so please do enter us in your contest. Thank you for the opportunity to receive such a nice gift.

  • I love the look of the Formica Counter Top. We built our home 27 years ago. I need deepartly a new counter top !!! I want to get my kitchen up to date very bad!! I have had light strokes and I had five surgeries last year alone. In my 62 years I have had 10 surgeries and raised two children and a Grandson!! We have a nice home uf I can get it up dated. I always take care of things and they last,because I know we do not have the money to redo things like I would love to. So I keep everything up and Take Care of Our HOME. Home Not a House!! Ineed a kitchen up date so bad!!! I hope and pray you pick me!!! Sheila B. Shealy

  • I love the look of the Formica Counter Tops. We built our home 27 years ago.I have raised two boys and a Grandchild.I need despartly a new counter top!! I want my Kitchen updated so bad!! I have had light strokes and last year I had Five surgeries in 2009!I am 62 and have had Ten surgeries in my life. My husband works so hard to make our bills. We haven’t udated because we couldn’t afford it.I take care of everything tho. I always have and some things look like new but sure are out of date. I sure use a pick me up!! I have been down a long time and a new Kitchen would be great! Anything to improve it!! Give my entry a good look please. Thank you so much! Sheila B. Shealy

  • carolyn cremeans

    This is just what i have been waiting for,we built our home in 1991 and although we have upgraded appliances and light fixtures in our kitchen i still have the same old awful blue counter tops,looked into granite,silestone,and even concrete but they were all so expensive
    so i am hoping the price for this new product will help as i have quiet a bit of counterspace

  • Ennis Brewer

    The Formica looks like granic I think I WOULD be just as happy with this product.

  • Please inter me for the Dream Kitchen.
    I need an upgrade. Never won anything before.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Virginia Spicer

    My countertops & backsplash could use an
    update. It’s been 11 yrs since we redid the
    kitchen, but we are now retired & funds are limited for projects such as this. The new Formica(granite look)are beautiful & would sure give the kitchen a more modern look. We have Formica now and it has served us well..Please enter my name in the contest.

  • Karen Mathes

    Wow, we really need new countertops!
    I love the look of these new “granite” countertops. They would provide a great update for our kitchen.

  • Norma Wrinkle

    Please enter me in the kitchen contest. I got married in 2008 and my kitchen is my Husbands late wifes not mine. Please make it mine. The house is 27 years old and it needs help !!!

  • Talk about an outdated kitchen, mine is the original layout from 1968. My husband of 60 years and I need help. We enjoy cooking together.

  • I hope I win this for my wife-best bud-soulmate. We are in the process of building retirement/family/ totally awesome Log Home. We have a fiftys type formica table, 2 chairs and 2 ends can be up or down –spacesaver.It’s greyish with 2 reddish/grey chairs. Chrome A-1. Kicker-we have had this set for 20yrs. She’s been saving it so we have a breakfest nook on porch in retirement home. 2 daughters have begged for it, the only thing she’s ever denied them I think.We will use it this spring.When we win the contest we will have family over and every one can come and sit around any time-they’d better stay away from our breakfast nook.

  • Laurie Watters

    Our home is only two years old, and sadly this exciting new Formica 180 FX was not available when we made the choice of Formica HD. HD is nice but, the 180fx is so-o-o-o-o much more. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, if only it had been an option. Please enter me in your Formica180fx Kitchen Upgrade Sweepstakes. The upgrade would make my solid oak cabinets really stand out. Thank You.

  • Gerry Smith

    Please enter me for the kitchen update. My cabinets were built in 1950 by my daddy, out of plywood and I really need a new kitchen> it is very small and would not take much to make it a nice place to cook. Thank you.

  • I would love to get my kitchen upgrade.
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY need it and will be a very happy person.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • We are retired and badly need a kitchen upgrade. Our kitchen was built in 1977. Please enter me in the kitchen upgrade contest. Thanks! Sharon

  • We are retired and badly need a kitchen upgrade. Our kitchen was built in 1977. Please enter us in the Kitchen Upgrade contest. Thanks! Sharon

  • Carolyn Van Newkirk

    This would be a dream!

  • Diane Obrien

    What a great idea. We live in a farmhouse that is 42 years old and a new kitchen would be wonderful. It would be a dream come true. Thanks to BHG for thinking of such GREAT IDEA…..



  • Lois W. Bond

    My home is a small ranch style house. It was built in 1965. The kitchen is outdated. The electrical needs updating to current codes. My microwave is broken. The fan in my stove has burned out. My counter top has the old formica and the strips are coming off, It has nicks and scratches on it. My refrigerator is very, very old. It freezes my lettuce and any vegetables I put in it even though I turn it down very low. It also has cracks inside and wood strips in the door to hold things. The lighting is very poor. The dish washer is breaking on the inside. The layout of the kitchen is not very good. I cannot use all of the cabinets because you can’t open the cabinet door because the refrigerator is in the way.

  • Annette Ludwig

    After living in our home for 22 years, my husband and I decided to update. However, we have a very small galley type kitchen and with our budget, there just isn’t any way we can enlarge it or change the flow. Hopefully though, we’ll be able to replace our cupboards and counter top and we will definitely check out Formica 180FX and then again – – wouldn’t it be lovely to win this contest!!

  • Mary

    please enter me in the kitchen upgrade upgrade.

  • Darla Tramondo

    Who wouldn”t like new counter tops that look like like granite!!!!!Whoopie, I can only wish

  • shirley phillips

    Please enter me in the kitchen upgrade. My kitchen really needs it and I would sure love Formica.

  • I hope this is my lucky entry to win the kitchen upgrade. Would love to have Formica.

  • Carolyn Romine

    I would love an upgrade to my fifty year old kitchen Formica is definitely my choice of counter tops. There are so many choices to match any decore and beautful colors.

  • Carolyn Romine

    I would love to have a new formica counter top for my fifty old old kitchen. Formica is one of the nicest in color and compatability to all deco. My kitchen definely needs an upgrade.

  • Sue Murray

    We are in the process of buying a home that is like stepping back into the 1969’s so you can see we will have a lot of work to do and would love to have the beautiful formica countertop for our kitehen. Please enter me into your contest. Thanks

  • Pat Faraci

    Please enter me to win a kitchen upgrade
    I think I would love Formica 180fx since I
    do not like real granite but like the look of granite without the upkeep. My present
    Formica counters are about 20 yrs old.

  • Teresa Davidson

    When I saw this ad, I was so excited!! I have tremendous faith in prayer, and God said “enter this”! So, thank you to your promoters.

  • Catherine Staat

    Wow! Beautiful counter tops, unlike my chipped and outdated tile counters. Being formica, I am sure they are very durable and functional too! My kitchen has barely survived raising 3 children who are now entering college and new counters would be a wonderful treat!

  • judy P. Brown

    I would love to complete my kitchen with the laminate/granite look. Our house is only six years old and the kitchen is open to the great room with a bar divider. What a differenc this could make. Please enter me in the sweepstakes. Judy P Brown

  • Patricia Dillon

    We bought this townhouse in November oj 208 with every intention of updating the kitchen. When we finally tok down the dated wallpaper (Rag dolls and hearts) and painted it a neutral color, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and we just do not have the wherewithal at this time yo move ahead. We are focused on his treatment. Updating the kitchen would give all of us a “lift”.

  • Helen E Grundy

    Our kitchen was last remodeled about 20 years ago with new cabinets & Formica counter top. Time has taken it’s toll on the counter top and is due for an upgrade. Being a winner of the sweepstakes would be a great treat as social security income doesn’t provide enough to cover remodeling projects.

  • I saw the new product in a magazine several months ago and was very interested to see samples and get more information. We are in the process of updating our kitchen and want the ease of a laminate but at a lower cost. Looks like a beautiful alternative, very stylish and durable. Would love to be considered for the update.Thank you

  • My old house (1905) sure needs help. Hubby
    and I both love the formica we’ve seen and
    have decided to use the product if we were
    ever going to afford a new kitchen. I’ve
    “remodeled” my kitchen over and over through
    the years with paint, but paint is just not
    enough. It’s time for something wonderful!
    Thanks for this opportunity. Diane

  • Sandra Smith

    My kitchen has never been upgraded since the home was built in 1966. The cupboards were built by an uncle and have suffered major damage from the wheelchair my mother had to use while she lived in this home from the time it was built until August 2008 when she had to go into assisted living. The countertops are formica and were put in by my uncle in 1966 also. Even though they only have a few damaged areas, they are very outdated. I am disabled suffering from Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis. My income is not sufficient to cover the cost to remodel my kitchen. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes and sincerely hope I will be chosen for an upgrade to my kitchen.

  • Jane Hussey

    Leave it to Formica to come up with this great look! I am always amazed at how the Formica company keeps making a great product better and better and would love to have this upgrade in my tired kitchen. Hoping to win!!

  • Debbie Cunningham

    Would absolutely LOVE new countertops/we’ve owned our home for 15 years and unfortunately haven’t been able to afford anything done in the kitchen,except paint!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!


    Born and raised in our home, never had the financial means to make any significant upgrades. Coincidently, while passing through a home improvement store, the display formica counter tops really caught my attention but then I saw luxurious 180fx in the H&G magazine which was much more appealing. Our family would be privileged to be granted this opputunity, thank you.


    Please enter me in the kitchen upgrade contest. Thank you

  • Erik Flores

    my parents have been living in the same house for over 35 yrs plus this house has to be way over 100 years old and they are always too busy to take notice that the house needs major repairs to it because my mother is always at the care of my granmother and my father is always trying to make ends meet so i hope my parents home will be the lucky one.

  • my cabinets are to high,my counter has a few holes,my stepladder is not a smart thing for an old lady,but i still try to make it all do and i thank you for the nice recipes.

  • Meryllene Smith

    My counter top has cracked tile which needs replacing badly. This product looks great. My kitchen really needs this as well as general upgrading as it is old and very dated. I am 81 and live by myself so it’s not so easy to try to find materials, workmen, etc.

  • I’m in the process in redoing a 40 yr. old kitchen. Pleaae enter me in your kitchen upgrade contest need all the help we can get!! TKS

  • D. Fuoco

    My kitchen was built in 1945. The previous owners never upgraded the kitchen. Unfortunately last year I was downsized from my job and medical bills took presence over fixing the kitchen and replacing 25+ yr. appliances, so cost is a major issue. I recently saw samples of this product and LOVED IT! Please enter me into your Formica 180FX kitchen upgrade sweepstakes.
    Thank You.

  • Sandra Gochnauer

    Great contest! What ever woman needs and wants. I was shopping for new countertops, and back splash last year.Due to the ecomony I did not spend the money on either. When I was reading Better Homes and Gardens the kitchen upgrade is just great. I would be honor to have the Formica 180fx in my house to brag about. Please enter me and my excitement into your sweepstakes.thank you

  • shirley bryhn

    I would be so thrilled to have a new formica 180 fx counter with the look of granite. i have a broken back and live on moraphine so i am limited to what i am able to do and this would be like heaven to me to clean and use on a daily basis.

  • Dyan Lyness

    Winning this contest would be a dream come true. Our home is a 62 ranch. We have not been able to update our kitchen.This new Formica is beautiful.Thank you for the oppertunity to enter D. Lyness

  • Pam Spencer

    I love the look of the new formica 180 fx. We saw it installed at one of our friends house and we decided right then we were not going to put in granite – we like the formica so much better! Our kitchen is 20 years old and needs new counter tops badly. The formica we have has been well used and loved.


    I feel guilty about not needing a make-over,these products look so nice,would like to enter this contest,hope the 81 year old lady who lives alone wins. THANK YOU

  • Donna Knight

    My kitchen is twenty something years old. Needs updating very badly. Can’t retire yet, husband doesn’t see the need but still wants meals. Go figure! The new formica granite look alike is lovely. Can’t wait to see my my new kitchen.

    HOPE I AM THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Nott

    Please enter me in Formica sweepstakes. I have a 29 year old kitchen and I love to cook but the kitchen is a little worse for wear. The new Formica 180fx is just what it needs.

  • Laura Weber

    My husband and I have been working on a new kitchen layout for two months now on paper and nothing seems to work. A designer with fresh ideas would be very helpful.

    I consider Formica 180FX the “other” solid surface material that can stand on it’s own merit and the price can’t be beat.

    This is a first for me, to enter a contest that is, and it’s kind of exciting as well as a great way to help people. Congratulations to whoever wins and hope it is a wonderful and fun experience!

  • Jana Messerli

    It’s our 46th wedding anniversary today. We spend a great deal of time in our 20 year old kitchen which cries out for new countertops.
    Granite is out of the question but I have had great luck over the years with Formica and these selections look right up my alley. This upgrade would be a dream come true.

  • Evelyn M. Hill

    I think it is beautiful and would love to have my kitchen upgraded with the product!

  • John C. Cole

    This would please my wife to no end.She would love to upgrade now

  • Bettye G. Swanson

    While our home is not new, we are retiring here. Our kitchen is small, I know you could make it great. Need upgrade badly.Thanks

  • Mary Patton

    Living with the original 1964 kitchen. It would be a dream come true to work with a designer. Been a long time fan of BHG before and after photos. This is a first for me, to enter a contest that is, and it’s kind of exciting. I’m hoping I can join the ranks of the before and afters in the BHG world.
    Please enter me in the contest.

  • Peggy Senchuk

    Please enter me in the Formica 180fx countertop sweepstakes. I’m a long-time BHG reader and a first-time contest entrant. Wish me luck!

  • Dianne Fuzek

    My husband, me and my kitchen are all in the category known as “senior”. Not much can be done about the first two, but the kitchen could really use a “facelift”. Formica has always served us well in function and “cleanability” just would really love to add a little more life to our kitchen/bath and LIFE itself as a matter of fact.

  • Poppy Nio

    We live in this house since 1976, the kitchen is definitely needs an upgrade, Please enter me in the sweepstake Formica 180fx

  • Poppy Nio

    Please enter me in the sweepstake Formica 180fx
    Thank you
    Poppy Nio

  • Zdenka Lapar

    We have a Condo in NH and would just LOVE new counter tops. Please enter me in this contest.

  • Please enter me in the sweepstakes.I have the perfect large kitchen to upgrade.All it needs is a facelift.My white ceramic floor,white appliances,duct tape and outdated lighting,gotta go!The stainless appliances and new countertop would be heavenly.Come and see for yourself!Thanks so much Mary

  • carolyn wiehe

    We would love to update the countertop in our kitchen with one that is very durable and Formica180fx would be a very nice upgrade. Please enter us in the sweepstakes.

  • carolyn wiehe

    we would love to update our kitchen countertop with Formica180fx. Please enter our name in the sweepstakes. thank you.

  • The Formica backsplash and L-shape counter top graynish/ligh blue was already in our home when we purchas it some 20 yrs ago. It is now so worn in spots that is seems white. To be able to update with Formica that looks like granite would be the cat’s meow. And to have a design consultation that could help me chose the color for the walls and cabients and the best color for a new kitchen floor. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. And now that I will be retiring and living on SS I would like to have something wonderful and beautiful to look at. Thanks

  • Please consider me for your Formica180fx. make over. To give my counter top a new look with the luxury look of granite. would also give the whole kitchen and my self esteem a least on life. I would very much appricate a design consultation, to help with the color choices for the total kitchen.
    Thanks for given me this opportunity.

  • Eileen Barbieri

    My kitchen is the 1973 original gold -yuck!-complete with matching appliances, tiled backsplashes and wall at the end of the island. My countertops are gauged, I have a hopelessly stained mustard sink, complimented by drab chocolate brown cabinets.I love my home; I love to cook entertain. The kitchen is so downright ugly it keeps me from enjoying one of life’s simplest pleasures.The sharing of a meal in my home in the company of loved ones. Just a few small changes could make a big difference. My drab kitchen could become my dream kitchen.

    Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.

  • Nancy Long

    My current countertop is 25 years old and has been used so hard, it has a hole in it. My kitchen is grand central for Sunday dinners for the family and I would love to upgrade to the fantastic look of your Formica 180fx. Please enter me in the contest. Thank YOU.

  • Geneva R Thomas

    my husband and I are planning on remodeling the kitchen and I would like to have Formica couter tops we do not have a great deal of money for the remodel and as we are retired we could really use the help in having a kitchen upgrade please enter me in the contest thank you geneva thomas

  • Thank you this opportunity.

  • suzy mcmillan

    wanting to know what can be done to laminate counter top without a lot of money,can this be done? Thanks

  • Earvine Andrews

    We are in need of an update. Our kitchen is dated(1950s)

  • lisa hall

    I saw this post and thought what a wonderful way to get new countertops.I don’t have to have granite but anything is better than the discolored cream ones that are original ones. I am a super creative person starting my own design business. My home is the show model for new potential clients. What awonderful way to advertise formica 80x…..thanks for your consideration.

  • lisa hall

    I thought about painting my old cream laminate countertops. Due to not being sure how strong polyurethane could hold up.I really don’t want to go that way. It would be so nice to not burden my husband with another project expense also:)

  • Jenny Bishop

    I’m looking into updating my kitchen and came across your article. I currently have tiled countertops that’s outdated and chipped. I would be thrilled to have the Formica 180fx countertops in my kitchen I’ve heard great things about it. Thank You for the opportunity.

  • Hi, tried to submit for the sweepstake, and was unable to access — tried several times before the expiration date….help!

  • donna butler

    In my house for some reason they put in dark contertops with dark cabinets, I would love to have the new formica 180fx collection. I think it would give some light to my dark kitchen, that has no windows. Also I love the design and I can not afford anthing right now, so winning a kitchen update would be great.

  • I saw this add in the better homes and garden magazine and was suprised and impressed by the looks of the counter top. Cant afford granit counter tops and i need a new kitchen. I hope for the Best.

  • cant afford granit. this looks lovely.saw it in bhg

  • jeanette bragg

    boy could i use some new counter tops,i have the same ones since we built the house in 1987,they are marine blue,

  • Jennifer Kaitoku

    :wiggle: :love: :kekeke:
    I definitely need to update my old, bright yellow kitchen counters and cupboards and maybe I’ll be surprise to re-model my whole kitchen area. I do believe that we have the really olden days color and style and my brown tile flooring has just to go too. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try our luck and win!!!

  • my kitchen was done in may, 1986, everything is so old looking, would love to win !!


  • Darwin Bishop

    what awonderful chance to upgrade our kitchen.we’ve been married 57 years and although the kitchen is not that old it’s like us needs some modern help. so bless you for the chance to do this. hopeing ‘ we’ll see!!