Reminder – Free Stuff on T-Mobile Tuesdays

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Jan 17 12:01 pm -Starting Tuesday, June 7 and every Tuesday after T-Mobile is going to have free stuff and contests available for T-Mobile Customers. Week 1 they’re going to have free Dominos Pizza, Wendy’s Frosty, and VUDU Rentals.They’re also going to be giving each T-Mobile Customer a free share of their stock. You will be able to access this promotion with the link above, or using their Android or iOS app.
This is live again for this week. Access the app to try to get these items:

    • $10 off 2 Lyft Rides
    • Free FandangoNow Movie Rental
    • 1 Year Vanity Fair Digital Subscription

Free Personalized Golf Bag Patch from TaylorMade

Jan 2 6:40 pm -fill out the form to get a receive a free personalized bag panel for your new FlexTech, Cart Lite or Supreme Cart Bag from TaylorMade .

Possible Free Gift from Anker

Dec 12 12:38 pm

Linklogin or register and get a friend to do the same to get a Free Gift from Anker. Once they register click the grab a gift button under the tree. Some of the gifts are a percentage off of Anker products, and some of them are free items. You get one gift per referral.

Free Google Cardboard VR Viewer from Pentatonix

Dec 12 11:12 am  -fill out the form to get a Free Google Cardboard VR Viewer from Pentatonix.

Free Eufy String Lights for referring friends

Nov 8 2:49 pm

Linksign up and get 15 friends to join to get a free set of Eufy String Lights. Feel free to post your link in the comments.

Free Nerf Products for referring friends

Nov 4 5:59 pm

Linkregister, then go here and send yourself an invite to another email address you have to get your referral link. You can get Free Nerf Sunglasses With 4 Friend Signups, Free Football, Darts or Mini Blaster with 5 Friend Signups, and Free Missles with 9 Friend Signups. There is a max of 10 referrals.
Feel free to post your links in the comments.
Update– You have to invite friends one a time, you can’t use the same referral link more than once. Sorry 🙁

Free Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

Nov 4 6:34 am -fill out the form to get a Free Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset.

Free The Treasury Candle for referring friends

Oct 25 8:40 pm

Linkenter your email and get 3 friends to do the same to 5 Free tea light candles. 5 Friends for a Gold Candle Snuffer. 8 Friends for a Gold Wick Trimmer, and 20 Friends for a Full Sized Candle with Ring. Feel free to post your links in the comments.

Free Handwritten Card Mailed

Oct 21 3:35 pm -download the app, then choose a card design and recipient to get a Free Handwritten Card Mailed for free.

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