Free Cat Chow magnet or watter bottle

Cups & Mugs, Magnets
Jun 1 11:12 am -register and connect with facebook or twitter to get 11,000 points. Then go here and click buy. Enter these UPC codes to get more points. This should give you enough for a magnet, and you an get a bottle if you do more of their tasks under the activities section.

  • UPC : 17800-15604  - Mfg. Code 1 : 33361085 - Mfg. Code 2 : 2055L08
  • UPC : 17800-14500 - Mfg. Code 1 : 32281084- Mfg. Code 2 : 0800L02

Free Mother’s Day magnetic photo frame

May 6 9:19 am

Free pet rescue window decal and ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet

Magnets, Pet Stuff, Stickers
Oct 20 2:24 pm

Free TripAdvisor magnet

Jun 27 4:02 pm

Free scotch brite magnet

Jun 14 11:15 am -first 20,000 per day for the next 5 days

Free custom Sam Adams magnet

Jun 10 5:47 am -You have to submit a photo of yourself with a Sam Adams can to get it

Free Moms Changing More Than Diapers magnet

May 2 1:10 pm

Free Ave Maria Radio magnet -FL/MI only

May 1 5:03 am

Free American Psychological Association bookmarks and magnets

Feb 1 10:28 am
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