Free Cat Chow magnet or watter bottle

Cups & Mugs, Magnets
Jun 1 11:12 am -register and connect with facebook or twitter to get 11,000 points. Then go here and click buy. Enter these UPC codes to get more points. This should give you enough for a magnet, and you an get a bottle if you do more of their tasks under the activities section.

  • UPC : 17800-15604  - Mfg. Code 1 : 33361085 - Mfg. Code 2 : 2055L08
  • UPC : 17800-14500 - Mfg. Code 1 : 32281084- Mfg. Code 2 : 0800L02

Free Saputo Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese cup

Cups & Mugs
Apr 23 10:24 pm -establishment name required

Free personalized etched glassware from Miller -IL and IN only

Cups & Mugs
Jan 22 12:50 pm -first 1,000. Illinois and Indiana only

Free Bubba Drinkware Product

Cups & Mugs
Jan 6 6:14 pm

Free Stella Artois chalice glass

Cups & Mugs
Dec 10 11:07 am -click the gift and connect with facebook. Void in TX

Free Open Season Survival Guide & water bottle

Cups & Mugs
Nov 8 12:01 am -You must reside within a Kaiser Permanente service area to qualify for the Survival Guide & Water Bottle offer.

Free Nature’s Bounty shaker bottle

Cups & Mugs
Jul 22 2:45 pm

Free Big House Bourbon shot glasses

Cups & Mugs
Jul 17 11:00 pm -you have to answer questions about your thoughts on Big House Bourbon

Free glass cup from Marlboro at 4PM

Cups & Mugs
Apr 10 3:45 pm -at 4pm eastern login to your account and check the offers section. Certain users will have an offer to get a free shatterproof pint glass. This doesn’t seem to be offered to everyone, but they’ve been adding some limited offers every day lately at 4pm for the first 800 people, and they go quick.

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