Sweepstakes Grand Prize:

One (1) prize package consisting of the Top 10 Hottest Toys for the season including:
One (1) of each of the following:
Step2 50’s Diner, Thomas & Friends – Thomas Talking Railway – The Great Discovery Train Set, Thomas Wooden Railway Grow-With-Me Playtable, Power Wheels Toddler Fire Truck, Vtech Touch Tablet Pearl Ice, Meade 114mm Equatorial Reflector Telescope, First Act 7 Piece Designer Drum Set, Hasbro Nerf N Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster – Yellow, Lily Castle and FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup.
Total ARV of the Sweepstakes Prize is $1,494.89

Instant Win Prizes

Three (3) – Step2 50’s Diner – 149.99
Four (4) – Thomas & Friends – Thomas Talking Railway – The Great Discovery Train Set – 149.99
Four (4) – Thomas Wooden Railway Grow-With-Me Playtable – 199.99
Five (5) – Thomas Wooden Talking Railway – Cranky the Crane – 69.99
Five (5) – Cozy Coupe II Car – 59.99
Five (5) – Sit-to-Stand Activity Walker – 29.99
Three (3) – Power Wheels Toddler Fire Truck – 129.99
Five (5) – Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Keyboard – 19.99
Five (5) – Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Drum Set – 19.99
Five (5) – Vtech Kidizoom Pre-school Camera – 59.99
Four (4) – Vtech Touch Tablet Pearl Ice – 99.99
Three (3) – Meade 114mm Equatorial Reflector Telescope – 159.99
Five (5) – LeapFrog TAG Reading System – 49.99
Five (5) – Vtech V.Smile Cyber Pocket – Blue – 69.99
Five (5) – Vtech V.Smile V-Motion TV Learning System – Blue – 69.99
Three (3) – First Act 7 Piece Designer Drum Set – 179.98
Five (5) – First Act Electrical Guitar Pack – Navy Blue – 99.98
Five (5) – First Act 41″ Burgundy Acoustic Guitar – 99.99
Five (5) – First Act Jr. 30 inch Electric Guitar – Camouflage – 69.99
Five (5) – 30″ designer Guitar Surfing – 39.99
Five (5) – First Act 30 inch Acoustic Guitar – Lavender with Butterflies – 39.99
Five (5) – Rock Guitar – 19.99
Five (5) – The Price is Right for Nintendo Wii – 39.99
Five (5) – Imagine Party Babyz for Nintendo Wii – 39.99
Five (5) – Tom Clancy’s End War for Xbox 360 – 59.99
Five (5) – Petz Sports for Nintendo Wii – 39.99
Five (5) – Kung Fu Panda: The Game for Sony PS3 – 39.99
Five (5) – Ferrari Challenge for Sony PS3 – 49.99
Five (5) – Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 for Sony PS3 – 39.99
Five (5) – Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for Sony PS3 (Software Only) – 59.99
Five (5) – Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for Sony PSP – 59.99
Five (5) – PS3 Dangerous Hunts 2009 – 39.99
Five (5) – De Blob for Nintendo Wii – 49.99
Five (5) – Xbox360 Rock Revolution – 49.99
Five (5) – Soul Calibur IV for Xbox 360 – 59.99
Five (5) – PS3 Rock Revolution – 49.99
Five (5) – Soul Calibur IV for Sony PS3 – 59.99
Five (5) – Deca Sports for Nintendo Wii – 29.99
Six (5) – We Cheer for Nintendo Wii – 39.99
Five (5) – We Ski for Nintendo Wii – 29.99
Five (5) – Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 for Nintendo Wii – 49.99
Five (5) – Backyard Football 2009 for Nintendo DS – 29.99
Five (5) – Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends for Nintendo DS – 29.99
Five (5) – All Star Cheer Squad for Nintendo Wii – 39.99
Five (5) – Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush – 19.99
Five (5) – Crayola Glow Station – 29.99
Five (5) – Color Me Gemz Jewelry Box – 24.99
Five (5) – Fisher-Price: Digital Arts & Crafts Studio – 54.99
Five (5) – Pixos Super Studio – 29.99
Five (5) – WowWee Tri-Bot – 99.99
Five (5) – Tyco Turbo Wheelie R/C Cycle – 89.99
Five (5) – Transformers Animated Supreme Class Roll Out Command Action Figure, Optimus Prime – 49.99
Five (5) – Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – The Lost Temple of Akator Playset – 39.99
Five (5) – Bakugan Battle Arena – 29.99
Six (6) – Bakugan Baku Tin – Gold – 24.99
Five (5) – Shake ‘n Go!: Crash Up Speedway – 54.99
Five (5) – Star Wars The Clone Wars Force Action Lightsaber – Anakin Skywalker – 19.99
Five (5) – The Incredible Hulk Smash Hands – 19.99
Five (5) – EyeClops Night Vision Goggles – 79.99
Five (5) – LEGO Bionicle: Axalara T9 (8943) – 79.99
Three (3) – Hasbro Nerf N Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster – Yellow – 44.99
Five (5) – Retro Rocket – 44.99
Five (5) – LP Spin Crash Speedway – 34.99
Five (5) – RipStik Caster Board – Blue – 79.99
Five (5) – Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year East High School Playset – 139.99
Five (5) – Rescue Pets Swim to Me Puppy – 29.99
Five (5) – Barbie 3 Story Dream House – 119.99
Five (5) – Playskool Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage – 83.99
Five (5) – Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse – 79.99
Five (5) – Playskool Dream Town Cherry Blossom Market – 62.99
Five (5) – Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker Deluxe Set – 79.99
Five (5) – Spa Factory Beauty Creation Station Set – 29.99
Five (5) – Disney Hannah Montana Plug N Play Guitar – 59.99
Three (3) – Lily Castle – 199.99
Three (3) – FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup – 179.99
Six (6) – Bratz World Mansion – 39.99
Five (5) – Fisher-Price Wonder Pets: This is Serious Ming-Ming – 39.99
Five (5) – MM Mickey’s Clubhouse – 44.99
Five (5) – WowWee Alive Cubs – Lion Cub – 59.99
Five (5) – WowWee Alive Cubs – White Tiger Cub – 59.99
Five (5) – WowWee Alive Cubs – Panda Cub – 59.99
Five (5) – WowWee Alive Cubs – Polar Bear Cub – 59.99
Five (5) – Little Tikes My Real Movie Maker Digital Video Camera – 99.99

Dec 5 1:37 pm
  • anne

    how to enter?

  • sarina king

    I would like a free gift for my kids

  • miliama

    Please contact me for the toy giveaway for my children. Thank you


    I’m writing about your toys give away I recently got layed off.I’m working temp jobs so me and my family can get by but i don’t have enough for present for my kids i have a 6yr old boy and 3 and 2 yr old daughter i just wanted to give them some presents this while i’m looking for a better job..thank you

  • hi i have 6 kids i dont know how to enter but my six kids will be very great full for what every you have to give away you can call us at 347 427 1180 thank you

  • hi im writing about your toys give aways.Im a jobless just gave birth to a27 weeks baby .i have 3 and 10 yrs girls.I need toys for them since i dont have enough money for their present.i hope you could help.thank you

  • Elizabeth

    I am a single mom of 4 kids 3boys ages12-11-11twins & 1girl age 5. I am writting about the toys giveaway for kids. It would be such a blessing to help me out since all my money goes to rent&bills. I would be so grateful to give them that extra toy that I can’t afford. Thank you

  • Mattie Lewis

    I’m currently unemployed I have 2 grand daughters 3 and 6, and I can’t afford to buy them anything for christmas, their mother is also unemployed and she doesn’t have any help from their dad, could you send me the information so I could sign up? this would also be a birthday gift for my grand daughter, Aaliyah she will turn 7 on December 22th.

  • I would love ferr toys for my son mostly because his birthday is a month away and christmas is right around the corner but I have no job or money to give my 23 month old son what he deserves.

  • virginia sanchez

    can my kids get toys for christmas?

  • carolyn

    i am a single mom in school i have 2 kids 1 boy that is 11 mos. DOB 12/02/09 in 1 girl that is 3 yrs old DOB 08/10/07 in i would like to sign my kids up for free toys giveaway thanks !!!!!

  • Melana Curry

    I am inquiring about getting free toys for my church organization to pass out to the homeless families that we feed that come to the church. Thank you very much for your time and if your company is able to give some toys to the children I know that there families will be happy.

  • Deitra Chambers

    I have 3 sons my youngest is 13yrs old. I have been laid off and I really can’t afford the holidays this year if you all someway could help I will be very thankful.

  • Deitra Chambers

    I’m a single parent with 3 sons my youngest is 13yrs old. I have been laid off and I really can’t afford the holidays this year if you all someway could help I will be very thankful.

  • katina burton

    Hello i have five kids im a single mom i been haveing a hard time i dont have money for cristmas i would be so thinkful if u could help us in anyway and god bless u.

  • i would like to have free toys for my kids.

  • How and when do we enter this Toy R Us free toy giveaway?

  • Erica

    Hello, I would like free toys for my kids, I am currently unemployed and This year for Christmas is going to be really hard for me because im not able to get them nice things. I would really like to get them something.




    please be so kind as to contact me for your toy give-away for this years Christmas season. I have three children in my household the oldest which is girl she is 12 yrs and I have a 8 yr old niece who’s mom is in a Nursing Rehabiliation Home for mental illness and a 7 yr old nephew who’s mom is incarcerated and will be for some time. I am not able to provide Christmas gifts this year for them due to outstanding household bills and very limited income and hope that someone could find it in their hearts to bring some joy to these kids this holiday season. Thank you in advance to anyone that response to this post. Peace and blessing.



  • marie alegria

    Hello my name is marie and im a family of ten me my husband and 8 children and my hardship right now is my husband is currently working two days only and we dont have money for christmas toys for them i would really aprecciate if you could help me on how to get free toys for them because its been a while that we have not been able to get them presents and I would love to bring them smiles to their faces with your help please my number is 323-266-3667 thank you and may god bless you and happy holidays

  • I have 4 children 15,6,3,2 i’m paying bill to bil and buying food and does not have a gifts for my children I wish Santa could come threw the chimany and waike up and my tree is full not empty

  • giselle

    I am writing because I have been unemployed and I expriencing some hardship, and currently I am not able to buy my kids any gifts. I have told my six year old that santa will not be able to get her any gifts because mommy has no money. my 16 yr old I guess is ok with my explaination and my 22 mnths don’t he understands

  • Denise Jackson

    I am a single mother of four children under the age of 12. 4 girls ages 2yr old, 7yr old, 11yr old and 12yr old. I also have one foster child that is a 2yrs old boy. They are all well mannered and hard working in school. i just wish that i can show them how much i appreciate them not being spoiled brats when were out and i tell them that i can’t buy them anything. i love my kid so much and just want them to have a Christmas that they so well deserve. We are in need of assistance this Holiday due to the fact that i have recently become unemployed. Any help that you can give in providing a smile on my children face will be a blessing this Christmas.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Denise Jackson

  • are the toys really free? if so how can i get them for my children aand where do i go to register?


    hi my name is shatara an u am a single mother of 3 children.My husband an i have been seperated for a year&10 months and im a student at heald colllege for the past 4months.(struggling) i was in line looking up free christmas toys for my kids I am very low income an i dont have the money so that my kids may have an exllcent x-mas/ its very hard doing this alone can you please contact me at 894-7063 please

  • I’m a single mom 3 children 15,12 and 5 yrs. I’m struggling at this time. I would love to make my children smile this xmas. Blessings to all. If you can please contact me at 469-554-854-7467. Thank you.

  • Deborah

    trying to get some toys for the kids come to my church.

  • my name is chauncey havery i am writing this letter because i know someone cares and have a heart like me.. my great niece is 4 years old being raised by my mother who is 84 years old living on a social security check each month the baby dad is in prison the mom is not concern but my mother tries to do all she could because that is her great grand child..the baby needs everything from coat. boots clothes and toys for christmas i have tried to help with the child all year but it hard now need help …please help this innocent baby girl. 708-344-3709

  • chalita wilson

    how do you find out about this?

  • jennifer gonzalez

    i have two children one girl (4) and one boy (9). christmas time is always hard for me and my family. i just moved into a new apartment a month ago was previously living @ a homeless shelter. my bills are already tied up and im having extremely trouble with christmas for my babies. please help!!!

  • i need tofind out how can i get free toys for my 2 year old i’m a single mother not working at the moment and also i have a liver disease so can you please help me out

    thank you

    mayra guzman

  • maria

    Hello iam a single mother of 3 my oldest has cerable palsy also have two nepfews liveing with me now since there mom walked out on them and there dad went to jail i didnt want cps to take them so i kept them and would love to see ho w i can sign up for free toys since i cant afford to buy any

  • lawanza robinosn

    😥 I’m writing you for your help ..I’m a single mother whom ask for your help this Holiday season due to finance problems i recently move to Philadelphia from South Carolina due to unemployment issues and still haven’t been able to find work… Since i been in this city i haven’t been able to find a steady place for my children to live .Its been extremely hard to make it this last year or so . :love: is all on my mind and heart .Even in this hard time my children and i still make time to feed the needy .If you can find in your heart to help me i would greatly appreciate it deeply from my heart..thanks and may God continue to bless you and your families

  • cierra green

    I’m a single mother that’s raising a 1yr old and about to have my second newborn child. I’m unemployed and ask for you help .If you can find it in your heart to help a single parent as me i thank you . :bowdown:


    Im a single mom with five kids.

    ng to see can i get assiant with christmas toys?

  • Aarica Horton

    can i please have more infromation on this. 🙂 :noes:

  • Jessica

    Hi I am writing to find out if there is another sweepstake this year? I would like to apply, I mean it will not hurt to try and win something. Considering I am a single parent of 4 who has lost her job and with an income of 400 dollars a month I can hardly afford the bear necesities so christmas presents this year are out of the question. Please send me the info if there is one open,

  • Kellie

    Could you please give me the information for the contest. All help is appreciated.

  • glorite h

    Would appreciate help with toys for family members unable for toys rangeing from 8mos to 14yrs.God bless you.

  • I am a singel mother of one she is 1years old. i just want my daughter to have a nice christmas if anyone could help me with gifts i would be greatfuly thankful, have a bless day. you can reach me @ (1706)993-1383. Thank You.

  • Tiaina Marshall

    Hello, I am a mother of four children and all of their birthdays are in december they are going to be 4, 3, 2, and 1 years old I have a limited income and I am not able to buy the toys my children want so I was wonder how can I enter this co test well here is my information I am with a program called Shields For Families Healthy Start program my number is 1(323)671-6617 I can be reached at any time. THANK YOU

  • Sonya Gant

    I am currently unemployed and seeking help for christmas for my two boys aged 10 and 4 if you can help It would greatly be appreciated.

  • Trista Jenkins

    HiI have a son. Who is 2 years old. He is very active. Would like to learn to read. Having the new leap pad frog. Or Ereader for christmas would be great. Im a single mom with partime job on weekend. Going to school on campus and online.

  • kerry

    Hi i am a single mother to 2 boys ages 5 and 4 my sons bday is dec 10 and christmas around the corner, I was working at mcdonalds full time while going to school full time and it was too much i had to cut down working. I am not able to find any help to give my children a christmas this year and i feel horrible it is not there fault and they do not understand!!!

  • Tashieta

    Hello I am a single mother of 5, 3boys 13,4,1 and two girls 10 and 5. I only make a little of money and most of money goes to rent and bills. Its half my pay check. I have to them pay for dance class for my oldest son. And house hold needs I just moved to a new state because my son was geting sick from mildew and lead we found in home. So finding job is hard right now. But I don’t have anything to give them and it hurts.

  • Lorena Sanchez

    Hello am a single mother of 3 children 3 .2 and 10 months I only have a part time of tree days is very hard for me to get my kids a toy in this moment I feel horrible when they seeon TV allthe toy saying mami can you buy me this please and know that I don’t have enough money I still said yes on of this day my older son has a delay of speak . Is realty hard for me to get them a toy

  • Anna

    My name is Anna and my son’s name is Kevin. This holiday will be tough for my child because I am barely keeping food on my table and roof over our heads. I live paycheck to pay check. I do not want my child to end up on the street. Every time we go to the store he asks me to buy him a toy and I tell him that I cannot afford it. It breaks my heart to see him in tears. I would like to find out if you provide any toys for the child

  • Valerie Bailey

    Am a singe mother with a beautiful little girl I looking for help this holiday I get one income a month haved to pay bills so if u can help me little Tamarah Christmas day come turn she a year old am 22 yearold liveing in Atlanta ga my number is 4043999952 don’t have a email address but please help us thanks god blessed day happy holday

  • Ms. manners

    Hello and God bless. I would like to know how I can register for the toy giveaway? I have four children a10yr old daughter 6yr old son 3yr old daughter and my baby boy whosr 2yrs old. I am living on a fixed income that barely pays the bills n provide enough means for our necesities. I am not able to buy my children anything this year and I honestly try not to make mention of christmas but my kids go to school and hear their friends talking about stuff they are getting and it makes me cry in front of them and also when they are asleep. please if you can help me make their christmas merry i will greatly appriciate it and they would too. Have a blessef holiday!!!!!

  • glinnis

    Hello i love to get help with a toy for my 2 kids.. would be so much help for me.

  • i need help for my five kids my husband dosen’t have job and i dont want to have my kid and girls to not have presents i would be so thankful with you..helpp contact me at 5053407798

  • ha my name is walter and i have a petty little girl who will be 2years old on 01/07/12 and i love her os much this have been a hard year for me in 01/13/2011 i be came very ill an i can work so life been hard with money so please make our chrismas list come true thank you!

  • yolanda

    hi my name is Yolanda and I’m a single parent wit 3 kids aging from 2 6 10 and I was just asking. if u can help me wit Christmas this due to financial problems.

  • Dawn

    Hi my name Is dawn. Im single mom of 12, year old son. Im unemployed I cant work cause of health problems. And im looking for help with toys thanku

  • gabby ponce

    Hi my name is Gabby . I am a single parent of six. Five grls and one boy, my oldest is a girl 14 my son is 12 n da rest are under 11 . I’m really in need of help . Ill be really apreciated if my kids could get something for christmas . I’ve had a very bad year . Really need some help.

  • Hi my name is aracelit som

    I am a mother of 3 my oldest son is 13 my middle one is 8 and my girl is 4 I lost my job five months ago and am unable to get them something for christmas so we will apreciate if they can get something for christmas thank you happy holidays.

  • Hi my name is edith

    A mother of 5 girl 14 sons 12, 10,8,6 it’s been very bad my husban have not worked for almost a month so I don’t have money to buy them for christmas so I will apreciate if I get any help thank you and also I am using my friend email because I don’t have one thank you again.

  • lorraine bivens

    these gift s will make my Christmas special hopeful i can win hem it would make me so happy please pick me to win theses

  • Lori.Farin

    Hi my name is Lori.Farin.home mother of 5 kids,right now my husband is still looking for job,but i want someone to help me to find a free christmas gifts for my kids “please”thank you and may God bless us all…

  • Saunders

    Iam grandmother of the kids 6,3,1cant buy them anything. Do too me having so mini problem with my health rite now. Can’t afford buy anything but my pills and mecial stuff would make my day talk to yall.thank you god bless

  • sorelena

    I have 4 grandchildren and 1 young man the i have 2 grandchildren that live in ny i try to buy something every year but im not working rite now and never have the money to mail the gifts to them i end up jus givi.g it to another child but they will be with me this year i wANt it to be special for all my kids ages are 6 4 3 1 and12

  • I did not see instructions on how to enter the contest, but I sure wouldlike to win…I have many nieces and nephews that will benifit from teh toys if I should win. Thank you and GOD bless you all for doing such a nice and selfless thing.

  • Wanda Morgan

    Blessings to you I am the director at my church and I am unemployed right now and in major need of helping my youth dept recieve toys for christmas please help me I did not know how to register to win but could your heart be touch to help the youth at my church. Our church was broken into 2 times and the thieves stole everything so the pastor and the board had to take out of the accounts to replace and rebuild so we could still have service. Please toys R us help me make my youth member be happy. My contact info is (314)717-8889 or (314) 868-6651 or just email me at please help us we have about 30 children ages ranging 4 months to 13 years of age. :uh: For the love of God Please help us. Wanda Morgan

  • brown julian

    i have 5 kids that would be grateful for any toys you can give to them i have 3 girls andtwo boys the oldest is 10 and he is a boy and my daughter is 8 years old, the twins are about to turn 4, and my next daughter is five. i am asking you if you can make the feel real special this christmas :love: .my number is 347-614-3613

  • LeKynn Brigham

    Looking to make Christmas special for my 2 kids. Son age 4 and daughter age 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • sherina

    please i need help with toys and clothes for my child im uneployed

  • carmen

    Hi my name is Carmen I have a son with 15 years old a daughter with 13 years old and a grandaughter and she is 6 years old I need help with some thing for this chritsmas for them can somebody help us .. thank you..

  • Shannea

    Hi my name is shannea i was woundering if u could help me outt this year i have no incom right now due to geting laded off so it would help me out a lot i have a 3 year old & 4 year old and i just want them to have a good christmas….thank you sooo much my to lil girls would really app it …………..

  • Myra Cleveland

    Hello my name is Myra and I am a single parent with a low income and I was inquiring about you toys give away. I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old and I can not provide gifts this year due to my hours being cut. If I could find out any information if possible. Thank you for your time :bowdown:

  • adelina salazar

    Hi my name is adelina but every one calls me Nina:) I’m 19 years old and I have a 2 year old son named Matthew e carrion. Well Im trying to get back in school and well its hard enough living with my mother in law and all my fiancées brothers and sisters. They all pick on my son because he’s spoiled with love. I have no job and i was just denied cash aid and I’ve been trying to get it back for the past 3 months so I’m having a hard time with money and I just need a few toys for my son for Christmas that are from me atleast….so if there are any overnight events or places I can go to so I can get some things for my baby that would be helpful. Thank you for your time I hope I hear back from you soon.

  • adelina salazar


  • kimberley wharton

    I am not working and presently raising my 7yr old nephew. I would love to receive information on receiving free toys. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  • Enallia

    Hey my names is enallia I’m 13 years old my mom can’t give my brothers a chritsmas my dad is having hard times finding a job and my big sis and bro can’t get one if I waz older I could help my mom but I can’t and all I want is for my lil bros to have a good chritsmas their age are 11,10′,9 thy think thy r having one but my mom can’t get it cuz she is trying to fine a house we live in a hotel it is a very old one but tht is all we can get I don’t want any gifts my gifts it to see my brothers faces when thy see a gift under the tree so all I’m asking is can u send me the information for the free toys I understand tht there is ppl tht have it badder than me but it would be nice if I could get it I don’t have a phone but u can email be or facebook
    At enallia babycames

  • Enallia

    Hey my names is enallia I’m 13 years old my mom can’t give my brothers a chritsmas my dad is having hard times finding a job and my big sis and bro can’t get one if I waz older I could help my mom but I can’t and all I want is for my lil bros to have a good chritsmas their age are 11,10′,9 thy think thy r having one but my mom can’t get it cuz she is trying to fine a house we live in a hotel it is a very old one but tht is all we can get I don’t want any gifts my gifts it to see my brothers faces when thy see a gift under the tree so all I’m asking is can u send me the information for the free toys I understand tht there is ppl tht have it badder than me but it would be nice if I could get it I don’t have a phone but u can email be or facebook
    At enallia babycakes

  • Jenny Taylor

    Hello my name is jenny I have 2 girls 11&6 yr old n a 4 yr old boy my hudsband & I are currently not workin because of r medical condition n we r stuck with morgage,bills,n stuff 😥 anything will b welcome to make my babies Happy this Chrstmas thank you :love: godbless

  • yaneri garcia

    i am yaneri garcia :wiggle: im 16 years old i have a single mother and 2 sisters . my mother works but her job is not so good and this christmas she cant buy us presents . 🙁 but i dont want prtesents for me i want presents for my baby sister she is 5 ,i still call her my baby. so please anything you are offering im willing to take ,anything is welcomed .

  • yaneri garcia

    please and thank you. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :love: :love: :love:

  • carmen

    i need help for my 2 kids and a grandaughter 🙁 :bowdown: thank you…

  • deloise hagins

    hi im in need for toys for my eight kids we live by paycheck to paycheck they havent had a chistmas in two years 😥 hope to make them happy this year please call us at 323-802-5553 and may god bless you :bowdown: 🙂 🙁

  • Charlene Coates

    Hi I am a single parent with 4 children my youngest is a special needs child I try my hardest to give my children what they want and need for Christmas like bikes for examples they had bikes but they got stolen a few months ago this would be a god Christmas if they get what they want and need. Plz and Thank you.
    Plz call:225-355-2773 or 225-221-3603
    May God bless u and keep u is our prayer!

  • Helena Coates

    HI MY NAME IS HELENA I HAVE 3 brothers and a single mother. Me and my brothers never had a good Christmas even do we were still happy for what we got but what i always wanted a baby alive that walks. What my 1of my brothers want is a kuiro tablet, the other wants a MP3 player with earphones and what my youngest brother want is a LEAP PAD GS. Also a my buddy doll. PLZ and Thank You. God loves cheerful giver.

  • Helena Coates

    Im hoping this Christmas will be the best for us better than last year.

  • rickel lewis

    Hi I’m a single mother with 3 children Mi olded n youngest is special need child I try Mi hardest at give Mi children what they want andneed for Christmas. Like bikes but I can’t give them anything this year because I don’t have no money. And no job I cry everyday because they think. I have something for them so I hope y’all can help me out for Christmas so Mi babies can have a good Christmas. May God bless you an i will keep you in our prays and if u need to callhit me up on this number 8327527942 or 8328967847

  • Varina Washington

    Hi I’m a single mother with 3 kids n I need some help for Christmas so can u help me please. Thank u so much





  • Tennille Jones

    May I have more information for the toy giveaway please. Thank you! 🙂

  • rickel washington

    well im a single mother dat need help :love:with clothes, toys, and ect.. but if u just can help with anything that can work too thx u so much :wiggle: :bowdown:

  • jalainea leslie

    How do I enter?I’m the guardian of two children I have no job.need help with and more any kind of help would gracefully be appreciated.thank you

  • Quita

    I’m a single mother with 2 kids I need help with Christmas it’s not easy finding a job right now I get 317 dollars from government assistance once I pay my rent and make payment arrangements on my bills I have nothing left so in your wheel in God’s will can you please help me make my kids Christmas and believe in Santa Claus come through thank you God bless.

  • Veronica Ramirez

    Hi I am a single mother of 5 kids. At the moment I am without a job and I would like to provide my kids with a presant this year but because of my situation I think I wont be able to. One of my daughters has ADD and I also have a daughter whos had multiple heart surgeries and one af my sons has autism. so anything that you guys are giving away would really help thank you so very much

  • latosha ford

    Please please help with whatever you can we will be everso grateful

  • Soledad Pereira

    Hey i have a 3 yr old boy we just moved and now we alone, i really want him to have the best christmas memories ill take any free toys and i know he will love and appreciate it as well. Thanks

  • lante

    I have three boys and I want them to have a good Christmas but I’m not working at this moment and its kind of rough and the kids mom is keeping my boys from me!! I want them to see daddy for there Christmas!! N I’ll take anybody’s help at dis moment! !!!

  • Tffany Scruggs

    Hi, I am a single mother of 3 2boys 5 and 3

  • Tffany Scruggs

    Hi , I am a single mother or three 2boys 3 and 5 a daughter who is 7
    I am unemployed right kbow and is unable to get my kids anything for christmas and i was hoping to get help with their christmas that would put a smile on their face

  • just dont have the money to buy my kids anything at the moment its hard when u r the only one in the house hold bringing in a low steady income my wife is very sick and out of work so if u can help us this year it will be apleasure for me and my three kids. There ages are 7months,3 and 7year old. Thanks for your concern if possible and lord knows this matter will be taken in consideration! :dunno:

  • roshunda gipson

    i am a single mother of 5 kids…whose father was recently killed in August of this year…two of our 5 are twins whose birthday is on Christmas Eve….i need the help to get them a gift…for they deserve a good Christmas…they have been thru alot…i dont want them to be disappointed. i have 2 boys 9 & 4….3 girls 5 & 2 & 2

  • Nyeisha Dortch

    I am a single mother of a 6 year old little girl who just wants to give my daughter a good Christmas! I would appreciate any help that you have to offer!!! 😉

  • tiffany jones

    My name is tiffany iam a single mother of 3 and have custudy of my two neices i was layed off recently from y job i only have enough to pay my bills iam lpoking for help this christmas for all 5 children not looking for alot but aleast a gift a piece i would appreicate any help i can get for my family this year . The children is one boy 9 yrs old& 4 girls 1yrs old 6yrs old and two 8 yrs olds . Any help

  • tiffany jones

    Any help would be appreicated clothes or toys

  • Joana V


    My name is Joana and I am 32 yrs old, I am a single mother of 6 kids, 1 girl and 5 boys, how do i join???? Please let me know….

  • M mcmillian

    I have a nine year old girl. im out of work on disability and would love if my child can receive a toy I really need the help thank you.

  • u.sease

    Im am a young mother od two and could not buy my kids abything for Christmas. I would like if my kids can get a toy please and thank you my daughter is 3 and my son is 2

  • D Baker

    I am a grandmother who is on a fixed income who would love to be able to give my grandchildren something special from myself for Christmas. If u find it in your heart to help it would be very appreicated. THANK AND GOD BLESS!

  • Anita Thomas


  • Brandy martin

    Hello I have been separated for 11 yrs recently. I have had to cut myhours to take care of my exhusband who has cancer we have 3 kids 15 girl two boys 12 9 I move my exhusband in now been working as a bathroom. Attendant. But just can’t seem to keep it together never had to ask for help but its for my kids I’ve. Never failed. Them before hoping God will get this message. Though. Just to be blessed with something thank u

  • Anne

    Hi, honestly I don’t have any x-mas presents for my kids because I don’t have the money to buy anything. If you are giving away toy’s this year, my children and I would be grateful! Ages are 3 boy’s (4,5 & 15 yrs) and two girls (both 16 yrs)

  • Hi, I asking for help this christmas I just ran from a domestic relationship which cause me to loose everything I have. I lost my job because of this, It is so close to christmas, I don’t have anything, no money or no home anymore . I’m with my mom for now, but I know I can’t stay long because of threats I have recieved.Please help me to give my kids a little sunshine. I have a one year old son, a 5yr.old girl. My number where I can be reached at is 1-219-455-2763. Thank You, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

  • Mayra

    Hi im writing hope to hey some helo this year we aré going thru tuff times i ha ve a 9 year los girl and a 10 year old boy hope we can get some help 8184717706

  • Barbara

    Hey santa my name is Barbara my telephone number is 773 517 0487. Santa I have five children and,I cant afford Christmas this year. The 300 dollars i had to stretch i was robbed for it at the beginning of the month.I know it isnt much but I dont work. Santa I’m only asking for a 200 giftcard to buy them a nice outfit to wear and a hat scarf and glove set to go visit my parents in because i cant afford to cook a huge christmas meal,pretty please help this family in need. Thank you

  • lesha carter

    Hey mi name is lesha i wasnt able to get mi baby gurl nothing for christmas she one years old can u plz help me

  • lesha carter

    Hey mi name is lesha i have a 1 year old can u plz help me i wasnt able to get her nun for christmas mi number 901 691 0656

  • Moniera Royster

    Hi my name is moniera I have 2 children my daughter is 4 & my son is 2…. We are currently in a rough situation right now but i would just like my babies to have a great christmas & right now i cant afford to give it to them im a single mother just trying to take care of my babies. So if you can help us that would truly be a blessing.

  • Juanita Cottingham

    My son would not know what to do with it all