Free Personalized Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards

Aug 24 3:56 pm -click create my free card and make a card to send a Free Personalized Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card in the mail.

Free Custom Ashtray from Marlboro

Aug 24 10:02 am -the first 20,000 every Monday starting at 6AM Eastern can get a Free Custom Ashtray from Marlboro -this is available again if you didn’t get it yet.

Free Harris Boats Can Koozie

Aug 18 7:00 pm

Free gift from Liquidation Channel

Aug 17 1:05 pm -make an account to get a free gift from Liquidation Channel. This is available again if you didn’t get it last winter. The gift is no longer mentioned, but they are supposed to send it to all new registered accounts. They usually send either a Bracelet, Necklace, Ring or Earrings.

Free Guitar Pick Coasters from Marlboro

Aug 12 11:27 am – login to your account, then click music & bars, then nights out, and look for the box about the free coasters. This seems to be a targeted offer so it won’t be in all accounts. First 10,000.

Free Stuff From Good Cook at 3PM

Jul 30 2:45 pm -the first 50 who sign up each day at 3PM eastern will get these items:
Day 1 – (1) Profreshionals Watermelon Knife
Day 2 – (1) Profreshionals Watermelon Tap
Day 3 – (1) Profreshionals Watermelon Bowl
Day 4 – (1) Profreshionals Melon Baller
Day 5 – prize pack containing a Watermelon Knife, Watermelon Tap, Watermelon Bowl and Melon Baller.

Free Helix Sleep Credit or Mattress for Referring Friends

Jul 29 12:10 pm

Link – Get 5 Friends to enter their email to get a $75 discount on a Helix Mattress, 10 friends for a $150 discount, 20 friends for a $225 discount, 50 friends for a $400 discount, and 150 friends to get a free Helix Sleep Mattress.

Free Virtual Reality goggles

Jul 17 1:18 pm -fill out the form to get a Free Pair of Virtual Reality goggles

Free Dog or Cat 3D Coin Purse for $.01 Shipped

Jul 17 12:44 pm

Download the Banggood app on iOS or Android. Then go to the main screen of the app, and click the Flash deals box. Then click the add to cart button, and click the cart button on the bottom right. The total will be $.01, and requires you to use paypal.

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