For the car enthusiast and all in between:Found this in my Factory Five Newsletter-We’re giving away a free Factory Five kit of your choice and YOU could be the winner! But there’s a catch…You have to be on our email mailing list.That’s it.We will be selecting a winner at random from our email list and annoucing the winner at the 2010 SEMA Show in November(and on our website).If you’ve recieved our brochures,but you do not get our monthly email newsletters,you’ll need to sign up to qualify.

The winner can choose from a free 33’Hot Rod ,Type 65 Coupe(complete kit),GTM Supercar,Chalenge Series Racer,or the all new Mk4 Roadster (complete kit). Visit the homepage at to sign up and for complete rules and details.

Jun 6 1:05 am
  • David

    Is anyone really going for this? Even tho i consider my self a car guy i am not even sure on this one. Tho it is a 20k kit you will have to drop another 10-15k and 300 Hours to get it to a real drivable car. Thats assumeing you have the tools to do it as well. I entered anyways but i cant help to wounder if anyone else is going for it

  • I Think this is a great idea.Iam a car guy and i love this car.Everything about this car is my dream.Iam sure that car can give anyone a thrill every time you slip into the seat and turn key.i would like to make this my daily driver.Turn the key and show her off.Iam saving my monie which may take a long time cause iam on a fixed income.It would be a dream come true to win this this car.Keep up the good work and lets see more great cars. Thanks for the time Dave