There will be 1 Winner of a $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card.

Jan 4 12:51 pm
  • maggie6872

    You need to have your most recent receipt from Home Depot to participate in the survey (for a chance to win the $5000 gift card)

    “Thank you for your interest in our survey, however, you must have a valid receipt User ID and Password to participate. We invite you to take the survey again after your next visit.”

  • Donna-Jeanne Jackson

    My husband and I love to shop at Home Depot. My grandson knows this as well we have been taking him there since he was born(now 4) and every time we go past a Home Depot he always yells out there is Papa’s favorite store. we find your store to meet all our home needs.

  • good prices@ very helpfull service.

  • good atmosphere good parking area!


  • senad kobiljak

    the best store with the best tim

  • John Merighi

    great store, very helpfyl

  • Your staff are very helpful. They know where everything is and are willing to show you how to use them.

  • Laquita Clark

    My husband and I love to purchase things at Home Depot. We live in the country and has a large yard and we have 2 small girlswho love outside. And my husband has so many ideas he want to do for the yard. Each time he comes in the store he sees more,great prices.The staff there are great.

  • harvey putnam

    Great store

  • I love shopping at your store and the service is great. I’m a widow of 66 years old and I recently purchase a house. I go to Home Depot not only to shop but to get Ideas in decorating. I keep entering your survey but with no luck. Keep up the good work.

  • Leonor Molano

    Es la tienda numero uno en su especialidad.Buena atencion de personal, buen estacionamiento, siempre te atienden a tiempo y encuentras lo necesario para tu casa.

  • I would love to get a home repair with the home dept gift card it would save me alot of money that i don,t have at all.

  • maurice, young

    i purchase a home in the city of detroit in 20009 it was in bad shape but it had a lot of promise 6 months later i found out it was not up to code it took me 6 more month to clear that up and on top of that i had no water line outside i didnt know that before i purchase the home if i would have i wouldnt have purchase the house at all its been two years now and i have not lived in the house at all and my taxes is due in june i dont want to lose the house and dont want to start over either i can really use this girt card

  • Love the deals and specials for lawn care,

  • information

  • ESTELLE Lewis

    visited your store today, and I was looking for some hardware to repair my shower door.One of your clerks asked if he could help me.Thank goodness for the clerk.He was very nice and instead of saying the item was on isle 11, he took me the item and also showed it to me to be sure that I got the right item.I would like to thank you for training your clerks to be nice to us old ladies that don’t realy know what we want.

  • Ana McCord

    Always people try to help for anything we need!

    Thank you

  • Lee D. Fleming Sr.

    From the time our family began to build and remodel our home, your Home Depot Store at Jantzen Beach in Portland ,OR 97217 has been a very great place to buy from. The employees are oh so helpful in telling me what to buy and what not to buy. Home Depot has been very helpful to us. I have a Home Depot Card that I use at the store and I am glad I have it. So with that I am hoping to win the $5,000.00 GIFT CARD. Our kitchen needs remodeling and our carpet is 20 yrs old. and is in great need to be removed. Thank you for your time. :bigthumb:
    Lee Fleming Sr.





  • edward

    the people always smell at you always helpfulalways there for you i love going to homedepot

  • david macias

    :wiggle: :wavey: :io: :io: :love: :fingersx: :h5: :naughty: :kiss:

  • elroy arnell

    i was very pleased with this store clerks were extremely helpful in answereing my questions and were very polite i will continue my shopping there thank you elroy arnell

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  • Richard Feuerstein

    great store ,great people

  • Richard Feuerstein

    great store great people

  • Richard Feuerstein

    great store ,great people.

  • Richard Feuerstein

    best store great stuff

  • James L. Carr

    A really nice store with a lot of really nice employees!

  • siempre cuento con el consejo o ayuda de home depot :io:

    cuando nesesito hacer algo siempre cuento con la ayuda y consejo de los empleados de home depot


  • :love: :love: :love:

  • Lee Born

    When I first moved to the home I live in 20 years ago, there was no Home Depot near by. But about five years later one was opened within three miles. It has saved me a lot of mileage. I have a house that I lease out besides the one I live in. I had a condo also until a couple of years ago. Anyway, I have used Home Depot almost on a daily basis for years. Today, I bought a bag of ant pesticide that I have spread over my entire yard, and a large bag of weed and feed for my yard also. I just got all of it on my lawn when it started to rain, so I did’nt have to water it in. What luck!

  • wayne manley

    a store you can find almoost anything

  • cynthiahall

    I found what,I came for .

  • penny ramsey

    i would love to win

  • penny ramsey

    ive lived in the same house all my life for 39 years and i need some new stuff and i love home depo

  • albert hall

    I need the money for buisness purposes….

  • albert hall

    I need the money for buisness purposes ….

  • albert hall

    I need the money for buisness purposes…….

  • yarami cesar


  • yarami cesar


  • dolph stone

    i just like homedepot

  • Rick Mooney

    Rick Mooney

  • lela Jevne


  • Cuongvo

    I like Home Depot