Day 1: Sony Reader Digital Book, Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, Nokia MD-6 Speakers, iPod Nano, and a Wii console

Dec 4 10:51 am
  • like to enter sweepstakes for ellen’s 12 day’s of christmas

  • kimberly walker

    i would like to enter the ellen 12 days of christmas sweepstakes.

  • sueannoguinn

    would love to be on show been out of job 8 months after 20 years employed. Would love to meet you I am silly and love to have fun and do Kareoke and sing Flashdance and slide across floor . My dream is to sing and be on national tv. Hope to here something back . You are a great person that helps people and thats what I tried to do . Thanks Sue Ann Guinn at 530828-5169 or 530893-4759

  • john collins

    my dads name is tom, my moms name is jerry, our last name is collins i guess that would make a very intoxicating cartoon. yes ellen i would like to enter the 12 day christmas giveaway.

  • I want to enter the 12 days of christmas giveaway.

  • Anna Bell

    Without God nothing is possible.but with God all is possible. I believe!!!

  • Shawn

    how do i enter and can i cause i live in canada ellen you are a role modal to us all!!!

  • please enter me in your sweepstakes!! I am very blessed because I have found a WONDERFUL person to love at the age of 62. I have a great family (a father who is 92) in excellent condition, and sooooo much love in my heart I could explode!! If I win I will give my gifts away because that is what its all about. Thank you Ellen for all you do.


  • tammy

    wqould love to win 12 days of giveaways to have a good chritmas in 15 years

  • Ellen, What can I say your great. I enjoy all your shows,
    but the best thing is the music you play. Puts a smile
    on all our faces. I’d love to enter your 12 days of
    christmas giveaways. I would freak out if I won.
    Thanks again for all your laughter.

  • jAmie miller

    I loveeeeeeeee your show me and my son watch your show always id love to join your twelve days of christmas we love you ellen…….

  • Hi Ellen,
    I would love to enter into the 12 days of Christmas contest. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Sherry M. Stone

  • sherry bright

    hi ellen
    your show is great i alway watch when i get home from work,i would like to enter the 12 days of christmas contest..merry christmas and happy new year to you and your love one’s..
    sherry bright

  • Ellen, my kids and I watch you everyday. We love all the games you play with your audience members and guests. I would love to enter you 12 days of Christmas .

    Diane Munson

  • Ellen I just heave to see you. im in a hecht of depresion here daily , my hubbie is very sick and is handycap. I have a daughter who has breast cancer. plus and daughter who has RSD that is a nerve problem where it deterates all the mussels in her body. and I have a son who has alephea with no hair , he had this problem isnce he was 13 months old, there are all older as of now but I just love your show you pick me up so much every day. when im not home i tape your show i cant miss it you make me laugh and thats good for me to not asking for money or gifts just to meet you . I just love you so much your the greatest person your so good to so many people. my dream is to bring my daughters to your show . to help us laugh for a day. thank you for listing. again im not asking for gifts or money just a trip to your show and meet you in real life. ive been throught breast cancer and also stomac cancer and had to remove all my femail organs when i was 21 for I had cancer also . so far I have beet my cancer but im so afraid my baby wont im scart and worried for all my children. please listen to my note here and help me to just get on your show with my daughters. and make a michigan family laught for a day . im excited to hear from you. my number is 1-989-389-3769 and my address is Linda Briggs 5238 Rupprecht rd Vassar Michigan 48768. this is the last thing I want to do in my life im 60 and we just get by. please Ellen Ive tryed to get tickets but they tell me your sold out.. Ellen I love you so much your my rock in life. and I cant miss your program. I ho[e tp hear from you if you dont Ill understand. I just ask read this and I ask for nothing only a trip to see you in person.your the greatest. and we all love you in my household even my hubbie wateces you. ive took enough of your time Ellen hope to hear from you so soon . be safe and I loave you so much Thank you Linda
    from Vassar Michigan
    :h5: :love:

  • please Ellen.

  • I would love to be there for the 12 dys of christmas…….just. love love too

  • My husband and I will be married 53 years in Feb. We would love to win something from your 12 days of Christmas. We have eight children so we never bought anything for each other at Christmas. Just the children

    Maureen and Adam Rosciszewski

  • I sent a comment :dunno: already :confused: well that’s me :dunno:

  • Gloria Ramirez

    Hello Ellen
    I would love a job for christmas, and Russell Crowe. But, I would really love a job. When is the next appearance for the lovely young lady P!nk. I would love too attend P1nk in concert she has been just an inspiration. My friend Jodie and I just love her attending a concert would be just so AWESOME but cannot afford a loaf of bread let along concert. But, your 12 days of christmas would be great. I have seizure and stay home the highlight of my day, WATCH ELLEN and be, HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! Thank u for giving such a bright day of fun and laughter. P.S DO NOT forget 2 have P!nk on your show and maybe she will sing F**CKIN PERFECT or SO WHAT? Heck just make it a P!NK day? Yes, at 55 yrs old like like 2 jam when not seizuring

  • Gloria Ramirez


  • Heather Whitfield

    Please enter me in the 12 days of christmas – I was released from harbor view medical center where I under went extensive surgeries and won’t be able to walk for a year. I lost my job, don’t qualify for unemployment, disability is a 5 month waiting period and the state won’t help bcuz I have a vehicle that is two months behind. I can’t pay my rent, my bills let alone christmas for my children. Anything you can find in your heart would be a blessing to us – thank you and god bless!


  • Dawn Hurst

    Of course I would love to go to your 12 days of Christmas but I was thinking how cool would it be to find people that are in such need and bring them by buses like single mothers or abused women it would be amazing to be a part of something like that.

  • wanda .l. payne

    My wish that my domini payne need hop with rent moneys.she love son 2yrs jaden kelly . pt job 202 3219685 pl call me mom g wanda payne .www.wandapayne82 @ thank you wand a payne .i need you ellen show love you better job for domini ue payne .big apt 2 room need things she back school to. better job. need foods.payment her rent out moeney at the 1 day rent. mom need things to trips . winning powerball.lottery to.maryland md . p.s need toys jaden kelly 2yrs.

  • wanda payne

    Hi, ellen my name is wanda payne .i have one dominiue payne she need some moneys payment of rent. $2,000dollare .she have 2yrs son jadenkelly.she need yourhelp.ellenshow .dominiue payne job cut hrs.this yrs she donot no how she going to paytment her rent or to get work and but foods to.the hoildaycomeup.she can payment rent and cant seehe wayout.but god will my mother happy birthday 9/30/67 i love you mother thankyou be a blss to my wandapayne thank you ellen shown happy hoilday to.

  • roxsala

    Hello ellen’ im having a bad time trying to make a enought money for me and my son. We dont have any furiture to set on. And having hard time paying bill. And my car giving out

  • Hey Ellen i’m writing you for help our family is going through alot of financially situation we been struggling pretty much of this year,we are trying to support our oldest daughter and husband and their 3 little ones cause of her husband medical condition, my husband has been layed off the last 4months and trying to find something but know one is hiring in his type of field and myself i was caring for a elderly lady for 5months but they know longer need me, so its been really ruff on us can’t get any loans cause of our credit,been behind on our bills and the most important one is our home been real far behind on it and can’t seem to every get caught up. we live a very stressful life, never have money or time to take family vacations anymore. we always worrying how we gonna pay our bills from one week to the next. our middle daughter she is 21 and she is due to have her baby in about 5weeks and we have not hardly got anything up for her yet. i’m hoping that my husband and i finds some work before christmas so at least the babies will get to have a good christmas.Thanks Ellen for taking the time to read my stressful life Letter!!!! :confused: 😥

  • Diane T. Cravens

    :h5: Hi Ellen: December must be your happiest time of the year. You are so generous,warm and genuine. I love the Holidays too and would be awesome if you could find it in your heart to bring me to your 12 Days of Christmas show. My husband and I are on a fixed income so it is hard to buy for our 12 children(6 ea.). Currently we have 27 grandchildren (the most beautiful ones). My oldest grandaughter is expecting our 1st great grandchild July 1, 2013. We hope to be able to give them easch a small check as this is all we have been able to afford. We aren’t able to work anymore because of painful bodies. I had a stroke yrs ago, then I fell July 2007 in my house. Then again on the same step 2008. Because of the bad brain injury I can’t drive anymore. Or can’t taste or smell-not even the turkey cooking or the flowers blooming. But I still keep on going and my dear husband has to drive me to the store, Dr. etc. And he isn;t in good health either. But we watch your show everyday and you crack me up. To be in the audience for your give-away show would be a dream come true. Just to get a hug from you wouild be great Happy holidays to you and Portia and all your staff. We love you all. Diane :kiss: :kiss:

  • Diane T. Cravens

    My daughter is a breast cancer surviver. Had surg. last Sept. My son is going thru painful Radiation shots for Thyroid cancer, in stage 2. They both are awesome children and both on disability for bi-Polar Disease.

  • janet grace

    dear ellin me and my kids and my husband would love to be part of your 12 day of christmas sweepstakes but not just for us but more for my mom and dad and kids my mom has canser late stage 3 my yougest daughter has heart promlems me i suffer from bipoler and im learning dissabled my kids are 134 years old but all i waunt for christmas is for my mom and dad to have the best christmas ever cause we never know if its going to be her last which we dont like to think about thank you ellin and luv you my moms a big fan

  • Ellen, I am a olderly women and trying to find out how to try and win some of the 12 days of Christmas gifts is very confusing.
    Do not know where to enter. There are so many places to check. What is the easy way?
    Can you tell me or someone tell me what am I to do.

  • Griselda Morales

    Dear Ellen me and kids watch your show we love you .I would like to have the 12 day Christmas gifts . Iam a single parent and i would like to give my what you give in tv. My son keep asking me to buy him a Ipod and my dauther too but i would like to buy them what they want. But i dont make so much money .So i would love if you could help me.My son would be so happy and my dauther your show you put a smile in my face everyday…..

  • Latina jones

    Hi I’m 29 years old need help for my son Christmas he is eleven years old I would really appreciate if u could help me thank u Ellen be bless

  • nancy trudeau

    Dear Ellen I would love to be part of the 12 days of Christmas I have no money for Christmas this year I barely make my rent each month my car payment is two months behind.I lost my home last year and everything has gone downhill since I don’t even have the gas turned on in my home because they want a 300.00 deposit and i don’t have it. so we don’t have hot water or heat and its getting cold please help single parent :fingersx:

  • After reading her letter. Please help her. People like this need all the help you can give her.

  • lisa m. hocking Dec 6th 2012

    Dear Ellen I’m writing to you to thank you for inspiration you give my kids they love your show you make them laugh and more, but I’m also asking if you could pleaae help my family I’m 38 and have had health issues since 7yrs old , in jan 2012 I was in school and my verbal skills shut off I quit,and 2 days after my doc found a tumor the size of a orange and was taken to madison 2 days it was removed,and 2 mons later another,2 mons later a radiation for a 1 and half mons in oct my kids have gone through a lot I can’t wrk and my disabliy pays for some bills but not a lot, my Docs say I need a good year for recovery, due to the tumor being in my head for over 15 yrs and cutting off my motor skills and being on medications, I don’t like to ask for help but we would appreciate any litte help. Thanks for listening God Bless you,your staff, and your lovely wife ,rest of your family

  • lisa m. hocking Dec 6th 2012

    Ellen sorry in April I quit school on the 11th and 13th I saw doc he found the tumor ,and I went to madion St.Mary’s and the 17th the tumor came out ,and the 2nd in july And oct was radiation sorry my words were jumbled you are a true gift to gods creation thank yu for the all the lives you touch everyday .

  • katherine mitchell

    me and my husband have been rasing our grand children for 6 years and we have to get help where we can and th children dersive so much more the mother does not help and the father dosent help i just dont see how we can give them christmas the doctor says that my husband will be in a wheel chair before it is over his doctorhing else for his back cant do anything and we are behind on everything our lights and rent we sold our truck last month to catch up the rent for october i just cant lose my grand children if you could help it would be great i dont care about my self our my husband i just cant bear to wake up on christmas morning with out nothing for the kids we dont even have a tree and that is hurting us already because they see that every one else has a tree my grand children did not ask to be born much less left by thier mother and father but if you cant help i will un der stand thank you

  • hi my name is louis i am a mexican i am 58 and an youer show 12 day s of chriatmas you are always given something to some one will to mak a long story short i have tow granddaughters.fantasy,mariah and wife beatris who is56 and battling colon cancerwith all the bills i dont have enough for chriatmas and if u could help us. thank u louis cavasos

  • katherine mitchell

    please if you could help my grand kids i can not bear to wake up christmas mornin g with nothing we cant e ven afford a tree any thing will be fine please they are 13 and 6 and 7 please help us they love your show

  • Hi Ellen I would just love to be in the audience and be one of your guest. I love to watch them when they clap , dance, sing and more. You are the best at what you do and someday I would like to there cheering you on as they do.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays :wiggle: :kekeke:

  • Susan Zoehrer

    My husband and I have been married 35 yrs.
    since dad died in 1998, all has been bad!
    evil sister screwed me out of estate, then husband got sick severe sleep apmea, daughter Ulserated Colitis, was only one working so cars got repoed, house was in foreclorser, had to sell, then take abaned suburban which broke down at just about every rest stop, with my 2 big dogs to Texas, I had to get out of there! I have IRS,
    Social security(57k), then student loan which was a small amout but never used fukktime my Paralegal, Please a Christmas for 1st time in 14 yrs!

  • Michelle Jones

    Hi Ellen,

    I’m a single mom and for starters I would just like to say I love watching your show when I have time after getting off work! I have 3 beautiful kids, 2boys, and 1 girl. Ages 16yrs(boy), 12yrs(girl), 11yrs (boy). These 3 are the joy of my life and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I would love for them to enjoy and have a nice Christmas this year. I’m not one to beg because I work hard for mine but every now and then us mothers need help. I just moved less than 6mos. and still have no living room set to sit on so been patiently waiting until something comes through but in meantime been making ends meet to provide for my children. It’s an honor and pleasure just to know that you would even consider me in the 12 days of Christmas but if not I still want to say you are a very beautiful person and that’s why people love you for being who you are. I would also love to help my mom with a makeover for her kitchen, her house is falling apart and she’s been the rock for this family all these years working hard and providing shelter for other family members and friends each and every time we’ve endured a catastrophic event like a Hurricane (storm) Katrina, Gustave. Her house is in dire need of repairs, plumbing, central a/c and her 1st love is her kitchen to bake when she has time. My mother is my hero and my mentor and I truly love and adore her and she needs to know that she’s really been appreciated throughout the years and it’s just something I’d like to do for her even if it’s not for Christmas I’d still just like to help her out! Thanks for taking the time to hear me out! Merry Christmas!

  • Hello Ellen, I don’t know where to start. I’ve read some of the other’s problems. Comparing theirs to mine, I’m not as bad off as I thought I was. Sure, there are things I could use help with, but I won’t bother you with them. It would be ashame for me to bring them out, at this late date. I would like to be part of your 12 days of Christmas, if not this year, and I know it is too late for this year, but for next year, 12/2013. Thank you. You are so funny, sometime I laugh so hard,it makes my stomach hurt. I love you Ellen, and I try to watch you everyday. Thanks Again

  • Sending some fun to you. :hs: :kekeke: :h5: :uh:

  • my name is teresa robinson i have 3 kids we became homless nov 1,2012 citi of savannh condemed my apt .i thought things will be bettter my job got slow and i was one of the temorary lay off i dont know what am going 2 do for my kids for christmas.

  • Joanna Chiappelli

    Dear Ellen If I were to win I would give the gifts to people in New Jersey who lost everything in the torm. They need s much. Thanks ans love your show.



  • Ellen, My daughter in Carrington N.D. has cancer. She drives 2-21/2 hours every tuesday for chemo. I was up there for seven weeks to help her. Has 2 children in college this fall. Can not work because she has to lift 75 lb. Works for the post office.Had surgery at Mayo clinic.Her name is Lynette Caylor,amazing Person.from Jeanette Beck Virginia beach, Virginia

  • bryan carroll

    please give us atleast – 6 days of christmas

  • sherri belcolre

    I love your show & the many kind things you do to help people. I am struggling to have a Christmas for my 6&8 yr. old as well, we live on my husbands disability,that pays most bills,, I tell my kids others are not as blessed, & gifts are not what Christmas is about, we have each other & lots of love. God Bless to everyone!!

  • bernice naughton

    Hi Ellen i am a 65 year old gramma soon to be great gramma and still working 45 to 50 hours a week so would love to win your 12 days of Christmas giveaway Merry Christmas to you and your family

  • LindaMartin

    Is this how I enter the contest for 12 Days of Christmas. I’m a nervous wreck from trying different places. Wish you could help me. I’m to old to do this stuff, and I want to badly to apply. Love you Ellen!

  • martha thomas

    we would love to win at less 3 days or more gifts. I love, love your show.

  • Renessa Brown

    Hello Ellen:

    My name is Renessa Brown and I’m from Little Rock, .AR. I love watching your show. When I’m down and out your show always picks me up. You are joy to watch. I could sit here and tell you my problems and that is just what they are MY problems. So instead I would love to come to one of your shows and JUST DANCE!!!!! My GOD continue to bless you and your s.

    P.S. my daughter loves
    to dance too (she’s 3) and will get kick out of her and her dancing. My # is 5015395651.

  • Jill Ushijima

    Would love to win a couple of
    days of your 12 day giveaway.
    You really give away a lot of
    nice gifts. You are really a amazing person, and I love your show! What ever happened to Tony? You two were so funny!! Happy Holidays!!

  • Janet Krajewski

    At 88 yrs. of age, I am behind on all the technology today. Some of your gifts would make it great to pass on to my teenage grandchildren.

  • Sharon Russell

    Merry Christmas, Ellen God Bless…