Limited to ten (10) PINs/plays per day per contestant.

make a Speedy Rewards purchase at a participating Sponsor location and receive a Speedy Rewards receipt along with his/her transaction receipt containing a 9-character alpha-numeric PIN (“PIN”). The contestant may then visit Sponsor’s sweepstakes website at, log in to his/her Speedy Rewards account (or register for such account if contestant does not already have one) and click on the sweepstakes link. The contestant will then be prompted to enter the PIN as directed, which will allow the contestant to play the sweepstakes game.

During the Sweepstakes Period, individuals may visit participating Sponsor locations and acquire a Speedy Rewards Membership card. Upon acquiring a card the individual may take the card to the in store Speedy Rewards Terminal. Once the card has been scanned at the Terminal, individual may press “View Balances”, “View Balances”, and then “Print Statement & Coupons.” At this time a PIN will be printed for use. The PIN can then be entered at after the individual has registered as a Speedy Rewards member.
Thereafter, such individuals may visit Sponsor locations and receive up to ten (10) free PINs per day by swiping their Speedy Rewards cards.

To obtain a free PIN by mail, print your name and complete mailing address (no P.O. boxes) on a 3 x 5 card, and send it along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Speedy Rewards Gas Giveaway, 693 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. Limit ten (10) PIN request(s) per household per day. Each request must be mailed in a separate envelope. Requests must be received by February 20, 2008. Vermont residents are not required to include return postage. Available while supplies last.


Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty (2,750) prizes of Thirty-Four Thousand (34,000) Speedy Rewards points
(except for Wisconsin residents, who will have the choice of receiving their prize in the form of 34,000 Speedy Rewards points or a $50 Speedy Cash Gift Card)

Four (4) prizes of One Million Six Hundred Fifty Thousand (1,650,000) Speedy Rewards points
(except for Wisconsin residents, who will have the choice of receiving their prize in the form of 1,650,000 Speedy Rewards points or $2,500 in Speedy Cash Gift Cards) are available to be won online.
If a contestant chooses not to play online, the contestant may enter a separate random drawing to be held at the conclusion of the sweepstakes period from eligible mail-in entries received by March 6, 2009. To be eligible for the random drawing, Speedy Rewards members may submit by mail PIN(s) that have not been used online. Any PIN that has been played online is ineligible for the mail-in sweepstakes drawing. To enter by mail, print your name, Speedy Rewards membership number and complete mailing address (no P.O. boxes) on a 3 x 5 card, and send to: Speedy Rewards Gas Giveaway Mail-in Sweepstakes, c/o SCAinteractive, 8300 Douglas Ave, 6th Floor, Dallas, TX 75225. Limit ten (10) mail-in entries per household per day. Each mail-in entry must be mailed in a separate envelope. Entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2009 and received by March 6, 2009.

Fifty (50) prizes of Thirty-Four Thousand (34,000) Speedy Rewards points (except for Wisconsin residents, who will have the choice of receiving their prize in the form of 34,000 Speedy Rewards points or a $50 Speedy Cash Gift Card) are available to be won by random draw for eligible entries submitted by mail. The random draw will be held on or about March 11, 2009. Odds of winning any prize specified above depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Feb 2 8:51 am
  • We love Speedyway. You have the best prices on gas and the best coffee. Please do not change.

  • you have the best rices on gas and the best coffee for the buck. I love your coffee please do not change.

  • In order to enter your game code when you make a purchase to win free gas for a year you have some of the worst instruction to follow you never let a person play because after loging in you never let them enter their game code. very disappointed

  • I agree w/john bareman, it’s round and round Kelly’s barn trying to find out what pin to use to get into the free gas giveaway. It’s also impossible to get into the points program at home on my personal pc. Either fix the problem and let us install our own pin or scrap this program. And yes, I’m extremely disappointed w/your promotion.

  • Denise

    how do you enter this free gas for a year?youdont make this easy to find!

  • How do I win the Free gas giveaway?

  • Paul Wakeman

    no website

  • carol smith

    how do i register for free gas for a year?

  • Donna Brautigan

    I was given a code # to apply for free gas and I cannot get a way to get online to do this. Please comment

  • cannot get on to play the game gas giveaway 3 day,s in roll well not llet be in

  • norman evans

    how come there is so much trouble getting to log in

  • what a joke

  • vickie

    I have been purchasing my fuel every week at the superamerica and use my Speedy rewards card, on your wbesite it states that is is supposed to be a 5cents off per gallon I never receive the 5cents of per gallon, I just get the rewards points,,

  • first time on your web-site. lets see what happens.

  • Rena

    I couldn’t find it either. I used the contact us button. Hopefully someone will reply and let me know how to enter my code.

  • mary

    i just would like to register

  • Vicki Cooper

    I lost my speedy reward card and they gave me a new one I need to activate it

  • Vicki Cooper

    I would like to enroll inyour monthly bonus points and your speedy rewards club and recieve your monthly bonus points offer

  • Vicki Cooper

    i need my points transfored from the card i lost the number to the new car is#404324698101

  • Vicki Cooper

    please reply if you are going to transfer
    this card no so i wont lose my points thank you

    vicki cooper
    2701 Mary Ingles Hwy.
    Dover Ky.



  • deborah andrusk

    code 3GXGLMCXX

  • donald wilacky

    my computer would not go to the screen to play the 5 millon game so here is my codes ok so you guys tell me if i have won anything ok thank you the first one is :3jjkmmtn then the next one is 3948jlcxeok that is please let me know ok thank you you have my e-mailaddres ok.

  • I would like to enter to win things.

  • Susan Burns code 3843881

  • Susan Burns. I received this coupon to put a code in for HP 3843881

  • Having a hard time entering in the free gas giveaway. Game code 6CY3FXENE, LVFEJVYRL, XA33CEY36. Thank You
    Mary Gomez

  • luv speedways coffee

  • I keep trying to enter your contests, but can never seem to log in, clicking on the help button, does nothing. If you are going to run a contest, run it on a legitimate basis.

  • angela m

    I love your coffee in early mornings. Your gas is always 2 or 3 cents cheaper along my way hone, so whom do I choose, I choose the SPEEDY WAY OR NO WAY.


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    I like put gas because, is little more cheap, and I like the coffee.

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  • Michele


  • leana

    It have been very hard trying to apply on line to get in to win anything.I have tried a week now and I am tired can you please help me. I would like to be on the list for have a code number to win the gas for a year. Thank you

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    :confused: Where can I go to enter the gas card contest? I keep getting rerouted!

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