Prize: (108 winners – 9 per month) $100 Nine Loves Rewards certificate to purchase a pair of Nine West shoes at a Nine West Store or at

Dec 6 12:32 am
  • PLEASE SEND MORE COUPONS, I am a shopper at Nine West and would appreciate more coupons.

  • How do I register for the birthday club. My birthday is February 7.

  • hej I am your shoe lover have houndreds of your sexy shoes in all colors thanks for a nine store and nice people to serv me arild

  • hej I need to register for the VIP* ??????? arild

  • Deana Spady

    I love wearing Nine West Shoes. The styles and the prices I hope& pray your stores stay around for a long time.

  • Cheryl Savant

    Nine West are great looking shoes…

    Please put me in for whatever you may choose.

    My bday is 12/07.

  • Loretta Gerald

    Is it possiable to use points of a pair of shoes I just ordered from Nine West today? I ordered the JAMIE – 6.5 from your store in Savannah, because the Charleston/King street store did not have it in my size, so I don’t have the shoes yet. I picked up a brochure on my way out and now I’m singing up for ninewest nine loves, plus I answered the extra questions at the end of the form. I am suppose to get 250 extra points, when will those points show up on my account? I am so exxcited to join your shoe lovers club! I shop your store all the time. Thank You!

  • l love nine west shoes and handbags!

  • :kiss: :love: I love shoes and I would like to know about the contests!!!