Grand prize: $15,000 toward a man cave with consultation with man cave builder
First prize: A trip to the Kobalt tools 500 (retail value $3900.00)
Second prize: A $500 Lowe’s gift card
Instant prizes: Lowes gift cards, team lowe’s race gear and more (retail value $10-20)

Jun 2 11:38 pm
  • Tashana

    So far both times I played I won $10 gift cards!

  • great store

  • BG

    I won $10 off purchase of $50.

  • vic denard

    I want to enter the contest.

  • David

    Won $10 of $50 also

  • kathisierra

    just won the $10 off $50 also

  • Blindfaith73

    You’ve won a $10 off your next $50 Lowe’s purchase from Lowe’s.

  • Holly Swanson

    I won a coozie

  • jennifer

    You’ve won a $10 off your next $50 Lowe’s purchase from Lowe’s.

  • becky

    My daughter is really into power tools.

  • I won $10 off next $50 purchase

  • William Burgin

    It would be so grand to win this giveaway for my Dad, He does so much for everyone, and never asks for anything in return. thank You

  • William Burgin

    This would be a great Fathers Day for our Dad

  • Jimmy Jobe

    Happy father’s day

  • Crystal

    Hi. I am a finalist in the Lowes Man Cave Contest!!! I am so excited. There are only 10 finalists nationwide.
    I would so appreciate your vote.
    Our video is called “10 Reasons Why Our Dad Deserves a Man Cave” It is the first video in the second row.
    Thank you!

  • Fionna Frederickson

    We are a finalist in this man cave video contest. My husband has six daughters and is a firefighter, he would really love a man cave. Our video says father of six girls and firefighter needs peaceful mancave. We appreciate any votes and your support is appreciated. Thank you so much!

  • Roberta T.

    On July 1st I got an e-mail saying I’d won a $10 gift card. It’s been 7 weeks now & I haven’t rec’d. it yet. Is this normal?

  • this is a long 7 year story ,but my husband got hurt ON his truck and had been out of work foR the past 7 years waiting to have surgery witch finnally dec 13 he has a date :)but we bought a house 8 years and need a lot lot of work but no time no money ,so you whats next 🙂 my husband would just be so happy to get one room done and that would be the (MAN CAVE)HIM AND HIS BOY RICHARD WITCH IS PARIALIZED WAISTE DOWN HAD CANCER 23 TEARS CANCER FREE NOW BUT THIS WOULD BE THE ROOM FOR THE BOYS