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Oct 3 12:31 am
  • :uh:

  • christopher doss


  • i smoke i win how cool

  • black is back

  • black is backhttp://cdn-contests.freestufftimes.com/contests/wp-includes/images/smilies/pat.gif

  • regina jones

    i love the new marlboro black red 100s alot. i smoke them regularly now. thanks marlboro.

  • Black red 100s taste great had to switch frm special blend 100s

    Black reds taste great better thanspecial blend 100s

  • I love the new marlboro black full flavor 100s Thanks

  • joyce mull

    :bigthumb: :uh: :uh: yayayayayayay :io:

  • Chris Cross

    Smoked reds all my life until I tried the blacks great trade

  • Michael Spiceland

    Oh yeah

  • Michael Spiceland

    Oh boy

  • Bobby Jones

    Marlboro Black flavor… Oh Yea!

  • well gretz

    I love the cigerett hope ta win

  • e finchum

    Nothn is any better than marlbo black and my harley whatta life

  • Chuck Sullivan

    :bigthumb: Marlboro Black 100 Menthol

  • marta


  • marta


  • dede bisel

    switched from medium 2 blacks!! can you say awesome!! lol :love: :kekeke:

  • april baltes

    free coupones

  • james druin


  • james druin

    :uh: :eek3:

  • i smoke marlboroblack every once awhile

  • Awesome!!! Hope to win something. Also would not cry if you sent me some coupons. Thanks.


    Cant wait to win this prize…..


    Need this money to pay off school lians….

  • :bowdown:

  • Gregory bradford


  • Sandra carr

    I have smoked Marlboro every since I pick up the habit of smoking and I will not smoke anything else. Marlboro black 100’s are by far the best ones. Thank you Marlboro, I love them and I am back in black lol!!

  • laura patterson

    Love the Marlboroblack red 100’s! Been smoking Marlboro for fifteen years and these are by far the best yet!

  • gail giddings


  • :uh: Great cigarette / Good Price

  • Terry Ewing

    Go for it.

  • susan thompson

    i love marlboro blacks!!!!!!!! :love:

  • joyce hedden

    marlboro… there is no other brand! marlboro s rock

  • Crystal Beatty

    :run: i almost forgeot what i used to buy until the black red 100’s came out

  • james hartman
  • Andrea asbury

    I wanna win, never tried been smokin blacks for a couple years

  • been with marlboro for years.

  • :bowdown: :love: you guys hope to win somethig fantastic.

  • Tracy Harris

    I switch to marlboro black bold flavor because they were cheaper then marlboro red.I would not switch back for nothing even price.Really enjoy this. 47yrs.old From Vermont

  • Tracy Harris

    :wavey: :bigthumb:

  • Debra Pearson

    I have smoke kools since I was 21 you come out with the black menthols and I have smoke them since like them better than the kools



  • walter jennings

    :uh: used to smoke pall mall red 100.. thied the blacks made the change thank you

  • Once u go black you never go back

  • Once u go black you never go back, now i get it

  • Chad

    Black is where its at 🙂

  • black is good as reg. marlboro reg red

  • Larry parsley

    Love these

  • marie jaskiewicz

    I smoke the best of everything and that is MARLBORO BLACK REDS

  • :h5: waiting to win somethintg

  • :kiss: me with free goodies

  • :dunno: love the blacks

  • :wiggle: my rewards

  • :bowdown: to Marlboro Blacks

  • Heather Smith


  • Heather Smith

    would like to have coupons please

  • Jerry ehrenberg i love marlboro blacks 100’s there the bomb

    I love Marlboro black 100’s there the bomb

  • i love marlboro blacks

  • :bo :bowdown: :drool: :uh: wdown:

  • linzey

    :bigthumb: been smokin since i was 12 black greens take the stress away

  • :wavey: :wiggle: :wiggle: :h5: :h5: :bowdown: :kiss:

  • IM NOT SURE WHAT YOU WANT? But I think these little guys are pretty cool

  • :bigthumb: :bigthumb: 😀 🙂 🙁 :noes: :run: :run: :hs: 😉 :fingersx: :fingersx: :fingersx: :fingersx: :h5: :wavey: 😥

  • Katie

    I love marlboro black menthol 100s there the best

  • Lindsay Black


  • kelly

    : :io: :io: :io: off to smoke i go HA!HA! : :bigthumb: :noes: :noes: 😮 :kekeke:

  • brenda fannin

    I love them they taste good i will buy them again

  • brenda fannin


  • Tammy

    Marlboro black is Awesome

  • Jesse

    good taste affordable an its my brand.

  • steve


  • rj

    Glad to have the Black, the blend taste like the 100 Gold did

  • joseph

    :bigthumb: 319-529-8685

  • joseph

    :rofl: :h5: :h5: :io:

  • 319-529-8685

  • i love the free suff

  • karyn gaff

    Great awsome.smooth taste

  • karyn gaff

    How can i recieve free :-# stuff

  • I am so excited I just received my smoke tin and my wide angle lens for my cell phone….they are both awesome…. Keep the free offers coming- Talladega Race Tickets would be Fabulous!!!!
    I was smoking Marlboro FF Special Blend 100’s and when I first seen Marlboro Black FF 100’s I had to give them a try and I am definitely stickin’ with the Blacks!! Just wish I could have seen atleast one of my pics on the website!!! Still a very satisfied/happy customer….. btw – A few Birthday Coupons would be great since today is my special day!! (It never hurts to ask)

  • Opps…. didn’t know this was eastern time, so technically yesterday was my special day but here in bama I still have 15 mins left….

  • sandie

    Great taste…..smooth….and mild a winner

  • sandie

    Great smooth…mild…a winner


    Smoked Marlboro’s 4yrs black menthol is where it’s at…

  • shawna loveless

    marlboro black are good i have been smoking marlboro for 16 years :love:

  • JeremyWright

    Love th new Marlboro BLACK Menthol 100’s I was smoking th 54s and saw these in the black pack and of corse my favorite color next to bright orange is black I had to try them been smoking them ever sence they hit the shelf at 7-11.

  • heather Recor

    I have smoked Marlboro Reds since they day I started smoking. When the blacks came out I was talked into trying them, so I did. Now I am loyal to the blacks and love their bold smooth blend. Thanks Marlboro, glad you expanded your brand.

  • Kristy Patchen

    My Fiancee & I have smoked Marlboro since we startef. We normally smoke Reds but the Blacks caught our eye & had us curious! Needless to say we have chosen Black over anything. So, thanks & God Bless!

  • Fee

    I smoke Marlboro lights and my husband smokes Marlboro black reds and he loves them…want buy Amy other kind … been with this brand for 10 years…would LOVE some coupons!!!!!!!! _

  • :h5:

  • Roma Sue Noffsinger

    :uh: I Quit Smoking In December..

  • Chris


  • Chris


  • james hartman

    Good smooks

  • james hartman

    Smooth smooks

  • Teresa Turner

    I like the nxt


  • :love:

  • duncan wright

    Marlboro blacks are elegant and the perfect accessory when dressed all in black for a night on the town!

  • Jeff Pickeril

    Just taken it easy ..

  • Jeff Pickeril

    Just taken it easy …

  • Alan keefe

    :wiggle: :uh: :dunno:

  • Alan keefe

    all right therr graat

  • chris floyd

    When in doubt all other brands are out.
    Nothing but the best will do
    Marlboro black will see you through!

  • Kenneth Stewart

    Cant log in. I got a offer for free zippo

  • Calogeno Spindler

    Ive smoked marlboroblack reds and now blacks (Nothing beats A marlboro) when u crave a smoke.

  • Melissa Contreras

    Marlboros one and only smoke what u desire full flavor in effect 😉

  • thrilliam

    love these smokes!!

  • :io: Hello Smokers, I tried Marlboro Black Menthol,Pretty Good Smoke,Budero :fingersx:

  • :noes: :kekeke: :dunno :bowdown: :

  • Annette Terry

    :uh: I could have had a Marlboro Black!!!!!

  • i hope i win marlboro blacks are good :wavey:

  • Jeff Bogan

    Marlboro Black is the best

  • connie hood

    Marlboro black is the best thing since Marlboro reds

  • connie hood

    Marlboro black is the greatest thing since Marlboro reds

  • shirley york

    :wavey: thank you for all the cool items you forward to us.

  • stephen keller


  • lloyd

    i like marlboro black 100s been smoking since 1966 started out with marlboro red 100s always liked marlboro thanks for blacks.

  • Kim osborn

    Nothing beats marlboro black!! I have always enjoyed marlboros quality, never knew it could get even better! Thank you.

  • bryan scott

    I smoke Marlboro Blacks because the package is just sooooo cool.

  • david s. gill

    navigate the unknown ,can not sign in

  • I received a Marlboroblack flyer informing me of 2500 Zippo lighters a week are up for grabs!Every time I attempt to claim my lighter,I am unable to do so because I can’t find Curators page when I go to Marlboroblack.com! Can you please help me claim my Zippo lighter? Thank you,David L Polk.

  • garen harr

    Weave smoked all kinds of Marlboro but the blacks are the best

  • Sandy says blacks have a smooth taste.

    Sooooo good

  • Sandy says blacks have a smooth taste.

    Smile its about time I really like a smoke.

  • todd munsinger

    Love Marlboro blacks best cigarette since reds…

  • Mathew Papiani

    I love the new Marlboro’s NXT they are awesome 🙂

  • charlotte hamlett

    I need free coupons for cigarettes

  • ronald weaver

    I would love some coupons



  • Alexander E. deTreville

    The black is great

  • Alexander E. deTreville

    :love: tem blacks

  • Peter Foltz

    Smoked Marlboro Reds for a long time. Couldn’t ever find any other Cigarette that satisfied me like they did. Then I tryed Marlboro Black an I haven’t looked back!
    Little bit cheaper an I think they actually have a better taste.

  • Janine Glendening

    I have been on the site for a full week straight now & can’t get a free bandana it always says the same thing every day & this upsets me very much. I have been Marlboro smoker since I was 18 & not being able to get a free bandana upsets me very much cause I have been very loyal to Marlboro.

  • lisa

    love the menthol black :kekeke:

  • lisa

    black is back love the menthol black 100’s

  • Tina

    Just love the Marlboro NXT regulat to menthol

  • jim

    I like them

  • hi i lake marboblack

  • hi

  • robin

    I smoke marlboro black 100s they are the best they have had yet and i have smoked for 20 years now. :wiggle: :love:

  • navada

    I smoke marlboro special blend 1oos they great and i love the taste :yum: :bigthumb: great job

  • Dustin Ezro

    I switched two years ago. From newports to yalls because they was cheaper an i liked the taste.

  • Dustin Ezro

    Your cigs are the best.

  • Johnnie olive

    Marlboro are the best brand of. Ciggarettes

  • :my first cigarettes were marboros. I,ve always been satisfied with this smoke. Thank You!!yum: :yum:


    :wiggle: MARLBORO BLACK ROCKS :wiggle:

  • Thomas Bodnar

    I love the flavor of them better then my original reds.

  • tricia rasmussen

    Have bought a couple cartons
    Now of the menthol black. Thanks,a little easier on the budget

  • christine arnold

    Tried marlboro black menthol… awesome!!!

  • Keith E.

    I smoked marboro menthol’s my whole life and when you came out with marboro menthol black’s i switched to them an love them. 🙂

  • Nancy D.

    I have been smoking Marlboro 100’s, changed to Camel 100’s, back Marlboro 100’s in flip-top box for 36 years!☆☆★♡♡♥《◆》

  • Nancy D.

    I have been smoking Marlboro Gold 100’s, changed to Camel 100’s, back Marlboro 100’s in flip-top box for 36 years!☆☆★♡♡♥《◆》I like the Black’s smooth inhale, lighter feel of flavor and now will try the NXT’s!

  • Arnie Strawn

    MARLBORO BLACKS are the next best thing to a sexy-sexy woman

  • Thomas Rhoten

    The Marlboro
    blacks are good!

  • Thomas Rhoten

    I used to smoke The reds but to save money I switched to the blacks.there actually pretty close in the taste



  • Pete Martinez


  • Eric Pierson

    Wtf cant even sign up.keeps telling my own birthdate is wrong

  • tawaan baker

    Marlboro black sweepstakes

  • mmmmikkimac

    would be ‘nice’ IF I had received the notice from Marlboro a week ago instead of 3/7/14 – sure didn’t get a fair chance to enter – it was closed!

  • mmmmikkimac

    I have NEVER seen such a confusing web page as Marlboro’s – hard to find the coupons offer – the prices keep being jacked up due to taxes by states and yet the tobacco company offers a piddly $3 off carton coupon ?

  • NoTitleGiven

    Marlboro has F@#$#D up on this free Zippo promotion. I logged on, on Monday 3/10/14, less than 60 seconds after the weekly Zippo allotment was to begin once again for this week, AND THERE WAS NO LONGER A PLACE TO CLAIM IT!! Where you usually see the box that says something along the lines of: “All promotional items are out of stock, sign up for Marlboro.com notifications so you don’t miss out, yadda yadda yadda” …..THAT WASN”T EVEN THERE.

    • rodneyrdr

      Considering how much money we give Philip Morris a year($1800) you would think they could keep enough zippos available. They should be more appreciative of their customers. Get better gifts.

  • hotmomof8babies

    Like to win…my kids would luv it!!

  • ira riley

    cupons in pack are allways outdated.glad i moved to colorado.now i can quit smoking marlboro like i have for the last 40 years and start smoking weed.