Prize: (60 winners – 1 per day) $100

Nov 4 1:05 am
  • moneyorprizes

  • i
    would like to win soom money or prizes.thank you. bob

  • toalala

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  • toalala

    to win a christmascash is a good feeling.

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  • mike richardson

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  • I want to enter my id code for the chance to win a christmas shopping spree of $ 20,000.00 cash my id code is 75204

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  • I have never won anything and would like to win $20,000.00

  • jill williams

    It would be exciting to win the Christmas Gift prize

  • jill williams

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  • heather tansey

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  • heather tansey

    my code 75204 i would like to win and share with my kids

  • Albert Bleyendaal

    our ID code is75204


    My ID Code : 75204


    I Would like to win to make my children injoyed in the Christmas

  • my code is also 75204… does everybody have the same one? anyway… it would be so wonderful to win $20,000 cash for the Christmas break!!!!! I have 6 grandchildren who still believe in Santa!

  • Heather Crook

    My code id no is 75204 also,and yes it would be wonderful to win the $20,000 cash to share with my family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, a family get together would be memorable.

  • Ron Stevenson

    It would be great to win .I have had nine years of bad luck so a change would be great.

  • Nancy Pel

    Wow! I can only dream of winning $20,000 cash for my daughters and I to have a shopping spree. I am 80 years old and have always done my best for my girls though it was very tough at times as a solo parent.My code is 75204, I really enjoy reading the readers digest and it would be a dream come true!!

  • My ID Code is 75204

    Interesting that everyone has the same code!Is this a scam or just a “feel good” exercise? I had the same Code number for the “fijiescape” holiday and that makes one think very hard about these Gift Cards received by everyone. Perhaps the money spent on printing and mailing these items could be better spent or given to an environmental charity.

  • eveonne nisbet

    Would be great for xmas.code is 75204

  • usually i always owe,please make me a credititor

  • Doug Mawson

    My Code No. is 75204, but also looks like everyone elses Code is 75204. Guess there can only be one winner, about same chance as winning Lotto? A win would be gratefully accepted. Be able to fend off the exorbitant
    Council Rate increases.

  • wendy o mara

    why has every one the same code and why is it impossible to enter???I get the readers digest but all other stuff from you goes straight in the rubbish!!Code 75204

  • R G Robbins 75204

    submit my entry for Christmas cash please

  • Margaret Beckett

    My Code No: is 75204 – the same as everyone else ! guess some one has to be lucky to be the winner – so I wish to see if I am one of the lucky one’s – here’s hoping –

  • Helen Baguley

    My Code is 75204

  • Michelle Hitaua

    My code id code is 75204. I reckon aye!!! Y do we have same codes???? Bit strange!!! We all must be winners!!! That will be a bonus!!! Well good luck 2 me 4 da $20,000 cash!!! If so this will be my xmas gift!!!

  • My code is 75204 – the same as everyone else.
    What is going on!! Anywaty here’s hoping.

  • colin mccormack

    Would be agreat bonus for us. I.D.code is 75204

  • my id code is 75204

  • V Hunt

    My ID Code 75204

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Interesting – looks like everyone has the same I.D. code! Mine’s 75204 too….how does that work?. Would be fabulous to win, though.

  • bev

    ID code 75204

    good luck must come my way soon.


  • Sheryl Iraia

    ID Code 75204

    I have responded to enough emails promising me good luck, money etc to make this the answer to my wish.

  • would be great for family at christmas time ,any time for that matter


  • I D 75204

    would be great for my family at christmas time or any time for that matter


  • Id 75204

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  • Len

    Christmas Shopping Spree or $20,000 cash?
    Be very nice for Christmas
    Thank You
    very much

  • Cash would be nice

    My ID code is 75204

    Is this how you enter??????

  • Ray Hyde

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  • Ray Hyde

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  • sushma sharma

    id code 75204 since its all the same for everyone good luck!!

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  • margaret jamieson

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  • Please enter me in the Christmas Shopping Spree or $20,000 Cash.Thankyou.

  • ID75204
    It would be the biggest surprise
    of my life
    Thankyou for the opportunity
    A win would be surperb

  • Elwyn Robins

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    ID75204 Thank you for the chance and It would be something wonderful to win one thing in my lifetime.

  • Paulette Glading

    My ID Code is 75204

    Thanks Readers digest for giving me the chance to win $20.000. Oh Boy!

  • Paulette Glading

    ID 75204

    Do I get another chance?

    Boy oh Boy1

  • Paulette Glading

    ID 75204

    This is too much. I’m not going to fill out anymore. It’s not fair.

  • 75202 how lucky is that then !

  • oops 75204 ..lucky number..yeah

  • coe is…75204

  • fionasussmilch

    it would be great to win some cash especially at christmas

  • fionasussmilch

    it would be great to win cash especially at christmas or anytime for that matter.

  • Peter Mills

    Desperately need a win .
    My ID Number 75204

  • Peter Mills

    Desperately need a win
    My ID code is 75204

  • Peter Mills

    What would we do with out the READERS DIGEST
    Thank you so much
    Peter M

  • Graham W

    Would love to win. My code is 75204

  • sharon k

    I would love to win and share with my family

  • sharon k

    I would love to win and share with family 75204

  • Harry Payne

    Like everybody else it would be great to win,but can’t help wondering why we all have the same ID code? Enigma?

  • Lynne Rowe

    Same code as everybody else. 75204. Not sure what the catch is but thinking positive !

  • Cath Peel

    my ID code No is 75204

  • ID 75204, about time RD gave a “privildged Customer” a little something for loyalty.

  • ken elliot

    takes a bit of keeping up with all the material put out

  • Patricia Cameron

    ID Code is 75204. Thanks to Readers Digest for the opportunity to win cash.

  • Patricia Cameron

    Thanks to ReadersDigest for the opportunity to win cash for Xmas. IDCode 75204

  • Gil Gandy

    On a fixed budget”christmascash” would be very handy for Grandchildren’s and Greatgrandchildren’s christmas presents

  • Brian Sheehan on October 1st 2009

    ID code 75204.
    Very much enjoy our Readers Digest,thank you for making the book so interesting and would be wonderful to win the Christmas Cash. Thank you..


    I want to be part of a winning team. my ID code is 75204. thank you all.

  • kesh makan

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    some excelent reading in the readers digest
    it would be just great to win xmas cash.


  • Maureen

    Hey I think it is hilarous I got the same number as everyone else so it appears 75204 priceless once again thanks for the dream

  • Caroline Welsford

    thanks for the great offer however it appears that everyone has the same no id 75204 would like too see how a person can win??? no harm in trying not so!

  • my id code is 75204 dob 07/04/1924 not very conversant with these modern toys but await my chance for the $ 20000 cash spree as i am not yet too old to miss out on that cheers and many x mas young joe P.H.F.


  • My ID code is 75204

  • Terry King

    Looking forward to my $20,000 to repay my mortgage. #76204 my lucky id. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

  • J M Baird

    We would appreciate the cash so we can spread it around

  • It would be great to win $20,000 I would be able to afford to give my family the Christmas presents they would like

  • any amount of money would be just great and thank you so much.

  • Dianne Hodson

    I’m dreaming of a $20,000 christmas gift card. thanks.

  • Dianne Hodson

    Would love any amount of money for Christmas presents.

  • Dianne Hodson

    ID Code 75204

  • Frederick Weale

    look forward to winning so I get grandchildren gifts

  • Gabriele Mabon

    Thank very much to give me this opportunity, my number is 75204, please put me with the others and please draw me out, as I would
    love to help my daughter to pay her study fees as a christmas gift and I would like to pay some of my mortage off.
    With kind regards,

  • Can we really win Christmas Cash in November
    My ID code also is 75204. Wonderful if I win so does everybody else.!!!

  • stuart moffitt

    my id code is 75204

    i have a lot of readers digest products
    c.d.s dvd,s record,s and books which i
    enjoy. i would enjoy winning your christmas shopping spree.

  • David Goodin

    Great news

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    ID code. 75204
    guess I can dream

  • guess I can dream

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    Dreams are free. Got to be in to win!!!
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  • Free passage to the home I left 54years ago,
    thank you

  • D Sutherland

    would be awesome! Many thanks

  • D Sutherland

    would be awesome! My code id is 75204. Many thanks.

  • Barry Marcantelli

    hi, my code, you guessed it, is 75204 consider myself a regular buyer of your products, unfortunately got invoice problems for items ive never recieved, and non payment problems , which were paid. like to say, had lots of great buys, over a long period of time, but also placed me on your debtors list, wished even a small win, might have resolved our differences , to resolve this amicably, would help to ensure a real xmas, for this beneficiary Merry Xmas to all at Readers Digest

  • Barry Marcantelli


    as there is division , and i believe i,m right, my credit history is important to me, to my knowledge ive paid for all items recieved, i ask that as a gesture, for such a small amount, you call off this debt .

  • Brian Jameson

    How come everybody has the same ID number? 75204

  • Dorothy Canty

    If not in you cant win

  • Saane

    My i.d code is 75204. It would b the best gift my kidz ever had.

  • Samudra Bambarawana

    Would be great for xmas

  • George Huggard

    My code is 75204
    I agree with all the others tht winning would be not only nice but a blooming miracle

  • Family would have an extra lovely Christmas,
    thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  • Jeanie Roberts

    ID code 75204

    This would really make my family a very
    happy one at Christmas.


    I D code 75204
    we never win anything sooooo maybe this time our luck may change.


    Lucky this time

  • Dianne Watson

    ID CODE 75204

    Wouldn’t it be a great Christmas..lots of goodies & treats for everyone

  • Bruce Leighton

    ID Code 75204

    Taurus are lucky people, and generous

  • Walt Sintmaartensdyk

    What are you running, RD, a free for all with everyone having same ID code?.I would expect better than this from you. I think you are cheapening your image here. Doesn’t go down too well with me.

  • justin notoa

    id code is75204

  • justin notoa

    id code is 75204

  • id code is 75204

  • thanks for the opportunity to participate

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  • id 75204 might get through this time

  • id 75204 last chance to win something

  • its keep on coming id 75204

  • Sally Win

    With the surname of Win, my fingers are crossed. Could be my lucky day.

  • Thank you Reader Digest.May God bless you all and bless your company.I will be happy if I get some money from you guys.I really need it for my father’s operation but I wiil hope and pray for a windfall.
    MY ID number:75204.

    Best Regards.
    Lavinia Pinomi.

  • B D Keam

    Have a go – why not – you can’t win if you are not in.

  • E.Irvine

    ID No. 75204
    In to win I hope. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Hi, my code is 75204.It would be lovely to win the $20,000 and be able to bring our family over from Australia for xmas .
    To pay of a few bills, being on a pension it is a bit of a struggle at times .

  • Gloria Williams.

    Hi, Id code 75204 . It would be lovely to win $20,000. It would enable my husband and I to fly to Australia to spend xmas with our family and Grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

  • Carole Casey

    Hi My ID code is 75204 for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas shopping spree

  • Mr Paavo Sandberg

    id code 75204
    20000 Thankyou

  • William Larsen

    I.D. code 75204

  • vivien coutts

    hi there i would love to win money for christmas my IDnumber is 75204

  • My ID code is 75204 like everyone elses.
    RD please explain.

  • Margaret Johnstone

    WOuld be very nice to win $20,000 and pay of our mortgage.
    Thanks for the very interesting articles in your magazine.Cheers.
    My code same as everyone elses. 75204.

  • stephen gary jones

    id code is 75204 all my family would have a great christmas thank you

  • My ID code 75204 How come all the ID numbers are the same. This looks very much like a scam. Are all readers digest sweepstakes a rip off–If they are everyone should withdraw their subscription and refuse to do any further business with Readers Digest.I feel that Readers Digest customers are due an explanation.I will not go away.
    Dave Roberts

  • Derek Ferguson

    ID code like all the others 75204 This would be a dream come true

  • D McClunie

    My ID code is 75204. What a wonderful experience (and responsibility) it would be to win.

  • Shona Tauranga

    Exactly like every other 75204.My grandchildren would have a royal time,
    and deservingly so.

  • Shona Tauranga

    My ID is 75204. My grandchidren would have a deservingly good life with this windfall.

  • Barry Scott

    75204 I will be waiting at the door

  • i would like to be a great santa

  • alan perry

    i have everybody elses ID code 75204 whats up with that R D ????

  • $20,000.00 would be great

  • It would be great to have $20,000 at Christmas time.

  • My ID code is 75204

  • Ruth Kitai

    my code number is :::75204

    Would be a nice christmas if I won…

  • Lyndsay Homes

    Ican only wish have entered so many competitions. Code 75204 maybe this time.


    My code is 75204

    Here’s hoping

  • Italy Fuli

    I would like to win the $20,000 cash for Xmas. Reason being to visit my Great grandson who was born in September of this year 2009.I have three grandchildren and four Great grandchildren who are now living in Australia with their parents.My husband and I are both Superannuiants and winning the money would be the best Christmas present ever.

  • Italy Fuli

    I would like to win the $20,000 Cash for Christmas. I have a great grandson who was born in September 2009 in Australia.Winning the money will be the greatest Christmas present ever.I have three grandchildren and four great grandchildren and with their parents have now made Australia their home.My husband and I are both pensioners and turning up unexpectedly will be the best Christmas present we can give them.ID Code is 75204

  • Allan Stewart

    Winning this prize would be a great gift for the family. Our ID code is 75204. Thanks

  • dilly hofmans

    just commenting on this scam with your cash give aways?it seems everyone smells aRAT?or is everyone so stupid to believe in this organisation!open your eye’s and see?
    money for nothing?are you all crazy?
    do something about this lets get together and
    let this stop!even i have got the same number!!!!75204.

  • Brian Molloy

    My code is the same as how many?

  • jocelyn dixon

    my id no is 74204 it would be wonderful to win to get gifts for xmas

  • jocelyn dixon

    my id no 75204

  • my id no is 75204

  • ID code 75204. It would be great to win this to share with my family at christmas time.

  • would be absolutely marvelous to win, be able to pay for some of our family to visit us, or us to visit them.

  • I.D 75204. Look forward to winning.

  • Judy Worner

    My ID code is 75204.
    Since I cant even win an argument to be able to win a christmas shopping spree or $20,000 cash would be so amazing.So bring it on and make my christmas .It would be so appreciated. Thank You

  • Margaret and Neil Kerr

    Our ID Code is 75204
    Like everyone else, it would be fantastic to win and be able to assist others in our family.
    Many thanks in anticipation.

  • Ross Gilbert

    I answered a invitation to participate in a $20.000 christmes gift card draw, drawn 13th November, 2009.
    It appears that like the rest of your website everything is out of date or non existant

  • id code 75204 It will nice to win the 20,000 or christmas shopping spree.Santa has not visted me for some time.

  • My id code is 75204.Would love to visit family in Australia and what a Christmas we would have.

  • sheena chandran

    my ID is75204, would like to enjoy x’mas shopping with $20000…………..

  • MyID code is 75204 maybe this will be the best christmas ever that i can share with family and friends.

  • Rae Furlan

    would be great to share with family

  • Rae Furlan

    great for xmas with familt

  • Susan van den Engel

    ID no. 75204. $20.000 would be great to win to share with our family for a special Christmas together & help pay some bills.

  • Jaunita Mason

    ID no.75204, It would be awsome to won $20,000, My children could do with a happy christmas, with everythink they have been throuh, it would put a big smile on their faces, and i would be able to pay a little bit on the bills.

  • Ann Williamsannwilliams@clear

    Like many others i would also like to win $20,000 for christmas. My code is 75204.

  • pam daglish on October 14th 2009 2.27pm

    would be wonderful to receive some extra cash for christmas. Maybe I could treat the grandchildren to something nice.

  • Stew Elliott

    I,m Dreamimg of very merrie xmas gift of $20.000.00 My Id code is 75204. I habe got the lucky of the Irish on myside

  • Len Millar

    It would be great to win $20,000. Like everyone else my ID number 75024, and we would love a Christmas present such as this to share with our family of 21.

  • It would be absolutely amazing to win a true christmas gift to put me in the spirit of giving.

  • hi would love to be a winner

  • Karen Newton

    would be great to win as we have a long awaited bundle of joy going to join our little family in the new year. Our ID code is 75204

  • wouldn’t be wonderful. My code is 75204 You are the best

  • Yes it would be the greatest Xmas of all.My code is 75204.You are the best.Family coming from Australia what a Xmas

  • joy thomas

    my id code is75204
    Good luck to me
    Joy Thomas

  • My id code is75204

  • my id code is 75204 good luck to me

  • E.A.Jones-Moore

    Please enter my name in the $20,000 Christmas shopping spree my ID code is 75204 thankyou

  • Betty Kingi

    ID 75204.Same as every1 else so it can’t be that unique.We must be all winners then.

  • ID 75204 (how unique)
    Windfall would be wonderful – make for an amazing christmas

  • d smith

    i am a pensioner & in these hard times would love to win

  • i would love to win money like that for christmas so i can spend heaps on my little girl

  • my code is 75204 it would be great

  • J. Takarangi

    My code is 75204 too so thats funny???????????? Happy Christmas everyone.

  • Glenise

    it would be great to win the $20,000. like everyone else my code is 75204.

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful.

  • Cynthia

    My code is 75204. it would be great to have some extra cash at Xmas.

  • Shirley & Tony Hyde

    My ID code is 75204
    And what a Christmas it would be if we won.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Shirley Thompson

    ID Code: 75204
    This would make thisChristmas a really memorable one.

  • velma martin

    Am close to retirement–would be lovely to win and do homeimprovements without financial worries!ID code75204

  • my code is 75204
    Im mothering my kids and I’d love to win this for xmas. Thanks.

  • my code is 75204,im mothering my kids and i love to won it this xmas,thanks.

  • my code is 75204 $20000 would be great for me and my kids .Happy Days

  • Owen Ford

    $20.000 would be good to spend on my wife,kids and grandkids for christmas.ID code 75204

  • Like all the other people who would like to win this cash prize and have the same ID Code # 75204, I am going to really look forward to Christmas this year especially when i get your message to tell me I’m the lucky winner of readersdigest christmas cash which closes on 13th November 2009….. not holding my breath but it’s fun to enter and hope it works for me.

  • Paul Farrow

    ID;75204..Miracles do happen

  • U.Tolks

    ID Code 75204
    One day the boat may come in for me.But with my luck I will be at the airport. I hope not.

  • Karen Hartley

    Been at readers digest member for so long an never won a thing spent hundreds of dollars never mind have a go i say this is for my grandson who i have brought up in my care since he was 3
    Code 75204

  • Connie Maraki

    ID75204 It would be a great Christmas, if I am so Lucky

  • Connie Maraki

    Id 75204 It would be a great Christmas, If so Lucky

  • My ID code is 75204. A gift of $20000 will be so welcome at this stage of my life!

  • m macdonald

    My ID code is 75204 like so many others

  • I D code 75204
    always looking on the bright side

  • Eunice Roberts

    75204 Always hopeful never lucky

  • Eunice Roberts

    75204 what time do you think it is 11.16 PM not 6.20am

  • C Tarr

    ID 75204 I could do with it

  • C Tarr

    ID 75204 I could do with it at this time

  • Happy Christmas to you all. This would go a long way to make Christmas happier for a lot of people.

  • It would be lovely to win , and what a merry xmas it would be.

    The pension only goes so far .

    We could catch up with our Children and Grand children , 2 great Children .
    In Aussie .

  • jenny gilder

    ID75204 It would be really wonderful to win.


    It seems my ID code is the same as all the rest 75204 maybe I will win thanks .

  • Ifeel that Reader,s Digest is a scam for people to spend money in hope they will WIN All your wonderful letters you send that you wiil not lose what lot of bull shit.

  • c underwood

    let it happen

  • c underwood

    code 75204 appreciate a win

  • Maybe you could change the page subject Readers Digest’s Win Christmas Cash Sweepstakes | Free Stuff Times Contests to something more suited for your content you write. I loved the post however.

  • Kayla Pitcock

    I would love to win some christmas cash or prizes~!

  • sharon locklear

    I would like something nice for christmas like
    a home. a big house about 5 bedroom 5 bathrooms that would be very nice. I know my little grandchildren would love for there grandma,papa to have a big house.thank you
    S locklear

  • althamarneweck

    I would like to win as I have never
    wo anything

  • althamarneweck

    I would like to win s I have not
    yet won anything

  • Arabesque

    I just don’t understand. My code is 75204, just as everybody’s else. So, if it wins, then we ALL win?

    Or I have worse thought now…

  • Arabesque

    Or, btw I forgot to mention. I live in Holland and I received this code today.

  • Barb Rousseau

    Sending in my e-amil address to that I stand a chance to win the R95,000 Fast Fortune draw!


    :wavey: :run: I WOULD LOVE FREE STUFF! CODE 75204! THANKS

  • clive h hayward

    my id no:pt629907

  • clive h hayward

    would love to win some thing,never have any luck.

  • Keely Gove

    We would love to win a shopping spree for Christmas

  • Beth

    Nice to. Everyone in my family it been. Hard this year

  • Kaylan

    I would love to win this. :love:

  • Really (Great/brilliant/fantastic/amazing/incredible) article (I hope that/hopefully) (people/everyone) (can/will) learn more about this issue