Free Perdue Baking Tray

Oct 8 11:15 am

Link  – the first 1,990 people who earn 8,000 points this month will get a Free Perdue Baking Tray. You can earn points by sharing recipes and coupons, as well as getting friends to sign up.

Free SOG Knives Pocket Clip

Oct 8 12:16 am -fill out the form to get a Free SOG Knives Pocket Clip

Free iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Oct 4 12:46 am -pick the winner of the World Series to get a Free iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Free Custom Greeting Card

Oct 3 6:11 am  -create a card, and enter code: Elyfriend at checkout to make it free with free shipping. No credit card information required.

Free gift and Wheat Thins – Twitter

Food Samples, gifts
Oct 2 12:00 pm -if you get 50 retweets within 3 days you get One box of Original Wheat Thins, and a fanny pack. If you get 250 retweets within 5 days you get One boom box with 10 boxes of Original Wheat Thins. If you get 1,000 retweets within 7 days you get One corn hole game set with 100 boxes of Wheat Thins. -working again

Free Stuff from Better Dental -some of these are for North Carolina only.

  • SHARE ourBreast Cancer Awareness Photo on Facebook, then send us a message containing your mailing address, and mention “Peace. Love. Cure. Sticker” in the message.
  • Better Dental Facebook – Just send us a Facebook message with your mailing address, and we’ll send you a sticker in the mail
  • -free Chapstick for Wake County NC only
  • Better Dental -Send us a selfie of your beautiful smile on Instagram,  then send us a message with your mailing adddress. We’ll send you a free toothbrush in the mail.
  • Get Yours On Yelp! Connect with us on Yelp and we’ll send you a free Better Dental t-shirt! Just do any one of the following: write a review, check-in at our location, add photos of Better Dental, or “share” our Yelp page. Then, use the “Message This Business” button on Yelp to tell us your mailing address, and which size t-shirt you want

Free Colibri Jet Flame Lighter from Parliament

Sep 30 3:00 pm -register or login and click the picture of the lighter on that page or your offers to get it. -this is still available if you didn’t get it yet, and they’re starting to show up if you already did. This is the last day to request this.

Free Skoal Can Cooler

Sep 29 2:17 pm -login or register and click the Better days Tab.

10 Free 4×6 Photo Prints

Sep 15 3:55 pm -download the FreePrints iOS, Android, or Windows app, upload 10 pictures and you’ll get 10 free 4×6 prints with free shipping. This expires Tuesday at 3AM Eastern.

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