Free stuff from Great american country superfan

Feb 2 11:59 pm -you earn points  for doing some of their surveys, trivia, and more. The items they have right now are keychains, stickers and koozies, and you can earn enough from just the surveys to get a keychain. You can also use your points towards the contests.

Free bayer HeartSAFE Aspirin Pill Tote

Jan 30 7:58 am

Free fuel stabilizer, can of snow-jet, air brush, water alarm, or degreaser

Dec 9 1:04 pm

For each of these sites you have to submit  a story and picture about the products they sell to get the item. -Free fuel stabilizer -Free fuel stabilizer -Free fuel stabilizer -Free can of Snow-Jet -Free Air Brush Kit -Free Water Alarm -Free pack of Degreaser

Free stuff from Makers Mark

Dec 3 1:47 pm -this has been posted before, so many of you are probably already members. -they recently sent our wrapping paper and ribbons to some of their members

Free Leather Cigar Case

Nov 24 9:08 am

call 1-800-675-6789 -it’s automated -you have to be 21+

Free gun Holster or Mag Pouch

Nov 23 2:03 am -you have to put a link to their site on your site-it says that it has to be related

Free wellcare tote bag

Nov 10 12:54 pm

Free Absinthe Spoon & Absinthe Bottle

Nov 6 9:14 am -you have to put their banner on your website, myspace/facebook page, etc. and they will send you the spoon. If you keep the banner there for 12 months they’ll send you a free bottle.

Free stuffed safety frog -VA only

Oct 31 12:40 am
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