You will receive three (3) Plays per day, based on Eastern Time. Upon registering, or logging in, on the Site, You will receive seven (7) additional Plays. Each day, You will have the opportunity to unlock one (1) additional Scratch Card when You invite one friend to play by submitting their email address in the provided fields, Returning Registered Users are given ten (10) Plays every day during the Promotional Period. At Midnight, Eastern Time, all Plays will be expired.

Instant Winner Entry
After scratching off the sealed surfaces of the Scratch Card, You are automatically entered into the Sweepstakes for an Instant Winner Prize.

Prizes: (2) $500.00 Visa Gift Card .(7) $50.00 Visa Gift Card (20) $20.00 Walmart Gift Certificates.(160) $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificates. (170) $5.00 Amazon Gift Certificates.. *To play, you have to “create” a scratch card. Once you send one, you can play one. Start by choosing a picture under “Select a Theme”, then “Continue”, then add a message and send. Your scratch card will appear on screen.

Jul 1 1:26 am