Prize: Yamaha DTX900K electronic drum kit, a $7,199 value
Yamaha DTX900K 5-piece Electronic Drum System  
 DTX pads feature Textured Cellular Silicone heads for a realistic feel
 12″ XP120S snare pad
 3 x 10″ XP100T tom pads
 Shock-absorbing mounting system
 Updated kick pad with reinforced head
 Realistic-feeling hi-hat pad with HS740A stand
 Aluminum RS130 rack system
 Matte chrome-finished hoops for strength and looks
 DTX drum controller
 1,115 drum and percussion voices
 211 MOTIF GM melody voices
 Onboard sampler with dedicated effects (expandable up to 512MB with optional DIMM)
 USB and MIDI I/O enables easy integration with computers
 Includes a copy of Steinberg Cubase AI

Jun 5 7:47 pm